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Liz Tzaratzouris

2 years ago

I have been taking my 6 year old Cocker Spaniel to Purr-fect Pets for the past three years. They are very caring. My dog loves going there and Michele the groomer is very loving.

Ally Marburger

2 years ago

They groomed my pug! And trimmed her nails! 10/10

Catherine Jewell

2 years ago

I love the fact that they accept walk-ins. And nail trimming is less expensive than other options. We're in and out in 10 minutes.

Francine Brozek

2 years ago

NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN! This was the worst groom I have experienced. We were so upset. I have a 2.5 year old Bernedoodle. She is very well taken care of. She’s groomed professionally every 3 to 4 weeks. I had an amazing groomer that left her job, so I was put into the terrible position of finding someone new. I’ve heard the horror stories of bad doodle grooms. I knew I was taking my chances, but I didn’t have a choice. My dog had some typical mats that my previous groomer (or ANY of my previous groomers) always removed without a problem because they brushed her out before bathing. If there was a mat, they clipped it out. I know Michelle didn’t do this because she told me she going straight to the bath. This made the mats worse and of course she called me in the middle of everything saying she couldn’t “PUT MY DOG THROUGH THIS ANYMORE”. I think she meant she couldn’t be inconvenienced anymore. Had she called me before bathing and said she was having problems getting the mats out, I would have picked her up immediately. She did such a horrendous job I can’t even tell you. She definitely could have saved my dog’s gorgeous coat. If she was a professional and an experienced doodle groomer she could have strategically cut the mats out but instead she practically shaved her, and she didn’t even do that right. She had whisps of hair sticking out all over her paws and legs when she should have used an attachment to at least leave a perfect inch of hair on her legs. I’m still trimming tufts of hair off. When I dropped my dog off, I gave her specific instructions. I showed her pictures which she barely looked at. I told her…..DO NOT CUT HER BEAUTIFUL 4” eyelashes off…what did she do? She cut them completely off. She also plucked her ear hairs which I told her NOT to do when I booked the appointment. That totally traumatized my dog! This is very painful and I’ve never allowed a groomer to do this. It also wouldn’t surprise me if she squeezed her anal glands since she said she pooped on the table. I also told them when making my appointment to NOT MESS WITH HER ANAL GLANDS!!!!!! When I picked her up I almost fell over I was in such shock. To make matters worse she charged an additional $25 for the mats when she shaved her down anyway. It cost $135 and I stupidly gave her a $15 tip. I normally tip double that. I’m expecting a defensive response from her when she reads this. She can go ahead and say my dog’s coat was in bad condition. It wasn’t. It’s my word against hers. I wish I could attach before and after photos here. Anyway, if you have a doodle and you enjoy them looking like a doodle, steer clear of this woman. It’s going to take a year for my girl to get her beautiful fluff back.

Michelle Norman

2 years ago

I called to get my cat groomed. When I told the lady that my cat was 14 she immediately refused to take him. Saying she "didn't want to stress my cat out". I assured her my cat has had several groomers and I have always been told that my cat is super calm and chill. They have told me he is one of the easiest cats. I have NEVER had someone refuse to take him for being 14. Very unprofessional and seemed like she just did not want to do him. My normal groomer is in Round Rock and a good 40 mins away from me. hard to get an appointment with my work schedule and this place was close by. Super disappointed in their attitude and service. DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL!!!

Sarah Turner

2 years ago

We love Purr-fect Pets! We are first time dog owners and our experience with Cathy and her staff, over the past five years, has been great!!

Michael Wayne

2 years ago

I take my Rottweiler there. They are fast and friendly. They take good care of my dog. The prices are excellent also!

Merrilee Sledge

2 years ago

The ladies always take good care of our pup, Daisy Rose.

Deborah Carter

3 years ago

Our girl come out smelling like a flower

Barb Grafton

3 years ago

This was our first visit with our 2 poodle-mixes. I was told it would be 2 hours when I made the appointment. When I dropped them off, the receptionist said 2-3 hours—we will call you. After 3 hours, I called them and was told it would be another hour. She said they had had lots of dogs that needed flea dips that day. I didn’t understand why that should make my appointment run later. . We drove there at the end of 4 hours and found both dogs ready but we had never received a call. the pups look nice and clean, but I found the service haphazard and discourteous. . Probably won’t return.

