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Carlos Johnson

2 years ago

I needed my dog groomed, I get there they say he needs shots, he has ear infection and eye infection. Ok I pay $650 FIRST visit. 2ND VISIT $220 3rd VISIT finally in for grooming ???? $311 for a 9lb Yorkie didn't need his body cut just needed paws cut, face cut and nails cut. Picked him up smelled the same, looked the same as dropped off. Called them several times never called me back! DO NOT take your dog here! This place is a SCAM!!!???? I usually use Rickords down the street but they were booked. TRIED to give this place a try but they are NOT TRUSTWORTHY & over-priced.

Theresa Texas

2 years ago

I wouldn't recommend this place even if you had a sick cockroach. Last year I had to put down my beloved corgi. The tech and the vet hurried through the process because everyone acted like everyone had Covid. I got to spend a couple of minutes with my girl before the tech picked up her dead body and hauled her out like a side of beef. It was cold and heartless. They are unorganized and inefficient. If you love your pet, don't go here.

Susie Templeton

2 years ago

“EMERGENCIES Our highly-trained staff members are available to provide emergency medical care for your pet during normal business hours. Urgent cases are always seen immediately. In the event of an emergency, please call us as soon as possible.” Above was just copied & pasted from the Boat Club Road Animal Hospital Website. However, sadly was not the case for us today. We live only minutes from their facility, so when our pet was injured to the point she was unable to walk on her own & was in need of emergency care “DURING NORMAL HOURS”, we were very disheartened when told it would be TWO days before she could be seen by Boat Club Road Animal Hospital.

Thomas Long

2 years ago

Incompetent! Do not take your pets here. Summary: They nearly positioned my puppy, charged ridiculous sums of money, and told me to put her down. 2 months later my puppy is happy, healthy, and will never set her paw in there again. The story: my 6mo puppy hurt her back swimming one weekend. Had a hard time standing/ walking. Took her to the vet, had over $1k of test done and they gave her some pain meds. Few days later, my puppy couldn't even stand and refused to eat. After some research, the vet gave her 2 to 4 times too high a dose for her size. I immediately reduced her dose and eventually stopped. Her test and x-rays came back negative. The vet said she had neuropathy, couldn't do anything for her, said we could either take her to a neurologist in Dallas and spend $3k to $15k or put her down now. Needless to say we were heart broken and went home crying. Not willing to give up and going with the injury theory, we schedule her a chiropractor visit for less that $100. Come to the appointment and they won't touch her without vet recommendation. Ask boat club animal hospital and they say no but we can send you to this other chiropractor for $500 if you want. Angry words were exchanged between my girlfriend and the vet that I am sad to say I didn't witness. We found a new vet but they couldn't get her in for a few weeks. But her new vet has an on-site neurologist that charges $250 not $3k but its not needed anymore. After 8 weeks of love and care I am happy to report my puppy is back to eating, running, jumping, and stealing our dirty socks. These vets are incompetent and do not care about your 4 legged family members. They only want your money when your friends are hurting the most.

Talena Mayo

2 years ago

They will use every trick they can find to get more money out of you. They will quote me a price over the phone and them change it once you arrive for the service. They have told me my dog needed shots to be groomed when he wasn't even due for them. Even then they quote a price and change it once I arrive. I have had them treating him for allergies and he just wasn't getting better. They just kept having me continue to bring him in for more tests that cost more money when all along it was just his food that needed to change. Do not trust them with your pet unless you are ready to pay out a lot of money and possibly not get the care you need.

Don Moody

2 years ago

Outstanding facility and staff. Our visits have always been great. The staff has always been on point, ready to get our furry kids taken care of.

Nancy turan

2 years ago

I'm from MS, visiting family in Texas, and had to bring my Lucy in..she had gotten bit by another dog..the staff here were awesome, caring and very thorough with her treatment. I would definitely recommend this hospital to everyone! Thank you so much for taking care of Lucy. We are back home in MS and she is doing great! Thanks again!

Taylor Irion

2 years ago

Took my dog in to help with her itching, took me three visits to finally get the allergy shot I requested the first time! Charged me multiple fees every time. I don't mind spending money on my animals, I do mind paying multiple fees and having my dog stay itchy because you would prefer to make money on multiple stops and treatments.

Heather Calhoun

3 years ago

We take our two dogs here. One for almost 2 years and another for almost 1.5 years. I've used both the boarding and vet. It's a great place and the customer service is good but I agree it's expensive compared to other vets that I've checked, and they do tend up upsell you on other services. That's not to say they force you into buying anything you don't want. You can always decline to pay for something you don't want or need, but when I receive a quote for services I already know it's going to be much higher than many of the competitors in the area. When taking my dogs in for a service I'm mainly concerned about what they *need* not the *extras* if that makes sense. I like taking my dogs here because the vets are patient and seem very concerned about their well-being. They're usually able to fit us in on last minute appointments if needed. Lastly, it's close to home and we don't have to drive across town.

