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Ashley Roberts

2 years ago

They took our cat in at 9am and she wasn’t ready until 3:45pm. When we got her back, she was extremely upset, hissing, and jumping. As soon as we walked out of PetSmart, she was fine. She was there for 7 hours for a checkup and for them to essentially tell us she’s fine.

Gina Higginbotham

2 years ago

Superior service. It was a long vet visit but worth it.

Olivia Waterman

2 years ago

I took my dog in to get checked for ringworm and the vet misdiagnosed her with a bacterial infection and therefore gave us the wrong prescription. $200 for a misdiagnosis and they stated there’s no reason to believe it could be ringworm… we were fostering a kitten with ringworm and I also have a spot on me and it looks exactly like the pictures on google of ringworm… Will not be taking our dog here anymore when apparently google and common sense will get us the answer

M. Chariandy

2 years ago

Expensive! If it wasn't for the trifexis. I wouldn't even do it. A yearly check up for a husky.... 250.00

kqeariston caples

2 years ago

Open availability isn't that great when it comes to appointments

dominique rogins

2 years ago

Staff is super friendly they answer any questions you want to know

Kaye Green

2 years ago

Took my dog there a week ago for an annual comprehensive check and while he was there he came back with vestibular disease. He was completely fine before we left. He is at the age for this disease and I can't say for sure that they did something to create an onset of symptoms, as this may have happened anyway but it was still disturbing. I also noticed while we were in the waiting room the floor was covered in fur and cobwebs on the corner of the wall. I received no 24 hr follow up call for the visit and had to make another appointment for recheck and meds. I also requested his paperwork from the visit 3xs and they always said they would email it to me but it was never received. Typically, we've always gone to the Banfield on Josey but we recently moved and decided to try this location. The one on Josey is always clean and the customer service is on point and excellent. I ultimately had to request the copy of his paperwork from the Josey location and it was received before I even hung up the phone. As for the Denton location, the staff seemed polite but the lack of response to my request along with no call back to see how my dog was doing has lead me to stick with the Josey location.

Lauren Doorish

2 years ago

EDIT: I am updating my rating due to several recent experiences with Banfield and am filing a formal complaint with them due to their staff being rude, unhelpful, and the poor quality of care provided to our dogs at subsequent visits. ******* I was anxious about taking my dog to a vet in a big box store but my regular vet was booked for weeks and our puppy had a UTI that needed treatment urgently. Everyone was super sweet and friendly and the vet tech, Dennis, was so kind and informative. I was really impressed by the care they showed for my sweet girl. They definitely won me over, so much so that we’ll be bringing our other dog here for his routine care as well.

Tracey Weinberg

2 years ago

Amazing staff!! So friendly and professional.

Dana Morales

2 years ago

Nice staff. Efficient check in. Wished vet communicated to pet parents better.

Debi Jones

2 years ago

The staff is very efficient and have the best for your furbabies in mind. They were able to work me in on a Friday wth very short notice when my precious little man suddenly contracted a horrible Urinary track infection. And if you know about cats you know how quickly and critical these types of situations can be. I live over an hour away from them and they held my appointment until I could get him there. He is now well on his road to recovery thnx to the exceptional care of the Vet and her most capable associates. Thank you Banfield.

Jane Molsbee

2 years ago

Banfield is no good from what I hear and I will never take my dog there

Ashley Sanchez

2 years ago

We have been using this Banfield since we adopted our dog about 8 months ago and then with our cat we got about a month and a half ago. The staff have been nothing but wonderful to our pets. Our dog had bronchitis when we first got him and they did a wonderful job treating him. He also had a dental cleaning two weeks ago and they were so patient with me explaining the process and helping me with my nerves of having him under anesthesia and here recently it seems he ate something that didn't agree with him and they also did an amazing job explaining and providing medication for that. We have the wellness plan for both of our pets and have loved it. I think people who do not like the wellness plan do not understand that it is preventative care not insurance. So if you want emergency medicine things you need insurance but if you're looking for routine care it is perfect for that. They even have plans with the dental cleaning included which is what we have for our dog and its amazing because those cleanings can come out to a hefty amount elsewhere. I completely recommend this Banfield and their services.

Brittlyn Holmes

2 years ago

Pricing is horrible! There are better and cheaper vets out there. If you have the option to drive somewhere else, do so.

Kaley Palmer

2 years ago

Set up an appointment online 3 days in advance. Showed up on appointment day and the receptionist ran into the back for 10 mins as soon as I showed up. She came out and I told her I had an appointment. She stated that they had no appointments on the books for us. I showed her the confirmation email and she said that I wasn’t the only person who came in today that had an appointment that they had no record of. She said she couldn’t fit me in because they close in 2 hours. Offered to reschedule me for 2pm on Monday but I like most people scheduled a weekend appointment due to my 9-5 job. I gave this place a chance despite the 2 stars I saw on Google and it they just proved themselves fully.

