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Craig Stevens

2 years ago

I live walking distance from Banfield, so when my dog was injured wuth a laceration on his leg I tried taking him there. I was told not to bother brining him because it was 15 minutes til 6. I explained that he was in pain and only 4 minutes away but again was turned away & told to make the 40 minute drive in rush hour traffic to an urgent care facility. When i expressed my disappointment and said i would neither use nor recommend their services, the response i got was quote, "OK, sounds good." Then just hung up. Worst example of apathy I've ever seen from a place that claims to care about animals. All i can say is don't bring your pet here. Find a vet that cares.


2 years ago

Dr. Horton was sub-par, to say the least. I am very unhappy with her "care." The girls at the front were great. I have no problems at all with them. Dr. Horton is another story. Let me start from the beginning. I rescued a retriever about 3 years ago. She was almost 12 years old at the time. I had taken her to Banfield back in IL and they had advised me that she has tooth issues and needs multiple root canals/teeth pulled. I had discussed this with the foster mother and the rescue and we had all decided that it was probably best if I did not have her undergo that dental work due to her age, her history of heart worms and erlichia (now all resolved), and due to what has to be done for these procedures (break the dog's jaw). We decided that I would just monitor her for pain and go from there. At the time, she had no symptoms from the teeth issue. One reason we had come to see Dr. Horton was to see what we could do about this (other than surgery) since her gums now seem itchy. I will come back to this. Fast forward 2 years and she started having (unrelated) fainting episodes. I took her to Dr. Yu at Banfield in Frisco (go see him. He is the BOMB). He recommended that we go see internal medicine for a consult. We saw Dr. Roberts at MedVet in Dallas (I think) and she told us that my dog likely had pulmonary hypertension but we could not know 100% unless we did testing, which would cost hundreds more (the consult alone was $600). I said that I trusted her judgment and she placed my dog on sildenafil to treat pulmonary hypertension. My dog has been on this for a while now and, in addition to a low-sodium diet, she has been doing great! My understanding was that we were to just follow up and continue receiving the sildenafil through Banfield. Dr. Yu is always booked up because he is super amazing, so we have just been going to multiple locations based on openings. So, the other reason we were at this location was to get a refill on the sildenafil. I've had no problems getting refills on the sildenafil through Banfield UNTIL DR HORTON. She refused to refill it, saying that there was no proof that my dog has pulmonary hypertension. I am thinking this is a personal vendetta she may have for Dr. Roberts. Or Dr. Horton just woke up wanting to make someone's life miserable today. Back to the teeth- Dr. Horton refused to do anything about her teeth, insinuating that I was neglecting my dog for not having her teeth pulled. She said our only option was to see a specialist for her sildenafil and for her teeth. came to work today to do... nothing? She refused to do anything, so we left. I will never return to this location.

Roxana Velázquez

2 years ago

If you want to use an online pharmacy, because the prices are a lot better (3 times cheaper for the med my dog needed), they will delay the request approval to make you to buy the med with them. I went yesterday for the first time, and even though I called them 3 times to get the prescription, and they assured me that will do it before the end of the day, that never happened. Then I called them this morning, they couldn’t find the fax with the approval request (they were able to find it yesterday), then my online pharmacy called them and they said they need the vet’s signature and she was not there today. I went to the clinic to see what was going on, they told me that I had 2 options, to wait 2 days for the vet to get the signature or buy the med with them and I would get it ASAP. I’m so MAD… I’m not taking my dog there anymore

