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alex p

2 years ago

I boarded my cat at toothacres for five days during the christmas holiday. The staff was very friendly and the price was reasonable, cheaper than I expected. However I was disappointed with the boarding area for the cats. The website gives an impression that your cat will have their own room, specifically a "kitty cottage" and that is what I was expecting once I got there. Instead, he was placed in a much smaller area, a cage specifically with little room. The kitty cottage mentioned on the website is actually a play area that the cats go in for about an hour a day, not something they can stay in for the majority of their stay. I was thankful they get to get out and stretch but I wish I would've known this information prior to boarding. The website felt very misleading and does not show you where they actually stay at.

Angela Angeles

2 years ago

We just picked up the remains of our sweet pup today. I’m so sad because they didn’t send (or do) her pawprint that we requested. I double checked with my vet just to make sure, and the request was on the paperwork. Henry offered me $20 off my bill, but that doesn’t fix this. I would have paid MORE just to make sure we got the pawprint. This isn’t something you can just go back or fix.

Sal Sagastegui

2 years ago

We have been using toothacres since 2016 to care for our Spock while we are away. We have boarded him anywhere from 10-14 days at a time. We like leaving him here because we feel that he is cared for. Staff has always updated us with photos of my pup in a timely manner. It’s the only place we trust with our angel. I appreciate the service that is offered by them.

Erica Derricott

2 years ago

I emailed them with questions about specific urns and the process. They were very helpful. They do such a wonderful presentation of the urn and name plate and paw print. I will definitely recommend them.

Connie Brizendine

2 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about Toothacres! All of the staff is excellent. I boarded my dog Bailey there many, many times and I always felt so secure as the level of care that everyone exhibits is so wonderful. He just went to the Rainbow Bridge and again, Toothacres was there for him with their cremation services. Toothacres provides such exceptional care during a pet’s life and beyond – I highly recommend Toothacres!

Chris Carson

2 years ago

I am grateful that people and businesses like this exist. Top notch service. I have never used the boarding portion but I wouldn’t hesitate to trust them with my babies should the need arise. This is a good place. You can feel it as soon as you turn off Parker Rd. Thank you to the caring staff.

Lillie Fiori

2 years ago

I lost my dog today and I was looking for information on their cremation services. I was having trouble getting through to them and sent an email (it’s Labor Day weekend and I was worried I wouldn’t find someone to help take care of our dog). I’ve attached the email I sent to them and their response to me. Before they responded I tried calling again and the women in the cremation/burial services kept cutting me off and wasn’t kind either. Out of all the places to be treated poorly and without empathy, this is the last place I expected. I think it goes without saying I did not take my companion here, why would they treat her any differently? Regardless of what kind of services you offer as a company/brand, no one deserves to be spoken to like this… especially when you are going through loss.

Teddi Roses

2 years ago

I haven’t received my fur babies ashes back yet, but the amount of professionalism and sympathy I’ve received just in ordering and scheduling our Enoch’s cremation is undeniable! From the moment I called I knew Toothacres was the place I’d choose to give my baby boy his last goodbye!! I will review again once I get his ashes returned which I have no doubt will be perfect. Thank you for helping our family in this Extremely difficult time!

Jordan Evans

2 years ago

We experienced the unexpected death of our young kitty and used Toothacres to have her cremated. I can’t say enough positive things about the experience, their professionalism, and the service during this sad time. Highly recommend!!

Chris Strickland

2 years ago

My beloved Snoopy dog of 17 years passed away yesterday in our house early in the morning. I emailed then and Bryan emailed me back and was just Awesome. And once we arrived the lady at the counter not sure what her name but she was very helpful and took good care of us until Henry came in and talked to us. Henry was so Awesome. I prayed for a place that was good and very affordable and God provided for us. These people are absolutely Angels. This place is so Awesome and I highly Recommend this place to anyone that is looking to cremate their pet or to bury their pet. They have a lovely pet cemetery on site. I can not express how thankful I am for this wonderful staff a truly a God sent. I highly highly recommend this place. God bless y’all. And thank y’all with all of my heart.

