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Bekah Rollins

a year ago

Very thorough with my baby. Explained what was going on and how she was reacting every step of the way. My sweet pup is back to her normal self ????

Serena Henning

a year ago

They are sweet people. Took the time to scan a stray we found for a micro chip.

Chris Trahan

a year ago

A bit high but, Well worth it when u have emergency nice and friendly ???? ????

Diana Oconnell

a year ago

What a loving place. Had an emergency and the nurse Vet and technicians were so kind and my pet was treated with love and care. God bless them all

Jayden Behling

a year ago

Very communicative and caring! We took in our sick puppy and got testing that was later confirmed by our actual vet. The pricing was fair, and the faculty members were absolutely amazing.

Robert Calhoun

a year ago

Dr. Catalina Thurston saved my little dog’s life last night. They were fantastically busy and the Good Doctor handled the problem perfectly. That DVM saved two other dogs with potentiall mortal wounds/infection at the same time.. several other people came in as well. Well done! From an old human ER nurse.. Cannot be done any better! Top Dog.. Best of the Best!

Cathy O'Neal

a year ago

Prompt, professional, and they took time with both me and my dog.

Jessica Tompkins

a year ago

People are great when my sister-in-law's dog had gotten shot they had already put us in the computer before we even got there and have taken care of the dog so far Me and her God praise that the dog turns out to be a okay

Erica Beth Tompkins

a year ago

Probably saved my dog but pricey

Corey Martin

a year ago

This was the most disgusting vet service I have ever witnessed. My dog was sitting in pain for over 8 hours without as much as a phone call to let us know anything. Just stuck in the parking lot wondering. Every time I called, it was just she is next. I told them I did not trust them to even touch my dog and to bring her out to me immediately. Drove an hour to a different emergency vet. Absolutely Disgusting.

Christina Randolph

a year ago

Very nice staff. My situation was unfortunate, had to euthanize my beloved dog. Car accident. They were very kind and respectful.

adasha knight

a year ago

Read all reviews, not just mine. The good reviews are not from their animal being saved, but from their compassion as they charged them hundreds of dollars to put them to sleep. All animals die here, well, 90%. Thus the reason they only have one pamphlet, for cremation services. They killed my dog, my champion silver lab, and admitted it. He suffered and they didn’t care. What they did was a crime. What they continue to do is a crime. And yet they are the only option to us because no one else cares enough to step up and open another after hours clinic. It’s a shame.

Carrie Conner

2 years ago

Did not actually go here. I am basing this on a call I made to them. I had a pet I needed to bring to them to be examined after being attacked. I called in and asked if they were taking pets because it was at 8 pm. The lady on the phone said , “yes bring the pet in and we can do an evaluation and go from there depending on how much you want to pay.” I politely ended the phone call. It appeared to me that all they care about is money. I then proceeded to read the reviews online for this place. I’m glad I trusted my gut. Don’t go here!

Charles Sanford

2 years ago

Clinic was suppose to open at 6:pm, opened at 6:30pm Employees knew several cars waiting ,no concern shown, Waited in car in rain ,no notification came was not allowed to ask questions All they would say was they would call you in your vehicle Did not call for over 3 hours , took our phone number called wrong number Still waiting in car in rain, employees rude not helpful at all. Employees completely non responsive Long story short was a bad night for us with losing our pet Treated like second hand citizens , do not use this clinic unless no other possibility

Eli Villanueva

2 years ago

Our pekingese, Carrie, had an infected area where the folds of skin were under her neck which required a small surgical procedure. They took great care of her and she is now back to her old self acting like a puppy.

matthew jeffero

2 years ago

Staff did everything to help my pup. They love every little one that comes in

Minnie Hoke

2 years ago

It was amazing everyone was so nice explained everything and it wasn't very expensive for what we had done will be back

Renee Venegas

2 years ago

IF YOUR PET HAS AN EMERGENCY DON'T WASTE THOUGHT TIME HERE!!!!!!!! Our 15 month old pug has seizures and over the weekend he had continuous seizures. He sees his vet routinely and unfortunately they are not a emergency clinic, so we had to locate a 24-hour clinic to get immediate attention. our baby they not fall asleep for more than 5 minutes, without having a seizure. he was lethargic and at times lost temporary use of his muscles. Are regular vet prepared us for this. We're told if our baby ever came into cluster seizures this close together - immediate attention was required. We called the clinic twice before driving the hour to that location. We asked ahead of time if they were prepared to handle this type of medical condition. The reception person told us that they were absolutely prepared for this type of medical situation and encouraged us to come quickly. When we arrived, we were not even allowed past the front door, the lady who answered the door asked what was wrong, handed us a clipboard and said fill it out and she would be with us shortly. She turned closed the door locked it and returned back to her desk. No one else was in the clinic we waited a half hour in the parking lot. I was extremely angry that that person sitting behind the desk never even came back to check on us. Another car pulled up and we informed them of our experience with this uninterested emergency clinic. They were so discouraged as well. I hope this clinic closes in someone else opens that actually cares about pet owners and their pet needs!!!