Elaine Namy

3 years ago

I cannot recommend this place highly enough! They saved my dog's life, and everyone I've worked with has been amazing. I am transferring all of my animals here.

Sharon McKenna

3 years ago

Not pleased with their care in a serious situation with my cat. Very disappointed.

Sean Wrobel

3 years ago

Not a bad place.... just be prepared to get up charged on everything. I switched to a different place after hearing that this is common

S. Quinn Henning

3 years ago

We took our senior dog in a few weeks ago for an emergency. We called almost a dozen other vets and no one else felt like it was an emergency, but Boat Club knew it was. They got us in first thing and took our dog, Denver, back and did as much as they could for him. Although we had to say goodbye, we couldn’t have asked for such a great office during such a difficult day. Everyone in the office is wonderful, and they know your fur companion is family. Everything was explained to us, and the staff that helped us was beyond compassionate and caring, for Denver and for us. About 2 weeks we said goodbye, we received a sympathy card for the office, and it was honestly heartwarming that they care so much.

Rosaline Reynolds

3 years ago

The people here are amazing. They remember my puppy every time I bring her in. Awesome place for all your Vet needs.

Nathan and Kayleigh Alvarado

3 years ago

I can’t appreciate these guys enough. They got me an appointment when no one else could, before hand, I’d have to miss a day of work to make time for getting my cats taking care of, these guys have appointments later in the evening, I went at 7:20 PM. Extremely convenient for the 9-5. These guys took care of my brothers dog, and they took care of my two cats. Love these guys.

Meredith Cherry

3 years ago

The staff and doctors at BCRAH are kind and knowledgeable. When we recently had to say goodbye to our sweet old girl, they got us in within the hour & were so compassionate. We will now be bringing all of our fur babies here.

Melanie Boyd

3 years ago

I have had only AMAZING experiences with this vet. They treat my dog like it's their child too!!!!

maureen imus

3 years ago

Went out of their way to be kind . Much appreciated

Masha Goodrum

3 years ago

My dog came in with a uti and ear infection, $500 worth of test and treatment later she still has a ear infection and a uti. Im so done with this place and wish i had never gone there. All they want is your money

Luke fielder Fogel87

3 years ago

Our border collie was going in for a groom.The lady was very unfriendly but she recommended we take off 1 inch when we got him back he was completely shaved. They had taken off 4 inches, it is common knowledge on how to shave a border collie but this is very disrespectful and a proper show of immaturity.

Kuei 12

3 years ago

Awful! They have no interest in the care of your pet, just your money. They refuse to give you prescriptions. They do not give you enough medicine to cure even a simple ear infection. Instead they insist on dragging you back and back and back again for ridiculously expensive "treatments" while our dog suffered for weeks. And they make you sit and wait outside in your car for an hour each visit in 100deg weather. They give veterinary clinics a very bad name. We brought our dog here 3 times and they still could not cure his infection. Another vet was able to fix the problem in 1 visit without having to wait outside. These people are pathetic frauds. Their positive reviews must be from family members or staff members. I have never had this many problems with ear infection treatment before. This place is a get rich quick scheme. PATHETIC!

Kristen Paquette

3 years ago

Just took my puppy here today and they are so nice and helpful.

Justin Schaaf

3 years ago

Dr. Heckel and April helped me yesterday with our baby, Bentley (Holland Lop bunny) at Little Leaf Animal Hospital, since Dr. Louisa was not available to see him. April was very compassionate and professional with Bentley and that made me feel so good knowing he was in good hands. Dr. Heckel was also very professional and thoroughly communicated to me about Bentley's care and post visit instructions. I have been SO lucky to have such wonderful and caring professionals caring for my babies at both, Boat Club Road Animal Hospital and Little Leaf Animal Hospital. I highly recommend both of these hospitals to care for your pet.

Hollie Bangura

3 years ago

Amazing experience! We were so impressed. They made our dog feel comfortable and calm - best vet experience!

Gina Williams

3 years ago

Have tried to get this clinic to approve a prescription on phone or fax through an online pharmacy and they refuse to do so, they only offer a written script to mail in They say it’s due to protocol but there are multiple other clinics within the area that I’ve contact that have no issues approving prescriptions through chewy

Colin Splawn

3 years ago

I would definitely recommend this Veterinary hospital. They were really good to my animals. They kept me updated and explain things thoroughly. The customer service was really good and the workers were really nice. They really handled everything professionally.

Chelsea Nobles

3 years ago

My senior dog had surgery and I was very impressed with not only the level of care but the time they took to calm my concerns about anesthesia with his age. Dr. Dixon personally callwd me to answer questions and provide test/surgery results. The techs were also great with my dog and made me feel he was in good hands. I highly recommend.

Arabella Ashley

3 years ago

They were able to get us in quickly and took great care of our puppers.

Julie Roberts

4 years ago

Dr. Louisa and team are great!! Zacch, Puah and Paddington all love their vet. The staff is always friendly and welcoming and their hours of operation fit great with my schedule.

Jessica Garner

4 years ago

They are good with animals but upsell and over charge for items that are not needed.

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