Lorna Silva

2 years ago

NOT A GOOD 1ST TIME IMPRESSION! First time appointment with this office, normally I was going to the Plano Pkwy but since we moved over by this office thought I would give it a try. I took my Bella (the pug) in for her appointment for comprehensive which is included in my Banfield plan 85.57 a month. Everything went fine up to the point when it was time to pick her up. Doctor Martin called and left a message, I called back spoke to Dr Martin about Bella's exam & told me 133 for Bella's whole visit without the injection which would have been 199, said ok skip injection & just the rest for the 133 that she told me this 3x. I went to pick up Bella my pug remember, & the receptionist Arlene told me that it was 162.52, told her no Dr. Martin said it was 133. This went on for a minute back & forth. Arlene goes & talk to Dr Martin & came back saying Dr Martin said I misunderstood it was going to be 230. Well that was a lie & I told Arlene, that dr Martin is lying, verified with her on the phone and I DIDN'T misunderstand her, 3x she said 133. Doctor Martin who NEVER came out to introduce herself at all being it was our 1st time. I said she is lying & I'll go ahead & pay the 162.51 & Arlene brought out a LABADOODLE!! NOT MY DOG!! they had the wrong info up, not my dog. The other receptionist Lexie pulled up the correct info & it was for the 133. So basically I called the doctor a liar but actually she was telling the truth for the other dog, the receptionist had the wrong info up. Told the lady that came in, they almost gave me her dog. Not a professional office. Don't get me wrong the young ladies were very sweet but they need to verify the information of what they're looking at is correct & I hope Arlene is OK for the metal piece of the building fell on her head. Very unprofessional, disorganized & apparently the office building is falling apart onto the receptionist head!! This happened after the wrong info incident. I do want to say Thanks Lexie for straightening everything out. Arlene, hope you are better and please for other pet parents make sure you have right info up. Word of advise to the other pet parents, make sure you ARE BEING CHARGED FOR YOUR PET and get your pet not someone else's. BAD IMPRESSION FOR 1ST VISIT, you guessed it, going back to Plano Park office, back to Dr Loren Mendoza, Great Vet and came out to introduce herself and go over things and this was during the worst of the pandemic!! And to think Plano office is busier than this little office. Lorna Silva

Carissa Shilling

2 years ago

Always taking care of Charlotte. Can’t complain

Lauren Choe

2 years ago

Dr.Martin and tech Lexi maggie are the best

Chanz Mel

2 years ago

Always good with my pet.

Steven Nasrallah

2 years ago

The best staff and doctors. Dr Bell, Dr Martin, and the staff her are fantastic

Heather Nasrallah

2 years ago

I have been coming her for years, my Yorkie loves Dr bell and dr Martin and their team, my girl is getting older and I really trust them. My dog is a happy and healthy girl because of them.

Bobbie “Peachaleeen” Gaines

3 years ago

I brought my dad's dog , Chocolate here, they took great care of her and the services are affordable. I love people who love animals, and they are so caring. I totally recommend this place.

Kenneth Nelson

3 years ago

Very professional staff. Brought my pup in for his yearly check up and vaccines and they got him in and out within a half hr. Brought him back today because of swollen eyes and face and they were able to get him in immediately and treated. Staff was courteous and flexible in getting us slid into a busy schedule. Definitely recommend.

Seo Yun Bang

3 years ago

Super friendly receptionists and the vet was very helpful in answering my questions about my cat. I just recommend making appointments early since it seems that they're very popular and busy.

Gregg Gassiott

3 years ago

Very thoughtful and gentle to our puppy!

Corrie Bober

3 years ago

Dr. Bell has been absolutely amazing with my dog, Parker. They love on him like he is their own. I have been able to call multiple mornings for immediate appointments and they’ve fit him in no problem. I have no doubt he gets the best care.

Jason Min

3 years ago

Went to the wrong banfield by accident and when I tried to call to the correct one on Josey Rd, tried to explain my situation (went to the wrong banfield and can be there within 10 mins) I was promptly told that they have a rule that my appointment time is only good until 10 mins after and if I cannot make it by that time, my appointment will be cancelled. No grace for mistakes. No mercy for people during hard times like this. They don't care. I'll never go to another banfield.

Karla Gonzales

3 years ago

My dog Lucky and I received great service at this Bainfield location.

