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Amanda Bose

2 years ago

I started coming here with my dogs Rocky and Nahla shortly after I moved to TX in 2016. Now I will never be able to go anywhere else. The entire staff is so caring, trustworthy & knowledgeable but our primary Vet, Dr. Mace is amazing & goes …

Michael Whitted

2 years ago

Thank you Dr. exceptional office visit! After 20 years, 4 dogs and 5 vets in Plano, I think we've found our 'forever clinic'. Thanks a million.

Andrew QQ

2 years ago

They just want money. The worst place ever! The workers are rude! Worst customer service. Not good for your pets!

Jefferson Graham

2 years ago

Wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else

Rob Boberts

2 years ago

Pets and pet owners are CUSTOMERS. You are not doing the customers a favor; you are being PAID to do a service. Apparently, they've lost sight of that. Used to be great, maybe it's just the weekend crew that doesn't understand that.

nevaeh gonzales

2 years ago

staff is rude and has no urgency nor care for my pet.

Nasim Mehrabkhani

2 years ago

I was seeking for a new vet. Somewhere I could trust and be honest about my 6 year old furry legged best friend. The last vet I took my dog to treat for fleas ended up attempted to scam me telling me how my dog has a heart murmur. Here at vetsaver, they weren’t kidding about the prices being affordable to give the care my dog deserves. They understand that financially it can be a lot to take care of your four legged friend and give you options. They never push you into paying more. They only want the best for your pet! My 6 year old Maltese/ chihuahua was in dental pain. Dr. Lace did an amazing job taking my worry and my dog’s pain away. His old self has returned with zoomies around the house. I will never go to any other vet except vetsaver. Even if the drive is lengthy!

brianne vincent

2 years ago

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Dr Mace, as well as everybody on staff, are all amazing! They do a great job providing the best care possible! They are the best at easing my mind and making sure my fur babies are just fine when I have to bring them in for anything other than their routine annual exam/vaccine.

brad davis

2 years ago

Thank you all so much for everything. The best.

Ata Gowani

2 years ago

The doctor is very nice and friendly but the technician that helped was incompetent and difficult to work with. I had issues trying to get a simple prescription for the meds instead of the meds themselves since I already had the meds at home. The technician didn’t understand the concept of just providing me with the prescription and not the meds and was very rude. After that interaction the doctor was able to help out and apologized for his behavior.

Andres Barbosa

2 years ago

My first visit with Dr Stillie, and all I can say is that he such a gentle and compassionate person. You can truly tell how passionate and caring he is for what he does.

Heather Hegshetye

2 years ago

I have been going to VetSavers for years and years and have always had good experiences. The reception desk is nice and well-informed. My dog has congestive heart failure so we tend to be there at least a few times each month and Dr. Mace knows us well! They have been able to work us in same day when she has a bad spell with her heart which I cannot appreciate enough. Their prices are great too! I’m so happy I stumbled on this places years ago. Don’t let other reviews sway you - yes they get busy especially on weekends and their later appointment slots - but you will find that your pet receives the best care.

Joanne Kraynick

2 years ago

I'm so incredibly happy I found Vetsavers to take care of our fur babies! Between the doctors, vet techs and front desk staff- I know my pets have the best care available. I appreciate the phone calls to check on them after surgery or teeth cleaning. But what has meant the most to me, has been the sympathy cards you get that the staff signs when you lose them. Thank you team for taking care of us!

Mirna Phillips (US)

2 years ago

I moved from out of state to Carrollton and my 10 year old Chihuaha needed surgery on a small growth on her leg and deep dental cleaning. I must say the service she was provided was excellent and I'm very pleased with the service. They are professional and Vet Dr's were very responsive and helpful and made me feel at ease. Thank you for your service to our four legged family member. Phillips Family

Puru gangwar

2 years ago

I got excellent service. My dog was suffering from eye infection and called Vetsavers for same day appointment. Though I was a new customer but they graciously accommodated the request and provided the walk in appointment. I have to wait for long as they were super busy. But staff was regularly providing update and complete the other formalities and also they provided charges breakup in advance. I found price was reasonable. Also facility is clean and staff is very helpful.

Alaina Fasola

2 years ago

Very Impressed with Vet Savers Carrollton. The last teeth cleaning they did for my dog made her look 3 years younger! Very responsive, affordable, and transparent with cost- called to check on her the next morning. Highly recommend!

Glen Jang

2 years ago

I know this place has so great review and stars in google app. That's why we had decided to viait this place. But I really want to share the experience we had. We had appoint on the time and had spent almost an hour to meet the doctor. Anyway we were not able to meet the doctor and there was any explanation on this delay. I agree the staffs were kind and friendly but they don't have great customer service and were not professional. I respect many people's idea on this place but please think about our poor experience as well.

Janet Dorman

2 years ago

Last year I posted my first experience here, and I returned to VetSavers for the 5-Star reasons I said then and found the staff and doctors still were taking time and care with me and my Lab and Borzoi. They take time to explain every procedure and the cost. They listen and they are thorough. The overall experience is well worth their pricing! I am so glad I found them.

Melanie McKinney

2 years ago

There are no savings! Told that a declaw would be $200 , got there and the total was $499 with all of these test added on… bait and switch. Unethical.

Alex Styer

2 years ago

This is the first vet hospital I had to use . I was a first time pet owner. They accepted my cat Tyrion as a new patient no problem. He had a procedure done here and as a first time pet mom, I was worried about a few things after the procedure. They answered my questions and always called me back answering any questions I had giving me a piece of mind! Unfortunately, my kitty had a short life due to feline leukemia and I had to put him down. They sent a hand written letter to my home sending their condolences. By far the best display of care and customer service I’ve ever seen. Would definitely recommend!

