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Scott Sment

2 years ago

Professional staff that makes accommodations for older dogs.

Jason R

2 years ago

Great service. My dogs look amazing.

Pegah Samimi

2 years ago

Billy is great, and I'm making process with my dog

Ben Wright

2 years ago

Used them twice so far for both of our doodles and they’ve done great.

Grace Sundberg

2 years ago

They did such a wonderful job with my baby George today!


2 years ago

Always EXTREMELY satisfied with how they groom our little ones.

Spencer York

2 years ago

I was very pleased the first time I took my dog here. However, the second time was a completely different story. Firstly, I was not that happy with the grooming experience this time. They barely cut any hair on my dogs head and there was still hair sticking in his eyes. Secondly, they decided to increase their price by $30 this time. They said it’s because my dog got bigger, but he is only 10lbs bigger. At this rate I would be paying several hundred dollars by the time he is full size. In the end, this service was double the price of other high end groomers in the area with a way worse experience (I could easily afford the highest package at other high end groomers for how much I paid).

Ravyn Adams

2 years ago

please do not bring your dog here. I brought my dog here twice, the first time he had such an amazing experience that I requested the exact same grammar and the exact same haircut next time. When I brought him in for his second grooming I showed them photographs of the first time that he had been there and showed them saying this is exactly what I want… The groomer I later found out it was not the same one even though I requested it was assured that it was going to be, it turns out the groomer who did his haircut is in fact the owner… I watched her cut my end other dogs hair, there is no precision they are not meticulous they are speeding through attempting to get to the next dog as quickly as possible. The cut she gave my dog was uneven, not good looking, and resulted in him having many cuts and scrapes. I have a golden doodle, and they assure you that this is pretty much their specialty breed that they are well trained in working with… That is absolutely not true at all. My dog looked atrocious when I picked him up, she shaved off his entire tail saying that it was matted and it was for the best… Although this was not true because I examined him before taking him in. it’s very expensive and the stuff is extremely rude, one of their groomers lives in the same apartment complex as me and shared with me that the dogs are treated less than human after being dropped off. She said that they are all created and capped in the back in small crates in dark rooms and when they are being bathed they get jerked around and yelled at. I simply cannot ever bring my dog back here

Bill Ioannides

2 years ago

Two cuts . 2 success stories . They did a great job on my Golden doodle

Alex Gette

2 years ago

Do not take your dog here. I don’t think anyone here speaks great English. They don’t listen to simple instructions, do not care about you or your dog, and just want your money. My wife and I took our Samoyed in yesterday. We generally take very good care of him, but he had had some matting on his left leg lately. I very clearly said, “Do what you can. If you have to shave his leg, that’s fine.” The woman nodded. I then said it again. He was there about 6-7 hours. When I picked him up, he was completely shaved, stressed out, and he urinated and defecated on the floor in front of me. He’s completely housebroken. When I spoke to the woman who shaved him, she said he has skins problems. I said, “Show me.” There was a very tiny spot on his left leg that could have been a cut from her trimmer for all I know. Then she changed her story and said he would have looked funny if she just shaved his leg. I said my instructions were to shave his leg if necessary and that she should have called my wife or I before she went ahead and did what she did. He is double-coated, and she could have permanently messed with his coat. Another one of their employees then told me to buy him a sweater. I finally spoke with one of the owners. I explained that you cannot shave double-coated breeds and that her employee could have permanently wrecked my dog’s coat. He’s barely a one-year-old. The owner said, “I’m sorry. 20% off next time.” I said there would not be a next time and left. The owner called my wife 5 minutes later demanding money. I told my wife to put me on the phone. The owner tried to negotiate with me, and I again explained you cannot shave double-coated dogs and that this is not in any way an okay way to treat a customer. I finally offered $10 just to get her off the phone. She hung up. These people do not care about you or your dog. They just want your money. If my dog’s hair does not grow back properly, I’ll consider a lawsuit. This place needs to be shut down. If there was an option to put negative stars, I would.

Alex Dallas

2 years ago

so far the worse place we experienced around Frisco area. Picked up my dog - groomed uneven, ears were not done, paws were not done, I was charged De-matting and extra brushing charge ($5 to $10) but nothing was done. I was shocked and pointing them each issue that needs to be addressed. I was waiting extra 40 min seeing them rolling their eyes and fixing the mess. My dog came back also with razor burns. During this time i was waiting there poor other dogs screamed and cried which made almost impossible to be there. Now the final receipt: they added tax to service charge and instead of printing 2 lines on the receipt (lets say $100 service charge and 8.5$ tax)they print one amount of 108.5$ as a service and there nothing about the tax. I will need to verify if its legal at all, when i ask the owner where is the tax indication, she became very nervous, angry and manually typed and printed me just the page with separated lines, but its not a legal receipt of my transaction, it was just printed page with 2 lines.