Kathy Calame

3 years ago

I go to the Banfield vet at josey and Hebron in the Tom Thumb center. There are two female vets there who are very knowledgeable and professional! I took my dog, Teddy about a month ago with a knee injury of the back right. They were very thorough. Teddy had an ex r ay of his knee to see if there was any fracture. Dr determined he had a torn ACL! The vet gave him some pain medication to take at home. He was to be on bedrest for 4 weeks. It has been tough though. He has a check next week! Both my dogs are on the wellness plan which is great! Try it!

Lisa Carter

3 years ago

I really love Banfield because they always treat my dog, Bodhi like the King that he is!! Thank you!!

Nikole Woodruff

3 years ago

They are amazing. The staff is attentive and Dr. Bell is by far the best vet we have ever had from Banfield.

Jennifer Stonebarger

3 years ago

I visited there today ..3 visits total here so far...and something happened to my cat on his last visit ...because when I took him in today ..he freaked out and acted totally not himself hissing..growling..(Of course because of Covid I can't watch and be with my pet while he is being checked out)...and then I overheard one of the ladies talking bad about me when I walked in!! I knew was about me because I just got off the phone with them and walked in and she was talking about me while with with my cat and other ladies!!.....Seems to me they just want your money asking me to do all these things really unnecessary... Even before I went in today they were supposed to call me back days ago..about his ear problem and never went in today got VERY BAD SERVICE...won't be back !! BEWARE.

Cheryl Keegan

3 years ago

When you have the fortunate opportunity to walk in and be greeted by Greg Brown you know you are in for a heart warming experience. His personality is cheerful and welcoming and he's always kind and helpful when you need assistance. My dogs are not very social and Greg jumped to my aide to shield my dogs from two anxious dogs coming out from their appointment.

Chace Hawkins

3 years ago

Just thought it would come post a good review on here since I’ve continually had a really good experience with this location for the last few months. They are always super helpful and aren’t nearly as busy as the Plano location. I have started bringing my dogs here instead and I’m glad I made the switch.

Caleb M

3 years ago

Accompanied a friend as they were getting their cat examined as well as shots and medical records sorted out for travel. We were in and out in less than an hour and the vets on site were very gentle with what's usually a fickle cat.

Brent Hickman

3 years ago

Great vets for our cat and dog. Very personable and knowledgeable

Rich Bitch

3 years ago

Dr bell is 5 star

Scott Reeves

3 years ago

We called Banfield when our dog was very ill just minutes before their closing time. Despite our living only a few minutes away, their best recommendation was to find a Banfield with longer hours. (She died the next day, by the way.) Previous visits to their Carrollton location (Josey and Hebron) were equally negative, with a stubborn vet who seemed hell bent on generating as many procedure fees as possible. I'll never use Banfield again.

Sean McGregor

3 years ago

Banfield is not open and upfront about the actual terms of service. The plans are sold as paying month-to-month. In reality, the plans are a full 12 months and if your pet dies early in the year YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for the rest of the plan. I called their corporate office and they essentially said "Tough luck. Feel free to read the terms of service on our website." It's a shame because their vets are decent, but this is shady business. I feel deceived and scammed.

Troy Dye

3 years ago

We brought our dog to this location for years and felt that we always received good care. That dog passed in May, and my daughter got a rescue puppy a week a ago. This morning, we saw a small amount of blood in the new dog's stool, so I called the office to ask if we should watch it or bring her in. The person on the phone was only concerned with telling me that they were booked today and couldn't get it in until Tuesday at the earliest, but she wasn't interested in helping me get information about what to watch for, etc. Very disappointed in my experience today.

Verdina Cox

3 years ago

This bet hospital was great, clean and staff was very friendly

christie g

3 years ago

Our cat had an injury and the first office we called wasn't accepting new patients due to COVID. Luckily, we called Banfield. Their staff was so friendly, they got us in promptly, affordable service, and they took great such great care of Cali. I was very impressed! We'll be back for sure!

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