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Peter Cross

2 years ago

They treat our dog like family.

Shawna Hathaway

2 years ago

We are SUPER selective about where we take our pups.. this place was recommended to us by a friend so we decided that the 45 minute drive was probably worth it (even though we pass countless clinics on the way there, lol) ... and it was. These folks treat your baby as if it's their baby. They answer all questions thoroughly and are compassionate. One thing that really impressed me was when they mentioned an expensive test that COULD be done but suggested we wait a week and see if there was any improvement. I have had dogs my entire life and my mom was a registered veterinary assistant for over 30 years.. neither she nor I have EVER met a vet that didn't seek ways to pad the bill with tests that were not very necessary... I highly recommend this place for your fur babies!

Kathy Bellinger

2 years ago

I’ve been going here since shortly after they opened and trust them with my pets 100%.

Richard Fowler

2 years ago

Everyone there is genuinely concerned about you and your pet. Great people.

Steve Whitlock

2 years ago

5 stars for our 1st visit.

Alok Sil

2 years ago

We have been taking our "dog/son" here for his annual check ups and vaccines. Dr. Hunter and her team have been brilliant in their treatments. Our son has had two major surgeries there and recovered well. He is a 17 year old dog and seems to be in good spirits. We have been fortunate to discover Lazy Paw Animal Hospitals. We highly recommend them to anyone.

Mary Dunford

2 years ago

We have been taking our dogs to Lazy Paw for years. I love the vets and the staff. On time, compassionate, friendly, helpful. I recommend them!

Wanda Woodworth

2 years ago

We recently transferred care of our 3 littles to LazyPaw and are extremely pleased with the professionalism and kindness of the staff and vets.

Cynthia Cunningham

2 years ago

I am so pleased with the service and staff !

Chris Mycoskie

2 years ago

Compassionate and caring. Thank you, LazyPaw.

Meg Burdette

2 years ago

LazyPaw is excellent. Every vet and employee there is kind and professional. I’m pretty sure my dog would leave me for Dr Hunter! He loves going to LazyPaw and gets so much attention, it’s always a fun adventure for him.

Lynn Phillips

2 years ago

Lazy Paw is a great place to take your furbabies! We have had 5 dogs that Dr. Lentz has taken care of over the years (about 110 appointments.) These are dogs of all sizes, personalities, and with a variety of issues needing her expertise. Dr. Lentz takes plenty of time during appointments to examine the pet closely and to educate the owner. Also, the ladies at the front desk couldn't be nicer and are great at the many details they handle. Always a great experience at Lazy Paw!

Hollie Edwards

2 years ago

Dr. Hunter has so much compassion for my dog after finding out he has a tumor on his paw. The staff and vets are amazing and understanding for our animals! Thank you!

Hemanshu Parwani

2 years ago

What amazing folks. They were gentle with my dog and very friendly. It's such a relief and pleasure having them look after my dog.

Derek Maxwell

2 years ago

It's going to be sad when I eventually move out of state and have to catch a plan with my dogs for a visit to the vet because I refuse to go anywhere else. I have been coming here for years and have never gotten the service level or love and care for my animals anywhere else that I have experienced here.

Caylin Hubble

2 years ago

She wouldn’t neuter my dog because he apparently needed a class to determine he actually has anxiety for the medication that’s helping him daily. This veterinarian is purely trying to sell behavioral classes to everyone and making it mandatory to do a simple procedure. They charge shots for your animals individually instead of in a bundle (like most vets) To top it off it took almost a month to get in. WILL NEVER GO BACK.

Brandon Shady

2 years ago

The entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. We take multiple family pets here and have always received great care and attention. I have been very pleased with their handling, attention to detail, recommendations, and treatment of all of our animals since moving from a prior veterinarian office.

Randy Thornbrugh

2 years ago

My wife and I have been loyal customers if Lazy Paws for nearly 10 years. We truly enjoy both the excellent service, but also the professional demeanor of everyone in the office. They're willing to work you in, should you need immediate attention for your furry friends! The crew at Lazy Paws is a total class act! We trust their expertise and loyalty in knowing what's best for our pets. Ease of online scheduling and plenty of services all in one space!

Michelle Corcoran

2 years ago

Leo, Ollie, & Bobo love Dr. Lenz! (So do their humans!)


2 years ago

It is obvious that everyone here care about animals from the reception area right up through the doctors. They are very professional and well trained. My standards are high and I trust them totally with the care of my cat, Sissy.

Andy Meadows

2 years ago

Update from below review: They more than made up for the mishap today when dropping our pups off for their procedures. I was not wanting or expecting any sort of comp and it was entirely not necessary but am extremely thankful for what was done. As I mentioned the care for the animals has always been wonderful which is most important and the main reason I wouldn’t take our pets elsewhere (we had some very bad vet experiences before finding lazy paw years ago). I didn’t want to remove the review as I wanted this to be seen and to be known they took this more serious than I even expected and went WAY above and beyond in return. I understand the very sad family circumstances that have been faced and this review is not a reflection on the care of the pets but the front desk staff has become steadily more and more incompetent. It’s been different people the last several visits when we went years seeing the same people at the front. Reached its peak today when I took the day off for my dogs dental. They told me the date and time and even wrote it down for me. I show up with our dogs and the incompetent staff had recorded the appt in the wrong month on their calendar and I left with our dogs. Glad I took the day off for no reason. When your only job is to answer phones and accurately record appointments and you can’t do it then you should probably not have a job.

