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Joseph Tazioli

2 years ago

Never once did they show any compassion and were only concern was getting the 500.00 dollars to just check her out. Then you hear someone from the back over the the 2way radio ask if they collected the 500!!!!!absolutely insane!!!Meanwhile my daughter is balling. The vet tells us that to diagnose her it would be another 800.00 to 1300.00 only to be told it was 2100.00. They are obviously only concerned about the money and nothing else. I wouldn't recommend this vet to anyone!!!

Kate Sozio

2 years ago

I brought my 7 month old pup here after calling them with my issue. She had ingested 3 heartworm medication doses that were on the counter pending their dinner meal. Everyone on staff was incredibly nice and the facility was very clean. They took my pup in back to induce vomiting. After about 2 hours, one of the staff notified me that I needed to contact the pet poison control helpline and provide a case number to the treating vet. I was extremely confused. If an issue is toxicity of a substance, why after 2 hours had the vet or a vet tech not already made that call? Is it because there is a $65 charge for the poison line assistance? While I did make the call, there were several questions I couldn’t answer (did they try to induce vomiting, did she actually vomit, was she exhibiting any ill effects?). The puppy was taken to the back for treatment and I had no idea her condition without actually having the ability to observe her. My opinion: the vet staff should have made that call the minute they took possession of the animal. No reason they couldn’t just tack that $65 poison control fee onto the bill. Thank God the levels of medication she ingested were not within a toxic range and my pup is fine. But, honestly, waiting 2 hours before telling me I needed to call them, well dog could have been dead by then. I just think that they not calling that poison line, when I am paying premium ER fees for treatment is quite frankly unacceptable. Alternatively, they could have told me to call the poison phone line before I had even left the house and all the consultation case info could have been ready the moment we arrived with the pup, if she had needed treatment - which according to the poison control line was most likely unnecessary. I won’t be taking my pets there again.

Rachel Lee

2 years ago

This was a pathetic experience. The staff is rude and has zero compassion for animals although it should be their primary concern. They.will make customers go out in the middle of the night to get money even if their pet might die while waiting as I witnessed in the waiting room. They also tried to send my dog home twice before she was ready and it was OBVIOUS she was still in distress. I could not even get to my car before I could tell, and has to come back to them and point it out. I wish I had just waited for my vet to open in the morning. My dog was WORSE AFTER COMING HERE. The insult to injury is when were incredibly, incomprehensibly rude on a level that I will never ever comprehend. I would warn anyone to keep driving to ANY OTHER ER.

Kristi Coriell

2 years ago

Husband brought our dog there only to wait close to two hours for the, I’m assuming vet nurse/tech to come in to start getting vitals and get more information about our reason for being there only to refer us to another clinic because they did not have an endoscope. This should have been addressed upon intake, not 2 hours later. I am confused as they have a pamphlet in their patient rooms promoting their “ER/ Critical Care” but yet you don’t have an endoscope? Intake person should have questioned further or vet nurse/tech should lay eyes on animals and question further before letting someone sit with their dog for almost 2 hours to say “we don’t have the equipment to take care of your dog”. I don’t mind waiting but to wait 2 hours to be told they can’t help in my opinion is unacceptable. I appreciate the vet nurse/tech stopping her triage to give me a referral however I feel this process of waiting so long to just get a referral is not professional. This is why I give them 2 stars. However all staff was very nice! I hope they change their process soon so that someone else doesn’t have to wait hours to get their fur-baby the correct care. I will not be returning to this business.

PM Fontenot

2 years ago

I was there several times this year and they have not been open The light was on but no answer I was there with my cat who needed a doctor no help, that's disgusting.

Melissa Cabrera

2 years ago

Believe the comments that you're going to wait FOREVER! The only reason I would give this place more stars would be for the front desk administrator. She was sweet and caring. We were there for 6 hours, only saw and spoke to the vet once and spoke to the tech more. I usually go based on reviews and this place had both good and bad but I have learned my lesson. This will be our first and last. Pet parents make sure you have a backup ER for your fur babies.

