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Caleb Sager

a year ago

It's expensive but my dogs love going.

Shannon S

a year ago

They love your pet,like their own!

F3lix N

2 years ago

Great staff !!! So good with animals and people. Definitely recommend this boarding hotel. My pet loved it ❤ Thank you DDI

Chris CF

2 years ago

We are regulars at Dogs Day Inn! Our pup loves it here and is super excited when we pull in to drop her off. It makes us feel a lot less guilty for our traveling. Highly recommend!

Alyson Ricketson

2 years ago

These people let my dog that is 14 years old lay in her own piss the entire weekend. I was gone from Friday to Monday. They did not rinse her off. They did not give her a bath. She was very mistreated. She now has sores across her entire stomach. We will have to take her to the vet in order to fix her skin. Do not bring your dogs here.

Gary Duncan

2 years ago

Absolutely love kenneling my 2 dogs at Dogs Day Inn in Cypress! Staff is so attentive, and genuinely care about the pets left in their care. I wish I could have given it a 6 star rating, because this place is head & shoulders above their competition. I recommend Dogs Day Inn to all of my friends and family.

Scott K

2 years ago

Unprofessional staff! Several people standing around

Christina Miller

2 years ago

If you asked me about my job I would laugh and say it's not a job, but a privilege. It's an absolute privilege to get to work with, take care of, and get to know these beautiful babies. There isn't a thing in the world that I would trade this for. Dogs day inn has given me so many beautiful opportunities, I've had the absolute pleasure of being with so many wonderful babies, I could spam with a billion pictures but I'll leave it at this. It's not a job for me, or any of my co workers because we do something we truly love and care about. We love these doggos and kitties as our own. I'm just so thankful that I found my place ❤

Dee Williams

2 years ago

We have been bringing our dog to DDI since he was three months old (now eleven years old). Whenever we go on vacation Bentley stays at DDI. He also goes for daycare (which he loves). Brandi and the rest of the staff have always shown such care and love for my dog. They always stay in touch if we are out of town and give me updates on Bentley.

Jennifer Dodds

2 years ago

Although we love Brandi, she was not present when we dropped and picked up our pets. We had been taking our pets to this kennel for the past 9 years. Our cat was in the worst condition when we picked her up after a 8 days stay. While my daughter was walking her down from the cat kennel we heard a horrible meow coming from her, and she was completely limp! I asked the girls working if they had noticed anything and one of them replied back with…”I mean I guess she was acting a little weird this morning” With a car full of all of our luggage, dog, and family we Immediately rushed her to the animal ER directly from this kennel. where ultimately they put her to sleep. The emergency vet was unable to take her blood because she was so severely dehydrated. Once they were able to stabilize her they ran tests and concluded they would need a few days to determine if she had cancer or an infection. Based on the predicted $4000+ cost and her condition we decided to put her to sleep. She obviously took a turn during her stay, and we don’t know when as we were never informed of any odd behavior via call/email/text during the stay. The vet however said she had been in pain, dehydrated and dying for days! NOT one call from the kennel, literally no concern even when we she was brought down from the cat kennel. She was limp, major weight loss and crying in pain. I will also state that we had a clean bill of health from her annual check up, so if she had a pre existing condition, we were not aware and either was her vet. The kennel is hired to CARE for animals. They completely neglected our pet and due to this negligent she died in pain. We did give numerous opportunities to the kennel owner to take responsibility and they did nothing but point blame back on us. One would Think after being a patron for 9 years of this establishment, and ALWAYS tipping extremely well, they would care what happened to our pet. One word of advice READ all online reviews on every platform before making the choice to send your loved family member to this establishment. You might be shocked to see the MANY complaints going back years. I wish I would have done my due diligence before trusting them.

Lala Hernandez

2 years ago

My dog absolutely loves it here. Brandi is the main person he loves to see. She has always been so loving and gentle with my dog since he was 8 weeks old. They helped me with training, vaccinations and so much more. My dog has grown into the sweetest dog ever. I'm so glad that wheni leave out of town I love having a place I can take him where he is comfortable with being there. Thank you guys for always being there for my Thanos when we needed you most. You guys are the best

moshun jay

2 years ago

My family has been boarding my dog bando here since I was about 15 years old the staff is wonderful and very caring brandi and her staff risked their lives during hurricane harvey to make sure my dogs along with everyone else's animals who were there remained safe and in good care very proud to have started working here recently I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else the ddi family is truly caring from the groomers to bathers and kennels tech

Renee Lawrence

2 years ago

We've been bringing our brood to DDI in Cypress now for over 5 years. We love to travel and my son plays travel baseball so we are on the go a lot! I truly hate leaving our dogs and wish they could go everywhere with us, but obviously towing 4 dogs is out of the question. We've never once had a bad experience here, and actually I can't say enough good things about Brandi and the team here. They are always very accommodating, professional and you can tell they genuinely love caring for these animals. Brandi even brings in rescues from area kill shelters, to be cared for at DDI and in a city with so many animals in need, I truly admire that. Our dogs always come home happy, bathed, and smelling wonderful! I highly recommend Dogs Day Inn!