Brett Wagstaff

3 years ago

Staff was awesome in the care of Gracie and patience while I explained what was going on with her. My cat is feeling better and on the road to recovery. Thankful that they are their for our pets.

Da'Nielle Veasey

3 years ago

I Absolutely LOVE Banfield! They really and truly care about your pet's health! Will definitely return!

Ruby Mckoy

3 years ago

The staff is courteous and caring. They have taken great care of my little girl and prices are reasonable

Beca P

3 years ago

They always do a good job at taking care of my dog in a timely manner

Diane Meyer

3 years ago

They are the greatest. Excellent service. Do their very best at filling my requests even at last minute. Have been there for me in dire situations. Thanks Banfield Pet Hospital!

kierra carter

3 years ago

Great pet care always expect the best

Margo James

3 years ago

They are always so attentive with Bodie and very caring! Love this Pet Hospital!

Oscar Picaso

3 years ago

Awesome service. The staff took great care of pablo .I'm very happy. And will be coming back Thanks banfield and staff.

Cristhell Hernandez

4 years ago

They are always so sweet to my Bailey, she is always taken care of here!

Diane Bo

4 years ago

Do not take your pet here. The doctor didn’t care about our puppy and wanted to keep pushing medications for us to pay for even when the tests he did came back as negative. The vet tech didn’t care to read up on our puppy’s tests results or the purpose of our visit. She came in asking questions that were already apparent from our last visit. She didn’t want to touch our puppy because she was afraid he would have ringworm, BUT THEY WERE THE ONES WHO TESTED HIM AND THE RESULTS CAME BACK AS NEGATIVE FOR RINGWORM. Do not waste your time here. The veterinarian doctor and the vet techs do not care about the well being of anyone’s pets. All they care about is getting you to pay for medications and whatever else they can tack on.

Jill Marion

4 years ago

We were given an estimate BEFORE the doctor examined my dog. He was rude and did not care what the outcome would be when we said we would leave.

John Amundson

4 years ago

Do NOT go here. There is a culture that has developed in which money is the primary concern, not you or your pets wellbeing. Feel free to learn this yourself but don’t say I, as well as the other people who have left reviews, didn’t warn you. They try to sneak very expensive meds into your bag while they are charging you for your visit without discussing prices or whether your dog needs the meds or not. They will always sell you on their drugs rather than cheaper alternatives. They will also exaggerate small problems and try to guilt you into buying unnecessary meds or services. For those who are locked into a contract, sorry...I’m right there with you. Good news is I’ll be done in 5 months. I will not renew at 5 months, not will I be using them for the next 5 months even though I am paying. Yes, they are that bad...

Kelsey White

4 years ago

Monthly plan is a scam. Been paying $50 monthly for over a year and never needed any services. My dog had a tumor and had to pay $150 out of pocket to what I was told would diagnose but was told after that I needed more testing and the prices were just going up and up. I ended up having to put her down ($150) and now I still have to pay $50 a month for the rest of the year for a dog I don’t have. Absolutely ridiculous. Also dr is condescending and rude. Update: Called the number provided (took a few times to actually get through to someone) and when I finally did they said they would have someone from senior management call me. Get a call and she basically said there's nothing she will do to help me. I'm 9 months pregnant and it's ridiculous to continue paying $50/ month on a dead dog when I'm about to bring a child into this world. So beyond frustrated. THERE IS A REASON THIS PLACE HAS 2 STARS. DO NOT TAKE ANY ANIMAL HERE.

Kyle s

4 years ago

Come here if you want your dog to have the absolute worst vet experience. The staff are abrasive and do not care to interact with your dog in a friendly manner. I pay for the wellness plan which was great when I lived in WA, but here they just rush through the appointment (without completing everything you pay for) and see you out the door without discussing your pets health. The vet only seemed interested in trying to charge for additional services. My friendly dog, who is a tad bit anxious barked once and the vet immediately put muzzle on him. My dog not being used to things on his face immediately started freaking out trying to get the muzzle off. My previous experiences in Washington the vet always noticed my dogs behavior and greeted him in a calm manner and provided treats throughout the visit. Don't bother calling the customer support for Banfield either, they will just refer you back to the local clinic to dispute charges for an incomplete visit. I really wish I would have read the reviews on here before scheduling my visit.

Lacresha Overton

4 years ago

My husband took my two 6 week old puppies in to get their first shots and they were more worried and trying to get him to sign up for the plans and saying the puppies needed this test and that test and all we wanted was puppy shots ended up …

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