Luther Carpenter

2 years ago

Can’t say I was too impressed. Went on a Saturday morning at 8:30, only person/dog in the place. Greeted by friendly receptionist, checked in filling out paperwork. Waited over an hour and 1/2 with no real information on whether a vet was going to see my dog. After an hour I asked “is a vet on site?”. “Yes she is very busy working with the other babies”. I find that hard to believe, as there was not any audible bark, talk, door slam, anything - we were the only ones in the place. I finally left - seemed like I was still a long wait from anyone showing interest in my pets problem, and beyond that didnt feel like we were going to make progress at a reasonable pace.

Jonathan McKinney

2 years ago

Absolutely disgraceful excuse for a clinic. I brought my cat in due to lily poisoning. I was told by a receptionist that they would try to make her vomit. After an hour and a half of waiting, we had no updates and we’re not allowed to see my cat. They insisted they had given the cat medication to make her vomit. After two hours they had my girlfriend and I call animal poison control because (and I quote) “they did not know what to do.” We were then sat in the waiting room where we had to ask on two separate occasions to please speak with a vet. When we spoke to the technician the first words out of his mouth were “What’s wrong with your cat?” After three hours of waiting at this point, the man (and clinic manager I believe) was still clueless to our situation. Poison control informed us that (fortunately) the kind of lily my cat had eaten was not toxic. However, the vet insisted on over $1600 worth of treatment. We had to wait an additional hour and a half to finally speak to the vet who tried to upsell us. When I finally was able to see my cat, she was still bleeding. I’m not even sure if the wound was cleaned at all. Finally, I agreed to the procedures at which point I was given an estimated wait time of between 15 minutes and three hours. When I was able to pick up my cat, they had allowed the cat to pee in her carrying crate.

Chris H

2 years ago

Took my dog in who was having issues walking. Something wrong with back leg. Was told it would be 1-2 hrs wait. My dog threw up twice while waiting. During that time 2 other dogs came in and immediately went back. I was told my dog was stable enough and I could go somewhere else if I like. They even brought out a sheet with other ER’s listed. It’s 2am and their answer was to just go somewhere else after waiting over 3 hrs. Rude employees and horrible service from lady working the front.

Brittany Castillo

2 years ago

Samatha the receptionist was incredible. Rushed my boy there this morning, no wait, they acted so fast. Both so nice and so we’re so gentle with my very nervous boy. Best vet/ER ever. Highly recommend.

Kanise Martin

2 years ago

Angel is amazing!! She was kind, patient, attentive & she is the only reason I even gave 3 stars. Liz however who is one of the doctors was not. She was rude, dismissive & insensitive. If you want compassion for you and your pet request a different doctor.

Khris House

2 years ago

Terrible service. Understaffed. Not compassionate. Had to go elsewhere to get better service.

Leydid Flores

2 years ago

Was in an emergency and called 30 minutes prior to getting there explaining my situation. When we arrived the receptionist said I wouldn’t be seen for another 2 hours because of closing procedures. Have I had known, I would’ve spent those 30 minutes driving else where for help (after calling and being told I would be seen at the time given) Never give a patient a time if you are unsure always ask. There is no sense of urgency- wouldn’t recommend. I was attended to very well at Virgo emergency clinic.


2 years ago

This hospital saved my kitten. He was experiencing ataxia out of nowhere and we couldn’t figure out why. I was so scared for my cat. They took him in immediately and were able to help him. They are very kind and very communicative. I appreciate everything they have done. Thank you for saving my Bousie animal er of Houston!!