2 years ago

I’m disgusted at the information I have found out about a family members animal being neglected at this place, she is an elderly animal and was left outside unattended in the horrible Houston heat for over 30 mins with no shade what so ever, thank goodness a good samaritan saw the incident and took the action they could! I second guessed on taking my own dogs to this place the minute I saw pictures of animals with little to no hair around their necks (unrelated to this situation) I knew in my gut something wasn’t right and Ik now that I was right, Very unprofessional of these so called animal lovers, to anyone who loves and cares for their fur babies please don’t EVER bring them here!!! I understand that some animals that do get taken here do get proper care but obviously they don’t have enough people to take care of them all the right way. You never know if it’s going to be your fur baby that’s being mistreated till it’s already been done and it’s too late. This is the horrible and scary truth!!

Staci Barber

2 years ago

The entire staff goes over and above to make sure that my special needs puppy was well taken care of. Everyone I send here has had a great experience. Their pricing is so affordable for all they do. The daycare workers are amazing. Boarding whether good or bad weather, my dogs have been safe.

Stacy Thomas

2 years ago

Brandi is the best person to entrust your furbabies with. She cares for every furbaby as if they were her own.

T. Bradford

2 years ago

I have never taken my dog there and I never will, I have driven by and have see dogs left out side in the rain and heat waiting at the door for someone to let them in. I am on a community webpage and it was just posted about one elderly dog with medical condition left outside for over 45 min. A lot of other people commented with there terrible experience with this place. If you care about your animal and don't want them to die due to neglect dont take them here. This place needs to be shut down.

Cory & Shyesha Cloud

2 years ago

Remy LOVES this place! He is always happy to go, we never have to worry about him. The staff is wonderful.

Brooke Jackson

2 years ago

Brandi is a complete gem! Her hard work and dedication to the animals is so appreciated. I’ve seen her love and care in action and I’m so very impressed. She gives of her free time to help rescues transport to vet appointments and give extra love to those animals in need. I’ve read the review places by the previous person. I am hard pressed to find it believable. What kind of a person leaves their cat for 8 days in a boarding facility knowing they have cancer? A boarding facility is NOT HOME. The stress alone in an already compromised animal is a horrible move on the owners part.


2 years ago

We have been taking our Dogs here for over 4 years now. It has been difficult to trust my dogs to anyone since I have always traveled with them before, but my dogs have loved the place and their staff for years. Even in those times when we needed last minute help with my dogs or my parents dogs the staff has always gone above and beyond to assist us in taking care of our pups even with some of their conditions. All 4 of my dogs start their little dance and bark in the kennel as we make the turn from Barker Cypress onto their street. To all the staff, my apologies for Cope’s jumping up on you and giving free kisses every time at drop off whether you want them or not.

Amanda Widacki

2 years ago

Love this place, and Ms Brandi is the best! I wouldn't leave my fur baby with just anyone, and I'm always comfortable and confident that my baby will get the best care when I drop her off. Ms Brandi has the most kind soul when it comes to ALL animals!

Logan Adams

2 years ago

They neglect their animals and leave them in poor conditions without taking any care or responsibility of their actions. This place is less than a one star review, it’s where you send your pets to die.

madison dodds

2 years ago

0 stars is more like it. Irresponsible people who don’t take responsibility for the lack of their care for animals. This place will NOT contact you if your pet is sick or in our case, critical condition. They do not care and are money driven. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!!!!!!!!!! Also just fyi if your animal has health issues and something happens to them in their care, they will blame it on you Please take your fur babies to a place that will actually care for them.

dave lemley

2 years ago

Always a great spot for our kiddos when we go out of town

Quincy Alexander

2 years ago

they have killed two cats (that i know of) my friend boarded their dog there previously with no issue. she left her cat there for a week and a half and her cat had gone from 11 pounds to 4 pounds. they rushed her to the vet and she was so dehydrated that they couldn’t take blood, after getting her on some IVs they took an x ray and her lungs were failing. they had to put her down. completely horrifying… this place should be lucky they haven’t opened up a case. if you have any concern for your animals physical wellbeing i would not take them here, they can’t perform basic care consistently. they never contact you if something is wrong, if you call they just say everything is fine. my another cat that was picked up on the same day was in the same condition and also died…

Allison Lorenzo

2 years ago

The staff is nice. The place is clean. And I enjoyed my first day there.

Katie Martinez

2 years ago

They always take good care of our fire babies!


2 years ago

I was nervous about leaving my puppy but she had a blast. Well cared for got tons of playtime we will definitely be using them in the future whenever we have to travel. We also did the 2 week training program. I must say it was a life changing experience. We fostered then adopted a dog from shelter at start of covid. He was always trying to run away and making our whole family chase after him. First day he got home from training his collar broke and I just knew here we go again... nope he walked to the gate and patiently waited for me. WHAT!!! unheard of extremely happy with both training program and boarding.

Theresa Murders

3 years ago

Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and kind to the dogs!!!!

Sumedh Warudkar

3 years ago

Nice and affordable pet hotel.

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