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Todd Fletcher

a year ago

I would give them 10 stars if I could. I wasn't a client before yesterday and they were able to give me an appointment on short notice to tend to my dogs final needs. They not only showed me kindness and compassion, but more importantly, they showed it to my dog of 12.5 years. I couldn't have asked for a better experience in that situation.

Andrea Monique

a year ago

Have taken great care of my dogs over the past 10+ years

Melinda Walden

a year ago

I recommend Woodland Springs Veterinarian for their high quality of service and their friendly staff. They’re fantastic!

Sabra Lamar

2 years ago

Love this staff. You can tell they love our babies!

Ken I

2 years ago

They have some good Dr's, but very over priced and want you to do procedures that are not necessary so they can maximize profits.

gary wittwer

2 years ago

So happy Wicked pulled thru the last couple days.. Love Woodland Springs!!!

Megan Parsons

2 years ago

I took my senior cat and had a check up for a cat that had panleuk. The vet tech seemed uninterested and exhausted just one 1 hour into their opening. I said I would like blood tests for both and explained my kitten’s panleuk situation. She quoted me and I told her I had coupons for 1st visit and nail clippings. Although she was able to remove charges on her end (I saw her do it because she was racking on things before I even agreed to have them) she said I needed to tell the front when I check out. From there it was just constantly reminding them who needed what. A big issue is when it came to weighing them. They got the weight of my senior cat right but my kitten who had panleuk so I’m of course going to be concerned when her weight came 2 pounds lighter. I told them I didn’t think that was right. The others is Right but that would mean she lost 2 pounds in a few weeks. They ignored me. Same when the vet came in, I explained the duration and she said “yea she doesn’t seem like she was that light” WEIGH HER AGAIN WHY WOULD NO ONE WANT TO VALIDATE THIS?!?! (I got home she shes 12 pounds btw. The senior cats weight was correct) asked the tech if my kitten is going to get her blood drawn to check her levels to be safe, she said she thought I wasn’t going to do that but will tell the vet. At this point I was done trying to get anything else because they would likely just do the wrong thing since they had to be reminded throughout the way who gets what and the lack of care in general. I get to check out to find that you can’t use the nail trim coupon without buying a bath and you can’t use the nail trim with the 1st visit coupon. Why, in the multiple times we discussed pricing in the back was I not told this? I drove further because this place shows to be recommended if you have cats. I’d be hesitant to return with just one pet but DO NOT come in with two. You will have to monitor the entire situation. EDIT: I told the vet I was advised not to give my cat a fvrcp shot and it was strongly advised that she get it. My cat has been acting off since not eating but a few bites. It’s been 5 days with diarrhea starting yesterday and the same stool from when she had panleuk appeared today. Driving the additional distance to see her old vet at the cats meow.

jazmine mciver

2 years ago

Brought my 9year old Mastiff here. He has always acted aggressively with vets so all other vet required me to muzzle him. The issue with that is we were visiting due to complications with his mouth and Mazzling made it worse. This vet did the same at first(i suggested it) but they realized that he may just be owner aggressive. They separated him from me and he did great without having to be muzzled. They are the first vet in almost 10 years that try this method. Not even I was aware that might have been the issue. I am so grateful for them and he can get the proper treatment now. I will be a loyal customer and client to them and my dog will always be there patient. Thank you so much

Johnny K_Greek-Texan

2 years ago

June 7, 2021 DFW If I could give a ( -3 ) minus three stars, I would. We had a great Vet, and we liked her, but she moved further South from here. The Vet they replaced her with was not very good. Maybe Not in the Top graduates of her class. The staff is so so.. some are good. But, Some are rude. The Vets are VERY GREEDY and look to EMPTY your pockets for EVERY visit. They RUN like CRAZY to CHARGE you, but for a $45.00 credit, it took them ALMOST 6 months time to RETURN it to me. And it took multiple emails and the threat to sue them to get a check from them. I had my Rottweiler there for Chylothorax tapping. They billed us almost $700 and the Vet could not even finish the procedure, and they still wanted to bill for Unsuccessful procedure due to incompetence. So we STILL had to go to 24 Hour Emergency Vet at VEG Alliance ( by the way they are EXCELLENT Doctors and Techs there !) Also Brooke Losack, DVM had the nerve to say she should be euthanized. That was last fall. And the last straw. We did not want to be there anymore and we have a new Vet. You can take your chances with them, but after our HORRIBLE experience, we had to move on. It's terrible that a Vet looks at you like a walking ATM to Bill your pockets empty.