Ashley Moseley

2 years ago

I just put my dog down Friday, April 30th. I was able to pickup her ashes and everything ordered by Wednesday, May 5th. I was surprised at how efficient Toothacres is. It probably would’ve been even less time had she passed on a weekday instead of having to wait the weekend for her to be picked up. But regardless, I’m very impressed. I was able to go online to the Toothacres website and search for various mementos and her specific urn. Of which, they already had in stock at their facility. I was able to get her paw print stamped into clay and her urn with her ashes inside. They also went above and beyond and added a pin, a few letters and a Rosemary candle. Just to show how they were thinking of my pet and also myself in getting to honor her after her passing. All it took was a single phone call, and they answered very quickly. I called and said she was at the colony animal shelter and that she needed to be picked up from there and cremated. Very professional. Verified details over the phone and made all of the arrangements. It couldn’t have been any easier. Thank you Toothacres, for taking pride in your work and taking care of my fur baby of 13 years. You have a forever customer here and I will recommend your company to my family and friends.


2 years ago

Two dogs three day stay $126, tried to use the $10 Facebook "Like" discount but was denied due to the discount was applied many years earlier. There is no onetime use disclaimer posted on the special. Both the managers and even the owner were unyielding. Business must be good that they are willing to lose a repeat customer for $10

Thelma Zepeda

2 years ago

Their customer service was excellent. My pet was returned the day it was promised and their presentation was perfect. They did a great job with packing. The poem, notes, and card was so cute. Totally recommend them.

Carol L. Allen

3 years ago

Awesome Tags! Tags never wear down even after years of use. Always fast shipping and friendly service.


3 years ago

I'm not sure why this place has gotten some bad reviews because my experience was everything but bad. The only issue I had was our GPS led us in the wrong direction and we didn't realize we needed to make a U-turn from where we were coming …

Daniel Noble

3 years ago

Prepaid for 2 plots for my chihuahuas. was treated real good. they made the process smooth and painless. …

Danyel De Groot

3 years ago

we took our beloved 18yo cat here for cremation after his passing.. they handled everything so well; there are some very kind people working at toothacres. from saying our last goodbyes to the matter of bringing him back home, the folks at …

gilbert soto

3 years ago

They understand the loss of ones' family pets

Jacki Byrd

3 years ago

We used their cemetery services. They were very helpful and compassionate. Highly recommend them. The options available are quite varied and beautiful.

Janet Knapp

3 years ago

Our precious bulldog Winnie was 12 when she passed away. We decided to have her cremated. Our vet used Toothacres and I could not be more pleased. Upon return she was in a beautiful bag. In the bag was a death certificate, candle, pin. How to deal with your pets death, a rosemary candle. A wonderful velvet bag that say until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, a beautiful cedar box with her name and her remains inside. When my mother in law passed she was handed to us in a cardboard box with her name. Toothacres is an absolute pro. Our youngest grandson took it very hard and the dignity given to Winnie eased his heart. Thank you again

Jennings Gastineau

3 years ago

I recently lost my souldog, the vet I use had a cremation service that was not Toothacres. The urn they provided was beautiful but the plaque that went on top was very in personable, it did my baby no justice. My friends referred each …

Jill Baker

3 years ago

I like Toothacres but, when I picked up my dogs they were really dirty. I just don’t think that’s necessary. Their bedding was wet as well and who knows how long their bedding has been wet. They also did not have their bedding, it was …

Kaci Carmony

3 years ago

They were so understanding, took good care of us & our baby Buddy

Sean Murphy

3 years ago

The staff is very nice and professional. The care of all the dogs was great. The up keep of the location and the cameras to make sure everything is secure was the best to know I don't need to worry about anything. The value for what you …

Shannon Walden

3 years ago

I was sincerely touched by the service provided here. The sweet engraved box that my Ozzy came back in, the remembrance candle, his paw print, a certificate, and a pin! I can’t forget the engraved bag his beautiful box sat in. My heart is …

Joyce Ling

4 years ago

Honestly, I have no complaints! The affordable price was well worth it and my pup came back a different dog. I …

Alice Sanchez

4 years ago

This is where I entrust my fur baby when we go on vacation. The kennels are clean. And she always looks happy when I do a Skype call. Very affordable and a family owned.

Joy Coder

4 years ago

My husband & I had our cat, Rufus, put down last Monday due to health issues at our veterinary office. This is where they sent our precious fur baby to be cremated & we got the ashes back today. We were both blown away by the beautiful box …

Kukus Pavetti

4 years ago

They were amazing. They treated our dog with so much respect and dealing with our pain. They made the process fast and simple. If you ever have to have your dog cremated, I would highly recommend them.

Lord Michael Nolan

4 years ago

My Blue Russian cat (Mr. Blue) came here to get cremated on 6-26-2019. Mr. Blue came back to me, today 7-1-2019. They gave me back the ashes of Mr. Blue with a candle, a heart shaped lapel pin, and other items. I am thank for for the people who helped me in this.

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