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Danielle Doroff

2 years ago

Couldn’t even get beyond the lady who answers the phone. I’ve never been talked to so rudely in my life.

Williams Family

2 years ago

our 10-week-old kitten was having diarrhea from vaccine shots 2 days prior, and we were so worried about her. Saturday evening around 6:30 p.m. we decided home remedies were not working and called for after-hours/ weekend vet services. My …

Randy Squire

2 years ago

Summerfields has provided annual check ups for my rescue, Daisy since 2013 and recently boarded for 12 days over the holiday. She was happy to see me, but also obvious she was taken care of! Also boarded a rescue feline that had never been boarded. I was confident in any issues with my Senior Dog Daisy being close to professional care could be handled and made my time away from her easier and gave me peace of mind. Great Staff!

Zack Mild

2 years ago

Never been here but reading the responses from the owner it seems like they are very passionate about their work.

Ronald Rhodes

2 years ago

Love this place the doctor takes good care of my Bulldog and letting me know what I need to know about my dog and what it takes to make sure he's in good shape also they give me the price before they do anything that way you know what the price before they do anything and my doctor love her for what she do

Ron Batson

2 years ago

Professional attitudes are friendly and sincere. I've had multiple family pets taken care of from this location. Always loving care for our pets and sincere. Great pet hospitality and guidance on taking care of your miniature family members. Never lets you down.

Kelley Chappell

2 years ago

Everyone at this office is fabulous. We would recommend this Veterinatian Hospital to anyone.

A zzamzzam

2 years ago

Was this place sold?Weve been taking two dogs here for years. but I'll never return. Could not cut greatdanes nails...and Ive taking him there for years ..And nails every other month. Took forever to do one paw.. and by that time my dog was having total anxiety over his leg pulled for extra time..honestlyso I said that's enough and I stopped him

Ari Torres

2 years ago

very clean and friendly place. definitely glad i have a place to go for my reptiles!

Daisyy _

2 years ago

They do cremation for your loved furry ones

Linda Collins

2 years ago

Very clean, very nice, very helpful and knowledgeable.

Megan Numrich

2 years ago

This is the worst pet hospital I have ever been to. Lack of professionalism, organization, and less than sub-par treatment. My first visit, I spent $330 on my foster dog to not get a room and vet visit. Basically pushed out the door. Regardless if the dog is a “rescue foster” all people and pets deserve the same treatment. Took 45 minutes to check me in. Saw an alarming number of techs going to the counter to get clarification on pets and there were mix-ups on patients and services. Also, I paid for services not received. Second visit, they decide to give the dog a second rabies shot (1 was given 2 weeks ago) because it was on the rescue’s approvals instead of looking at his medical records. Front staff deflects and takes no responsibility to relay message to staff/vet about my concerns on these practices. I wouldn’t trust bringing my pets here ever. Claims to be AAHA accredited… yea, right.

Renee Boettcher

2 years ago

Dr. Hammer has been amazing and super knowledgeable with my rats and the staff are always friendly.

Tina Taber

2 years ago

Thank you Dr. Mathis for taking great care of our precious Slugo!!! We know he still has a long road, but we are once again grateful to this hospital for saving Slugo!!!

Floyd Noack

2 years ago

Great as usual. Should remove hospital from the name though. Take a week to get in.

Melissa Chase

2 years ago

We've been going to Summerfields for several years, but we are going to have to find another place. I sit on hold for 20+ minutes without talking to anyone to make appointments. The last few times we've taken our dogs, the appointments end up being 90-120 minutes. We spend more time sitting in a room than talking to a vet. I think they are great, but they don't know when to say "we can't take anymore new patients" and it makes me wonder if they are more interested in money rather than the care they give their current patients.

Benjamin Guttery

2 years ago

Dr. Karen Metzler is our absolute FAVORITE! We've been with her for over a decade and with 2 pets. Love everything they offer for our pets needs. The boarding & medical care they offer are the best out there!

Stephanie Hampton

2 years ago

Hands down an awesome veterinarian office.

Pat Hogan

2 years ago

Absolutely the Best Dr's and Staff.

Kayla Darling

2 years ago

The staff is friendly, they do not rush you. They are eager to explain things if you don't understand!! The staff genuinely cares for each animal that's comes through their doors!!

katie trujillo

2 years ago

I sadly will no longer recommend this place for dog boarding. We dropped our dog off on Wed and picked up today (Fri) and was told on the phone it would only be a total of $78 for the 2 nights. We went to pickup my dog today and was billed $150 because there were so many extra charges for exam fees etc. This was not told to us in advance, and when we had boarded him there last year we did not have this experience. He was already yup to date in booster shots too. I’m so disappointed and embarrassed that I’ve recommended this place before to neighbors. Beware, they will add on hidden fees!

