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Nathan B

a year ago

I originally went here to look at a cat I saw online and was amazed by what I found. The original cat wasn't available, but I found a different one who is a great addition to my home. The shelter itself is setup and run by volunteers who clearly love cats and dogs. The cat section is setup so kittens and sick cats are separate from the others to keep everyone safe. The cats have color coded bands on their necks to help you quickly identify genders and temperaments. If you have any questions, the volunteers are extremely helpful and clearly love what they do. As an added bonus, it's a no kill shelter with some cats having a permanent home there. I'm tempted to go back just to hang out with the cats for a while, but for now, little Teddy has a forever home and we couldn't be happier.

Wendy Diemert

a year ago

Great shelter with great staff. Would give 5 stars if someone was available to answer the phone at the shelter during business hours.

Trash Puppet

2 years ago

So thankful for what they do

Jeff Roose

2 years ago

Sandra and her team live these animals. This place is clean and everyone is so kind!!

Sandy Hanne

2 years ago

Great place! Helpful and very good to the animals.

Xinyi Zhang

2 years ago

adopted my kitten here. the staff is great and the animals are healthy. the place is a bit old but this is a non-profit, their adoption fee is pretty cheap already, so more donations!

Estella Zamora

2 years ago

It is a really nice place. They have both cats and dogs up for adoption and the greatest asset is that it is a 'no kill' shelter. They also have a catio for the cats. Most of the cats are free to walk around. They provide beds, blankets, treats and lots more. If you are looking to adopt this is a good place to visit.

Joseph Mas

2 years ago

Super cool. Great care takers. These people are amazing and mostly volunteers. Get a cator support this great cause!

Roquel C

2 years ago

I love that this is a no kill shelter. You can tell that the staff really love what they do.

Ultimate Happy

2 years ago

Just got a new cat and she's super nice, Tysm for Whitney

Ashley Vidales

2 years ago

If I could give them 0 stars I would. The receptionist when you first walk in is so rude. This is not the first time either. We tried giving this place a second chance but these people create such a negative energy to the point you don’t even want to go through the process of adopting anymore. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

brooke Allysia

2 years ago

Cynthia truly cares for the animals she takes in.

Gabby Leachmon

2 years ago

I wouldn’t recommend this establishment. I don’t live in Dallas and not even in the state. I live in Wisconsin and never heard of this humane society and yet there was a donation done from my account. I tried calling about 4 time and nobody answered. I left several messages as well to get a refund. No one has call me back. I would donate to the humane society in my city first before donating to another where I never heard of and not even in my city. Thanks to PayPal that I was able to get my funds back. But if I can’t get a hold of someone for fraud, how would anyone else trying to actually adopt an animal would get a hold of someone. I just can’t fathom of supporting a place like this and judging from past reviews, a lot of other people feel the same way. Update: I finally got a reply back from the company after posting my review. I have attached one of the PayPal donation to this review and to be clear there was more than 1. These transactions were taken care of and refunded back to me by the trusty people of PayPal. First who would ever donate that odd and low of amount to anyone. Second don’t try to call me out as if I am fake reviewer or something that’s clearly not the case. The transaction was done under my sister account, Tanya Taylor.

Ilana Levy

2 years ago

WOW!! I have only been to shelters where the animals were in cages, so to see all the cats just walking around, laying on scratching posts, on beds and blankets, or looking outside was so wonderful! (Sarah explained that since they are a no kill shelter, some animals will be there for their whole life and it wouldn't be fair for them to live their life in a cage. I agree!!) The place is clean and everyone I have spoken with has been so nice. I definitely recommend not only getting an animal here, but also supporting with donations. I'll be back later this week to pick up my new kitty and I can't wait!!

mattie f

2 years ago

My mom applied for a german shepherd named Naomi on their website, they never got back to me and the dog is still available for adoption... i already found the dog that was meant for me, but I think i should have at least been told what happened and everything else i wanted to know. This was two weeks ago. Also they reply very unprofessionally to their reviews... so ✌????and i even called and left a voicemail. At least it seems like they care about the animals there, thats all that matters.

Rainier A

2 years ago

I met my new best friend here! I have seen other reviews for this place saying it’s not the most clean.. while I will admit this is true, I think it’s better than the animals having nothing. Even though the place is not perfect, they are saving lives. They responded to all my emails quickly. They even gave me a very nice cat carrier to take my new baby home. My cat I adopted named Goose also had a problem with his eye. He requires eye drops which they gave me. They also told me if I needed more I could come back and ask for me. The lady who had me fill out the paper work was also nice and explained everything to me.

