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Alexus Sky

2 years ago

So sweet, they show my dog gator so much love and he loves everyone there. He gets so excited when we walk in! They have such reasonable prices if you get the plan and they really do care for your pet .

Silver Rae Fox

2 years ago

Very compassionate and helpful staff!

Chiquila Gissentanner

2 years ago

The staff was awesome. They are very compassionate about what they do.

Joe Thacker

2 years ago

They make me feel like they love my dog as much as I do. That's all you can wish for.

Lesha Legg

2 years ago

The horrible reviews were correct, they are unprofessional, impolite, and not caring, please avoid Banfield, if you care about your precious pet !

Ashkan food

2 years ago

I love them, nice people and nice vets, they are always helpful

Ronny Reyes

2 years ago

They took very good care of my pups bliss yoda and Bruce

Susan Batchelor

2 years ago

I used to be pleased with banfield, but of late late they are abysmal. One of my dogs had some sort of seizure, I was told to take him to the emergency clinic. I have been a client for around 7 years and never had my pet turned away before, that was 3 weeks ago, today my pet has a large gash on his face (different dog, I have 4) and again told they wouldn't see him, take him to an emergency clinic. Maybe other locations are better, but Euless TX location attitude absolutely stinks. You may value your pet, but banfield Euless definitely doesn't

Belle Shimonde

2 years ago

Really had a great experience and they took care of our Buddy Noodles !

Melissa McAllister

2 years ago

The staff was very nice and they took care of my Fernie.

Florence Fallis

3 years ago

I got my little dog Bella from the Dallas SPCA July 5, 2013 I put her on the Banfield plan and they have taking care of her ever cents I am very well pleased with Banfield.

Don Radon

3 years ago

Overly priced, long waits, upsell every service offered. They tried to over inoculate my dog.... only reason I use them is convenience. But the cons outweigh the pros in this instance. I will be taking my girl somewhere else.


3 years ago

BANFIELD IS NOT A REAL VET. I am begging anyone who is considering using Banfield services to run far, far away. No matter what financial situation you’re in, you will pay in the long run by picking them. We took our cat in June because he was very badly bloated. They told us he was just constipated and prescribed stool softeners and an $80 bag of special food. We trusted them and took their word. After two weeks, we called again, as nothing had changed. Again, we were told they didn’t want to take action because it would be too stressful on the cat and told us to come pick up more stool softener. didn’t work. In the interim, I switched him to wet food to keep him hydrated but the bloating only got worse. Now it’s August and I’m just now finding out he actually has megacolon that will likely require surgery. I can’t help but think if they cared enough the first visit, he could have avoided all this pain...that he never would’ve got here. I am disgusted that you saw opportunity in my cats suffering to get me to sign up for the most expensive plan you have and extend my contract even further. I’m disgusted that the vets do not care at all about the animals they see. I’m disgusted that there’s no “out” from these terrible services, aside from paying out the remainder of my plan (couple hundred dollars). I’m disgusted that I’m stuck with Banfield and can’t get my cat the real treatment he needs. I’m disgusted that the employees of this company are complicit in animals suffering and help facilitate the continuation of a subpar excuse for veterinarian services. Please, if you love your animals at all, do not come not pick Banfield.

Holly Duke

3 years ago

I would have given a five star however the stickers are so bad for both humans and your pets.

Jay Smith

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog here since I got him at 8 weeks. Drs Smith/Branam/Cortez have taken amazing care of him, guided me through raising my first puppy, and you can see the genuine care and love they provide pets. The staff recognize him on sight, and make their way to love on him, and he’s always excited to see them even when we’re just picking up supplies in Petsmart. They helped me build the perfect wellness plan for him and Dr. Branam even eased my fears/concerns/questions about something noted on his WisdomPanel DNA test. I’ve referred friends with new and rescued pups to join the plan, and i’ve heard nothing but great things about their experiences. Thank you guys for loving my sweet Tucker, and for helping me keep him healthy and happy ♥️♥️♥️

