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Abhishek Ganguly

2 years ago

Very professional and helpful staff and doctors

Kellie Masten

2 years ago

Two incidents. Brought a male cat in for a skin problem and received cursory treatment. When he was worse a week later, I took him back to the clinic. Cat was seen by a different vet who very effectively treated him and improvement was noted within 24 hours. Two visits, two bills. A feral female who started spending a lot of time on our front porch began to limp and favor her front leg. My husband took her into All Care. Once again, the initial visit provided little treatment. She was diagnosed with an absess in her shoulder, given a shot of antibiotics, and sent home with three days of anti-inflammatories. (At a cost of almost $400.00). When she stopped eating, drinking, was still not using her front leg, and had an obvious fever, I took her back. This time the absess was lanced and drained, she was given another injection of antibiotics, and sent home with 14 day course of antibiotics. (And another $400.00 bill.) Within hours the fever was gone, and within 24 hours she started eating again. And a week later she started walking on her leg. Why were neither of these cats fully treated on the first visit? Is it this clinics standard practice to "double dip"? I will not go back.

Blayde Balzer

2 years ago

They take excellent care of my pet.

Christos Burke

2 years ago

This was my first time going to All Care. I tried so many places to try get my cat in as he was in so much pain, and they went out of there way to slot him in. Unfortunately the diagnosis for my little best friend was not good and i had to say goodbye to him as he moved on to rainbow bridge. Thank you so much to Staff and Doctor for the professional manner and care i was given. They rate as one of the best vets i have been to both in the USA and South Africa.

Jillian Bellah

2 years ago

Caring and knowledgeable staff. They have my complete trust when it comes to taking care of my dogs from routine visits to boarding. I wouldn't want to take my dogs anywhere else.

janie campbell

2 years ago

I unfortunately had to put my 16 year old pup down and Dr. Weber and her staff were beyond amazing. They worked us in it was very affordable unlike everywhere I called that tried to charge me like $500 just to get my pups ashes back. I got his ashes back in a box with a lock with his name on top. It is the sweetest thing and I'm very happy and grateful that I found them.

Adam Bailey

2 years ago

We have been taking our dogs here for more than 10 yrs. Since they were sick puppies. The team has always been great to us and our dogs. When they were puppies they were very flexible seeing them, sometimes more than once a week when one of them wasn't doing so well. They even went so far to waive fees and only charge us for the meds when we went that often. I'd definitely recommend them.

Eduardo Ortiz

2 years ago

Very courteous service wonderful staff..

Laura Macchi

2 years ago

Can't say my kittens are happy to visit them, but I really appreciate everyone's great work: from the receptionists to the techs and the vets, everyone is always great at communicating and we receive the best care each time we visit.

Jerrin Jacob

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog here for the past 4 years. They really do care about your pet and make sure they’re treated with care. Unlike PetSmart, they do not mistreat your pet. However, the only problem I had with them is the pricing is too high so expect to spend some $$.

Nickolas D

2 years ago

Our puppy stayed here for the weekend. They bathed her before I picked her up and she was a happy puppy.

Roland Munoz

2 years ago

Despite waiting a little longer than expected to be seen (like any doctor's appointment). The overall visit was great. Front staff got me to the waiting room pretty quick. Got my little guinea pig in, and Dr. Patty did a great job examining her and providing a proper diagnosis of the little one's issue. I'd recommend on giving this place a go, and will definitely come back again if I have any further issues with the piggies that I own!

Rose Medeiros

2 years ago

We took our dog there to get surgery, first they took sample an was to schedule surgery then called an needed to see her again after saying she's healthy took another sample an left her bleeding called an said they made her worse. First quoted $2000 then after they made her worse it was $3500. Day of surgery received call she did good. Went to pick her up it was $4000 paid then they took my son to her with an oxygen tube people standing around asked me to pick her up an take her somewhere else she may not make it. They said they were closing an made him pick her up bleeding everywhere. They killed her. Please take ur animal anywhere but here. Our first visit they bragged on how they love animals. First hand don't believe them. They are there to get money an lie. Shame on them

Jessica Jaye

2 years ago

Life long visitors of All Care. 32+ years. Greg & Patty and staff are always so amazing!


