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Albert Onofre

2 years ago

Excellent services, friendly and caring staff, extremely knowledge, very safe environment

Melissa Garcia

2 years ago

They are super friendly and answer all my urstions dispute if they seem silly. I am a first time dog owner this is a pretty awesome / trustworthy clinic.

Alice King

2 years ago

We were on a sad mission this trip. The staff were wonderful and very caring to us and our cat. Today we received a sympathy card from them and throughly appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Brent Borgstedte

2 years ago

Dr. Huddleston and his staff are excellent.

Eureka Bishop (Thereazonusmile)

3 years ago

The entire staff here is amazing. Totally worth the drive from California ????

J Aucoin

3 years ago

It is also a German shepherd rescue save a pet that is why I went there to adopt a dog great place

Naomi D'Amours

3 years ago

Best bet yet! Dr. Huddleston and his team work quickly, are knowledgeable, and care about what they do. They keep providing consistent care, time after time. Thank you for serving our community!

Julia Cope

3 years ago

Staff and doctors truly care about your pets and how to keep them healthy. Superior care and patient during my million questions.

Jay Dee

3 years ago

Dr. Huddleston and staff are amazing! I’ve been bringing my dogs here since I moved to Texas! I even moved to the other side of town and continue to take my animals to this office! Dr. H is a compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarian. He’s even helped with a free of my rescues. Highly recommend.

Grace LeDonneRoy

3 years ago

The doctor and staff are incredibly nice and knowledgeable. They saved our puppy's life and made sure the other dogs were alright as well. I will continue to take my Lil fur family to see them ! Highly recommend this facility!!!

Felisa Mari

3 years ago

The Vet cares so much about the animals. It is heartwarming and trustworthy

Colleen Eaddy

3 years ago

Our rescue puppy, Deirdre with Megaesophagus had life-saving PRAA (persistent right aortic arch) surgery on 8/3/2020 and we are very pleased with the outcome! We are very grateful to Dr Huddleston and his staff of AWESOME pet lovers at Westheimer Animal Clinic in Bellaire (Houston), TX. We appreciate so much their professionalism, loving care and concern, compassion and affordability they offer. We highly recommend them for even the most challenging pet difficulties that arise!

Charlotte Carter

3 years ago

One of Red Collar foster moms took back one of the dogs that my friend had adopted from them, and this ver just let them!!! She suggested my friend take her dog to their vet for a skin problem. Apparently, he had some condition that was going to be a chronic and expensive problem, so that foster just went and picked up my friend's dog without even asking after this vet notified her. The owner of Red Collar offered my friend no support and that foster mom made no apologies. My friend's husband is in assisted living with Alzheimers and is essentially lost to him. She has no living family, no kids, and she has had a really rough go in life until she met her husband 25 years ago, and now he is sick. She basically has hardly anybody and is even more isolated now due to Covid. THAT DOG WAS HER LIFELINE!!! She had to check herself into treatment after this happened as she was thinking about suicide after they took her dog. So wrong what they did to her. I just met her a year ago at our church, and I am doing the best I can to be a supportive friend to her, but that was a blow nobody could fix. Shame on Red Collar and shame on this vet, Westheimer Animal Clinic. She even called the police and showed them a copy of the check that she paid for the dog, and they just told her to file a small claim against them. I can't believe they didn't even give her money back to at least go towards another dog. Of course, she was in a treatment center fighting to find a reason to live at that point. I hope karma bites all of these people in the butt!!!!


3 years ago

I'm so thankful to have found such a caring and empathetic Vet. Dr. Huddleston has helped my Australian Shepherd, Murph, manage a very scary episode of seizures. He was absolutely reliable when the first seizure happened and we were lucky to get a same day appointment for evaluation. As a provider he helps lay out a very clear treatment plan and answers any questions you may have. My dog is generally anxious at veterinarian offices, but the entire staff was understanding and accommodating. We love Westheimer Animal Clinic!!

Betty Van

3 years ago

Excellent vet! We adopted a dog recently that's 8-years old and wanted to have someone close by if we encounter any problems. He explained heartworm meds and treatment as well as offered us a number that we can call in emergencies. Gage, our 8-year-old Aussie, is definitely in good hands.

ASVT Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas

3 years ago

DR. HUDDLESTON AND HIS STAFF SAVED OUR RESCUE PUPPY, TUFFY, WHO HAD DISTEMPER. Dr. Huddleston has a distemper serum which , if injected early enough, can stop the progress of distemper. Unfortunately Tuffy did not receive the serum soon enough and developed the neurological symptoms of the disease; he has uncontrollable tremors that prevent him from resting or sleeping comfortably. Dr. Huddleston performed a total of two spinal taps, injecting the distemper serum directly into the spinal cord. The result has been amazing! Tuffy still has tremors but the severity of them is so much less. He doesn't realize there's anything wrong with him, he's just a puppy who wants to play all day. Distemper is an awful disease BUT, if caught early enough, can be treated. Call Dr. Huddleston as quickly as possible to begin the distemper serum treatment.

