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Andrea J. Bell

2 years ago

Very nice adoption process with professional and caring attention to the wellness and well being of the kittens.

God-fearing Woman

2 years ago

My favorite DOGGY PLACE...but not to many small doggz available

Kassandra Serna

2 years ago

My dad had sent in an application for a chihuahua named Melo about a week ago and we have gotten no response. He even emailed twice about an update and now he is no longer available on their page, I understand the workers are volunteering but to not receive even a small update is unprofessional.

Angelica Hernandez

2 years ago

I have been trying to adopt a little dog from this organization, Ive submitted a total of 3 applications and contacted Ruby asking for updates on those applications and the first time she told me I needed to give them the vet info for my sister's dog who has passed already and also give my landlords number and name to contact them I guess. I asked my sister to please call the vet and give them permission to release any medical records that ASVT might need and I also contacted my landlord and asked for permission and she said it was fine with her. I submitted my 3rd application Thursday 12th and I understand they are all volunteers and have families and such so I didn't contact Ruby again until today Monday 16th and politely asked for any update on my application. I was very hopeful that I would be approved given that I had provided them with the two things they asked for and I felt that I answered all the questions on the application very well. So after receiving a response from her and opening the email I see that she said and I quote "Hello, Thanks for wanting to adopt. ASVT policy does not adopt to college students. Your application cannot be approved. ASVT" That made no absolute sense to me because what does school have to do with wanting to adopt a dog? I've been doing online classes for a year now so I'm always home to take care of the dog I want to adopt. After seeing she said it's policy I went on their website there is no tab for policies and when you click the application link all it says is that one must be 21 in order to adopt and if renting they need permission from landlord. I am 25 and have permission from my landlord, I asked Ruby to explain to me why and where is this stated. I wanted to contact someone else who volunteers for ASVT but unfortunately there is no number. All I wanted was to adopt the little dog I saw on their website that I fell in love with, I am extremely upset and heartbroken because I just wanted to give this little guy his forever home but since I am a college student I can't?..ASVT this seems extremely unfair and I hope someone talks to Ms.Ruby because clearly I'm not the only one who has had an issue with her. I have yet to receive a reply from her explaining why I can't adopt.

Molly Schwertner

3 years ago

These people were very nice but we still need to help our animals in need!

Cindy Standfest

3 years ago

They live animals and rescue so many. Please donate !!!!

Dan Cocozza (Dan C)

3 years ago

Great folks helping great pets

morgan clark

3 years ago

I applied for a medium size dog over a week and a half ago. I live in an apartment and it has a dog park , my roommate works at a boarding place so I would be able to take the animal to doggy daycare and have discounts on vet , grooming bills. I put all of this in there that I also go hiking and am a very active person . The application I sent in for bullet a puppy I fell in love with. I was basically simply told “ this breed is to big for an apartment”. My apartment is the size of a small house almost. The only issue I see here is that the person who contacts you “ Ruby Cross”, profiles people based off of what appears on your application. They never called my job , references , or me to ask any question on my character, work ethic, or lifestyle. So sad for people who apply here.


3 years ago

Zero stars would be the best option. My fiancé Javi and I fell in love with a puppy named Watson. He was part of a 5 pup litter who were all adorable, Waffles, Watson, Wanda, Woody, and Willy. We quickly put in our application and were approved by Ruby Cross, then contacted by the foster parent Taylor Hogan. Taylor was very kind and friendly while we were texting. We scheduled a meet and greet and drove two hours round trip with our dog, Mary Jane, to see the pups. We met 4 out of the 5 puppies but Waffles and Watson were the ones we were interested in. Waffles had 10+ applications in so our hopes weren’t high, but the day of our meet and greet we were told there was only one other applicant for Watson, and their meeting was after us. We were told we would be notified in a few days to see which puppy we would end up with. I ended up reaching out to Taylor and was told that both puppies had been adopted. When I asked for the reasoning as to why we were not chosen I was ignored. I was upset for days after getting the news, not understanding what I had done so wrong to be looked over or considered unfit to adopt. Several days later while still adamantly searching for a puppy to add to our family I came across Watson’s RE-LISTED profile on Petfinder! Excited, I again texted Taylor asking about Watson, to which I received no response. I then reached out to ASVT through Facebook by sending a direct message, commenting on a post showing only Waffles, Woody, and Wanda getting adopted and emailing Ruby Cross explaining that we would still love to have him but that we were confused and disappointed that we were not contacted if he was not actually adopted. Ruby let me know that Watson had an adopter that ended up backing out last minute, Watson now had SIX applications and that then decision for adoption was ultimately left up to the foster, Taylor. I expressed my sympathies for the trouble with the adopter and again explained that we would still love to give Watson a home or that we would at least like to be given an explanation as to why we were being deemed an unfit home. The only other response I received was from Kathy about my submission on his Adopt A Pet profile stating that there were 3 other approved applicants ahead of me and that he was considered spoken for. I do not want to be seen as an irrational or overbearing person by continuing to message them and reaching out. Without being given a reason I am left only to think the worst and assume that their reasoning was, for some reason, personal. I know the loss of my business will not affect them because so many people are looking to adopt during this quarantine, but I am just absolutely disgusted at the lack of professionalism and decorum displayed by not the entire organization as a whole, but at least by the few individuals I had this awful experience with. Please consider looking at SOCA-FBC for a furry friend to adopt. Had a delightful experience with them and their foster! This story thankfully still ends with some happy tails!

