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Us S.

2 years ago

Had a great experience with Heather's! The pricing was thoroughly explained, so there were no surprises when it came time to pay. The shampoo they bathed my dog in made his coat super fluffy and shiny! He also came out smelling great!

Jeanne Barker

2 years ago

Best grooming service I have used, highly recommend!!!!!

Joseph Yu

2 years ago

Brenna did an amazing job with my dog Bo! I cannot thank her enough! Bo can get anxious and stressed around having a bath and haircut so I had called Heather’s mobile pet grooming. Brenna arrived as scheduled and she was so patient and caring during the entire grooming process. Just wanted to share some photos of Bo because of how amazing his post-groom look turned out! Thank you Brenna and the team again for coming out and grooming him!

Tracey Weaver

2 years ago

We had a wonderful experience with Leah. She did exactly what we asked for and our dogs are squeaky clean. The doggie perfume lasted through out the day but was gone the next (a good thing for me and my allergies). We will call them the next time we need our doggos groomed!

The One

2 years ago

Shantel did a great job with our young Miniature Schnauzer. You could tell she loves what she does and was - we absolutely loved her. Would definitely recommend Heather's Mobile Pet Salon the Company is well run and has great customer service. Was worth getting on their wait list as I can tell why there is such high demand. Mollie's got a little bed head this morning.

Nicole Hernandez

2 years ago

Leah is amazing! She made my girl look like a brand new dog. Very professional and great to work with. Highly recommend!

Mary Argüello

2 years ago

Shantel and Chase did an incredible job with our Maltese/Yorkie mix! We will definitely be using them again for her next groom. The care and attention she received is unmatched.

Courtney Baumbach

2 years ago

Brenna did a great job grooming our dog! Very nice, accommodating, and great service.

Belle Broussard

2 years ago

I spoke with Brianna or brianne.. I wanted my dog (who is a mini Goldendoodle)to have a basic bath… which is $78. They offer a more expensive doodle bath (I know from dealing with other groomers in the past that the reason for this is because of their hair and coat), which is totally fine and I pay it (when my dog has hair obviously). The only difference here is that I explained that my doodle is completely shaved right now and has no hair to deal with and is 15-20 lbs so why would I be forced to paid for a “doodle package” that is 40-60 bucks more? I asked her to explain this and her repeated and unchanged answer was word for word “we offer a doodle package” like a robot. If you’re going to charge a price just because of the dogs breed and they are tiny with NO HAIR.. that makes no sense. Instead of providing an explanation politely she just chose to have an attitude and repeat the same thing over and over like a robot every time I asked for a clarification as to the reason I would be forced to get the doodle package even if my dog has no hair. I will not ever reach out to this place again. I recommend a customer relations course.

Amanda Ballentine

2 years ago

Heather’s Mobile Pet Salon’s groomers took great care of my sister’s dog. He came away from the salon looking cleaner and sleeker than he has in months. Thank you for being a wonderful solution during a frantically busy time in our lives. Convenient and excellent service!

Carlos Santana

2 years ago

From start to finish everything went smoothly and above my expectations. The entire booking process was simple and convenient. We were contacted by our groomer Desiree the night before to have a two hour window when they would arrive. She did such an Amazing job and handled our fur baby with care and love!!! Will definitely use their services again!!! Thank You so much!!! Our little girl Bella was so happy when she was done and excited to show off her new haircut ????

Esther Northway

2 years ago

Leah was GREAT! She was easy to talk to. This was my dogs first time at a groomer, and my dog HATES water. Leah made her feel very comfortable. I will definitely use their services again.

Foreign Kennel

2 years ago

Shantel & Leah we’re great with my baby DILAH Mae! My baby smelled amazing & fresh I couldn’t stop smiling at how good my baby looked after great cut! communication leading up to my appointment day & timing was very professional! & again a great cut! I’d recommend this company to ALL my friends and family.

Heather Spellman

2 years ago

They returned my dog with rashes and bleeding gums. The groomer stated she accidentally cut my dogs nails too short but stopped the bleeding but as soon as she got back in the house my dogs nails were bleeding again. Horrible service and they don't really love your dogs. Avoid this company. When I tried calling the main office they kept denying everything and kept hanging up on me. Beware of this company. Someone needs to shut them down immediately.