Bradley Chaudoir

2 years ago

This is a nightmare of a facility..the front desk staff is so rude they make you wait so long . Put you on hold forever and are rude to the customers. The asian girl is the worst of them all. If you can find another vet to bring your …

Hiker Doc

2 years ago

Dr Mace and her entire team are fantastic. We have high maintenance rescue dogs and they take great care to make us and our crazy fur babies feel welcome. Highly recommend.

Roy Keenan

2 years ago

Normally dont leave reviews, but this place was horrible. The front desk was very condescending and unprofessional. The girl we were dealing with could care less about my dog or my business. I ended up just leaving and taking my business just down the road to North Texas Emergency Vet Clinic and they were extremely courteous and helpful. Got me in in less than 30 mins and was very appreciative of my business. The staff there was very kind and extremely helpful. Guess thats why they have a higher rating.

Robin Mitchell

2 years ago

This place is so terrible I can't give it any stars. I went to the North Dallas location. The vet was extremely rude. I went for a pre-op visit to get my puppy spayed last week. She turned 6 months old 3 days ago. Their cost for a spay is $149.00, at 6 months, but because they couldn't schedule until this week they boosted the price by $100 because she is now 3 days over 6 months. The vet said that that's the way it was, and if I didn't like the fee increase, I could leave. OK. Whatever. I agreed to still keep my appointment. I didn't feed my pup or let her have water after 8 last night, just as I was instructed. I took my dog in this morning for her surgery. Trixie, the receptionist, was so arrogant and rude. She told me that I didn't pay my deposit at the pre-op visit. They didn't ask me for one! She said it was written in your paperwork. I was so upset about the fee increase at the time, I didn't read the fine print. When I checked out of the pre-op visit they didn't ask me for a deposit, or I would have paid it. There was another couple there this morning also, to get their dog spayed. They were being treated rudely too, by Trixie. That couple asked to speak to the vet. I told Trixie that I wouldn't feel safe leaving a tadpole in their care. I walked out and I will never set foot in that place again. Do NOT entrust these people with your precious furbaby! If they treat us like this, imagine how they treat our babies when we are not there. Terrible vet care.

Rick Abraham

2 years ago

The staff is rude, incompetent and unreliable. Dr. Mace may want to retrain her employees before she loses more loyal customers. I'm moving on to another vet. Good luck.

Mike Sebastian

2 years ago

Dr. Sue Mace is a rare find, extremely knowledgeable and personable. I've taken my puppies to both offices many times and everyone is very caring and knowledgeable.

Michelle Shu

2 years ago

UPDATE - Dr. Mace personally reached out to me to apologize for the situation that happened. I really appreciated her candor and how she instructed her staff how to handle situations like this in the future. I'm willing to give it another shot just because of Dr. Mace. I came to the reviews and am surprised to see so many other customers with the exact same reviews as me. TLDR - they messed up scheduling and didn't have us down for an appointment I made. Then they did not own up to their mistakes that inconvenience their customers. Since this is a recurring issue, you'd think that they would do something to fix it. I requested the front desk figure out what went wrong to prevent it from happening in the future to other customers but they just shrugged off that suggestion which appears to be accurate given that this happens to plenty of others as well. The front desk was rude, did not take responsibility for their mistake, and was just completely unprofessional. I'd expect that when a place of business makes a mistake, they'd at least apologize for the inconvenience and TRY to make their customers feel like they care about having their customers make a trip to their appointment only to be told they can't be seen. Vetsavers says they care deeply about their patients and pet parents but that doesn't seem to be accurate. It's a shame because we really loved the doctor but if you can't get past the front desk then I don't know what we can do.

Anisha Gupta

2 years ago

I am really sad to write this review as my dog has been going to Vetsavers for a little less than 10 years now and we are going to make T's upcoming dental cleaning her last. We love Dr. Mayse. As some of ​the other reviewers have noted, the customer service has gone down hill. By both the other doctors they've hired and the front desk staff. We went in for a pre-op blood work appointment for an upcoming teeth cleaning. The blood work is valid for 60 days, and the doctor informed me that the lab is running behind and they are not sure when to expect the results back. I asked if the 60-day window would be effective when we receive the results then versus the appointment today and the doctor responded by saying, "I am not going to argue with you about a few days." It's not about arguing, but about understanding by when she needs to have the cleaning and what if something unfortunate comes back in her results. In addition, the doctor spent 3 minutes in the room. When we came 1-2 months ago for her annual physical the nurse mentioned we can come back for pre-op blood work (I wanted to do it in the same appointment) because it's $50 regardless of if I get it now or later. Today I was charged $30 for the visit plus $50 for the blood work. The doctor spent less than 3 minutes in the room and gave passive agressive responses to my questions. No thank you. There are many other clinics to choose from. This used to be a great clinic but has really gone downhill in the past few years. The front desk staff is extremely rude and guidance changes depending who you talk to on processes and pricing.

Angelica rodriguez

2 years ago

Dr was too in a hurry to leave the room. Did not care to give alternatives to caring for my dog. Her way was the only way and preferred her technician to explain anything to me. I’m asking questions as the dr is holding on the door to leave the room. I didn’t go to the vet to be hurried out of my apt. She is the reason why dog parents prefer not to make appts. Her main concern was my bill not my concerns.

Hunter Jose

2 years ago

We will never bring our little Havanese’s medical needs elsewhere, period. When it comes to fur baby’s health concerns, Dr. Mace’s medical veterinary approach is world-class! The staff is extraordinary — all are exceptionally professional and kindhearted.

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