Victor Bui

3 years ago

I submitted an adoption application about 5 days ago and have not received a phone call or message. I sent a message on Facebook messenger and have been left on read. I am incredibly dissapointed with the lack of service. I hope that the reason why is because you guys are understaffed, and not because you don't care about adoption inquiries.

alana cushman

4 years ago

I'd give o stars if I could my son wanted a kitten but because I dont have a vet I cant get a kitten an i was ignored after that thanks ruby cross but guess we will find a kitten somewhere else I feel sorry for these animals because theres people wanting them an wanting to give good homes but if u dont answer the questions just right you dont get an animal. I would have given the kitty a great home an I would of found it a vet but they wouldnt even hardly respond to my emails. I understand their busy but just unprofessional I just really hope that kitten does get a great home it was so cute!

Ashley Coulter

4 years ago

Got a puppy, I kept saying somethig is wrong with him and his foster and I were texting back and forth. She kept telling me it’s normal for them to act sluggish after deworming and vaccines. It was told to me that the puppy had his first round of vaccines including parvo. The puppy supposedly had gotten his second round the day I got him. On day 3, the puppy was so sluggish, I text her again and told her I was taking him in that morning bc something is off. She admitted that the parvo vaccine wasn’t given but all the others had. Brought him in and puppy was a very strong positive. Had I not brought him, he didn’t have too much longer to live. My 12 year old dog also got a mild case of parvo—he had been vaccinated and wasn’t showing any signs other than one case of vomiting and diarrhea, no lethargy or anything but I made my husband take him and parvo positive too. Luckily he had been vaccinated and didn’t have any issues and recovered without treatment. Fact of the matter is, puppy came to us like this, we were lied to about vaccines being given and if he wouldn’t have gotten sick, we would’ve have known. Then today we take him in for neuter and the booking was done through the ASVT, was told I would be called for prep directions—no one ever called. Called TX litter control to verify the morning of and was told he should’ve been there at 7:30 and the lady wasn’t happy with me. Had him scheduled for 9..apparently supposed to be there for 7:30. By no means do I think ASVT or his foster mom did any of this intentionally BUT if I ever had a chance to adopt another pet, it would not be through them. They were however attentive and prompt when responding to the puppy once they did find out he had parvo, but I know with parvo, if he truly was vaccinated the first round, the chances of him getting it were slim. Oh and he was suooosed to be dewormed for all parasites and we found a round worm coming out of his rectum the other morning and took him in to the vet to find that nope, he needed to be treated. Good luck if you’re going through then.


4 years ago

This place is absolutely amazing! These people are very reassuring and always accept volunteers. This is one of the best animal shelters in the area!!!

Hannah Roberts

4 years ago

I am looking to adopt another dog and contacted several places to be able to get the opportunity to meet dogs and have them meet my dog to find a good fit. I emailed someone from ASVT and filled out the application and they told me I was approved. However, you can only be approved for one dog at a time so I emailed names of about 6 or 8 other dogs I was interested to be able to meet them as well. I was never contacted by their fosters because I think the lady did not send my info to them even after I emailed her about it 2 or 3 times with no additional response. Really wish there was more effort put in to connecting dogs to potential adopters.

Laura Adams

4 years ago

If I could give zero stars I would. I was appalled at the way I was treated. I dealt with a foster lady named Ruby Cross. First of all she didn't listen to a word I said on the adoption form. She asked about how I would train a dog. I mentioned that I crate/potty trained my dog when she was a puppy and this was short lived. I didn't really know how to answer that question and this was the only thing that came to mind. This was recommended to me by my vet. It's also listed on the Humane Society's website. After that my dog was always free to roam my house, slept in my bed, roamed the house while we were gone and stayed with a friend in her home when we were on vacation, because I didn't like kennels. Surely this would convince a person that you would never crate your dog. But NO!! Absolutely not! She has it set in her mind that I was going to crate this dog I wanted to adopt. Mind you this dog is already potty trained. She basically told me to stay in my area and look for a dog. How rude!! I sent her a nice email explaining my intentions, 2 of them, and she never responded. Does that sound professional to you? I was even blocked from her facebook page and the ASVT page. Sad that people like this exist in the world. I would not even have been writing this if someone actually took the time to do their job right and listen. Thankfully I have friends who back me up and they are in the foster world as well. They were shocked when I told them what happened. Good luck if you try and adopt but you say just one thing wrong that gets taken the wrong way and they will turn you down, and ignore you after that. The dog I wanted would have been given the best home a dog could ever have, and that chance was taken from me. She said she wanted what was best for the dog and I would have given her that. My previous dog lived a happy, healthy life for almost 13 years because I took great care of her. I also had another dog prior to my last one and I have had experience with dogs for almost 25 years. They aren't just dogs to me. They are a part of my family. We do everything together!

Kit Randolph

5 years ago

We had very specific requirements for adopting a dog in to our family. These folks were awesome to work with! Not only did they find the perfect dog for us,the fosters and everyone I had contact with was very helpful and knowledgeable. They did everything possible to make sure this was the right pet for us and also that we were the right family for her! I highly recommend this group!

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