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Casey Clark

2 years ago

I adopted my dog 2.5 years ago and they were the first vet I went to. They’re pretty affordable and the people were so nice, which is why they aren’t getting a 1 star. When I adopted my dog, she had a pretty sizable circular lump on her back leg but never seemed to bother her. I asked about it and they said, “seems to be a scar wound.” She was clearly abused before so this made sense to me. During that visit, one tech mentioned her dark tooth is fine and just needs a cleaning. I bring her back for future appointments and another tech mentioned her tooth is dark because it’s dead. Now that I’m getting different answers for the same thing, flags are raised. I happen to move south, so because of wishy washy diagnosis and it being far, I switched vets. I ask this new vet about the lump on her leg because it’s gotten bigger. They tested it. It’s a tumor, not a scar wound. So this thing grew for over 2 years because no one, during any of her visits, were concerned by a very noticeable lump on her leg. Not sure if it’s benign yet or not, but I don’t have hope since her hip now has some unknown mass under the muscle. See photo of her leg to know what the lump looks like. It’s missing hair because she licks it a lot now.

Kellie Sherrill

2 years ago

My lab had a rotten tooth and instead of giving her antibiotics they sent me home and told me she needed to see a dentist. Two weeks later my dearly loved dog had to be put down. Do not trust these ignorant scam artists.

Alanna Boulton

2 years ago

Excellent experience. Quick and easy to schedule, responsive and attentive staff, great care delivery and follow up. Pricing is affordable and reasonable.

Christina M. Cayton

2 years ago

They helped me keep my cool as I panicked because my cat has asthma and her gums were white and open mouth breathing.

Ruddy Traina

2 years ago

super nice people. took good care of my cat

Ramsey Doner

2 years ago

They were WONDERFUL! I have a blind pit bull terrier with a bite history and told them all this. They still had me bring her in without having to drug her and they did such a good job with her. She wasn’t nervous at all. They were fast to greet me from my car and answered every question I had. I’m new to being a dog owner so there were many questions but than answered each and everyone one.

Robin Rosell

2 years ago

Very kind, responsive vet and staff.

Silvia Martinez

2 years ago

Very professional service ???? my Hasso really enjoyed ????.

B Clark

2 years ago

Thank you so helpful when I need it to find a vet with out a appointment when Mr Jack was very sick, thank you

dina carter

2 years ago

The staff is always professional, relate to the dogs and the relationship you share with your pets. Dr.Geisel answers all of your questions and never rush you at the visit. Thank you to the staff for all of your excellent service. DC

Humberto Valdez

2 years ago

Dr. Geigal, and staff were great with my cat. I will definitely be back.

Delores Smith

2 years ago

Marley,s Doctor and Staff are great with her. Windsor Park Vet. Gets 5 Stars and more!

Sandra Chavez

3 years ago

Dr. R. Geigel is a very ❤ caring and compassionate vet. The staff at Windsor Park Vet are outstandingly.

Carlos Cortes

3 years ago

Dr,geigel she's the . best

Weber Schulz

3 years ago

The staff here are always so friendly, and so kind and accommodating to my cats! They provide a very professional service and truly care about your pets.

Deanne Croan

3 years ago

They have cared for our many pets for around 20 years and are especially caring and knowledgeable to the pets and their humans.

Destine Donnini

3 years ago

Staff is very friendly and informative.

Diana Cardona

3 years ago

Love this place. Every person I've dealt with is friend and professional. Love Dr. Geigel.

Ken Green

3 years ago

Love this vet. Not only have they taken care of numerous pets over the years (including surgeries, new puppy exam, euthanasia) but every member of the staff we interact with has been friendly, professional, and compassionate. Dr. Geigel is thorough, patient, and understanding. We wouldn't consider taking our dogs anywhere else.

Laura Faulk

3 years ago

Dr. Mockler and the staff and wonderful. They go the extra mile. We live in south Austin and drive to Windsor when our pets need to be seen.

Noel Eskew

3 years ago

I had to get my cat's claws trimmed and a couple of other things. They have it set up with shade covers over the parking lot and you sit and you wait in your car as they come out pick up the animal take them inside do what they need to and then bring them back to your car. Brilliant!

Patricia Smith

3 years ago

They have taken excellent care of all my various fur babies.

Reed Daw

3 years ago

This vet clinic is amazing. Have been taking my dog here for about a year and half (first dog) and they have raised the bar in all aspects. Very clean facility, extremely nice staff and everyone is very knowledgeable and genuinely sounds like they always want to help my dog. It makes me feel better knowing Windsor Park is my vet because anytime I'm unsure about something I can call and they will provide advice or guidance or set up an appointment to check something out. Thank you Windsor Park Vet!

