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Michael Blankenstein

2 years ago

Super nice folks providing great dog care.

North Texas

2 years ago

My dogs love it here. You can just see and feel how much they love And enjoy every dog that comes in the door!. It feels like im dropping my pups off at a party by the way they act from the time they know we are going to Bridget's ! They get so excited. And it makes me feel better about the time they are away from me.

Catherine Morris (SNLTP)

2 years ago

Fabulous facility. My 4 year old Lab and 10 month old Boxer love it there! We had a wonderful vacation knowing our fur babies were in great hands with their second family. So thankful for Christine and Frank and the others.

Nina Richter

2 years ago

Blue, our pup, had the week of his life at Bridgets. The whole family is so nice and thoughtful. You can tell they have hearts of gold and are passionate about what they do. We will be back again soon!

Corrine Simonsen

2 years ago

My dog is always excited to go which means it's a great place for her.

Eric Simonsen

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and my dog loves staying here when we go out of town.

Randy Watkins

2 years ago

The staff does a great job taking care of our dogs. When I drop them off they can’t wait to go into the back. The owners and staff love dogs and it shows! They do great work trimming nails and bathing then too

Saif Al-Shmaisani

2 years ago

If you care about your dog and want them to be well taken care of, do NOT take them here. Contacted this place to board my dogs (a GSD and a half GSD/half Belgian Malinois) for a few days. First, I had to correct the employee multiple times on the pricing for the boarding. Later, when he had trouble getting the vaccine records from the vet, he told me that he didn't have time to be doing this. Despite his incompetence, I needed a place for my dogs to stay, so I sent along the information myself and scheduled a meet and greet. Right when I came in with my dogs, another customer and her dogs were leaving and her dogs lunged at mine and started barking. One of my dogs barked back, but they both followed me off to the side and out of the way. Once the other customer walked out, the employee working there (same one I talked to on the phone) asked if my dogs were going to be aggressive like that and lunge at other dogs. I was confused since it was the other dogs that were lunging and barking at mine. He and another employee told me that it was not a good sign and that they were off to a bad start. We then led them to the play area. The employees tried to take both dogs, but my Belgian Malinois/GSD gets very anxious at drop offs and pulls to stay with me. He did not like that. Saying she would be a problem for handlers. But I told him that she's fine once I'm out of sight, which she was and she followed on leash appropriately. While in the play area they brought in another dog to see how the dogs would interact. My Belgian Malinois/GSD was barking up a storm and peering over the wall because she was still anxious that I just left her in a new place. My GSD initially barked at the new dog, but then went and sniffed and greeted the dog. The other employee then came out to me and told me that my dogs were too aggressive, not dog friendly, are too high strung, and showed no indication of playing. She then made an analogy about how you can't just drop a kid off at a playground to release energy, which I responded with, you can't just drop off a kid at a new playground by themselves and expect them to start playing instantly. They said they would not be a good fit, and honestly, I couldn't agree more because I would never want my dog to stay at that place. From the moment I walked into the place, there was zero hospitality and I felt unwanted there. It felt as if they discriminated against larger dogs or so called "aggressive" breeds and had no intention of letting them stay in the first place. I've only been told about how sweet my dogs are and how playful they are and have never had any issues with any Rover, Wag, or boarder. The boarder I went to in Austin would rave about how sweet my Belgian was and how much she would play with her own dog and I was hoping I could find a place as good as that here. I can tell you right now, this place doesn't even come close. The facility itself looked depressing and way too small for how many dogs they said would be staying there. They clearly don't know how to handle/take care of larger dogs as well. UPDATE: Again the owners are being rude in their responses. Any camera footage in that lobby would show the other owner's dogs lunging at my dogs and initiating the barking. They did not want to spend the time and effort to actually evaluate my dogs, most likely because they're labeled as "aggressive" breeds. But hey, two other places were willing to actually spend 20 minutes and a few hours to give my dogs a proper evaluation and all they could say was how sweet and great my dogs were!

Diane Kellogg

2 years ago

Best place for boarding and daycare.!!!! Hands down.

Salem Shmaisani

2 years ago

NOTE: Our dogs have passed 2 temperament tests at two separate pet resorts with flying colors. This place discriminated against us and our dogs from the moment we spoke to them on the phone to book the so-called meet and greet. Other boarding options in the area ACTUALLY perform temperament tests (our last one lasted 3 hours long, and again, they passed), meanwhile this place took our dogs back for 5 minutes and came back saying they had "failed." The point of these reviews is to warn other consumers of poor quality, poor professionalism, and unreliable service. You have completely dismissed my review without even attempting to understand what your business did wrong. Rather, you had a customer of yours post a review attacking my brothers competence and dogs. How is that professional? The attitude your employees have had is completely irresponsible and unprofessional for a business in Colleyville. That’s why you deserve the 1 star ratings. Boarding your dogs here is the true act of an “incompetent owner,” save yourselves and go somewhere else. There are so many boarding options in the DFW area, this place was a last ditch resort because everywhere else was booked.

Melvin Gatson

2 years ago

Great and functioning staff and responsive customer service.

