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Gus Manke

a year ago

VSS was incredible for my 1.5 year old German Shepherd's TPLO surgery. She recovered early (thank goodness she was a cone menace) and the incision was really well stitched. I cross referenced a few other vets and this one had the best price …

Casey Thornton

a year ago

The low cost of surgery kept us from surrendering or kitty.

A.C. Berry

a year ago

Dr. Kirk Lewis is the best of the best. He did a magnificent surgery on our dog and he is doing wonderfully. Dr. Lewis was very informative, answered any questions we had and clearly advised what to look for in the days ahead. We would highly recommend this Doctor and Clinic.

Waymen Reed

a year ago

Very amazing team who actually cared for our dog and his injury, extremely affordable from 4000 quote from another hospital, to 2000 and actually got money back paying only 1800. They made sure he was sent home comfortably after his surgery and he we are a few weeks later and he's doing better than ever. Thanks guys! I would've added photos of my little guy bear but we're not home at the time of this review.

Brenda Swanson

2 years ago

Wow! What a great establishment with excellent care. From the time you call with your dogs problem —meet the staff —take care of the surgery and recovery, you feel as if you have made some reliable, professional and caring friends. Dr. Lewis called with the post operative update and is really compassionate for you and your pet. Maryann took care of us all along the way and our Pet loved her and all the other great staff who took care of him. Highly recommend this group!

Courtney Landers

2 years ago

Extremely rude employee berated me and my husband when we first called to find out if they could do my cats enucleation. Tried to call us bad pet owners because it hadn’t been done anywhere yet, and tried to tell us our cat was in extreme pain if he has glaucoma and his eye ruptured, which is factually incorrect, so we didn’t trust this place to know what they were doing on top of being incredibly unprofessional and rude. Also they don’t schedule surgeries until you make an appointment to talk to the surgeon, and then he MIGHT consider doing your pets surgery if he feels like it. Bad business model. And they won’t put in the effort to request your vets records from your animals regular provider themselves, they make you put in the extra work to have the records sent to them yourself, and then after getting the paperwork on your animals condition, they MIGHT call you back to schedule a consultation with the vet and they might not. Cant ever get a straight answer from them on whether or not they are going to help. Also heard from several people who have taken their animals here for surgeries that their fur babies were killed by unsafe doses of anesthesia and pain medications. Don’t waste your time calling this place. We called because no one was in a rush to complete our cats enucleation after his glaucoma eye ruptured and we didn’t want our baby to have to wait to be seen, and every phone call placed between us and this practice was extremely difficult to get through, and the employees we spoke to didn’t treat us well, and accused us of not caring for our cat. Lucky us our vet own squeezed us in the next day and we didn’t have to take our fur baby here.

Khrista Fritsche

2 years ago

Everyone was amazing and took care of my doggo's broken femur for half of what my vet quoted me. All in all, great experiance, accept the receptionist with poor people skills. Would recommend to everyone, just don't expect much over the phone.

Spencer Hollenbeck

2 years ago

0/10. I was referred here by an emergency care vet hospital, and was accused of not caring for my pet's health for not taking them to an emergency vet instead. I do not reccomend even considering contacting this business for any reason regarding your pet's health. The woman I talked to on the phone was immediately aggressive and confrontational, every time my fiance or I talked to her, she was inconsistent with what she would tell us, and was extremely rude the entire time. The worst customer service I have ever gotten from any business ever.

Janis Matuga

2 years ago

VSS provided me and my pup a high level of care. Her cruciate surgery was done quickly and the therapy was well done. I was pleasantly surprised to receive videos of her first day of therapy. And they also sent videos of post surgery protocols to ensure optimal recovery. I also liked that I could choose to wait while she had therapy and didn't have to leave her there for the day or half day.

Mary Beltran

2 years ago

Our dog is having surgery for stones in bladder. And we've been treated so the great service we've received. Great people working here.

Anita Conder

2 years ago

Wonderful experience all the way around.

Brandi Fischer

2 years ago

Not only was VSS the most affordable provider for a feline cystotomy, their staff is super friendly, patient and helpful. They clearly love the furry friends that come to see them and are joyful about their work in helping them feel better! I feel confident my cat, Schmidty, was in excellent hands for his procedure! A heartfelt thank you to everyone there for making a stressful health situation so much easier! ????

