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Jasmine Vela

2 years ago

‼️One of the ladies charged us 10$ extra for our dogs supposedly having fleas. They said our dogs had fleas but, we have them on flea and tick pills and we get our yard sprayed monthly. Plus we never see our dogs with bite marks or signs of itchiness. It was definitely not worth $130. Our dogs kept crying like they were in pain and came home drinking so much water like if they were super dehydrated. You would think that they would offer my dogs water with how much money I paid. After this experience I don’t not feel comfortable with them anymore.. It also took over 4 hours this is insane. And only accepting cash? Do they not want to pay their taxes?? Everything about this place was so sketching and very unsettling. DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOGS HERE!!‼️

Tommy Lane

2 years ago

First and last time going there. After 6 hours they finally finished. I go to find out I was overcharged and not told I had to pay cash beforehand. Finally after receiving my dogs I see irritation and flakey skin. I would Not recommend.

Sandy Perez

2 years ago

Will never take my Schnauzers again! My dogs came back completely shaved and all uneven from their faces.

Gabriela Meza

2 years ago

First and last time! Only went there because someone recommended them and since they were closer than our regular groomer I decided to give it a try. I just pick up my dog and they did a horrible work. Nails are not clipped, I asked for short not shaved body and the face is uneven. Plus they over charged me! I paid extra for teeth cleaning and I just realized they're not even cleaned! Plus her skin is super irritated and flakey from the shaving that I did not asked for!


2 years ago

We have been clients since 2017 and this was our last time. They treated us unpleasantly, they make you sign a letter of consent that they are not responsible if they hurt the dog while cutting. They also charged $10 extra for excessive matting, but she had very minimal matting in only a couple of places. Also, 5 hours to cut a small dog's hair is TOO LONG! This was our first time going here since the pandemic, and before it was never longer than 2-3 hours. It's traumatic enough for a dog to be there, but for 5 hours!!!! We also paid extra for nail filing instead of cutting, but they cut her nails anyway and made some of them bleed. Very sad and discouraging. Will not be back.


2 years ago

They are hit or miss, sometimes my dogs will come back with cuts. One time they cut off all my dogs top hair knot and she looked worse when she came back to me. I was pretty mad.


2 years ago

They did great on my dog. Was a little taken back by the attitude of the pet stylist. Was kinda wanting not to leave my dog there. But then I thought she did have a lot of dogs and was probably tired. But maybe just a little adjustment there- but just enough to make sure we, the customer feels good about leaving our little ones there. The receptionist is incredible even though its warm at the front with the door opening and closing and she was still very positive and helpful.

ll Verzy ll

2 years ago

Can’t break 100 bills when they are paid in cash all day? I had to go ask neighboring businesses to break it. Doesn’t even take cards cause their machine has been broken for a long time? They need to get their things together and fix this, plus haircuts were completely unprofessional, will not be returning to this place ever again. It’s been 2 years since I gone there and I knew I shouldn’t have gone.

O Cruz

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog here for years. No issues. You do need to make an appointment. Sometimes it takes hours for him to be ready but that's because I let his hair grow too long and become matted. There is an extra fee if your dog is matted.

Debbie Moses

2 years ago

The absolute best with my precious chihuahua. I won’t trust her with anyone else. Thank you for caring so much!

Diana Muro

2 years ago

Awful and horrible place. STAY AWAY!!! Look for another place. I was a costumer for almost 3 years and they call me after 3 hours to pick up my dog, and wasn't finished. They told me to bring her back another day to finish the job, because they claimed the dog was not cooperating. I also had to pay them because they refused to give my dog back and they finished 90% of the job. Can you believe that?! Not coming back.

Gerardo Rodriguez

2 years ago

After my dog was ready person that called me was very aggressive accusing me that I wasn't answering my phone for hours. My phone never rang, never going back.

dance monkey

3 years ago

Bad management..!! Very expensive..They live hair spots shave on my puppy..Didn't cut his nails..New Owners..NOT GOOD !