Christopher Kimball-Aubrey

3 years ago

Want to give 5 stars but was never completely satisfied with the finished product. Puppies always look great when you pick then up but once home I then see issues with the cuts. Not major but enough to not go back.

Beck Moss

3 years ago

Really nice people and my sister has had no problems but they won't take my calls for some reason and they're almost never open but my sister loves them.

Amy Russo

3 years ago

I love this place! They do a great job on my little yorkie!

Customs by Lynn Howard

3 years ago

Ears are never cleaned and our dog smells worse than we dropped him off. Won't be back.

David Johnson

3 years ago

The best place to get our dogs nails trimmed. All the staff are really friendly and our dogs love it here, which is really the most important thing, right?!

Alonda Cepeda

3 years ago

I have brought my little dog here just a nail trim for the last few years. I've always been pleased with the service and the price is affordable

Jack Wells

3 years ago

The groomers and front desk staff are always caring and loving to my furry babies. My Coco, Pom., at least according to the vet should have already passed over to the Rainbow Bridge/heaven due to her medical issues. She lives on everyday. I say she lives for me and I for her. They said they were so worried she would get stressed out. I said don't worry she's a trooper. She has felt 100% better since they groomed her. My other furry baby, Yorky, also loved their attention and love. I recommend them with no reservations and they have been grooming at least six of my furry children over the years. Love Purr-fect Pets.


3 years ago

They did a great job, exactly as I had requested! A lot of other places do what they want regardless of what you tell them. I'll definitely come back on a regular basis.


3 years ago

Love them!! Awesome service!! Amber is the groomer who has done both my pups and she is amazing!!

Vanessa Scurek

3 years ago

Excellent service, friendly and attentive staff. They even put a bandana on my pup that matched my outfit.. Such a sweet gesture and shows great attention to detail.

Victoria Garcia

3 years ago

I just used them for the first time and I was a little worried. However, they got me scheduled within less than a week and there staff are very friendly. Will definitely use them for my pets in the future.

April Dawn

4 years ago

Melissa trimmed my toy poodle, Chica, today and I am very satisfied with her work! We will definitely be back to Purr-fect Pets as this is our new grooming salon from here on out!! Chica was so happy and she just loved the staff! Thank you all so much!

April Moss

4 years ago

I have been taking my BabyLove Pearl here for over 2 years! The staff, especially Kathy, are ALWAYS so kind and actually remember and love Pearl when she comes in! That's hard to find these days. Definitely would recommend to all of the Fur Baby Parents!!

Bob Jeffers

4 years ago

Very good service and friendly staff. Price is reasonable. They did a great job on our 12 year old Yorkie.

Dannie Butry

4 years ago

My dog LOVES coming here! He is always excited If we even drive past. He always looks great too and he is a BIG doodle...so not an easy groom.

Gary Taylor

4 years ago

It's only my second time, but I'll be back.

Kathleen Dopkeen

4 years ago

Wonderful people and great service. We were visiting from out of town and our pups were in desperate need for baths and in one case a cut. Purr-fect was recommended by our hosts. They were able to squeeze us in for baths and said they would do a cut if they can but it was doubtful. Well they did it all. Max had a great cut, he and YoYo smelled great and they obviously liked the people. If I was local I would use them regularly and highly recommend.

Leslie Decker

4 years ago

Took such good care of my old man bichon and cut him purrfectly!

Linda Matthews

4 years ago

Wouldn't take my pets anywhere else!

Maryann Matoska

4 years ago

Very unprofessional when speaking with customers and are extremely disrespectful to the dog owners and their animals. They also charge you for extra things without you knowing it. They lie about how your animals act, because apparently one of my dogs that even lets a two year pull on his tail wouldn’t let them groom him. Even though they have groomed him before with no problem they told me before but now are claiming it was always difficult. All around it’s a terrible place to take your animals. I was seriously concerned for my pets safety and well being with how they treat animals.

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