Troy Hutter

2 years ago

WOW, that was unexpected and I think I'm still in shock. I believe this is the first negative review I have left in my life and I do not enjoy writing this. I went to LazyPaw this morning because it's down the street from my house to get my GSD his 18 month shots and a check-up. I was excited and looking forward to meeting Dr. Bilhartz, co-owner, and making this our home for years. He came in just after 8:00 am with a tech and said, hi, I'm Dr. Bilhartz, so you're wanting to get vaccinations? Zero small talk which was a little strange because I'm a new patient. I said, hi. Yes, rabies and what else is due? He said Distemper and named a couple more. I said, I've just started researching and I'm not sure. Can you tell me about them? He said (irritated I would even ask), I believe in all vaccines. Then, my Pup barked three times not leaving my side. I kissed and talked to my Pup to reassure him and he was fine the rest of the visit. I said (sincerely and non-argumentatively) I'm on the fence. Can you give me more details? Do you think distemper is still active from his puppy shots last year? He said, (very angry and Loud) LOOK, I'm not going to twist your arm. I was genuinely asking because I wanted to hear expertise and input. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a nice guy who does not like confrontation. He grabs the leash and says, is this a proper leash? I said (still in shock not understanding why he is being so hateful), I just threw the collar on before we left. The collar was looser than it should have been. I could have tightened it but he didn't ask. As he opens the door to leave he asked (his anger continuing to rise), is he neutered? I said, no. I'm waiting until he is two. Should he be? He said (even more upset and louder), I think ALL dogs need to be neutered as the door shut behind him, the tech and my dog to get the rabies shot. That all took about three minutes. The tech came back in and was very nice. I asked her why did the doctor say my Pup should be neutered (I'm there to learn). She said it can cause prostate problems. I said, thank you. That was the medical info I was looking for. Why didn't he come back in and tell me that? She said he is having a bad morning. I said thank you and I'll be leaving a negative review on him and left the room. When i was checking out the older lady (40ish) up front was as rude a person as I've met in my life. I live down the street from these people and for all they know we could go to the same church. It's bizarre and beyond me how hateful the Vet and the lady up front were. The lady up front said I slammed the door when I left the room on my way to the front desk. I said I didn't mean to (still very calm and in shock). The door is oversized and heavy and I'm sure new patients have done that by accident many times. I kindly told her I was wanting a check up and asked why didn't the doctor come back and tell me how my Pup is doing. She said our Techs are very capable. I said, I know but I'm a new patient. She said, the doc moved on to another patient. Who knows why anyone would treat new patients who are their neighbors with so much hate but I strongly recommend not going to this unstable Vet. I have to make another Vet app because I still don't know if the optional shots are worth it and the Doc's opinion on the check-up.

Michael Cochrane

2 years ago

Best vet in the area.

Melissa Mann

2 years ago

All the vets have always taken great care of my pets. We had to put our cat down and they were so kind about the amount of time and care they gave to us and her. We still have a cat and a dog that goes there and truly appreciate their care!

Cassedy Crawford

2 years ago

I love the friendly staff and it’s always a great experience. They’re AMAZING with cats. Can’t say enough!

Tarik Haddad

2 years ago

Great place to take your dog. It shows how much they care about your furry family members everytime you are there. Hands on and they never miss a detail!

Paul Leonard

3 years ago

Great dog vet! We have been taking our seven dogs there over the years. Great care—especially when you have to say goodbye to your furry friends some day.

Sarah Panepinto

3 years ago

Great, caring staff and docs

Carolynn Vasquez

3 years ago

Lazy Paw is one of th best places to bring your loving pet without a doubt! I been going here with my cat Buttercup since early 2010s and they have been very kind with her Calico attitude and do very well check ups. The past two years I noticed booking for check ups or other concerns would be weeks or a month out which made things difficult to schedule due to her attitude, and last week on 1/21 made me very disappointed on Lazy Paw. I noticed my cat was vomiting and isn't eating/drinking for a few days, which was a huge concern for me. I tried to book an appointment with Lazy Paw and they informed they won't see her until weeks out due to sedation on her behavior, and recommend me a emergency vet.....well $3,100 dollars later turns out my 14 year old cat was bleeding internally and had to be put down. I wished Lazy Paw would of made room for a emergency situation for my cat where I didn't have to spend so much if I knew her time to the rainbow bridge was happening and could of been in the room with her to say goodbye.

Elizabeth Deardorff

3 years ago

Highly recommend this fantastic practice that we've gone to for several years for our cat and two dogs. After we moved 30 minutes away we tried another closer vet but came back to LazyPaw because they are a perfect combination of excellent professional quality service, fair pricing, easy to use online calendar for appointments (or you can call), a friendly and organized front office, and compassionate staff. We're customers for the life of our pets!

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