Sam Brown

2 years ago

They were busy the staff were great my dog has special needs and they took great care of him.

Edie Comeaux

2 years ago

Friday night my dog removed a cast from his leg. I wrapped it and brought him to this clinic. I do not believe the vet even looked at him. The tech added wrapping to what I had done. I specifically asked if they had removes all my wrapping as I was concerned it was to tight. I asked if they did X-rays to see if the bones were stable. I was told my wrapping was fine and then of course I was charged for the visit. I wish I would have demanded to see a doctor. Or demanded they remove my wrapping. WHY WOULD THEY NOT OFFER THE MOST BASIC OF CARE? HE BASICALLY JUST NEEDED FIRST AID! But, I was distracted by my car’s lights blinking then it died. Tuesday he returned to the vet that did surgery. The wrapping was way to tight and there is possible damage. He is being kept there under supervision, and I am waiting to here an update. I am outraged, and ashamed of myself. There was on very kind person there, who extended herself to us. But, I do not believe she had any impact on the care provided. I fear he may loose his leg. I fear for every desperate family that is forced to bring their loved one to this facility.

Joe Chitwood

2 years ago

If I could give -100 stars I would. Don’t trust this company with your pets. My Retired Army Bomb dog passed away last month. Wanted to get her creamated so I can spread her ashes. I PAID FOR A PLAQUE WITH HER NAME AND PAW PRINT ON IT! The day I dropped her off I waited in the parking lot for over 3 hours waiting for them to bring her in. After I gave her to them staff said it would take 7-10 business days. Well a month later still no communication from them. I called them yesterday(a month later) and staff said she is ready to be picked up. I drive all the way to Beaumont from Winnie grab her ashes and drive all the way back home. When I get home and look in the bag, there’s no plaque and no paw print. So I called them and lady said the dog was too decomposed to do paw print. (Which I completely understand). So I spoke with the manager who was extremely rude and not sympathetic AT ALL essentially said just come get your refund of $25. THEY DIDNT EVEN TELL ME THEY DIDNT DO THE PLAQUE UNTIL I CALLED THEM! NO COMMUNICATION FOR A MONTH. -Said they called me 1 time in a month but weren’t able to leave a voicemail. So staff only attempted to call me 1 time in a month?? What’s happens after 1 call? Give up?? I TRUSTED YOU WITH MY LIFE, MY BEST FRIEND, A DOG THAT HAS BEEN TO AFGHANISTAN 2 TIMES WITH THE MILITARY. I TRUSTED YOU! Word travels fast in SETX! I’ll be contacting the BBB and leaving a review of my exp with your company on every APP and website I can.

Brittany Carney

2 years ago

If I could leave 0 stars I would. I called this place cause my vet told me to when my dog passed away at home. I set it up for cremation with paw print. I asked that lady REPEATEDLY, that includes the pay print right? She said yes everytime. Then they didnt even turn in the paper work for the paw print so the only thing I had left of my baby I don't even get. I cant have kids that dog was my life. They took what I had left away from me. I hope they all rot.

Tammy walker minniefield

2 years ago

Took care of my puppy thanks

Felecia Todd

2 years ago

I was completely satisfied and feeling very content and confident upon my departure.

Larry Miles

2 years ago

They did what they could to save our puppy in the end which we appreciated, but we rushed out of the house and drove an hour to get there and both forgot our id's. I know that's our own fault but they will not accept any card payment without a DL which extended the time it took to get our pet in by about an hour. She died as I was walking up to the door to present the identification. They did put her on a ventilator but it was too late.

lisa chaddicks

2 years ago

Great friendly staff! They care about your animals!!

Livi A

2 years ago

One of the worst experiences of my life. The most Incompetent staff I've ever seen. Waited 6 hours to be seen! They kept saying "soon" or "he is next". My dog went in there calm and when I got him back he was in really bad shape. I am disgusted with this place and really think they should be shut down. That's how bad it is!


2 years ago

Horrible. The vet is good but the office service is awful..

Bryant Mcdonald

2 years ago

Veterinarian was awesome saved my dog life..

Ashton Foster

2 years ago

Never a good experience when you leave without your dog because she just wasn't strong enough... But they did their best

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