Drew Hecker

2 years ago

Great staff, great selection of dogs or cats looking for their furever homes. Please adopt don't shop.

Judith Ortiz

3 years ago

They have done some improvements to place making it a nicer place for cats and dogs. The staff/volunteers were awesome. Stopped by to drop off donations.

Trish Schauer

3 years ago

My husband and I have been looking for two weeks to find a rescue dog to love. Our Bichon had passed away recently and our little Chihuahua was Grieving. The Staff at the Dallas Humane Society were Amazing. I would give them “10 Stars”. I knew the minute I saw Candy, she was the one for us. Danisha saw the connection instantly and she got Steve another Staff member and led us right through the Process with complete kindness and true caring for Candy and us. They made sure we were a good match. Steve told us to go home and bring our little Gizzmo back to make sure they got along. I loved the fact they put Candy’s best interest before ours. Candy and Gizmo got along wonderfully! Then there was Cynthia in the office. Wow , she was great too. She guided us through all the paper work. She made everything easy with great Professionalism. Thank You Danish’s Steve and Cynthia for helping us to adopt our “Sweet Candy” ❣️ Patty & Rob Schauer

Sandra Luhring

3 years ago

I have been working here since 1995. We are a small shelter with small staff and we have in shelter 150 dogs and cats. We rely on donations, we do not receive any state are government funds. We try to make sure each animal finds it's perfect home.

Sam Bax

3 years ago

We recently adopted a little black kitten from this shelter. The approval for our adoption was fast but thorough! The people working there seem to really love all the animals. The facility was clean, didn't smell, and all the kitties look happy and well cared for. Our kitten was sneezing, and they provided us medicine to treat her. They are responsive to all emails!

Robert Davis

3 years ago

I love this place. They take care of the dogs and cats they have on their limited budget. I adopted my kitty from there. She really chose me. She was moving so fast the pictures look blurry. Lol

Rhiannon Ramirez

3 years ago

THIS PLACE IS NOT COVID19 COMPLIANT..also very rude and mean and dirty They were horribly rude when I had to surrender the kitten I adopted yesterday after taking her directly to the vet and finding out she was Leukemia positive. I was not informed of this when I adopted her and I have 3 healthy kittens at home I could not risk exposing. They were horribly mean to me, and proceeded to take the kitten in front of me and stick a needle into it to test her for it while she was waiting and squealing around. I wanted to leave a donation, so the lady told me to go into the front desk room to do so. The person at that desk did not wear a mask. I asked if she could put one on so I could get closer to give her my card to donate $200 for the kitten, and she said she didn't even have one to wear. (I informed her my parents are high risk, but she didn't have one at All). Two other people at the facility which is very close quarters already did not have masks on. All the cats are kept in the open. I understand it is low budget, and no funding...but the place is not well maintained and I do not recommend surrendering pets here, or adopting from here if you want a healthy pet. Oh,,and when I was leaving and saying goodbye to Nala, I said "I hope you get into a nice family, and make lots of friends here, and you will be happy" to which the employee there responded "She probably won't" Do Not Come Here

Renata Webb

3 years ago

Tell was very nice and understanding

patricia edwards

3 years ago

Wonderful shelter! They take amazing care of all of the rescued cats and dogs and do a thorough home check before approving any adoptions!

Leanne Fontaine

3 years ago

I was impressed with this location. That they had pools for the dogs, that where in the shade. The man that was helping us was very helpful and caring for this dog. We did choose a young dog. They allowed us to foster her. To make sure she would be good for our family. So far so good????

Fire K

3 years ago

These people take great care of the animals. Loving volunteers and workers. The only thing I might say as a suggestion is that it could maybe be a bit cleaner. It may be difficult with the number of animals, but that's the only negative. Fun to pet and sit with the cats. Most are very loving

Danny Lozano

3 years ago

I recently met Cynthia when she came out to my residence to help get a four month old cat off a roof. After contacting nine different animal rescue agencies to NO avail, including DAS, SPCA, Fire department none could or would help me. Someone suggested Humane Society. This was my last resort because the cat had been on the roof for eight days and was scared and weak. Cynthia came out and within three hours the cat was rescued and on its way to get check out and spayed and will be released back to its normal habitat. Thank you Humane Society of Dallas and Cynthia for the excellent work that you do for all four legged friends. Bless you all !! Danny Lozano

Deborah Cochrell

3 years ago

I got my first dog her name is Nikki and I got Tasha my dachshund they were both friendly and helpful. And the dogs were great family members until the day they died.

Carlos Varela

3 years ago

Best place to get your new lil buddy

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