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Sam Sommer

2 years ago

I've recently had my Boxer Dax stay with Every Dog's Day Spa and had great experiences both times. 1st time was scheduled over labor day and the second was on short notice as I was in the hospital and they were able to get him in on 1 hours notice. I am really happy with the staff and facility, thanks for the 5 star service!

Lee Franke

2 years ago

I've been taking my maniacs here for over a year. The staff is excellent. They will cater to your dog's needs to ensure that they enjoy their stay.

r.0 .w. m.m.l

2 years ago

Love this place for my dog.

Keri Jetton

2 years ago

Our dog, who’s current on all vaccinations, got kennel cough both times staying here. As it’s not uncommon and highly contagious, it’s concerning he got it both times he’s stayed here.

Chris Nelson (Adoptedzag)

2 years ago

My dog absolutely adores spending time there

Gretchen Hitchcock

2 years ago

After 10 years of taking our dogs to Every Dog’s Day for grooming and boarding, and always having amazing experiences it’s clear that lately the owner and workers aren’t providing the same quality of service they have been previously. The last time our 2 dogs were there for grooming both of their haircuts looked like hack jobs. I should’ve known better when their regular groomer was no longer there after being a long-time employee and the staff at the front desk seemed more concerned with talking to each other than asking me about how my dogs should be taken care of. The staff wasn’t even wearing masks when masks were still required. I’m sorry to say we’ll no longer be using or recommending Every Dog’s Day. Clearly there’s a reason why the staff is leaving and now customers are following.

Jessica Lattimore

2 years ago

I boarded my dogs Memorial Day weekend. I made a reservation 3 weeks prior and was told my cost would be $136. When I dropped my dogs off, I was told a different amount because they were charging a $5 surcharge per dog per day for the holiday wknd. I made my reservation with the owner Scott, if this was a policy, you would think Scott would be well aware and advise the customer up front. Bottom line was the price was changed last minute without notice, there is no mention of a holiday surcharge on their website and I was not advised of the charge before Drop off. This is shady and bad business practices, and I will not board my dogs there again.

Ware Family

2 years ago

My mini schnauzer pup Louie goes here for boarding and play a lot. He absolutely loves it here! The staff is great and they love him just the same. He runs in the door when I’m dropping him off and goes straight behind the desk to greet every staff that’s behind there (and they greet him back). I never worry about him when he’s there because I know he’s being well taken care of. When he comes home he is wore out from all the playtime he gets there!

Cynthia Haruthunian

2 years ago

Love our trainer! Their groomers are incredible!!! Would definitely recommend!!

Javier Villanueva

2 years ago

We have boarded our Golden Doodle twice with Scott and team. Both times, they have put us at ease with their loving and caring treatment of our boy Dakota. This place came very highly recommended by a close friend and they have not disappointed. I love that I can call in and get a detailed update on how he is doing. The most important aspects of boarding for us are peace of mind that our boy is comfortable and safe and that is exactly what we get at Every Dog’s Day.

Seth Pearce

2 years ago

Do Not Leave Your Dogs Here!!!! My roommates and I left our three puppies here while we went on vacation for a week. We would of been ok with just not seeing my dogs on the play area cameras but we didn't see a single dog on any of them at any time through out the week. The one thing we can not accept is the fact that when we picked up the puppies; all three smelled of dog pee as well as their toys. The large dog bed that we left for the puppies is ruined because its soaked in pee. When I mean soaked that if you squeeze it pee comes out. One of my roommates called and asked about how our puppies and their stuff smelled of pee, the owner said the puppies peed on themselves before we picked up them up. That's not possible because for the puppies to smelled as strong of pee as they did; they would of had to be in their own piss for a majority of the week.

Upasana Veturi

2 years ago

TERRIBLE. Beating myself up for trusting these guys and also not forcing them to be accountable for what they did. I left my dog with them (boarding) for a week and they gave me three whole days worth of food back when I went to pick my dog back up. They didn't feed six meals to my dog that I had clearly packed and labeled! My dog also has lost weight and is showing signs of strained barking. Obviously, my dog isn't going to die by not being fed six meals over a week, but GOOD LORD, THE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY. I called them back, they said the owner would call me back and sort this out. NOTHING. If you are running a business, also learn how to keep your customers satisfied because every time you lose one, it shows you more of what a poor business owner you are. I pay you to take care of my dog while I'm gone, you don't even effing feed her?! Goodbye. You probably won't even notice im gone since I'm one of the many hundred customers you have, but that lack of accountability is going to get you someday. No doubt.


2 years ago

Great place. Our puppy was assessed for temperament before we were allowed to drop him off for play. They provided 5 full days of play for free. We ended up paying for 30 half days for him to use anytime we want. Great staff and great service

NaaJi DeVar

2 years ago

They love the Spa and their groomer Cherrelle she is amazing!!!

