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Carletta Castillo

2 years ago

December 22, 2021 both of my babies Dakota and Rock went over the Rainbow Bridge with the kind assistance of Dr Westbrook and her assistant Kellie (?)... prior Dr Westbrook helped me throughout my anxieties of how others were telling me that's a mean thing to do all kinds of things.. this was my first going through this... they were 13 going on 14 also brother/sister from the same litter... there was countless moments prior to December 22nd of crying for them... they were my life, I planned things around them... wherever we went and moved... I always thought about Dakota/Rock... they both were not scared or showing any anxiety.. I held them both until their last breath. This is a different kind of grief that I have never experienced I've had them for so long, 6 weeks old until December 22nd, they were 13. I still feel their presence with me. This service I fell takes a special kind of person with a kind spirit. I found that in Dr Westbrook. Dr Westbrook is amazing and like i said this was my first time doing this. The aftercare was amazing, I received them on December 24th (xmas eve) and I almost fainted. Dr Westbrook and her assistant handled them with such great care before and after the procedure. Thank you for reading this, you will not go wrong with choosing Dr Westbrook, I chose her because of her kind spirit along with the communication prior and after... Dr Westbrook talked with my mom, she had came into town to support me and my mom took it so hard as well... Dr Westbrook talked with her prior and afterwards as well. I cannot say enough words to compliment and praise the service she provides. I know this is a hard decision to make for us pet owners, I am thankful to have acquired Dr Westbrook's service for the last moments of both of my dogs lives... now its such an empty home without them... Thank-you for all you do Dr Westbrook!

Jessica Tevnan

2 years ago

Never been there. Nice try, Google. Wrong!

Taylor Currey

2 years ago

I just wanted my sweet girl to go peacefully without pain or anxiety. I got that with Dr. Westbrook’s service. On time and professional, quick and gentle. My girlfriend said she was like a kind whisper, helped our sick girl, and was gone. I’m writing this the day after and I’ve been crying constantly. The thing that has helped me the most is knowing how peaceful my dogs last moments were. Thank you so much Dr. Westbrook for doing what you do and how you do it. It can’t be easy seeing people day in and day out on their worst day, but you’re amazing for this.

Brittany Smith

2 years ago

This is the best way to let your bestie go. I loved my Moka for almost 21 years, and have worked with animals for a long time as well, but I have never experienced anything like the service they provided in our last moments. I would recommend Loving Paws to anyone seeking proper care for their pet in need. ????

Jan Goss

2 years ago

Dr Westbrook is so calm and soothing. Made me feel good with my decision on euthanasia. Gave me lots of time before and after to love on my heart dog Sammy. Forever grateful for her professionalism and TLC

Amanda Grace Hughes

2 years ago

Very professional and gentle during a delicate time for our family

Scott Starnes

2 years ago

First let me state for the record this is not a service review of Dr. Westbrook and Loving Paws, she may very well be the best in class at what she does - my family will never know. Our beloved pet of 14 years was dying, uncomfortably so. A heartbreaking first time experience for us, but his time had come. Read all the reviews and the website bios on Dr. Westbrook and felt good about the decision to go with her. The soonest appointment we could get was a week out but had no concerns then that he could make it that long. Almost immediately things changed - the seizures had really taken their toll. He stopped eating and was losing control of his bowels, it was clear to us the following Friday wouldn't be in the cards for our little man. I contacted Dr. Westbrook to see if there were any cancelations or any way possible we could move his appointment up. The response was quick which I appreciated, what it said was not: "I can fit you in today between 3:00 -4:00" for an additional $200.00. Our family dog was in pain, no longer eating and near death; but the good Dr. Westbrook, the "compassionate" one, according to the website bio she wrote for herself, was only concerned with getting an extra $200.00 from a grieving family to do the same job we were already paying over $600 for. And, she told us she had the time available. The Loving Paws Mission Statement: Show me the money and I'll show you compassion. Folks, there are literally dozens of other options for this service. The above is a true story, don't buy the lie here that it's all about caring for your loving pet.

Jay Wysong

2 years ago

Dr. Westbrook was great! We had to move quickly to transition our pet over the rainbow bridge and she came out to our house less than 24 hours after we connected. Dr. Westbrook made the transition easy, explained in great detail the process, and followed up quickly with grief handouts for us to review read during this difficult time. I highly recommend Dr. Westbrook for her services and she will be the first person we reach out to should me ever have to make the transition for another pet. Than you Dr. Westbrook for your guidance and kindness to us and Hana.

Laura Davis

2 years ago

Dr. Westbrook went above and beyond to help me with my dog. Her knowledge and expertise were just what I needed to hear to be able to let him go. Not only that, but when his health took a quick turn for the worse, she came immediately to help me. I am so thankful and appreciative that she was able to guide me through such a hard time. It was truly a time of need and she was right there.

Katie Smith

3 years ago

Dr. Westbrook was phenomenal. She made one of the hardest days as easy as possible. She was kinda and warm and very gentle with my pet. She walked us through every step of the way and gave us all the time and space we needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for in home options for their pets passing. While I hope you never need her, she’s the best person to call when you do.

Emily Howington

3 years ago

I had an emergency and needed my dog to be euthanized that day, Dr. Westbrook was the nicest vet and the sweetest person when handling our pup. She bent over backwards to fit us into her schedule and to help out our family, and my dog was able to enjoy the comfort of our home during her passing. Dr. Westbrook is highly recommend!!!

Charlie Parham

3 years ago

Excellent service to allow your pet comfort in their final moments. Loving Paws was easy to work with, kind and empathetic.

