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aqim mustaqim

2 years ago

The Veterinarian is very friendly and professional, as expected for a veteran pets clinic but the customer service staff is on the slightly low rating side as not so good at handling customer services

Brad Bb

2 years ago

Receptionist really bad service, appointment on 3pm and waited around 1 hour still haven't get our turn yet, they let other walk-in customer go inside first, then what for i make the appointment?

Herryana Netter

2 years ago

Very bad service and the medicine so expensive,n ur desk staff so rude to the customer,this will be my first n last go there...

Luciana John

2 years ago

Bad services. The doctor are okay, but the staff are very rude. This is the first and the last i visit here!

Joon Hui

2 years ago

their receptionist is too bad. I specifically made an appointment with your doctor and willing to wait for her availability. the receptionist confirmed with me on the next day 10am and eventually that day was PUBLIC holiday. THEN WHY ARE YOU SO IGNORANT TO ARRANGE APPOINTMENT ON THAT DAY THAT TIME? Are you doing the same thing to other customers as well?

Ann Store

2 years ago

Good service & caring staff.

Md Marzuki

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful. I have been taking my pets to this vet for more than 15 years.

archfk _

2 years ago

The middle aged female doctor here was sarcastic and arrogant. My siblings and I have been abroad for a few years for our studies, thus I left my elderly persian cats with my elderly parents to be cared for while I was abroad. Upon return, my cats were not in the best of health although I don't blame my parents, as they fed and watered them religiously but were nonetheless oblivious to the cats deteriorating health, brushing it off as age. Upon bringing my cats to this vet for the first time, she immediately took on a hostile stance, diagnosed some severe ailments in both with one requiring potentially life threatening surgery. She then insinuated that my brother and I abused our cats. I am not one to make excuses, so I point blank asked her what was the best way to move forward in regards to the surgery. She started mocking me saying she wasn't me so she couldn't decide for me. So I said since she's the professional here, I want to know what her prognosis is if we were to proceed with the surgery despite the fatal risks and if we didn't, how uncomfortable would my cat be. I kid you not, this woman started talking loudly over myself who was mid-sentence about unrelated things and turning a deaf ear to my questions! I got my cats out of there and went to animal central clinic instead where we got much more informed diagnoses AND a sensible treatment plan presented to us. Never coming back to City Veterinary again, this woman is rude, unprofessional and judgmental. And not to mention, this clinic is crazy expensive, RM30 for a single session of intravenous IV drip therapy, whereas the other clinic only charged us RM8. Crazies.

Corne Cornelius Chai

2 years ago

Friendly people. Fast and helpful

Evana Enen

2 years ago

The staff was incredibly rude. Please do something about it.

Than Yi

2 years ago

Please fire the old female staff. There are already a lot of bad reviews about her. She’s very unfriendly and unsympathetic. She doesn't know how to greet or talk politely in-person as well as on the phone. She is just RUDE. I will not visit this vet clinic as long as she is still working there.

Wee Voon

2 years ago

Saved my dogs and cats throughout the years.

MY CuckooShopOnline

2 years ago

All is good. My cat was being handled with care. So far I am satisfied.

Elvis Lee

2 years ago

The service there is very good just that the location of the veterinary isn't very good. There are not much parking space.. And the traffic is vry jam also...

Kent Kiong

2 years ago

My pet dog always response well to your treatments.

Maimunah Kambrie

3 years ago

We trust city veterinary very much. We'rather b there other than anyway else. Doctors all understanding.