Raider's Nation

2 years ago

after taking my cat to the er i started to read all the reviews. im not going to lie i got scared. i kept reading about rude employees,which i didnt experience that when i dropped him off. they then informed me they had to keep him. so reluctantly i said yes. its either that or he doesnt make it. he had a fever with unknown cause but they checked everything and nothing. throughout the whole ordeal ive never seen more empathetic kind nurses and even doctors for that matter. i probably called maybe a dozen times in a panic and everytime was answered with kindness and compassion. they gave me updates and the nurse even sent pictures of my little man to reassure me he was ok. so whatever anyone else had happen to them i cant for the life of me see why because these people are great!

nikk four

2 years ago

my dog had DIC and they allowed her to bleed to death in their waiting room as they cared for a dog with the sniffles. this staff is trained for basic practice, nor urgent care please use gulf coast for true emergencies.

Liz Galvis

2 years ago

This place is joke. I came on Sunday October 17,2021 at about 6:30 am . I was told that someone would come out with forms to be filled out. I had to call them to let them know forms were filled out and also let them know that my cat was hurting and I wouldn’t be able to put him in carrier if it was possible for me to go in with me. I was told “NO” if I wanted him to be seen that it would have to be with the carrier and without me. So I waited for the employee to come back to get the forms. I waited over 30 minutes. I called and asked what was taking so long. I was told they would be right with me. After waiting over 30 minutes I thought forget this place they didn’t come out and if this was how how we we’re going to be treated no telling how my cat would after he went in by himself without Mom or Dad. We googled another place and was told that they do allow mom and dad in the room with thier pet and they immediately took down our information before we got there so we wouldn’t have to wait in filling out forms. Once we got there immediately we’re put in a room and the staff and veterinarian doctors were Amazing! So glad we’re able to be seen immediately and able to in the room with our baby. Animal ER is horrible….. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone who has an emergency with their fur baby!!!!

Kylie Sutherland

2 years ago

Last Sunday we had an emergency with our 12 year old chihuahua late at night, and this was the closest 24 hour hospital. I'll admit I was really nervous to bring my dog here because of all the bad reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised with the experience I had. The receptionist was very nice and patient, as we were upset and probably not making a lot of sense. My dog was stable so the wait wasn't too stressful, and we understood the need for the COVID procedures. The technician I spoke with gave me an update on how she was doing in the treatment room. The Vet was also really kind and answered all the questions that we had. I can't speak on anyone else's experience but this clinic handled our emergency very well.

Christine Gillespie

2 years ago

My 5 month old puppy started acting off on a Saturday morning. Our normal vet is closed on weekends and we were completely panicked so we took her to the nearest ER, which happened to be this one. There was no wait time at all, there was someone at my car collecting information within minutes and my pup was in office in under 15 minutes from pulling up. Everyone was very knowledgeable and extremely kind. They were upfront about pricing and I felt like the vet was thorough, we were able to get tests run and know exactly what was wrong within 90 minutes. I would recommend this Animal ER to anyone after my experience with them and would not hesitate to come back in the future if there is ever another emergency.

Cathy Harwell

2 years ago

Awesome Animal ER AND Awesome doctor

Celeste Dillman

2 years ago

Don't take your animal to this vet, they could care less, they'll let people ahead of you and tell you it's because their animal was a emergency before even assessing your dog. My frenchie was really sick and they had us wait 2 hours before even assessing him to see if it was a emergency or not. Then we waited another 2 hours after they took him, they didn't check in with us or anything, I will never bring am animal back here.

David Brewster

2 years ago

Not even worth the one star I had to choose took 2hrs to even see my French bulldog not eating bleeding from his mouth they looked at him and said his gums look good what a joke they came back out to actually have vet look at him now been waiting another 2hrs nothing from vet zero communication

Dezi York

2 years ago

As a person who works in the veterinary industry, I have to say I am very disappointed in this emergency clinic. Last week I had to euthanize my best friend. We called ahead to let them know what was coming in and called to let them know when we were a few minutes out. My pet was actively trying to die and crying out in pain. They treated the situation as if it was not an emergency at all. The technician mumbled under her mask and face shield and didn’t ask for history, I had to ask if she wanted me to tell her what was going on. She also refused to take my pet back until I had the clipboard of paperwork filled out and kept saying she will be back in 5 minutes. The doctor didn’t introduce himself, didn’t have a name tag on, didn’t talk with me about anything and just seemed nervous. I had to ask for his name, which was Dr. Mehanni. The only person that seemed to truly care and had compassion was the receptionist. I hope that the staff is better trained so no one has to go through such a disastrous event as my husband and I did. Animal ER of NW Houston please STEP UP your level of care and properly train your staff, you are in fact an ER and need to provide the care expected of you!