Danica Butler

3 years ago

We said goodbye to our 14 year old bulldog yesterday with the help of Dr. Westbrook. Knowing our girl actually loved going to the vet and got really excited, we wanted a more calm experience at home and it ended up being so peaceful. We were able to say our goodbyes and lavish her with yummy food up until the moment she drifted into a forever sleep. Forever grateful to Dr. Westbrook for providing this service and being such a blessing to families during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Diana McKeever

3 years ago

I am so thankful I found Dr. Westbrook. She made a difficult time much easier. Dr. Westbrook was patient and kind, explaining the entire process and allowing as much time as we needed to say goodbye. It was such a relief to offer my little kitty peace in his own space without the trauma of a vet visit (he had severe anxiety outside of the home). It was well worth it and I’m very grateful to her for her service and attentiveness.

Diane Quinn

3 years ago

As has been said in other reviews, if I could give 10 stars - I would! Incredible Vet who was exceptionally caring and compassionate in such a sad and difficult situation. From the call to prepare prior to coming to the house, to the soft …

EMiLY Grace

3 years ago

We had to say goodbye to our baby boy, Tycho, a little over a month ago. Having Dr. Westbrook come to our house so we could all be together to say goodbye was such a gift. She is wonderful- thoughtful and thorough with us, gentle and so respectful with Tycho. It was obviously hard to say goodbye, but having Dr. Westbrook there was everything we needed. Thank you for having south Dallas in your territory and thank you for this incredible service you provide to so many families.

Allen Pursley

3 years ago

There aren’t enough words to express how great their services are and how amazing the vet was. …


3 years ago

Thank you very much made the process a lot easier. She is very sweet and polite, very professional.

Jennifer Carrell

3 years ago

She made the worst situation the best it could possibly be. Highly recommend.

Jenny Murray

3 years ago

When our sweet, faithful companion became ill, treatment didn’t help anymore and suffering was noted, Covid-19 kept us from being with her in her last moments. Loving Paws was recommended to us and they truly helped us thru a difficult time. Their services fit our needs and made things seemless. Zero stress for our sweet dog and only love in her last moments.

johnny Yarbrough

3 years ago

The stress of loosing a pet, knowing it's time and then realizing I am paying for this service out of love for my pet, this final thing I can do is for the benefit of my pet. During this thought process the thought does cross a person's …

Kelly Nelson

3 years ago

I will forever by thankful for Dr. Westbrook and her team at Loving Paws for helping my family through a sad time in our lives. While it was a difficult decision to make to put our precious dog Sophie down it brought us peace knowing that she passed surrounded by her loved ones. Dr. Westbrook was amazing. She not only traveled outside of her usual territory but she also did so on short notice. During the appointment she was respectful of the situation and never once did I feel like she was rushing us. She gave us as much time as we needed/wanted. She also was very communicative by explaining the process and what she was doing as she did it.

Laura Holub

3 years ago

If I could give ten stars I would... the compassionate and competent care given by Dr.Westbrook so impressed us... having our sweet girl, who was suffering in immense pain at home, in familiar surroundings with us at her side through this …

Lori Lee

3 years ago

Dr. Westbrook was incredibly kind, caring and compassionate. During an extremely difficult time I could not have asked for anything more.

Mike Spero

3 years ago

It's a very difficult time putting your pet down, but Dr. Westbrook made the situation alot less painful. She was empathetic, and took her time in explaining everything to us. Thank you for making this terrible time a bit less painful.

Prayer-woman KHenry

3 years ago

My 14 yr old dachshund was so sick and he was suffering with every effect of old age that a dog could have. He was throwing up, had diarrhea, he would not eat, he was severely dehydrated, his little legs were so weak he could barely stand on them and couldn't get up from the floor on them. His brain was like an Alzheimer's patients, he would walk in circles and also stand in front of a wall for minutes at a time. I knew he wasn't going to last like this, he wouldn't eat anything and would just sleep heavily all the time as well. So I contacted them at Loving Paws and the Vet, Dr Westbrook, that came out was the sweetest person, she was very professional and she handled everything with compassion and care. I would not ever hesitate to call them again should I ever need them and I wish I had known about them when I had my golden retriever who passed on with complications from cancer months ago, instead I took her to a veterinary clinic where it was okay, but it's not the same as having this done in the comfort of one's home where the dog is most comfortable. Bless these people.

Samantha C

3 years ago

You never want to have to make the phone call, to arrange for someone to come to your house to put your dog down. But I’m glad I picked at home and Dr. Westbrook was the one to help. She took the time to explain the procedure, and the time frame of each step. She answered all my questions and even shared stories. She was very sweet to my dog, letting her feel calm and not have anything to fear. Nothing felt rushed for a minute, I was able to give my puppy the love through it all. She also explained how to help my other dog with the process. Thank you for making such a hard time a little easier.

Sheri Allred

3 years ago

Dr. Westbrook is awesome! She came out and helped our 12 year old OES cross the rainbow bridge. The experience was the very best it could have been. I will never do it any other way!!!! I gave a lady at Allen Vets her info …

Susan Owens

3 years ago

We love Dr. Westbrook. We had to put our Bassett Hound to sleep on 12/31/2019 13 years old from cancer. Today we had to do the same with our Blood Hound 9.5 years Ella Bella. I can not tell you how Dr. Westbrook handles the situation. It is gold star red carpet treatment.

Beth Dworak

3 years ago

It never gets easier saying goodbye to our furry family members. It just sucks. Almost 18 years ago, my kids and I decided to adopt another kitten to be a playmate for Tiger, the Orange tabby kitten we adopted the year before. We already …

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