Lauren Herrera

3 years ago

I typically do not write reviews, but this needs to be said. My dog's hair around her face is completely uneven all around. Additionally the back of her head looks to be cut with simple scissors and again, uneven. I was also charged an additional 10 dollars for "matted" hair...the prices say it is a 10 dollar up charge for "extremely matted" dog hair. I brush my dog out 2x a week because it has been getting longer. Tangles, I'm sure she had, but not matted hair costing 10 dollars more. I suggest to update the price description to "10 dollars extra for tangled hair" to better fit your charges.

w d

3 years ago

I have 2 years taking my dog to GD, but the last time I was there, first the manager was not welcoming and I felt a negative atmosphere. I was almost didn't want to leave my furry friend but I did since I been taking him there since 2018. This will be the last time, when I went to pick him up they did not groomed my dog like they always did, not sure if they changed staff. Plus I had a card that 6th time was a free groom and they did not even honor it because now it changed To $10 off instead. was very dissatisfied with their service.


3 years ago

Cute hair cut for my puppy.

The Panda Syndicate

3 years ago

Great service and attention to detail

Sara Claudio

3 years ago

My personal experience was extrememely disappointing. I took my own dog Astro and a family members dog Cupcake to this place and recieved bad results. Astro had gotten the grooming package and came back with patchy uneven hair all along his torso and legs. Cupcake recieved the bath package and still smelled when she returned home! They had us make an appointment at 12:00pm and they did not finish till close to 5:30pm (half an hour past closing time) almost 5 and half hours later, if this was going to happen what was the purpose of scheduling an appointment. Overall based on the service we recieved for both dogs I was not happy and believe it was overpriced. If I had known this would be the service I would recieve I could have gone elsewhere and recieved more in each package and recieved my moneys worth!

Roxie Gutz-Echa

3 years ago

We have been taking our dog to this establishment for 5 years and used to love it. Recently though we’ve had some bad experiences with the quality of our dogs cuts and customer service. I’m not sure if management changed but it’s not good, unfortunately I will not be coming back. Save your money and look into other groomers!

Rolando Pena

3 years ago

Worst customer service!!! That girl Jennifer in the front rude unprofessional worst attitude , pulled my dog forced it & i just took it back & said hell no! I can imagine what yal do in the back to this innocent gorgeous dogs! Do not recommend this awful place to anyone! Heads up guys

Marysol Gill

3 years ago

I will never will bring mi little ones to this place Expensive and sloppy job they did

MaryAlice Hamlin

3 years ago

Appt was for 9am, location didn't open until 9:15am n prices increase each I take my pet for grooming

Luis De Luna

3 years ago

I have never taken my dogs there, but after reading the reviews, i dont understand how this place is.still open. We have to remember that our fur babies have feelings also and that we as owners our there voice. Lets stop animal cruelty.


3 years ago

Asked for haircut and bath my puppy was not bathed but only covered in dog perfume I dropped him off at 12:45 and wase t ready till 4:50

Aaron Garza

3 years ago

Cool place people are nice and the oatmeal wash really helped my dog with his dry skin

Abel Rocha

3 years ago

My daughther went to get her dog groomed n was treated very rude by the front desk lady and on top of that cut dogs hair awful it was not wat we expected. NEVER AGAIN TAKING OUR DOG THERE!!!

DL Kelter

3 years ago

She was handed back to us still wet! Even though they were not busy. We travel full time in our motor home and winter in the Rio Grande Valley. Even though a park resident did not recommend Glamour Dog's to us (claimed a very bad clipping) it was just for a bath, and Glamour Dog's was the most convenient to our park! We complained "She is still wet" and were told she was difficult to blow dry and brush out. Humm, this 10 lb. Multipoo has been serviced in probably 30 states by over 20 different grooms in the past 5 years and we never had such a problem. Our advice, keep searching.

Edalyn Soliz

3 years ago

at first, we thought he looked cute and all fresh nails... then off, we took him to the car and then, i was petting him and felt somthing bumpy, it was a tick!!! nasty ????! and, my poor pup had cuts which looks like they were bleeding...

Eddie Salinas

3 years ago

I love the service for the most part. Things have changed in the past year. The cash only thing is very inconvenient because we hardly carry cash anymore. Last time i was there i had to drop off my dogs go to an ATM and go back to pay. Just felt like an extra trip i didn't want to do. They were only going for a nail trim. I really hope they change the cash only policy.

Daisy the shitzu

3 years ago

Don't take ur pets to this place they hurt my puppy and I had to take her to the vet

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