rajaram Subramani

3 years ago

*Thursday 18, 2021.* At around 9am I called City Veterinary Centre to make appointment to send one of my cats for treatment. Pamela who received my call didn't introduced herself neither did she greeted me. I requested for her name so I'll know to whom I'm talking to. I told her I want to make a booking for my cat's treatment. She asked me what time I want to come and I said 09:30am. She responded rudely saying it was fully booked. I then told her that instead of asking me what time I want to come you should be telling me what time was available? She then asked for the cat's name and I gave her. From the conversation she doesn't sound friendly and her communication skill is very poor. I arrived at 09:30am at the Centre and noticed there was no customer. At the centre I was received by an obese lady who wanted to record my Temp even before I could put down the cage I'm carrying with my cat inside. She made a very rude remark because I went to the sitting area to put down the cage before I walked to her for my Temp taking. I've also noticed that the the Temp of customers were taken inside the Centre instead of outside. Not sure if this is a compliance to C-19 SOP? When I reported to the counter, the counter staff requested for the card's number instead of the cat's name as initially requested by Pamela. I told the counter staff that I won't know the card's number as the card is kept by the Centre. You can see that so much precious time is wasted when you are dealing with unorganized people. A female Vet attended to my cat in Treatment Room 2 for less than 5 minutes. She told me the cat is suffering from allergy and did not explain further!! She gave two injections plus a flea treatment. I then asked her (twice) what follow-up medications and frequency of taking and she responded by saying the counter staff will explain to you. This is definitely unacceptable. The charges of this visit was RM128.00, see receipt attached. We've been using this Centre for almost 10 years now even though their charges are much higher than other Veterinary Center. After this unpleasant visit I've decided never to come back here again. My advice to City Vet Centre is please do not take your Customers for granted. Organise retraining for your staff especially how to communicate with customers and how to deal with customer politely. As for the doctors, please explain to your customers properly after you've examined and prescribed medications to their pets. Customer has every right to know!!!

ainie foo

3 years ago

Friendly staff ,and good service

AnneMarie Thomas

3 years ago

The staff & Vet are friendly...


3 years ago

I have mix feelings for this vet. There are pros & cons. The pros: 1) They diagnosed what my poor persian had. A fungal infection which required amputation as it also had spread to its back and could become worse if not done quickly. Prior to bringing my cat here i spent a year going in and out to several other vets who thought it was just a wound that was too stubborn to heal and so they only gave creams and antibiotics which failed again n again. 2) I believe the vets are more experienced and they have more equipment to cater for more serious illnesses. The cons: 1) Visits take a long time as mostly one vet around. 2) Unlike another clinic where the staff are trained to handle your pets the moment they enter the exam room, these staff are not trained to help you to handle your pet when they are getting treatment. You have to carry them to be weight, you have to carry them to the next room. When the doctor is giving treatment, you have to control your pet to stop it from struggling. 3) The vet bill can be very expensive compared to other vets.

0111 CT

3 years ago

Doctor was good,but the staff was so rude

Andy Kho

3 years ago

Receptionist was quite rude and abrupt with customers. My rescue week old kitten died after a follow-up consultation so excuse me if I'm not so enthusiastic about this place.

Ambery Yeo

3 years ago

Brought my pet here multiple times cause he vomited blood and couldn't eat for one week. The vet didn't diagnose properly and only gave him multiple injections initially. They only diagnosed that he had intestine infection after a few days and operated him. He died a few days after operation and there was no explanation from the clinic until we requested an explanation from them. Really unprofessional and disappointed with their service! Owners who really treasure their pet as part of their family please think twice before bringing them here if they're really sick!

Annie Wong

3 years ago

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Dr. Lee for her careful, gentle and dedicated treatment given to my pet, Max. Despite Max being severely ill, Dr. Lee was willing to take her in and give Max the utmost care and dedication to help and treat her. Dr. Lee is a kind, professional and responsible vet who deserves my appreciation and admiration. Thank you, Dr. Lee. From Mdm Wong.

Geoffrey Lee

3 years ago

Friendly and professional, open till late too

Joseph Ramanair

3 years ago

Excellent caring Dr.Yii. Thank you

Pika Chew

3 years ago

Doctor is patient. Workers service should be improved.

S.L. S.

3 years ago

Good service. Although sometimes they don't answer the phone. ????

william sim

3 years ago

Doctors are really helpful, place is clean

Darren Wee

3 years ago

Probably one of the best vet in Kuching so far. Brought my dogs in previously and the vets here are very professional providing u with help and advice the best they can. They did took almost 3 months to treat my cat for flu which is consider a very long time for just flu but it isn't their fault since there are alot of other factors at play like the cats biological response and the strain of pathogen causing the disease, and let's not forget alot of the time treatment in both human and animals revolve around trial and errors. Regardless, 1 star for wonderful service from vets who are always kind to your pets. 1 star for the staff who are helpful and kind though some of them seems grumpy or having a bad day. 1 star for the clean and cool environment. Lacking star is because price here is higher compare to other places and also while the clinic's is easy to locate, finding a parking spot is a headache and waiting time is really long. Also there are no benches for u to sit while u wait outside during this MCO. If you want to bring ur pet, remember to make an appointment few days earlier.

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