Shannon Paradine

3 years ago

I’d like to give them 10 stars. They saved our rescue pup from distemper. The staff is amazing!

Space City Society

3 years ago

This was the 4th doctor I took my dog to after he was repeatedly diagnosed with a grade 3 sprain on his back left leg. But it never felt right as medication did nothing for months. I came across Dr. Huddleston on Google and based on the great reviews I scheduled an appointment. He guessed in the first 5 minutes that it was an ACL tear, and confirmed it later that day with X-rays and a plate test. Surgery was scheduled for a couple days later. After months of not walking on his back legs, and after losing a lot of muscle mass, he was walking on both legs the first week after surgery. And has steadily improved now just a month after surgery. Dr. Huddleston gave me my dog back. His knowledge & professionalism is everything you hope for. Rocky & I thank you very much! To Dr. Huddleston & the whole team! Who all really seem like they enjoy being there to help make your furry loved ones all better.

Ujyalo Productions

3 years ago

I was a regular customer for 3 years n booked an appointment for Thursday at 2:30 pm! I called them back next day n asked if i can come at 3:30 n the lady who picked up the phone said yes, so i went there. When i was waiting outside, the lady nurse came at me screaming calling me Sir ( as if i m annoying) there is no appointment at 3:30, u had appointment at 2:30 this n that. I explained her that i have talked with the receptionist n changed the time but she won’t hesitate to go inside n make sure, rather telling me to call n schedule another appointment. How is that my fault when her receptionist told me i can come at 3:30 n i did. I m always busy n wasting someone’s important time like that is ridiculous.

Andrew hastings

4 years ago

Dr. Huddleston works miracles! He performed orthoscopic surgery on my miniature dachshund when he was less than 4 months old. Ozzy decided to eat a Christmas ornament and it pierced through his intestine and liver....Ozzy is now 16 years old and still kickin!

b Wood

4 years ago


Dani L

4 years ago

Dr. Huddleston is the best vet in Houston and I’m very pleased with the grooming too! I don't have enough word to describe how much I admire Dr. Huddleston, he treated one of my fosters that had distemper and he developed the vaccine for it! It won't work with all dogs but if you see the signs of this terrible disease on your dog he is the vet you need to see! He has incredible knowledge and experience!


4 years ago

Dr.Huddleston saved my dogs life. He did what my other vet claimed was the impossible. My 3 month old puppy was diagnosed with distemper days within her adoption day. I took her to my vet and she told me there was NOTHING to be done, and there was absolutely no cure. I did some research and found Dr.Huddleston practiced this unorthodox method. Dr. Huddleston assured me that with the serum my dog would survive. He told me he was sure she would have an 85% survival rate. He gave my dog her first shot of the serum and I took the rest home and administered them myself every 12 hours or so. He also gave me a prescription for some pills for her; he actually told me to pick them up at the Walmart pharmacy seeing as it was more cost effective to get them there, than from any vet. The total cost for everything was less than $100. They truly care about your pets well being here and it shows. My dog is now one and is healthy as good be. Take your dog here. There is hope here.

Jessica Morrow

4 years ago

The entire staff is exceptionally kind and courteous, and especially Dr. Huddleston. They all truly care about each and every patient. I have complete confidence in their work, and am so very grateful for all they've done for us.

Kari Alvarez

4 years ago

Dr Huddleson cares so much for all of his patients. The ladies at the front desk are super sweet! Love this place. .


4 years ago

So many lovely people here, especially Dr. Huddleston, he cares so much about his patients. He treated my puppy for distemper and his chances are good right now, I'm hopeful. They understand what pets mean to us, and truthfully I will only take my pets here from now on.

Natalie Natalya

4 years ago

I was taking my German Shepherd dog for 2 years to this animal clinic. Dr. Huddleston is the best! Great vet, great people, love them!

Sarp B

4 years ago

I wish i could give this place more stars. My dog was diagnosed with distemper and was told there are no option, and because of Dr. Huddleston, I have my dog back. The staff is incredible, they are always incredibly kind to me and my dog.

Thomas Ebers

4 years ago

Dr. Huddleston is our favorite. Very compassionate and knowledgable.

Vaira Fox

4 years ago

The grooming department is amazing, the veterinary staff are devoted and accommodating, and the boarding department have always taken such good care of my dog that he actually looks forward to going into boarding~! Dr Huddleston LITERALLY saved my dog’s life and made it look easy. I cannot recommend this vet clinic enough ~!

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