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Breanna Lewellen

2 years ago

I called and asked if they would goom my lady, and they were more than happy to! I'd say about an hour and a half to get her goomed. It was awesome! She looked great and they said she did a good job. They even added bows and I thought that was so precious ????

Kaisha Shepard

2 years ago

Never ever open during hours posted. Probably took that small business loan during covid and left town. Lol didn't need to read the signs, called the other location talked to the same guy who worked at both locations as a back up. Was told the owner was on vacation FYI this was a month ago. I guess the workers on vacation also. Leading me to say probably took the small business loan and took everyone on vacation.4/1/2020 I had to edit my post and put a date .

John De La Rosa

3 years ago

BEWARE OF FLEAS!!!! Have never had a flea problem in over 30 years of owning dogs and now I have to treat my 2 year old dog for fleas. I took my dog in last week to this place because our groomer was booked. First, not impressed with the grooming. Wasn't going to complain, but when I found fleas on my dog, I felt this warning is warranted. This may be an isolated incident but nonetheless, flea problems are a big deal. Clean the place up, please. After response: If you look at the response below, you can tell that customer service is not a core part of their business. Fully aware of how to treat for fleas, adding this feedback was to bring awareness to customers and owner. Hoped that DCG would take responsible actions to prevent this happening to other customers.

Angela Johnson (Appy)

3 years ago

I have been using this groomer for 20 years. Affordable quality service everytime.

Craig Brown

3 years ago

I highly DO NOT recommend this Groomer to perform any services for your pet !!!!! The owner and his staff display less than poor business edict and are very unprofessional with unacceptable behavioral conduct. They do not care about your pet much less do they care to retain your business and that is from the owner Eddie's mouth! They do not have your pets best interest at heart I assure you, so if you think that you are leaving your pet in good hands when you drop them off you better think again because ours was completely traumatized with his experience while under the care of this establishment! I will give no rating for this business because there is no rating low enough to give them!!!! If you have had a bad experience with this business then please publicly post your comments it may be the only way to get the owners attention otherwise he will continue his unacceptable tactics! Well it looks from the owners response to my post he is also a “LIAR” because nothing in his response was the truth because we’ve only used his grooming service but at different locations and it doesn’t seem to matter what location you visit the response and lack of customer service is the same! This man is not trustworthy and he could care less about retaining your business BEWARE!!!!!!!

Daycare Grooming Vlogs

3 years ago

Daycare Grooming is a great place to get you dog groomed, bathed, etc. I would really recommend Ellie Ramirez she made my dog smile walking out of the shop!

Elaine Sloan

3 years ago

The tech was not wearing a mask today. Not going back. She wasn't six feet away when she took the dogs and money. She also said one of our dogs quicks were too long and we needed to take them to the vet to get them trimmed although she trimmed them a little bit. Update: my husband said she asked him to hold the dogs while she clipped their nails with her not masked.

Gary Barrington

3 years ago

I highly suggest coming to daycare grooming, have very good prices, and good quality work, and the only place no appointment needed

Jean Braden

3 years ago

Always happy with there services. My dog is much older now and requires the tender loving care that they provide. I'm very pleased with there services.

Laura Geeslin

3 years ago

My husband and I bring our dog to Ana and have the best experience. We appreciate being able to do walk in services as things happen on the fly in life. We also appreciate the extra care Ana shows to our geriatric pal.

Leon Sloan

3 years ago

Very reasonable prices, clean work area, very nice staff

matthew brodie

3 years ago

She was very friendly and accommodating. My dog usually freaks out when he gets his nails done but she kept him at ease and was done within minutes! Thank you for your help!

Prissilla Natal

3 years ago

Great grooming and service will definitely come back!????❤️

Rhoda Sween

3 years ago

Too long to get into.

Theresa Brown

3 years ago

I cannot breathe I am so upset about how my Whiskey was treated yesterday. I am literally in tears. Not only did they not take care of him they took him from the Cedar park shop to another location in round rock without my permission!!!. Last time I used the Anderson mill location when I picked him up he was very upset so I purposely didn’t take him back there because I don’t know what happened and he acted like he was hit. Mom n law has decent service In past at cedar park. So I took him there at 1130 am yesterday. At 5 I still had not heard from them so I showed up anyway. No one there doors locked. I called and called. I was so worried not knowing If he was in by himself if an emergency or what. I called mom n law because she has so we thought a good relationship with Eddie the owner and got ahold of him, he had no clue of what’s going on. His response was your daughter is a grown women she can deal with it I have 4 locations and have enough to deal with. Finally lady shows up after 45 min her response was I didn’t call you to come. My response was did you leave my dog here all by himself all day. She said no I took him to the other location!? WTH!!! No call to ask permission nothing. No apology. I told her I was very upset whiskey was literally traumatized shaking heart racing. No telling what else they did to him. Her response was well you can pay and leave and not ever come back if you don’t like it. Please please everyone don’t ever take your animals to ANY of their locations. We need to stop this now and keep all animals going there ever!!! If you have any ideas of who I can contact for mistreating animals please tell me!!! Update: 10/4/2020. This owner is not only unprofessional he is a liar. I have tried to talk to them several times and several opportunities to do the right thing. Another forum he said I just didn’t want to pay. He responds to the bad reviews as if he did nothing wrong and tries to make the person reviewing seem like they are the ones doing wrong. He treats his customers like idiots and his animal babies worse. After posting I have had a number of people agree and confirm same. He needs to be stopped. He doesn’t deserve to be in business. He is unfortunately not a nice person at all.