Daniel Gutierrez

2 years ago

As a former employee I can say this company does not provide the proper shampoos that customers pay for. Usually if they are out of a certain shampoo that VIP customers paid for they just substitute it with a much cheaper shampoo and use their perfume spray to mask the smell. Not every dog is treated the same.. Dogs are not bath properly and the groomers are very rough with the dogs. Teeth brushing is another problem with this company. Usually if the groomer is having difficulty brushing a dogs teeth, they just spray dental foam in the dogs mouth to help mask the bad breath smell. Also, if a towel they used on a previous dog is not too wet they will use it on the next clients dog. I was always told not to use too many towels but I always used all the towels necessary to dry the dog properly. Always ask to view the cameras after using Heather's Mobile Pet Salon or go to a more established Grooming company. And from personal experience always ask to see the groomer and bathers covid-19 test results before they arrive to your home. I got covid-19 from two of their employees and the company did nothing about it. Those employees names are Beth and Desiree. Use company with caution or don't use them at all. Also tipping is a big deal for the groomers and bathers. If a client is known to tip well they will treat your dog very special but if the client is not known to tip very well they will mishandle your dog and not care for your dog properly. Groomers do not sanitize their grooming tools and don't wash their hands, they are very unsanitary....Reply to Heather's dillusional response: I did come out positive in a second covid-19 test I took right after the first one. On August 31, 2021 you messaged me personally and stated I was improving. Your groomers loved to rush and your vans are very filthy. No threats have been made. I am merely speaking the truth. Wake up and own up to your mistakes. By the way this company is going broke so beware with weird price changes. You can clearly see the owner is not professional and again very dillusional. And like how I stated in my interview, I only came to work for your company for the experience, not the money. Because we all have plenty of money and business endeavors if we do what we love. Hope your company doesn't shut down soon. .

Tiberiu Levente

2 years ago

Very professional. Beth and Daisy were very nice, pleasant and professional. I’ll use their services again. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Vaughn

2 years ago

My dog loves the team at Heather’s. He comes back looking beautiful and always happy! Peace of mind.

Mike Jones

2 years ago

I love the convenience of them being mobile and I don't have to worry about my dog having all his shots in order to get groomed. Always great with Buddy and professional and friendly staff!

Elaine Berry

2 years ago

This was our first time to use them and they walked us through step by step. On time, great recommendations for Zuri that we never thought about. Will definitely use them again!!!

Dunja Carl

2 years ago

Heather’s always does a great job with my little long haired terrier mix when his hair gets a little too long. It’s so convenient that they come to your home and you don’t have to leave your pup at the groomer all day.

Derek Woodard

2 years ago

My wife and I have been customers with Heathers Mobile Pet Salon for 6 years.. we love the quality of work from their groomers and stayed loyal even though they are the most expensive groomer in the area. we still stuck around after 3 of our favorite groomers left. Unfortunately we will not continue business with them after constant unnotified price increases and unorganized scheduling. You never know your time slot until the night before. meaning i had to make sure I had nothing to do all Saturday. after a last minute 3 days notice cancellation we have decided to go elsewhere. we would not recommend this business to any one. They did offer a $5 discount for customers to leave a 5 star review so i would keep that in mind while reading some of these.. perhaps I misunderstood the text but it does say leave a 5 star review for $5 off. Also I was squeezed in that week after I complained about being cancelled on last minute. i was first told the week was booked. i appreciate the squeeze in with Beth who is our normal groomer but I kind of did not expect anything less given it was 3 days before my appointment that was scheduled 6 weeks prior and as you all know thats lengthy for standard poodles. and between our August appointment and yesterdays there was a $22 increase that we were not made aware of.

Darlene Racinelli

2 years ago

Just moved into the area, she took such good care of my fur baby. So happy I chose Heathers!

Jennifer Teasdale

2 years ago

great job on our almost 15 year old shih tzu. Our baby was well taken care of and looked great

Michael - Fallon Martinez

2 years ago

Hands Down the best Groomer! Never disappoints!! Thank you Heather! Lynn did a wonderful job with Chico!! Thank you Lynn

Kenz Garage

2 years ago

Poor driving habits. Thanks for cutting across lanes instead of following the rules of the road. As a business owner you should do better, especially with such an obvious vehicle.

Kelly Sumners

2 years ago

I needed a mobile groomer because my boy could not be in a crate waiting to be groomed. I found Heather’s.

Jessica Canon

2 years ago

We never got the chance to even try them out, even though their website said it covered our area of town. I filled out an appointment request, with all of my information and just received a very scripted email stating they do not cover our area of town when the website said other wise. Waste of my time for sure.

Brad Dye

2 years ago

Used for a couple of years now. Highly recommend.

Barbara “Jane” Mcmahan

2 years ago

Great Human Resources Replys back to your V.M.in the same day I will call again

Charlene Harrison

2 years ago

Excellent mobile groomer! They’re fast, efficient, priced competitively, and my GSD always looks perfectly groomed after their visit! Their administration functions are top-notch with emailed and texted reminders, info, etc. Highly recommend! Chase does a spectacular job on my dog and he will for yours too.

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