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Malorie Fabian

2 years ago

This place is horrible. You could hear the guy in the back yelling and cursing. My dogs nails are sharp and everything we asked them not to do they did. I definitely would not take her to this place again.

Chris Osborn

2 years ago

they were very good in experienced with my dogs I took care of them good

Rose Perez

2 years ago

I have been going with them since my Chihuahua was 1 year now she is 19 years and my other doggy pit bull is now going there , very awesome and patients even the previous owners were fantastic!

Claudia Miranda

2 years ago

My parents took their schnauzer to this place for the first time. When my mom sent me pictures of the groom, I though it was a joke. They obviously don’t have the skills to groom. Maybe they just don’t care. The Mohawk didn’t got trim. You can tell, they didn’t bother to trim his face. There’s to much hair on the sides for a schnauzer. The fringe is way to high. They chopped off his beard.His legs had tangles. There was hair under his tail. Couldn’t even get the sanitary clean. I’m a professional dog stylist. I don’t live close enough to groom their dog. I can’t believe how unprofessional. To send him home like that? If they don’t know how to groom a schnauzer they could of just said that. If he was difficult they could of just called to let them know. If it was a new stylist, someone experienced should of checked that work. I just hope that he wasn’t abused. I’ve read some of the other stories and it breaks my heart. Honestly I’m surprised they have any business at all. First two pictures are from the terrible job. The last one is what he normally looks like.

Saira Castillo

2 years ago

does not deserve a star at all! this place is horrible, the people are rude. my schnauzer is TRAUMATIZED. we picked him up with a NOSE BLEED. they claim it’s form stress but he’s a VERY hyper dog, don’t you think his nose would have bleed from those blood rushes already?? we know they hit my baby. to top it off, my mother asked for an explanation, she did not point fingers but they were getting defensive, she was not accusing them. guilty conscious??? anyway, do not bring your dogs here please. horrible people.

Gilbert Casas

2 years ago

Dogs came out peaceful and had no issues

Martin Barragan

2 years ago

Bad service and abusive groomers

Grace Ramos

2 years ago

I am not a customer but the reviews are enough. Too many “accidents” are happening with this place. And the reply’s from the staff are very unprofessional.

Samuel Castro

2 years ago

New "management" seems ghetto and under qualified.

Roxanna Ramirez

2 years ago

The woman in the front is very nice and gives cool vibes, they leave my pup looking fresh and fancy✨ the price is good but i dont like how my pup comes out scared and quiet and not energetic. The woman didnt let me go see inside bc she said she didnt have a license to let customers go in but when i came here to read the reviews someone has said something about going in to see, sus but ok.

Rebecca Betancourt

2 years ago

First and last time I bring my dog here. Under my dogs neck is super red and tender skin. As soon as we got home she threw up all over the place. It looked like she’d been fed wet dog food, and alot of it. 20 minutes later and she’s still throwing up. I don’t feed my dog until night, so I know it couldn’t have been anything she ate at home. I also don’t feed my dog wet food. Do NOT bring your pets here.

Melissa Lara

2 years ago

This place is brutal and does not deserve a collective review of 3.5. I took my 3 to 4 month old puppy here for his first grooming experience and he came back home with bleeding around his pupils which only got progressively worse until I got him some treatment. As our first grooming experience, I brushed it off as hair getting in his eye or thinking he was crying a lot because he had never been without us, but months later (recently), I was scrolling through Facebook and saw several posts regarding this grooming place with many people reporting the same issues I had. If you love your dog I would suggest looking for a better place. Additionally, they put bows on him and gave him a female haircut when he is very evidently male. In the pictures I’ve provided you can see his haircut and in the last picture you can kinda see where the bleeding in his eyes was starting. I wish I could’ve gotten a better picture. You can find more reviews on Facebook and pictures of other dogs that have had bad experiences as well as claims of people saying the groomers choke or abuse the dogs.

Lucia Rodriguez

2 years ago

Love the service my puppies come out looking and smelling great every time the staff is very friendly and make my puppies feel welcome every time

Lulu Villanuevs

2 years ago

Great service , Great customer service. Bingo always looks handsome. Thank you ,All Breed

marimar garcia

2 years ago

Best place to take your pups , very affordable , great service , and great grooming .