Jas tastic

2 years ago

Made me wait 4 hours to tell me my dogs stitches would be 2700$ I took my dog home and went the following morning to regular veterinarian. Paid 800$. These people are leeches.

Stanley and Stephanie Robare

2 years ago

Terrible experience... make sure you ask how long the wait is... they won't tell you no matter what the emergency is...

Kristin Frost

2 years ago

**********AVOID THIS PLACE*************** If I could give ZERO stars, I would. This place is NOT an Animal ER place. THEY.ARE.TERRIBLE. Their main concern when you arrive is not to triage your pet's condition... it's to get the license plate number off of your car and to let you know that you'll need to wait in your car for 2-3 hours until your animal can be seen. The utter lack of compassion for you or your animal was noticeable immediately. NOTHING like my normal vet, where all of the Drs and techs are clearly animal lovers. They show nothing but indifference toward you and your animal and seem to think that expecting you to sit in your car with your sick/injured pet for hours, in the heat, without any place for you or your pet to use the restroom, get a drink, etc. is a completely reasonable ask. It seems that based on all of the reviews I have read, everyone is basically waiting hours outside to be seen. You would think that they would be better staffed, seeing that this is the norm, but this clearly does not phase them.....thus confirming their total lack of care, concern, or compassion. I found the two lady techs that I had brief encounters with to be unfriendly and rather rude. After waiting an hour and reading the reviews of this place while in my car, I could not speed out of that parking lot fast enough. I decided that I would wait until this morning to see my regular vet. Another interesting point to note: I called Blue Pearl in Katy and while they told me that they were not taking patients, however, they offered to text me a list of other emergency places in the area that they recommend. I found it very interesting that Animal ER of Northwest Houston is NOT on their list! That seems pretty telling!!!! DO.NOT.GO.HERE.IF.YOU.CARE.ABOUT.YOUR.PET. They do NOT care about animals here!!!!!!!!!!!

Kels Roushan

2 years ago

Convenient they are open 24/7. Charging $698 for JUST an x-ray and office visit is not. $700 spent and my dog didn't even get medicine. DO NOT GO HERE. They will guilt you if you try and leave because you can't to pay their outrageous prices.

Carpe Diem

2 years ago

Very disappointed with this vet ER. They told me that my dog is very sick and possibly wouldn't make it. I had to sit outside for about 2 hours, which I was okay with, but I asked if I can see him before I go home while they do their test since there's a possibility of thing going south and I would like to see him one more time just in case. They told me no and that they can take pictures due to Covid. There has to be something in place for situations like this. They do it for humans in the hospital when they are dying. Our pets are our family. My dog may die tonight and I didn't get to say goodbye. Very heart broken about this.


2 years ago

We had to bring two of our Rottweilers here and they werent answering their phone and made us wait a long time outside.

Tee Dee

2 years ago

My experience with Animal ER of Northwest Houston was a true blessing!! My dog was treated for lower abdominal pain. Unable to walk or stand without crying. I called multiple ER facilities & was turned around due to financial hardship with the pandemic. I called Animal ER of Northwest Houston & was told they would work with my budget! The customer service was excellent, everyone expressed empathy & made sure my pet was comfortable! Proud to say Lu-Lu was back to normal as the Vet & Techs assured me the treatment plan would work! Don't believe the "Negative Nancy's" on the reviews either!

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