Austin Haylock

2 years ago

They took us in same day and executed an epic Schnauzhawk for our nieces floofnugget. They were WAY more reasonably priced than I had anticipated and only took a few hours. Puppers came back happy and so fresh and so clean clean. I'd highly recommend.

Londyn Beal

2 years ago

This was my first time here and Classy K9 did a great job on my golden retriever. His cut turned out perfectly and they got him in and out very fast. Very reasonable price as well. Will definitely be coming back!

Scott Fowler

2 years ago

I really like this place, I take my dog to get his nails cut. Have to say my dog hates his paws being touched. This place does walkins for nails. I always tip 80+% bc I know the struggle they endure with his nails.

Cy c

2 years ago

Friendly staff, fast and quality service, 2 huskies bath, brush and dry in 1 hour. Edit: went there for the second time, afterwards found a spot on my dog's leg that's missing a piece of hair, and I saw some blood coming through it. I called them and they told me to bring the dog over. I thought they were gonna assess the problem and solve the issue for me, all they did was telling me it looks like allergy and to go to a vet. The only time my dog had similar thing happen to her was after we went there for grooming the first time. But I didn't associate the issue with the grooming. We went to the vet that time and had to get on antibiotics and steroids. Now I know for a fact that she got it from her grooming and she had NEVER had allergic reactions to anything.


2 years ago

Classy K9 Kuts is a wonderful groomer. They really take care of your animal, and they do a great job as well.

Lauren Cline

2 years ago

I dropped my dog off for a 1:30pm appointment and I called three hours later to see what was going on and because they close at 5pm. Then they had the audacity to say that they hadn’t started. I was never warned before I dropped my dog off that it would take this long. They never called to tell me that or up date me on anything that was going on for the three hours he was in their care. So my dog sat in an UNAIRCONDITIONED CRATE FOR THREE HOURS TO HAVE NOTHING DONE FOR HIM. I can’t even stress this enough when I went to pick him up they didn’t apologize they didn’t even remotely care. I asked to talk to the manager because to me this seems fixable and they said “the manager isn’t here”. Take your dog somewhere else and support another local business because you nor your dog should be treated like this.

Akshat Sharma

2 years ago

Excellent work done by the groomers!

Audrelyn Grace

2 years ago

Was able to get my dogs in at the last minute. They did a good job on making Gizmo and T.Rex look & smell fresh. I'd only bring them back if I couldn't take them to their usual place though. To me it felt similar to a nail shop that rushes its clients in and out. In fact when I came to pick them out the dogs came out into the front work station & begin running around and the staff person was like "Okay, leave. Go home." Being dogs they of course weren't offended, neither was I. It just contributed to that rushed feeling.

Kimberley Wouters

2 years ago

Never ever take a chow there, ruined ours to say the least. They did call but I said try to not cut she said 1 inch, they only left 1 inch. You cannot cut around the chows face, it won't grow back correctly. I checked him before bringing him amd he had a few knots but not bad. She admitted they were packed so didn't have time to spend on dogs. No thank you

Michelle Green

2 years ago

Visited Classy K9 Cuts for the first time this weekend, and they did a beautiful job with our goldendoodle! Titi was so sweet to our nervous doggie, and hair haircut was flawless. Very happy we found them!

none none none

2 years ago

Excellent customer service and good price. The place seemed nice and clean as well.

Sreekumar Gomatham

2 years ago

They did a OK job overall, but there was cut on our poor little guy's genitals. It was bleeding a little bit. :-( Groomer should have been more careful while trimming around sensitive private parts.

Vivian Yang

3 years ago

Excellent job with my Goldendoodle. I love it and will definitely go back there again for future haircut. They also ask for advice and option when picking up my puppy to confirm if we are okay with the haircut.

Tawnee Burton

3 years ago

Only take appointments unless you want to pay an extra $10 for "express appointment". Doesn't state anywhere on website or Google that shop is by appointment only.

Starlita Whitehead

3 years ago

My dog always looks so pretty when she leaves the groomer

Marjan Sameri

3 years ago

They did an excellent job with my dog! It's been a week and she still smells great. They were able to get me in the same day, which was very convenient. Thanks for all you do!


3 years ago

Class K9 is very responsive and I like that they have a very clear service offering menu and pricing. Jason did a fantastic job and took the time to listen to what I wanted for my baby girl. He also made sure to ask about details to clarify the look. Thank you, Jason!

Marian George

3 years ago

Classy K9 does an excellent job grooming. The cut is perfect and Prissy smells so good. Sometimes you can get same day appointments if you call early. They are on my favorites list.

Malika Sakayam

3 years ago

Great job! Our dog seemed happy and his cut super smooth. We asked for a quick adjustment at pickup and they were happy to accommodate. 5 stars!

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