Nyia Njamfa

3 years ago

Great staff. Very accommodating and answer all of my many questions nicely. The camera is a major plus

Ainsley Smith

3 years ago

My dog is miserable and horse from barking in his kennel all week because the company did not allow him to play. We were not contacted

AK 48.0

3 years ago

Your dog will have a lot of fun at this place!!

Angela C

3 years ago

We brought our goldendoodle Maggie to Every Dog's Day yesterday for grooming. Pros: The front desk assistant, Alicia, was very nice and professional, she was also wearing a mask. Cons: I left very specific photographic and written instructions for the grooming; it could not have been more detailed. The groomer and I went over the instructions and she told me that Maggie's hair was a little softer (not as coarse) as the example dog and therefore would have a slightly different outcome. I told her I was fine with that as long as the cut was the same as the photo/instructions. Please see the photos I have provided. You can judge for yourself whether the instructions were followed, as well as the quality of the cut. Maggie also has razor burn on her paw pads and additional razor burn mark showed up between her eyes the day after the shave. Much more important/significant than my dog's haircut is the fact that when we went to pick her up there were five employees at the front desk with NO MASKS AT ALL. NONE. I simply can't fathom an establishment that doesn't require employees to wear masks when customers are present.

Aubree Grace

3 years ago

I am very impressed. My baby started going here for daycare, he absolutely loves going, it’s nice to keep your dog active during that day, and they are very knowledgeable about health and temperament. I had him stay for a few days when we went on a cruise, I love the fact that they are open 24/7 and I can watch him from my phone. The staff are super friendly, helpful and smart. My dog was very healthy looking when I picked him up. There is A sense of love, you can tell that they love what they do. I have walked in before and the owner was up front just loving on all the babies coming in, he’s very hands on and I feel like that’s what keep the place safe. He overseas everything and can fix any problem right away. I feel very safe leaving my dog here.

Brian Feragotti

3 years ago

Staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. It’s very obvious they care about your pet and they listen to your grooming requests. We were very pleased with the results and our dog doesn’t dread the groomers any longer! Thankful we found a great place. Very highly recommended.

Christine Sweeney

3 years ago

I have brought my dog there a few times they do a great job and she’s always happy when I pick her up

Jenny Maiple

3 years ago

Really great my dog is a very nervous dog and she seemed really relaxed st the end if it.

Jim Weldon

3 years ago

Our dog was attacked and killed by a much larger dog. Very sad to lose a pet that way. I cannot trust them.

Kerri Brewer

3 years ago

Unpleasant smell in the lobby. Most employees not wearing masks. Building is unmaintained. During check out i was about to leave a tip and a employee told me that the tips go directly to the owner even though the jars say staff tips. Based off of the reviews this business must be going downhill over the last couple months. What a shame. We will not be returning.

Melissa Montgomery

3 years ago

My older dog got groomed here, and he was given a short hair cut. Upon coming home, he began running and playing and roaming around like he hadn't done in years! He was clearly feeling better and we couldn't be happier!!

Venky Rao

3 years ago

Solo - Aussie doodle - goes here every time He comes back healthy and well disciplined

Vicki Latham

3 years ago

Have always been pleased and my babies seem to be also.,,

Amy Adams

4 years ago

Did a great job on our 17 year old fur baby! Very friendly staff and great facility!!

Jenelle Woodward

4 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Every Dogs Day and the management here. Maggie will start howling in excitement when I tell her we are going to go see her friends. When we pull up to the building she doesn’t even care where I am since she just wants to go see her friends. They were very thorough in evaluating my dog to see her play behavior and they made sure she was comfortable through the whole process. The dogs comfort is the number one priority and it shows. The grooming department does a fabulous job here as well; I highly recommend them! The Every Dogs Day employees and Courtney are some of the best in the industry! Even though I can’t come as often as Maggie would like I will continue to go to this business for as long as I live in north Texas.

Jessica Holland

4 years ago

While this business has a great team of staff who are welcoming, friendly and I’m sure does an amazing job at what they do for the dogs I have to give this place a 1 star due to the owner of the business. I was truly looking forward to bringing my dog here until meeting him. The male who owns this business has a lot to learn about customer service in general. He’s arrogant and speaks down to people. I felt like he was trying to tell me I didn’t know anything about my OWN dog. He also explained how he wouldn’t send his own personal dog to Daycare because it wasn’t safe for his dog. Well what makes it safe for my dog then? He is not professional by any means and I would compare him to a high school boy who has no manners. I think this place has tons of potential. I would hold off on sending your dog here until the owner gets himself composed. To the owner, take note on how your staff treats customers, you could learn a thing or two. God bless the sweet staff I met that has to put up with this man.

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