2 years ago

Before I even purchased my dog we started looking into vets in the area. The first few checkups went well (although wait times were insane!). I would be on hold 30 minutes to make an appointment and to drop off for appointment (covid protocols). Dr. Russell was so nice and patient with all the first time puppy checkup questions which I appreciated. I decided to accept the wait times since the experience as a whole was fine. However after that I would regularly have issues when I dropped my dog off requesting certain things such as nail trim, putting his chip sticker in his file etc. not actually happening. I asked for his shot records and never received them. Called and waited on hold 30 minutes and asked again but still nothing. It took me 3 separate attempts to finally get it. I understand being client facing (which I am) and how difficult it is, especially when nonstop, but maybe they should stop accepting new patients then. Or work on how they schedule. Either way it’s not fair to paying customers to have to constantly follow up. For me though I still liked them and so I just accepted there’s nothing perfect and understood their position of the demand and covid constraints. That changed today. I had an emergency with my dog and called right after they opened. I explained the situation to the woman who answered and she said she’d call me back after she spoke with the vet. I waited nearly 2 hours and it being a Saturday was worried I wouldn’t hear back before they closed. Finally I called them when I figured I wasn’t going to get a call. When I called they had no record of my previous call and no one remembered speaking with me. I went over what was happening again and the woman seemed surprised that I wanted my dog checked out then. I have a vet for my dog like I have a pediatrician for my kids, for checkups and emergencies. I explained to her how I had called right when they opened to give them enough time to get him in. She put me on hold and got Dr. Webber (Gregg) on the phone. I told him what was going on and he proceeded to tell me to “calm down”. I was a little taken aback as I wasn’t at all upset or stressed. I knew this wasn’t life or death so no panick on my end. He then talked down to me and seemed annoyed that I was even asking for help. I am really grateful for this experience because if this was more serious I would be devestated dealing with this. I actually had another emergency with my dog 3 months ago when he ate way too many dog supplements and they told me they gave me poison control to call without any other assistance. The overall tone just felt like I was a bother. Even if they can’t help with that you’d think they’d want to see him to be sure he looks good. Heck it’s more money for them to have a follow up appointment. The bright side is at least now we have the time to find another vet, which there are plenty in Coppell thankfully. Anyway I would say they’re not all bad, but be careful because of the lack of follow through, longggggggg wait, and potential issues when there’s an emergency.

Tami Womack

2 years ago

Drs Weber and Staff are the very best! Everything in that office is done to help your pet feel better and get well. All the doctors and assistants go above and beyond to give the best care possible and the front desk is very kind and helpful, as well! My little Corgi Lilly, not a “youngster”. was saved by their “extra” knowledge and love for her. She had an awful back injury and pulled thru because they cared so much about her. She is still with us, happy & healthy, 4 yrs later!…. Thanks to everyone at All Care Vet!

Trish Wiese

2 years ago

Front desk/reception customer service/responsiveness is suffering as they continue the locked door/curbside check-in policy. Twice this morning I waited more than 5 minutes on hold,, and once was disconnected to start the hold process again. I needed to drop off a document and get to work, so I got out of my car with my mask on (No pet) and stood at the door, while still on hold. There were several people at the desk, a couple looked up at me, but no one would come to the door to see if they could assist. A nurse came out to help another person and walked right past me twice, without asking if I needed assistance or even making eye contact. The vibe for sure was “You’re not doing it the right way, so I’m going to ignore you.” I get Covid safety...I’m a big fan. But I don’t love being treated with such lack of regard. The doctors here have always been wonderful. But this experience today was super frustrating.

Naresh (NaveenKongara)

2 years ago

It was a pleasant visit for my cat Benny. Took few details from my wife about the cat and gave us a time frame for all the tests, vaccines and their procedures and made it super easy drop & pick up. We are now thinking of getting our other cat also enrolled for it’s yearly vaccines. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL CARE VETERINARY HOSPITAL.

chelsy spangler

2 years ago

Dr Joy is the BEST

Kimberly West

2 years ago

Quick, kind, and efficient. These guys took great care of our little Taco puppy!

Tyson Doggie

2 years ago

I finally found a vet in this area that takes the time to not only carry about my dog but to throughly communicate with me and listen to my questions and concerns. I had the best experience and highly recommend this place ty o anyone with a fur baby.

Kim Parrish

2 years ago

Dr. Joy was awesome in every way! My 11 yr. old dog needed 2 molar extractions.

Chris Johnston

2 years ago

Friendly staff, truly care for your pets. Excellent rates for care& grooming!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Bryan Mamantov

3 years ago

We have taken our furry family members to All Care for 15 years and they have always treated us with care, respect and compassion.

Robert Shrimpton

3 years ago

Terrific service. We've been taking our dog here, for regular checks and the occasional issue, for many years. Great staff!

Lynn Young

3 years ago

Curbside vet during covid. Great service.

Mikie Doyle

3 years ago

Great doctors who truly love and care for your pets.

Mainer In Texas

3 years ago

Efficient. However the vet gave a bit of an off-putting speech about cats who may have been bottle fed during which he suggested we return our kitten if possible. However we understand that people have different ways of expressing their concerns.

Morgan Alexander

3 years ago

Didn't like the service I received and that makes me not trust the back of the house.


3 years ago

We called to make an appointment and asked the price to vaccinate a puppy and they told me $ 97 and ask that the price for all vaccines. They told me if, when I attend the appointment, they charged me $ 148 and they told me that they could not give them all the vaccines, when they call to ask the cost of the visit they tell me $ 140 and if it arises, we will bill you the difference. For me they are a fraud, because they did not tell me on my first call the total cost of the vaccination service including visits and how many visits I needed for my puppy to have all his vaccines. Above when when I call to ask, the person who answered me was rude and bothered with my questions, I felt that because of my Latin assent they treated me very badly, I felt discrimination.

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