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Stacey Tuley

2 years ago

Kayley is the best Bichon Frisé groomer ever!

Willie Mae Williams

3 years ago

Awesome care of my beloved puppies

Lou Ann Holman

3 years ago

Excellent place The owner and the groomers are great ! They take great care of your fur babies,!

Lynne Mankins

4 years ago

Second time I've had Ellie there and they do a awesome job! Thank you for treating my dog so good.

Jaimie Rutherford

4 years ago

Friendly, good staff. Take care of ur loved ones

Melanie Enloe

4 years ago

Excellent can't say enough good things about the these folks. ????

Heather Borron Perfectly Imperfect Life

5 years ago

Great with dogs, prices are competitive, great country feel. Grooming is awesome! Owner is a sweet heart. Can tell she loves the dogs.

C Webster

5 years ago

Nice park for my puppy!

Teresa Miller

5 years ago

Great staff, Excellent service and excellent care for your Fur babies

Teresa Butler

5 years ago

Great care friendly staff and Owner Kayle treats you and your fur babies like family. Clean facilities and services arranged per client needs.

Ted Castro

5 years ago

Affordable and reliable pet grooming and boarding.

Christina Carlile

5 years ago

The staff was so incredibly helpful and nice when I had to leave my pup because of an emergency out of state trip. I couldn't bring my pup because she just had ACL surgery and the trip would have been too much for her. They took very good care of our girl and I would definitely recommend them.

Ask Plz

6 years ago

BE PREPARED THIS IS GOING TO BE LONG!!!!! I've been debating whether or not to post a review for some time as it’s been a few weeks since my traumatic experience. I thought maybe I was over reacting and needed to give myself some time to cool down...but the more I've thought about it, the angrier I've become... I really try to see the good in people, and understand that we all have bad days, but after having multiple people tell me they've encountered the same issues, at the SAME facility…and all within the last few weeks.. I can no longer keep quite!! I have only been to the Four Oaks Puppy Club twice, and the SECOND time will MOST CERTAINLY be my last! The first time was an entirely different experience, I took my Shih Tzu mix there and was very pleased with the results. Her haircut was wonderful, she smelled amazing, and she was finished in a timely manner. The young lady at the counter was very sweet and helpful as well, and made me feel very comfortable about leaving my dog there. The second time around, this WAS NOT THE CASE! I'm not sure if the entire staff has changed (as it had been many months since my previous visit) or what, but the people who are THERE NOW are just awful! The facility itself was utterly DISGUSTING. It reeked of feces and urine, there were papers with other customer’s information strewn all over the check in area, and there was food on the counter swarming with flies!!!!! The receptionist clearly did NOT want to be there and I felt as though I was a burden to her. (I should have left right then and avoided this whole situation.) I chalked it up to her having a bad day.....and then I met the "THE NEW GROOMER". DO NOT!!! I REPEAT....DO NOT let that woman touch your dog!!!! Or anything with hair on it for that matter! The absolute hack job that was done, was REPULSIVE! The hair on her face and body was chopped, so badly I had to take her to another groomer to fix it!! Where there was long hair left, it was tangled, (I don't think her tail or ears were even touched by a brush) her nails were bloody, she stank something terrible, her back was greasy and her feet were STILL DAMP!! She had scrapes all over her belly and near private part area! I didn't even notice the extent of the damage until I got home and by that point I was so furious! I knew it wasn't a good idea for me to go back up there or even call!!! I am not the first person this has happened to, I know of at least 2 other people personally that had almost the same experience as me. I guarantee you WE WILL NOT RETURN!!!! The owner doesn't care about you or your dogs! The "GROOMER" doesn’t give a care about her quality of work, and the receptionist doesn't care about her job!!! DO NOT GO HERE!!! DO NOT!! THAT GROOMER NEEDS TO FIND ANOTHER CAREER PATH THAT RECEPTIONIST NEEDS AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT AND THE OWNER NEEDS A LESSON ON HOW TO RUN A FACILITY!! Columbus is a small town, and if I can prevent just one person from having the same awful experience I did, then I'll be satisfied. I don't want a refund. I don't ever want to step foot in that monstrosity again! And I don't want anyone else going through what I had to go through!!! GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!!!!

Colin M Anderson

6 years ago

The staff is caring, conscientious and a pleasure to deal with. They took care of my parents' 18+ year old cat for 3 days and I could not be happier with the services they provided. It is clear to me that the people who work here love animals and enjoy what they do. I would like to thank them again for giving me peace of mind while I was on vacation.

Sandra Davis

6 years ago

Friendly people, clean facility, and they took good care of my furbaby. Love these people.

Suzan Sheridan

6 years ago

Great staff and wonderful place.

beth Krause

7 years ago

My puppies love it there ... They were well taken care of ❤️

Fran Marshall

7 years ago

We stopped in to make an appointment to have our 2 girls groomed, but we were leaving the area before their first available appointment.......the lady at the counter called the owner, who cut her errands short to come in and take care of our girls right away.......the job they did on both dogs was AWESOME and their rates were below reasonable.......Highly recommend this business

David Becak

8 years ago

Horrible disgusting place. Read review from former employee. They are telling the truth. Owner does not care about your pets.

Rob Jansky

8 years ago

I had a great experience here. I have had my dog groomed here on several occasions and they did an excellent job. I recently had her kenneled there over the weekend and was very pleased when I returned. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

Marie H

9 years ago

If I could go back in time and not take my dog to this place I would! I hope to save other pet owners the heartache that I had. I took my special needs dog to this hell hole, and I very clearly explained his needs and what I wanted. They never once said they couldn't provide it. Yet they didn't give him his medication, they threw him out in the 90 degree weather and left him covered in piss and poop for days! I also gave the a brand new box of specialty dog food which they stole and gave me back an empty box. When I got him home and cleaned him up, he was so afraid of everything. He then had a seizure a few nights later, which means they didn't give him his seizure medication. His paws have swelled up to twice their normal size, the vet says it's a bacterial infection from standing around in feces. Ugh. And the lady trying to tell me that my dog could somehow get outside is just an outright liar. He is incapable to getting over a barrier taller than 6 inches, they simply didn't want to clean the indoor area every morning. And the worse thing about all of this, they could have called me at anytime on my cell phone and said they were having problems. Not once mention of it, they even made me pay first BEFORE seeing my dog. They're awful people, and treat dogs terribly.

Terry Newman

9 years ago

What a bunch of A-Holes!

Rylee Schobel

10 years ago

If I could rate it 0 stars I would... I worked there for less than a month that's all I could handle... They mistreat all the animals there! They tell you to get them out of the cage by whatever means an ear, a tail, a leg anything. They stick matches up there butt to make them poop causing some of them to develop a red swollen anus but that doesn't matter to them. If the dogs do something wrong I have person seen them hit them.. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS THERE IF YOU LOVE THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

Mary Scheske Wharmby

11 years ago

I used to take my dog there with no significant problems - seemed to be I got what I paid for... However, I hadn't taken her there in a year. They'd apparently lost all her contact information and medical records in the year I didn't take her, which also didn't make me incredibly mad, just frustrated. When I took her there this weekend, not only did they charge me for two days when she only stayed one night, she spent all last evening vomiting up whatever food they gave her and even blood. I called this morning and they were "nice enough" to void my check I propose I never bring her back.Good customer skills, these ones...

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