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Mario Lopez

2 years ago

Ive been taking my 3 babys since they opened here in McAllen and to be honest they are the best groomers out their. Thank you guys for all this years of service and for pampering my dogs every single time I take them. Thank you and have a blessed day

Mission Bell

2 years ago

Thank you guys we have been taking our 3 baby's here for 7 years now and they are the best.

valley vallejos

2 years ago

Excellent haircut I took my 2 baby's today and they came out perfect. I love the way they left them. Never had they been so clean and happy thank you so much royal pet salon. You have a client for life

Victor Solis

2 years ago

Excellent service first time here defenetly recomend them my little ones came out looking and smelling perfect. Never had I seen them coming out so ???? after getting groomed. Thank you royal pet salon you have a new customer for life.

Anthony zaragoza

2 years ago

My baby comes out clean and smelling fresh.

Aaliyah Diaz

2 years ago

I’ve been to many pet salons but this one is my all time favorite.

genesis s

2 years ago

i sent my dog before 4:30 because they had lmk i can bring my dog before 5:00. they then told me they can do it but they will have to shave him all. they called me like 2 hours later and said they couldn’t finish the groom because he had “ticks” but when i went he only showed me 1 tick that was in his back that was it. they sent him not showered his half body still had fur dangling from his bottom. i know they have precautions but c’mon they sent my shihtzu home looking like that just because he had like up to 2 ticks on him. very disappointed in the place. they shouldn’t have even charged me $43 with the work they did. especially because they didn’t even finish!! this is a very bad place to take your fur baby’s i will provide pictures on how they left him! please don’t take your puppy’s or dogs to this place! never again will i take my poor milo there!!!????????


2 years ago

Price was a bit on the expensive side but my dog was handled with care, staff was very professional and the hair cut was of high quality

Andrea Herrera

2 years ago

Called an made an appointment as I went in I asked for a small trim and nails to be trimmed aswell. Basically told me if it’s possible to do it then he can cause “he will not spend all day combing him” that I should already have him groomed when I come in. Telling me that it’s “my Job” to do so. He should reflect on the type of business he is running because that’s his job and we are paying for a reason. It doesn’t make sense to have my dog already fully groomed to be groomed again. If he is already asking for your dog to be groomed as you walk in, speaks high volumes on how he is running a “professional” place.

Alicia Alfaro

2 years ago

Eric us a great

Criselda Sotelo

2 years ago

Nice and friendly staff, do a great job on my Zoey.

John Couts

2 years ago

Good place to take a cat


2 years ago

Took my dog and like how she came out they did a really good job.

Maricela Rodriguez

3 years ago

Worst first time experience????????!! My sister in law took her precious Shih Tzu to get a teddy bear haircut and they completely shaved all her hair off. Very disappointed with this groomer ???? Couldn’t understand why they did this to her precious dog, she is always getting groomed so it’s not like they would have issues with her. No one from the family recognizes her and her dog’s attitude has changed as if she realizes that they messed up her hair so bad. This establishment needs to understand what the customer wants and fulfill their needs when it comes to their pups which are like children to most pet owners. If they cannot meet they should just be honest.

Pearre Davenport

3 years ago

The best we have found in the area.

Adriana Berkley

3 years ago

I'm from out of town and visit my family in McAllen and every time I visit I bring my furry baby to get groomed because the guys there do an amazing job and they always schedule me in that same day I call. And their prices are so awesome!

Jennifer Gomez

3 years ago

Excellent job guys for the past 5 years I have been taking my 4 dogs to royal pet salon and every time they they have Excellent customer service and their haircuts are the best. Happy New Years guys

Alex Claudia

3 years ago

I highly recommend this place! I took my 2month old baby schnauzer for a shower, flea treatment, and haircut for $80. The flea pill is 3 months guaranteed. My baby came out smelling so good and happy, there weren’t any cuts on him, nor did he look traumatized. I’m very thankful with the respect my baby was treated with. I took him about 3 weeks ago and the fleas seem to die quick.

Angelina Rodriguez

3 years ago

Was very disappointed with the whole experience, first very unprofessional, I walked in and the employee wasn’t wearing a mask, then they did a terrible job on dog, very uneven & I hated it, and was expensive, on top of that They kept my dogs collar, had to go back there for no reason... & the guy didn’t have his mask on againnnn.. 0/10 recommend fr.. don’t go SAVE UR MONEY (:

Elsa Rodriguez

3 years ago

Great place Very nice to our dogs and our dogs looked great after. Will go again!

Enrique Guzman

3 years ago

Great place for my pet.

Eric Lopez

3 years ago

Best groomers hands down they have excellent customer service and they did the best job ever. First time here and I had taken my 3 babies everywhere but I'm glad I found them I'll be a customer for ever. Thank you royal pet salon your the best!!!

Cynthia Gomez

3 years ago

They were really good with my dogs. I was very satisfied with the quality of haircuts they did with my little ones. Everywhere I would go I would ask for something in particular I wanted don to them and no ome could ever get it right but they did here amd I'm so ????. I do admit on one of my babies his hair was very matted and they explained to me what they could do. Eventhoug he had to he shaved he looks great. Thank you royal pet salon

Jorge Zamora

3 years ago

Finally a groomer that did an excellent job with my baby. I've been everywhere I must confence my baby is a hand full and a little moody but here they defenetly had pacients with him and left him looking perfect. Thank you guys loved the haircut and no one had left him smelling so good. Love you guys

Lopez YT

3 years ago

Been taking my shih tzus here for the past two years to get their haircut haven’t had any problems yet so I continue taking them!

Minnie Kingz

3 years ago

I took my Gorda because my husband takes boy there and her and her usual groomer is still closed due to the pandemic any who noticed all these cuts and a drastic change in her attitude she won't eat or drink anything and won't respond just lays there sweating and shaking she's always been a tough cookie so I know she passed through a very traumatic experience IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOG DON'T TAKE THEM HERE

Paul Manfre

3 years ago

Took my 3 dogs there 3 times. I have a long hair German Shepherd, bullmastiff and a small dog. I have to be honest the work was very good especially on my German Shepherd. The price is a little expensive but I gladly paid it because of the good work. This last time I only bought the 2 large dogs but the price was the same as when I brought my 3 dogs. I questioned him and he said that was the price and was very arrogant. I know I am correct on the prices because I am neurotic about keeping records. He does not take credit cards, only cash, so its hard for me to prove. He charged me $243 this time for 2 dogs. $420 last time but that included flea and tick treatments and $244.00 the first time for the 3 dogs which I am not sure if the small dog only had a bath or a bath and cut. The difference should have been $40-60 depending on what was done. Make sure you get prices in advance and in writing or find a more honest groomer.

Rosa De Leon

3 years ago

I called and was seen 40 minutes later. I stressed to owner my dog was matted and desperately needed grooming. Eric, the owner was proffessional, kind & courteous. Recommend him highly.

Velma Perez

3 years ago

Took my pup in for a cut and bath...never again! She was terrified after I picked her up and was throwing up and wouldn’t eat. She wouldn’t want anyone near her which of not like herself. By Sunday morning she was back to herself. Idk what they gave her or what but I will never again take her there!

Agustin Villarreal

3 years ago

We have own several dogs in our life time and Royal pet salon did an amazing job. Thank you Anna. You won a customer today.

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