Ζιηho Zii

3 years ago

I called them a day before to know what the process was... “No hassle, no process.” Just come in @8AM before the dogs get there. NO APPTS needed! Dropped off my cat Goose, @8AM got a phone call to pick him up when he was ready. Love this place, love the staff, we will be back! #Goose ????

Alexis Eggleston

4 years ago

I am a former co-worker of Analisa. She is awesome! She has been grooming a loooong time and it's all she knows! Her work is amazing and she's great with dogs. If she comes across a very difficult dog, she is stern but ways with them and will always attempt to work with them but she is NEVER mean or abusive like I've seen at some places. ????

amber green

4 years ago

Only Analisa Rodiquez is the best Groomer there. She treated my baby Brody like her own. He would always be excited to see her. Every groomer we went to he would start shaking but not Analisa she’s the dog whisper!


4 years ago

Shout out to Anna who did such a great job on my exotic shorthair cat!  I had taken my cat to a different groomer and I was very unsatisfied with the result. I called and Anna was able to see my cat immediately. She did a very clean, professional job shaving him. She is very gentle and has a calm presence. My cat was very relaxed with her.

Robert Freeman

4 years ago

It's a great place to take your pets they do a perfect job and they're real friendly

Samuel Hernandez, Jr.

4 years ago

Best pet groomer Ever! Both the man and the woman's! 7 days a week and no appt....well worth the trip...I'm going babies love the woman...shes sweet

Michael Dixon

4 years ago

I've been taking my Schnauzer there for over 4 years. The people are nice but employee turnover seems high. Quality of service has declined. My schnauzer cut is always choppy and uneven and often would find nicks on him. The price to quality is also a concern. After last weeks visit, we will now have to find somewhere else.

Melissa Colón

4 years ago

After calling all groomers in the city for hours, this was the only location willing to take my 9lb poodle for a same day bath. Her groom ended up being cheaper and better than any other she's had before! Highly recommend this fast and friendly groom.

Martha Green

4 years ago

I been going here for years with my yorkie. This place is amazing i never been somewhere, where You can get in without a appointment and they finish your dog with in a hour!!! My baby ty looks so beautiful after leaving everytime i take him!! I highly recommend anyone to this shop!! Even my whole neighborhood brings their dogs here. From me and my neighbors we say thank you daycare grooming for taking care of our pets!!!

Kristi Knight

4 years ago

Great service and care for my dog. Would use them again. Highly recommend.

saul lopez

4 years ago

My wife is the new manager of daycare grooming in cedar park. She is great with pets and has 13 years experience. No appointment needed! She is like the poodle queen I might be biased... Try them out before you pass them up.

kelly volenski

4 years ago

They are very rude! I have been going there for 16 years and the last time I was there they told me one price and when I picked my dog up, they charged me more stating he was aggressive. Also he smelled like they just dipped him in water and I had to remind them to trim his nails. When I asked if he was bathed they just sprayed dog spray on him. I told them he's never been aggressive and he went on and on about how they have cameras everywhere. Yet, he didn't show anything to me! Just 2 months ago when I brought my Lab and Doberman who have been coming there for 8 years he said the same thing. All of the previous times they had never been aggressive per them and this is their new trick. My dog was terrified and pooped as we were trying to leave. He was dragging me out the door. He up charges to MAKE MORE MONEY, IS INCREDIBLY RUDE AND THE WORK IS AWWWFFFUULLL! DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!!STAY AWAY. PETSMART IS WONDERFUL AND MY DOG IS NO LONGER TERRIFIED! AGAIN STAY AWAY!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THEIR LICENSE AWAY!

Kandace Neves

4 years ago

75% of the time we go they're closed during open hours with their open sign on. Just wish we knew when we could go instead of wasting our time.

Kameron Farmer

4 years ago

Just started going here and love it!

Isaac Bennett

4 years ago

I recommend you to take ur pet to this dog groom shop. Tt's the one of the best ones i've ever been going to for most of my life. I take my dogs and pretty bird there.They do great jobs on grooming the pets and im satisfied with what they do. No appointment just bring ur dog in explain what u need done and they call u when its done its faster then the other grooming shops i've been to. They are great groomers and suggest u to go there!

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