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Ora Kleckner

2 years ago

Do NOT take your pet here unless you want them to die!!! RIP Kali. These people are disgusting.

Kelsie Davis

2 years ago

I would give this place 0 stars if I could!!!! They don’t care about the safety of your animal at all and will lie and try to cover up anything don’t trust this place your you pet!!!!

Aprille Rose

2 years ago

No one should leave their pet with a company who claims to be trustworthy, only to return and have their pet be sent home in life-threatening conditions. Kali's family are some of the most gentle souls I've ever met. They are devastated by not only the loss of a member of their family, but the heartbreak that comes with someone not owning up to their actions. Those who own this pet boarding business should be ashamed - for either allowing Kali to be attacked by another dog, or for covering it up - resulting in her losing her life, or returning her to her family and LYING to try and run from the consequences once you thought it was over. I would never recommend someone bring a loved part of their family to a business where a pet DIED due to their neglect. The owner decided to try and take the money and hide their mistakes. I wouldn't trust them.

Amanda Cota

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMALS HERE. this place is responsible for the death of my friends dog. they do not care about keeping aggressive dogs secluded from the others, and your animals are not safe here. they delete any bad reviews off of their facebook page so i figured i’d come here to let everyone know about how terrible, untrained, and unprofessional they are. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS!!!! JUSTICE FOR THIS SWEET BABY!!!!

Alexis Schwant

2 years ago

My friend took her sweet dog here for a couple days while she went on vacation, came home and her baby was attacked by another dog and did pass away the next day. The owner is still charged her for everything and didn’t even try to offer any type of condolences. “the owner of this “resort” took it upon herself to POUR SODIUM NITRATE ON MY BABY TO MAKE THE WOUNDS UPPEAR BETTER. SHE IS NOT A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. JUST THE OWNER OF THE FACILITY. THEY DID NOT TRY TO HELP KALI” Don’t ever bring your pets here

diana sanchez

2 years ago

I have boarded my dog in several places in the past and he had always been sad, down, or hurt afterwards. After boarding at Barkaritaville he was so excited and happy. He wasn’t mad at us at all and pet owners know what I mean by that. Highly recommend this place.

Erik Valle

2 years ago

Peace of mind when you have to leave your pet at home when you go on a trip!

Holly Burditt

2 years ago

Every employee there LOVES pets. I had just rescued a GSD a couple of months before my travels and realized he was terrified of water. I took him to the beach, tried spraying water from a hose etc....he wasn't having it. A bath was seriously in need - he still smelled like the dog jail. Barkaritaville worked with my dog and actually bathed him!!! You get what you pay for at this facility! Its really worth it!

Regina Sheppard

2 years ago

Kept us informed and sent pics while we were out of town amazing staff

p m

2 years ago

We have been taking our boy, Carlos, to Barkaritaville for about two years. The staff have been amazing from day one. Carlos loves the time he spends there at day care playing with his puppy friends! When we have to board him, we are at ease knowing he is well taken care of. We live closer to a few other pet boarding/pet daycare facilities but absolutely prefer Barkaritaville for the exceptional care they give to our boy!

kim smith

2 years ago

My 3 cats loved the cat area-they stayed for 5 days and absolutely loved it. The staff there is great and gave us updates so we wouldn't worry!! Definitely 10 star!!

Jn Randolph

2 years ago

The atmosphere, staff and care are all top quality and let you leave your pet reassured that they are in safe hands.

Janette Quesada

2 years ago

I found this resort to be great. My dog played all day with dogs similar to her and was totally exhausted when she was picked up. I would like to use the obstacle course there. Unfortunately, it is not permitted. Such a waste of a resource. I have found the staff wonderful and attentive. I would also like to be able to see the dogs play from the window. A one-way window would be something to consider in the future. Thank you

Benjamin Fonseca

2 years ago

The staff is very friendly. I would recommend this place.

Allison Schebler

2 years ago

Our crazy dog loves it here!

Dr Barton

2 years ago

Always helpful and I have never had an issue with my reservations. Dogs love to go to Barkaritaville!

Gretchen Arnold

2 years ago

I could not be happier with how the Barkaritaville staff cared for our dog. Our dog was shy and fearful but they spent much extra time and effort to gain our dig’s trust. She was treated like family.