Shanda Sansing

3 years ago

Really like this vet and staff (esp Evan). Reasonable priced. Conservative in testing and selling services.

Shiraz Garden

3 years ago

My dog went to Windsor Park for several years. Generally good care, but then, I brought her in for what looked like a broken book vessel that was protruding from here eye. The vet took photos and said she would consult an specialist but she believe it to be nothing serious and it would go away, likely a blood vessel. So that was that. I never heard from the vet or Windsor Park and assumed the specialist agreed. About five weeks later I called to let them know it had not gone away. I took her to Austin Pet Eye specialist and sure enough it was a tumor that cost me $3000 to remove. If I had of taken her any later they would have had to remove her eye, if I had of taken her sooner I could have saved substantially. Windsor Park admitted the vet had been let go, but never the less, they gave me false hope that the eye issue was not urgent and they would follow up once they heard from the specialist -- they/the vet never contacted the specialist. They just let us go and let the issue get significantly worse.


3 years ago

Wonderful caring staff, straightforward approach and very affordable prices. Highly recommend!

Ninette Winston

4 years ago

I used to go to this location many years ago very good service friendly and affordable. I adopted dogs I now have four, so decided to go back because of convenience. My regular vet I see once a year is in pflugerville but this location is directly in my neighborhood so decided to go back. My first visit was fine believe they have two vets this one was an older male and was so great with my dog. Keep a long story short. The reason I took my dog in he had ear issues and a swollen foot and a wart on his eye and in need of his teeth cleaning. So was advised all this things could be achieved when he was put under for his teeth clean . Next visit was a female in her 50s very friendly soft spoken lady so thought well that's fine same business figured they all knew what they were doing . So needed a blood test first she left the room myself and the two techs were trying to take blood from my small dog but he is a bechon very furry .They couldn't get to his vain they didn't shave the fur.. They managed to get the needle in but only got a clot of blood out that was it. Ask her ”is that going to be enough to get a good reading ”she said yes . So several calls and messages later then I connect with the vet she told me ” low red and white blood count could have spleen problems and could have a a tumor ” I was devastated and ask that was the diagnosis from that spec of blood she said yes . She said she did not recommend him having the surgery (clean his teeth )because he may not wake up . So in my head well maybe get some meds to help his anemia? Vitamins something she suggested an ultrasound. I have four rescued dogs and try to make sure I feed them right exercise regularly because can't afford big vet bill's . ”So that's it he has to have the ultra sound ”she says YES otherwise no surgery. They said come and drop him off, but he doesn't like being shut in cages long so took day off. Went to get ultra sound at time recommend she.was late so I ended up waiting around after she had arrived for 1 1/2 hrs.. Finally did the ultra sound get the results via phone message that all.was fine nothing wrong BLOOD TEST was great.. This time the blood test was a whole syringe full. How can a dog be so sick 5 days later his perfectly fine no treatment no different diet etc. So believe that the first blood test was inaccurate.. I confirmed it with a vet friend and the ultra sound wasn't completely necessary to treat my dog. I explained my concerns and was basically ignored told me if I didn't trust them go somewhere else. $700 later all I got was antibiotics and pain meds for foot . Try to talk to the vet about my concerns mainly the first blood test and not really needing an ultra sound I take my dogs regularly for wellness checks at vet and at emacipet. I love dogs and budget for all four if mine I like to donate to shelter etc.. $ 700 could have fed a lot of homeless pets plus kept all of my dogs feed for a year. I know veterinarian is expensive and my point is if everything she did was completely necessary his my dog its what we do for our animals . . If she had said ” sorry the blood reading wasn't as accurate as was thought and discounted $200 for the $400 teeth clean. But nothing I had to call for my other work and results that they said they would send and didn't . . I own a business I understand expenses but not to own up to it is ridiculous... They were not honest they were not reliable or apologetic. Sent me off still with my poor dogs teeth not clean.

StarBear MayBeSo

4 years ago

Very personable and they are not shy of educating their clients which is invaluable. Slightly pricey, but you get the difference back in spades.

Shay Clark

4 years ago

I go there for my cat flag ????????Amazing people and amazing Clinic ❤️

Ben Weatherl

4 years ago

I’ve had 4 or 5 different experiences with this Vet clinic. I’ll never go anywhere else in Austin. Incredibly warm and accommodating staff, also sensitive to people with limited finances. They worked with us to make sure our needs were met first and foremost. 100% trustworthy and professional.

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