Mckenzie Mayfield

2 years ago

I don’t think I could ask for a better group of people watching my puppy! Do not take the review just below mine into account whatsoever; his dog snapped at my 3 month old German Shorthaired Pointer right when I walked into the door and it scared him to death. I don’t blame the dog, it’s not her fault that she has an incompetent owner that put her in a position that didn’t suit her high anxiety issues. It’s almost comical that he blamed everyone (including a.three month old puppy) but himself for his dog’s behavior and then have the audacity to write a scathing review because his dog failed the temperament review. I couldn’t be more grateful that the staff carefully screens every dog before putting my pup in a potentially dangerous situation!

Courtney Zehnder

2 years ago

We brought our two dogs here over Memorial Day weekend- they did a good job of posting videos and photos during the day. However when we picked up our dogs they reeked on urine and their paws were stained yellow from it. I immediately had to give them both a bath when we got home. We also have a dog with food allergies that can't eat grain. When she has it she get diarrhea, which she came home with so I'm assuming she got someone else food which we mentioned in our intake form. We've been to other boarders and haven't had this happen before. Edit: this was for the two cavaliers. And we won’t be back, you put their health at risk. I’d be more worried about improving facility conditions instead of claiming everyone didn’t have a reservation.

jeff sullivan

3 years ago

Our young puppy was kind of timid and shy around people and other dogs. We thought interacting with other dogs might help and it’s been a huge turnaround. He goes once a week and drags me to the front door he’s so excited to be there and play. The owners have been wonderful to deal with, always offering feedback when we pick him up. Highest recommendation possible.

Dixie Clerkin

3 years ago

My folks had always stayed with our pups but it was time to find a place where our dogs could socialize with other dogs. We are so happy to have found Bridget's. The dogs are happy to be there and a bonus, they give great exit baths that include nails, tails and teeth at a very affordable price.

denise snipes

3 years ago

Wonderful pet care!! I don't take our 14 yr old puppy anywhere else. Christine and Frank love dogs and it shows. Plus all their full time employees have autism.

Candie Smith

3 years ago

We have been boarding our dogs for a few years now at Bridget’s. It is so reassuring to know that they are so well taken care of while we are out of town! Once my dog sees that we are in the parking lot, she starts whining to get out of the …

Kathy Tickle

3 years ago

Super friendly staff. Love all the photos and videos.

Salma Garcia

3 years ago

I never leave reviews but I literally just called this place not even 5 minutes ago inquiring about doggy day care for my puppy. A man answered and let me know requirements and towards end of convo mentioned my puppy needed to be spayed …

Stephanie Machisak

3 years ago

Great place to leave your precious pups, big or small! My dogs were happy and well cared for when I returned home. I loved looking on their Facebook page because they included daily pictures and videos of my dogs during their stay-great for piece of mind. The owners are friendly and professional and I think their business model of employing special needs is wonderful. I think the cost is quite reasonable and pick up and drop off was straightforward. We will be back!

Amber Michelle Mentzel Rothschild

4 years ago

I boarded Cookie here the last time I went to Florida. Although I loved the mutt shack, these guys are an easy switch. For all the helicopter pet parents... they keep us updated by photo thru out the day. We have found our new place!

Angel Gonzalez

4 years ago

Always friendly, affordable, and caring employee owners!

Cathy Morris

4 years ago

Fabulous facility! My dogs love being there and I always know they are well taken care of. Fun to see pictures of my babies on Facebook while we are out of town. Christine, Frank and the other staff members are like family now. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!

Dana Wilson

4 years ago

We absolutely love Bridget’s Pet Resort! Our Golden Retriever, Sugar Bear has been going for a bath and brush out since they opened. I will never take her anywhere else. The personal attention and friendly staff make us all feel welcome, and I know they love on her as much as I do. Have never taken her to daycare or boarded her, but would absolutely take her there if needed. They are amazing!

Devon Petty

4 years ago

Our dog came down with bordetella due to the conditions at this facility. When I asked the gentleman on staff, he stated that many dogs come down with it as a result of staying on site. Please be vary of bringing your animals here.

Floyd Bodine III

4 years ago

Reasonable prices, great staff, Gabi really likes going to doggy day care.

Laura Avalos (Lava124)

4 years ago

We boarded our two dogs at Bridget’s Pet resort over the holidays and again in mid Feb. We were really happy with the care they received. We looked forward to the all the pictures posted on FB throughout each day of the dogs playing and being cuddled- so cute! And Christine also emailed pictures each day as well! We also LOVE the mission of Bridget’s- the owners have an adult son with Autism and want to make sure he and others like him have a future with gainful employment. A win win if you ask me - these pups are very well cared for and get a lot of attention. Highly recommend Bridget’s!!!

Nioka Chisholm Burns

4 years ago

We used Bridgets to board our 1.5 year old medium dog for three nights. Our dog Violet really enjoyed her time here. We got pictures each day of her playing with the other dogs in the yard. This was our first time to board a pet and so we …

Vern Wolfe

4 years ago

As a job skills trainer I've been able to see inside of Bridget's Pet Resort. Strong ethical practices are the hallmark of good businesses. Christine and Frank treat people and pets with genuine love and respect. After witnessing this first hand, I'll bring my own pets to Bridget. So hurry up and get your dog to Bridget's without paws.

William Krohn

4 years ago

We couldn’t be happier that we found Bridget’s! We really appreciate how they post photos of the dogs in the facility on Facebook throughout the day. We can see they are getting individual attention. They recently accommodated us on very short notice for two different AC issues; they went above and beyond to help. Their prices are very reasonable. Again, we are very pleased that we found them!

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