Michael Wiser

2 years ago

Really enjoy taking my baby here. You can tell the staff loves their job because they always have feedback after every visit she (my dog) has. Also, they are very caring towards your pets with the extra care to detail with their other offers. If your dog isn't comfortable with what they are doing they won't continue further. It goes to show that they genuinely care about the animals that come through. 10/10


2 years ago

I wouldn’t recommend anyone take their dog to Barkaritaville. We dropped off our two 1yr old German Shepherds who were very happy, active dogs. When we picked them up 2-1/2 days later, they were extremely stressed, depressed, overheated and their spirit was broken. They greeted us with joy then ran to the door ready to leave. When we got them home, all they did was lay down depressed. They weren’t eating, playing, barking or jumping up on us like they normally do. I have a senior rescue dog who stayed home who tried to comfort them and lift their spirits. If we reached out towards the male’s face too quickly to pet him, he would flinch and back away. If we tried to hug him on the couch he would jump straight up and run away. He has never acted like this before. The male also had several scratches on his mouth and nose including one that was bleeding when I picked him up. He had a swollen lip on his right side and both of their noses were swollen on top. They were supposed to be in individual play so I’m not sure what happened. Their website says all play is supervised all the time. I guess that is a lie too. They wouldn’t bark at anything. Normally they bark at everything while outside and sometimes during play but not when we brought them home. We would pat our chests to signal them to jump up but they wouldn’t, they would only rub up against our legs. It was heartbreaking to see. I contacted Jennifer (the manager) asking about what happened to my dogs. She gave me the standard answers which included her lying to me by saying they ate well and had a great time when staff had already told me they hadn’t eaten well. When pressed for an answer, she became defensive instead of showing any desire to look into it. She assured me my dogs were right by the entrance where everyone walks past them constantly yet no one has a clue as to how they got injured. I persisted in asking her to look into it and said if she was so certain nothing happened then she needed to prove it with camera feeds. I also asked her why my dogs weren’t given their toys or their treats and she questioned how I knew they hadn’t been given to them. Complete defensiveness with no desire to get to the truth. I really am trying to give the company the benefit of the doubt that maybe this was an isolated incident by an individual employee but their reluctance to give me answers leads me to believe it may be a bigger problem. It’s been 4 days since I picked them up and they are finally starting to play again. I can only hope we can rebuild them from what they went through. It’s been 2 days since I spoke with Jennifer and all I’ve heard from her was a message saying she was still trying to track down her employees to talk to them and to finish reviewing the cameras. I really think she is hoping I forget about what happened but I won’t. I will update after I hear from them.

Nora Hoelscher

2 years ago

I was so worried as we had not left our 2 year old large dog anywhere before. She’s very spoiled but also very aggressive to anyone who comes to our house. When she’s away from her element she becomes shy, withdrawn. I was afraid she would become aggressive and hurt someone or another animal or withdrawn and become sick. We were gone for a week and if anything she became a better dog. It was as if they trained her a bit or she learned from the other dogs. Now I’m able to walk her on my walk without her jumping on me so much. She was so happy when we picked her up which made my heart smile. She had a great time. All the workers you could tell loved animals and their jobs. Now if we need to get away again for a few days I’m not going to worry. She is in excellent hands.

Charles Combs Jr.

2 years ago

Took dog and seemed like she had a good time

Bianca Galvan-Hernandez

2 years ago

Our boxer has separation anxiety, so we were really worried about where to leave her when we had a weekend family event out of town. Barkaritaville did amazing caring for her! She was soo excited when she got there and perfectly happy when we picked her back up. They care beyond belief about our animal babies. We will definitely trust Barkaritaville with our baby anytime we have a trip she can't join us on.

Elizabeth Nixon

2 years ago

My dogs can be a bit difficult, and I dont trust a lot of places to be able to handle them. Not only does Barkaritaville have amazing staff who really get to know each dogs needs and triggers and boundaries, but it's also my dogs' favorite place on Earth. Perfect facilities, incredible staff, and I couldnt recommend this place more.

Karen Burkhart

2 years ago

We feel so comfortable leaving our fur babies with your team. Everyone is gregarious and happy with our pets. Thank you!

sandra salazar

2 years ago

My furbaby loves going to day care! Very friendly staff and clean facility. Highly recommend!!

Sylvia Tran

2 years ago

Both the pup and I, love the staff and the place!! The place is clean and it’s indoor/outdoor. The staff is friendly, knows your type of dog and the care. Thank you, Barkaritaville!!

Tatianna Englebert

2 years ago

My dog experienced some stranger danger the first day he arrived. They knew exactly how to work with him. By the end of his stay he was giving them tons of kisses! They are very professional and have tons of experience; I recommend them to anyone.

dorothy Carrillo

2 years ago

We were very pleased with Barkaritaville. We left our 7mth old chow chow for 6 days & we not once were worried about the care she was receiving. We were at ease leaving her. Our koda stayed in a suite & even got a grooming the day we picked her up. We received pics while we were out of town. Best place by far to take your fur babies for boarding or grooming. Thank you Barkaritaville for taking good care of our baby. Best staff ever.

Stephanie I

2 years ago

We’ve taken our 5-month-old German Sheppard here twice for doggie daycare. She absolutely loved it! She left happy and returned just as happy! The staff was so kind and communicative. Knowing that we have a place that we can send her where she can socialize and burn off excess energy during the weekday hours when my husband and I are at work gives us such peace of mind!

Jeremiah Keever

2 years ago

My dog caught kennel cough.

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