2 years ago

Great job , Took in my recue Husky in bad condition and got it back nice and clean, Will go back anytime, Service 100%

Janie D.

2 years ago

My daughter told me that she saw a man shaving a dog and that the small dog simply moved its shoulder and this worker hit the dog with the shaver. I was talking to the lady about my dog’s shave. I didn’t see it. I just remember the door where they have the dogs was immediately slammed shut when I was paying. As per my daughter, when the worker saw that my daughter saw this, he looked panic and he quickly asked another worker to quickly close the door. As per my daughter, she could tell the hit to the head for the dog was painful and that the dog made a crying sound and looked extremely sad. The puppy was “cute and like white- flurry”, small/medium size (as per my 11 old daughter). This happened on 5/15/2021, a little before 4pm, around 3:40 pm. All this time I was paying. I only wish my daughter had told me this during the moment it occurred, but she told me when we were driving home. She said she was afraid to point it out when we were there. My dog had been here like 5 months ago, and when he arrived for this second visit, he looked so fearful and he was literally shaking. I pointed it out to the ladies of this place, and I told them that he went to another groomer last month and he didn’t reacted this way. Don’t know if my dog was fearful cause he remembered this place or he’s just becoming fearful of all groomers. But at the last groomers, he didn’t reacted this way. Like I said, my daughter witnessed this not me but why would my daughter lie and she was very specific and descriptive on the workers and their actions.

Trinit Brown

2 years ago

My dog came back with a cut that they tried to cover up with a bandana!! This is the worst place I’ve ever taken my dog for a grooming!

Pam G

2 years ago

Horrible service, professional at first but very inexperienced and no responsibility whatsoever. This is coming from my mom (professional dog trainer). My dog is old and has (had) a couple of little bumps possibly pimples. Came to pick her up and she seemed uncomfortable when I carried her. After further inspection, they literally did not mind it and went over them causing them to start bleeding. At first, I was okay with it but after looking for more, my dog literally had bleeding spots all over her. If your going to work with pets at least pay attention to details like those, you are responsible for our pets and this is horrible.

Beto Reyes

2 years ago

Great Service! the oldest and most experienced grooming salon in Brownsville. Kind care for your pets! Highly recommended!

Black demon King0

2 years ago

They did such a amazing job on my cocker spaniels ???? coming again

Cruz Mendoza

2 years ago

Favorite spot in the valley for my babies!! They always take great care of my 4 little crazy ones and I pick them up smelling good, they’re happy, and always ready to go back again! Thank you for making them look GREAT! Staff is always friendly, timely, and detailed

Disnie Rodriguez

2 years ago

Terrible experience. Customer service was good when I went in however when I picked up my pet he was cut up everywhere. His paws are bleeding and they didn’t even tell me. They put a bandana on his neck to cover up a three inch cut and he has cuts all over his body. He has gotten several haircuts before and this has never happened. DO NOT take your pets here!

Eric Miller

2 years ago

Very specifically asked to receive a trim of my dogs long hair and specified NOT to shave. Upon pick up hair was shaved anyways. Asked for deshedding and their is noticeable old hair patches still, looks like they didn't even brush her out. I went home and ran a brush over her and TONs of hair still falling out. Very very disappointed in lack of ability to follow very reasonable and specific requests it's like they nodded and smiled and then just did what ever they wanted. Oh and what they did do, still not high quality. Will not be returning and would recommend petsmart over this service Pros It was cheap They offered to take her back at no cost but I won't let them near my dog again

Luis Flores

2 years ago

Great service and clean place

Jorge Carrizales

2 years ago

Staff very friendly and most important they take care of my 'babies'

Lalo Gonzalez

2 years ago

I take Toby here all the time and have never had an issue, to this date. The lady at the front desk is always so kind and welcoming and makes you feel comfortable leaving your puppers with them. Toby always comes out happy and looking clean and fresh. I will continue to support this business

Rudy Gomez

2 years ago

Great service and pricing. My boy always smells great and looks so handsome afterwards :)

Raul Porras

2 years ago

If your doggies need a good grooming this is the spot! Great prices and great job! FYI the dog fragrance they use smells sooo good!!!

Nilda Campbell

2 years ago

Well we finally found a place to take our babies to get eveything done. This place is great and they are very nice and it's cheap. It takes a little long but great service and it's worth the wait. They are booked because of everyone takes them here.

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