Debra Leos Gonzales

2 years ago

1st time here and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. My dog was very comfortable and everyone was Gentle with her.. Great place

kimberly barfield

2 years ago

The ladies at the front desk were friendly and very knowledgeable. The prices are reasonable. We brought my daughters guinea pig in to have his teeth trimmed and some health complications we did not know about were discovered. Everything was handled with great care. We were given the proper instructions and meds to take care of him and he has recovered great !!

Brandy Mansfield

2 years ago

Your front office staff seem understaffed. The new LGBTQ signs next to the front door are pointless vertue signals that are very off putting. I want a vet not an activist for a cause that is already settled. I will be looking for a vet that's focused on animals and customers.

Ariana Pulido

2 years ago

Our puppy’s health quickly deteriorated as soon as we gave him the medication that was given to him here, he stopped eating and walking, which is something he used to do on his own. Been feeding him with a syringe ever since because he is now unable to eat on his own. We called back to ask if the medication was supposed to give him any side effects that we weren’t told about, only to get told that his body just wasn’t responding to the medication and that he possibly needed something stronger. We thought, if the medication wasn’t strong enough and it deteriorated his health even more, what makes them think stronger medication will make it any better? We took him to another vet and were told the medication that was given to him was too strong due to his weight, which is what caused his health to crash instantly. I absolutely regret coming here, if it weren’t for them, our puppy would still be here running around and eating just fine. We would’ve been better off going some place else in the first place, we basically just came here to throw our money away. I would give zero stars if I could. Please think twice before bringing your pets here. Just to add to that response, I can assure we were NEVER recommended hospitalization. I honestly didn't even know that was an option. You also never reached out after 24hrs to follow up, WE were the ones who reached out to you to let you know he wasn't eating anymore. If you prescribed an adequate dose at the time we took him in, why did his health deteriorate so quickly? Literally the next day, he wasn't eating or walking anymore, can't tell us his weight decreased from night to morning. We clearly mentioned he used to eat and walk with no problem, he even ate just fine when we got home that day. Wasn't until we gave him that medication. Lastly, I NEVER once mentioned he passed. It's completely absurd that you assume that.

T.D. Genesis

2 years ago

Updated review for July 2021 - Wanted to update this because I keep going back for my senior guinea pig's eye issues. I have seen Dr Mathis, Metzler (I think), and Dr Hammer. Dr Hammer is my favorite, he is so caring and treats my guinea pigs with compassion and knows what he is doing with them. The best thing is every doctor here how to treat guinea pigs, which is a benefit when it's hard to find a good vet to care for my babies. The pricing continues to be reasonable, compared to other exotics vets in DFW. I'd highly recommend anyone needing a gpig vet to come here, and I refer any of the clients at the vet I work at, to come here also (since we only treat cats/dogs). Dec 2020 - I took my guinea pigs numerous times the past two months. They were found abandoned in October and, of course, were mistreated. I first went with one boy who was diagnosed with heart failure. We racked up a hefty bill there but compared to other vets the prices are pretty generous. He ended up being pts. They got his ashes back fast but the place they use, Smoke Rise Farms, is archaic and terrible- they couldn't even put a nameplate on my pig's ashes and their site seemingly hasn't been updated since 2007. As for the doctors and techs, no issues and they all treated my pigs carefully and with respect. Its good to find a cheaper small animal vet, as there aren't many and a certain well known one in grapevine asks $100 per exam. One thing I had an issue with was speed of medication refills. I understand one med needed to be compounded and could take a while to prepare. While that pig was alive I got 2 refills of a med and had to wait two days for it to be ready. The first time I didn't get a call. I did have to call more times than I wanted in order to get what I needed. That's my only big issue.

L Ray and M Natalie Loomis

2 years ago

This is the place to take your pets! Very nice veterinarian professionals. Excellent service. Everyone showed a lot of love for Jovie. They listened and addressed my husband and my concerns regarding our pet. Thank you so very much Summerfields Animal Hospital. May God continue to bless Summerfields Animal Hospital and their families always...In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Larry and Marion Loomis

2 years ago

This is the place to take your pets! Very nice veterinarian professionals. Excellent service. Everyone showed a lot of love for Jovie. They listened and addressed my husband and my concerns regarding our pet. Thank you so very much and may God continue to bless Summerfields Animal Hospital and their families always...In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Tom Ryals

2 years ago

Our dogs got into a fight and our German Sheppard needed stitches due to a puncture wound. We went to an emergency clinic and they wanted 1500 which we could not afford. A different Veterinarian recommended Summerfields so we gave them a call. They got us in the same morning and they took better care of our dog and the bill was less than 200. I highly recommend them for their love of animals and their kind treatment of the animals and their owners. The place was very clean and well taken care of. This is our new go to Veterinarian.

Mark Balder

2 years ago

I've trusted this vet for years. Absolutely the best care I've ever had.

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