Margaret Cheng

3 years ago

Before Christmas, I booked an appointment for a blood and urine test for my cat. There, the vet wasn't able to get the urine test done, so I was given a take-home kit to get her urine myself. The vet said to bring it back some other day after the office reopens after Christmas and that she'll determine if my cat should go on a diet or anything. I brought the urine sample in after the office opened up again after Christmas. The lady at the desk tried to charge me until I told her that my cat was on a wellness plan(she didn't even bother to check before trying to double charge me, and I almost let her bc I didn't know what was going on). I was told to wait 10-15 minutes for the urine test to be done. However, after 50 minutes, I went to ask if the test was done yet. They told me they hadn't started and that they would do it now. If I didn't ask, I probably would have waited there all day. The lady was condescending said it was bc I didn't book an appointment, but the vet literally told me to drop off the urine sample any day during business hours... and I was there because the vet wasn't able to do a urine sample on my cat the other day... at the appointment I booked. In addition, the vet from the other day wasn't even there, and they just gave me some UTI medicine and no diet advice. The lady who explained to me the UTI medication forgot to mention some key information(which I didn't find out until later when I ripped off the prescription label on the box... that was stuck right on top of the directions hidden underneath it. My experience here was absolutely unreliable and unprofessional and drove me to write my first Google review. I feel like we've been scammed of our $400. Honestly feels like they're trying to get money out of us rather than curing our cat. 0/10 experience. Plus my poor cat is still having issues peeing.

Susan Andrews

3 years ago

Awesome staff! Very caring Dr.'s and staff. Great!

Yosi Hegab

3 years ago

Let me start by saying the ladies in the back were great. Y’all ought to consider who you put at the front desk. Micki was the first and last person I saw and was very rude. I had a 5:30 appointment. It was my first time ever taking my dog. She was visibly upset at the fact I was paying in cash “after they closed.” It was 6:12 to be exact as she told me. Extremely poor customer service. Seemed bothered about everything. Sat my cash on the counter instead of in my hand, wouldnt even make eye contact, as if I wasn’t there. I thanked her anyway, and I got no response.

Bob B

4 years ago

Seems like a good doc. I was just dropping off a friend's dog.

Douglas Family

4 years ago

Their health plan for pets is a great investment and they take great care of our fur babies, a cat and dog.

Israel Sanchez

4 years ago

Great service great people vet cortez is the best.

Kaelin Byboth

4 years ago

I was skeptical to bring my pet to Banfield after some of the horrible reviews I’ve seen of their hospitals online, but they did a great job taking care of my kitty and went above and beyond expectations to make sure he got adequate care within our limited budget. Dr. Cortez was a compassionate caregiver and had a ton of patience with our experience there. She is the type of vet I would absolutely bring our Merlin back to for an emergency or non visit. Thank you, Banfield of Euless, from the bottom of our hearts. Merlin is doing great now and this cat mom can rest easy knowing we have a great veterinarian to rely on.

Mitch Breaux

4 years ago

So friendly! Can't wait to go back!

Rachel Doyle

4 years ago

The pugs and I love it here, and the payment/wellness plans are great! The doctors and staff are very kind. They seem to really care.

Sandy Hopson

4 years ago

Everyone is always so attentive to my dog. Gets him feeling better in no time

Tiffany Zuniga

4 years ago

I know I can trust Banfield Pet Hospital with my Max.

Trina Smith

4 years ago

They really care about your baby and make sure you are good with their suggestions or will help with what you think is good

Tyler Schmidt

5 years ago

This location is the worst, they are so disorganized and they falsified records for my dogs. We went in for routine care and charged us for shots and tests that they didn’t do, sending my dogs home without preventative care that comes standard in the plan that we have. The vet, Nancy Smith has a horrible bed side manner and sent us to a specialist when she refused to treat my dog. Went to the specialist and they said she didn’t need anything but antibiotics.I won’t take our animals to this location ever again!

Temika Burnham

5 years ago

They take awesome care of my Max & are very friendly!!!

David Di Credico

5 years ago

More of a money maker than actual pet caretakers. I stopped going there 3 years ago. No regrets. Got tired of having revolving door vets in training that never really seem to care about the pet.

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