David Charters

2 years ago

Great customer service, they were patient with all of our questions and very informative!

Carlos A. Aparicio

2 years ago

Very helpful! Incredible team! Edit: nvm, judgy that I don’t have $300 every two weeks to give them AFTER the “insurance” plan I pay for with them.

Bill Mcculley

2 years ago

These are quality people and treat our little dog with love and care.

Marion Bianchini

2 years ago

Great service covid conscious

Joan McLaughlin

2 years ago

Took my dog in for semiannual check up and teth cleaning. They do a good job and take the time to explain findings. They also listen to me. Treatments are per my decisions. Not inexpensive but what is now days.

Bob Orwig

2 years ago

Excellent animal hospital. We take all of our pets there. Professional and compassionate.

Happy Camper

2 years ago

Caring and extremely knowledgeable staff.

Jonathan Harbin

2 years ago

Nice people. Not too pricey

Shannon Wright

2 years ago

Great vets here. Take all my dogs here. Can't go wrong with the care you receive

George Smith

3 years ago

They were friendly and caring in the disposal of my deceased cat. Very understanding of our grief.

Tasha Ray

3 years ago

Woodland Springs Vet Hospital is our cats clinic and they’ve always been accommodating. Until today. In the midst of a major emergency with our cat, they turned us away and didn’t even give us next steps on what to do.

Gem M

3 years ago

I highly recommend this team to help care for your pets. They always took exceptional care of my sweet cat and helped educate me along the way. From the front desk, vet techs and veterinarians, we had positive experiences each visit. They were always available when I had questions and they always returned my calls promptly. They made it easier to keep her comfortable during her last days after her terminal diagnosis. Cera, one of the amazing team members there, always made an effort to attend our appointments and was there for us as well when it was time to say goodbye. I'm thankful we found such a great veterinary office with such dedicated staff. Whenever we decide to expand our home with some more furry family members, we will be sure to return there for our veterinary needs. Thank you for everything! (PS- my apologies for the delay in making this post)

Eric McCutchan

3 years ago

Very good and thorough veterinary services.

Denise Marroquin

3 years ago

Riley always gets special treatment

Craig Quirino

3 years ago

Excellent Dr's and Tech's bring care and kindness to your pet.????????????????????????

Collin Burnett

3 years ago

Great service, great people.... thanks for everything!

Chris Hayes

3 years ago

My mom tried to take a baby kitten that had been run over and was suffering here to be put down. It was literally crying in pain. They wanted her to pay $200 to have her take ownership of the cat before they would put it down. The poor cat suffered until it finally died in her hands in the car on the way to a real veterinary clinic. Please, if you love animals, don’t take them here. If they can treat a suffering baby kitten this way. Imagine what they would do to your beloved family pet. Places like this should be shut down. For the sake of every animal in its care, I hope they do soon. Update: The Vets office reached out to my mom. They assure her this is not their policy and are working to find out why it happened. It doesn’t make the cats painful death any better. However, hopefully this will never happen again.

Alissa-Joy Johnson - Hardy

3 years ago

Thank you for taking such Great Care of Jewels.

Amanda Martinson

3 years ago

We had a great experience with this place. We spent quite a while looking for a new vet after moving to the area, and we're so glad to have found Woodland Springs. We took our 7 year old shepherd mix to have a lump checked out, and not only did we get fast results, but the staff was so sweet and actually contacted our previous vet to get our dog's records.


3 years ago

I have no problem with the vet techs, but the front desk agents and the doctors themselves leave something to be desired. Our last visit we mentioned a chronic problem that had been resurfacing and we were completely ignored. Fast forward to when the problem persisted and got worse, we finally got in and only then was the problem addressed. We were prescribed three medications as the infection has gotten really bad, but i am a bit skeptical on if this could have been prevented if we were listened to earlier. I don’t really recommend their services.

Alicia Gibbs

3 years ago

My puppy LOVES going to the vet. Staff and doctors are fantastic and friendly

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