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Unapproved Truth

2 years ago

Emily at the front desk is barbarically rude and frankly doesn't deserve her job. She's condescending, lazy, incompetent and unpleasant wrapped up in a homely tattooed package. I pity the employees who are stuck working with her and am glad I got my volunteering hours with this place out of the way!

tom pratt

2 years ago

Drove with kids 40 minutes to look at two dogs shown to be available on 12/28. Got there and they were closed. Nothing on website stating this. A volunteer said they just decided to close and would open up on the 4th. Government jobs.

Megan Tyree

2 years ago

My husband and I adopted two sweet kittens recently. It is very clear how caring the staff is, as the animals always have everything they need and want. They are also knowledgeable about care for the animals and they were able to give lots of information about our cats' history and their personalities.


2 years ago

Denton animal services is a joke. Never respond to calls. It seems like they are never even open.

Queen Ra

2 years ago

My dogs where let out to attempt burglary and I had to pay fees just for them holding my dog two days 72....the email stated if I bought proof I wouldn't have to pay in which then I had to bring proof that they had they shots and I was still charged on top of that. They have camera and I left some money on the counter after paying with cash and called up there the receptions didn't even care and was like oh no there's nothing there and didn't offer to do an investigation or anything.... best thing we got our dogs back...however the pricing fees are ridiculous. Good animal shelter but people you can't trust to do the right thing anymore. I give 2 stars because today's service was horrible.

Lisa V

2 years ago

Santa Paws Benefit event. I took my dog the official Dog Days of Denton 2020 and 2021 spokes dog of Denton County to the event. They did a great they did a great job and hopefully the many beautiful animals here will find homes soon. They staff is very caring.

Jennifer Modrall

2 years ago

We were adopted by a kitten! Great experience with staff. He is healthy, vet verified, and has a huge personality. We will visit this shelter for more family members in the future.

Buffi Clark

2 years ago

Great experience ???? Rescued an AMAZING puppy!! ????

Delilah Rain

2 years ago

Clean, Awesome employees they seem to love their job Almost as much as the animals ADOPT DON'T SHOP ..SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER

Matthew Kendrick

2 years ago

We had a pleasant experience adopting here. The staff were all nice folks - this can't be an easy job, so their positive attitudes were doubly appreciated. Animals appear to be treated very well. Their little holding cells are clean - in fact the whole place sparkles. There's quite a crowd waiting out front when the place opens but they manage that well - please be patient and they will get to you.

Abraham Martinez

2 years ago

Supervisor and employees are incompetent and treat the animals horribly. They are uneducated when it comes to the animals and it is evident they are only running it for money

Lori Fidler

2 years ago

Very nice, helpful ppl. Clean place. Ended up the pups we were looking for had a lot of interest so they got adopted quickly (not by us). Thanks tho.

Triniti Williams

2 years ago

I really like them! They are very friends and have such beautiful animals. You do have to sign a for before you visit any animal just incase of injuries, but to visit any animal you have to come in 30mins before closing to get enough time to visit the animals.

baron meeks

2 years ago

Meet Harley. My friend went to pick up this beautiful kitten last week. They told us the kitten was healthy and ready for a new home. Less then a day the kitten became really sick. Took it to the vet and she had to be put down. The shelter lies and gives out sick kittens. Such a sad death :( dont let this place stay open

Trenchell Sampson

2 years ago

Had to surrender our loveable pup Scott due to an issue with him and our current dogs. Great place. Staff was super understanding and kind. I pray Scott finds a family that will care for him the way we wanted to or better. ????

Casey Webb

2 years ago

We had an Awesome experience, they have great people and walked away with this big boy

Donald Johnson

2 years ago

Nice clean facility. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about their animals they are were waiting to place in new homes. We were able to find our new baby boy lab mix, he is 2/3 months old and is very spunky. He loves his new backyard.

Michael Mayhew

2 years ago

Very patient and caring people. We adopted in May and tried to get another and Trey (I think ) was great. I'm sorry Sparky wasn't a good fit with Maggie. He really deserves a good home. Thank you all. Mike

Pat Quandahl

2 years ago

Very efficient and kind people helping with pet immunizations this past weekend.

Trinity Moore

2 years ago

My poor cat escaped my house and luckily someone was able to find him and brought him into the shelter! I found him on there website late night on 9/19/21 and I went in this morning to pick him up at 10am as soon as they opened and after 30 mins of searching the facility and seeing all of the empty kennels they proceed to tell me he was euthanized for aggression. When in all reality they should know the signs of a scared cat, he’s always jumped at loud noises, and runs off when they are too many people around. He was the sweetest boy and it was clear he was an indoor cat. He was only there for less than 36 hours before they decided to euthanized him not even giving me, as his owner, the chance to get him. I feel so bad for all the poor animals in this horrible shelter.

F Limones

2 years ago

Nice very clean animal shelter, we adopted a nice Belgium Malinois, and he is spoiled rotten. Lots of different breeds and ages and sizes I highly recommend this place.

Heather Tramell

2 years ago

Always friendly, staff takes great care of the animals!

Dallas Salinas

2 years ago

My puppy was very well taken care of and not as expensive as I expected for them to give her the shots and take care of her I was very pleases with how productive the place was with service ❤

Everling Duque

2 years ago

They came and graph the dogs from my porch. And take it without no notification and they lave stick on the porch for they could get it and I’m going to fight

S Anderson

2 years ago

Donated items there a few times and they appritated it very much. Towels not dirty, food, even cat toys.

Yvonne Pak

2 years ago

I had emergency euthanasia on my 16+ year old pup. I could not find a vet that could would take her within the next few days and my baby was in pain. She had dementia and was having difficulty breathing after having a seizure. I called City of Denton Animal Shelter and they had me bring her right in. These are the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. Even though it broke my heart, I felt better knowing that these employees cared. My donations will definitely go to them in the future. This is the cleanest, most caring animal shelter I have ever seen.

Brandy Tess Mckinney

2 years ago

My 1yr old cat Abbadon went missing. It was a rough 3.5 weeks. He was found in a dumpster by a mail man. This amazing man got my baby to the shelter where they contacted me immediately that they believed it was him. I just picked him up and brought him home! Thank you

Macie Kindiger

2 years ago

If I could leave 0 stars I would. I adopted a cat from this shelter. The day prior to her adoption the shelter had incorrectly administered a topical flee medicine, which ultimately ended up poisoning the cat. As soon as I got the cat home she started having very violent seizures and foaming at the mouth and excreting a bile like substance from her rear-end. Since it was a Saturday, local vet offices weren’t open, so I had no choice but to take her to an emergency vet. They had to keep her and treat her overnight, and said she would’ve died if I hadn’t taken her in. I have documents from the vet ER explaining that this was all caused by a medication administered by this shelter, and I have paperwork from the shelter showing exactly what she received. I knew this would be a messy legal battle moving forward, so myself and my attorney both contacted the shelter, and management refuses to speak with us out of cowardice and the unwillingness to right a wrong. They directed us towards the city risk manager, who also refuses to return myself or my attorney’s phone calls. Completely unprofessional on both their parts. DO NOT ADOPT FROM THIS SHELTER.

Don Estes

2 years ago

I could not have asked for a better adoption process. Staff were awesome. Clean facility and one of the most organized shelters I have ever Experienced! Great job STAFF!!!!! Don Estes

Caden Crash

2 years ago

Put our names down for adoption of a cat and we had it down for about a month, an HOUR BEFORE WE GOT THERE, they gave away the cat we wanted. i don’t recommend putting your name down since they might just give it away

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