Christian Dietz

2 years ago

Our precious princess pitbull pup just went for her second TPLO surgery so you guessed it, not our first rodeo. New to Austin and not knowing “ the places” I did my research, talked to our vet ( who was at the top end of cost analysis,, surprisingly ). We chose Dr. Lewis based on reviews and cost- because while we want our baby to have THE best, we’ve also forked out $4k on her first surgery and Dr. Lewis saved us a bundle on the second. I had trepidations because this all happened smack in the middle of the Rona and we weren’t able to meet any of the techs or even Dr. Lewis. I guess there is something about seeing your animals with those who are caretaking them that alleviates anxiety. Well, it all worked out just grand! Lucci is now released from their care and has healed up beautifully. She just did her first official run through the woods and swim in the creek today and it was amazing to watch her have so much fun again! On the videos that they took of lucci in rehab with the doc, I can tell how caring he is and how sweet he is with our babies. The staff and techs were all simply lovely to work with. I would completely trust these folks to surgerize another of my animals- they know what they are doing! ( photo #1 is the look she gave us when we told her she couldn’t go outside to play for six weeks. But as you can see in photo #2 she got over it!)


2 years ago

Comprehensive, compassionate, caring. Hands Down, PROFESSIONAL!


2 years ago

This place was the reason my dog didn’t make it! They told me his situation wasn’t anything big but he didn’t make it past 2 days!!! 0 STARS!!! ????

Travis Schaefer

2 years ago

Excellent experience with these guys from the intake exam to the last visit. The staff was very responsive and the cost models they present are fantastic.

Kevin Mathews

2 years ago

Yes I do apologize I did mix you up with another hospital. I would like to say thank you for the quick response and we did find help for or cat Frankie

Angela Payne

2 years ago

Good price. But my experience with the staff and the outcome for my dog was terrible. It was very frustrating and disappointing for me and my poor pup.

Krupa Shah

2 years ago

I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Lewis and his team over at VSS Austin. Peanut had a speedy recovery after his ACL surgery. His stitches healed beautifully, the staff was always available to answer any questions via text, email or phone call, and just judging by how soon my dog was up and walking about on his bad leg is a testament to the quality of the surgical procedure done on him. While any surgery for dogs isn't necessarily cheap, VSS had the most affordable quote out of 3 other vet clinics I inquired and I am grateful for their fair fee because it's definitely not easy to shell out that much money during a pandemic of all times. Furthermore, it's nice to have the built in physical therapy to further speed up the healing. What a gem of a vet clinic... I know they're specialized in surgeries, but if they offered regular primary care/wellness exams, I'd definitely choose them. If it weren't for VSS, we also would have never been alerted about Peanut's kidney disease. During his blood panel before the surgery, Vss noticed several elevated levels they found concerning, highlighted them, and commented that we should check with our primary vet to look into it - low and behold, we caught Peanuts renal failure and we're on the road to recovery for that too. Thanks to Dr. Lewis and the team for looking out for our baby Peanut.


2 years ago

Update Yes i asked her specifically "so you cant do the surgery". She responded "that is correct" i have the conversation recorded. I yelled because i was upset that i canceled my appointment for you. Then you refused treatment. I never cursed at her unless you count damn as a curse word. In that case i apologize.also you had availability the same week i had sceduled elsewhere. So going to you would have been the same time frame as the other surgery sceduled. I guess you just dont trust your skill set enough to perform adequate work. We called a list of 20 vets in the area that your employee gave us which wasted more valuable time as well. So yes you did leave my pet hanging. __________________ Vssaustin refused to do surgery on my cat. I had an appointment elsewhere and canceled because they said they could do it about 1000 dollars cheaper. After canceling they said no the surgeon recommends i should keep my original appointment which is no longer available.I have never in my life come across a vet that refused to help an animal.thank for killing my cat a**holes.

Sarah Parker

2 years ago

The staff is so caring and awesome. The fee was a lot less than any other vet we contacted. Highly recommend them

Amy McClanahan

2 years ago

They helped my Baloo man 2 times with TPLO surgery . We look at that man as our fur baby! When he was injured I was one scared pup mom! All of the staff has been super helpful through the whole process. Not to mention about 1,500 cheaper than most other places. I couldn’t thank vss enough for help my Baloo man become a fun loving pup again!

G Peña

2 years ago

The staff is so friendly and helpful.

Kim Derrick

2 years ago

Very helpful staff. Highly recommend.

Paras Gaba

2 years ago

Dr. Lewis and his team are doing divine work. His team is not only professional, but highly caring. I've gotten two TPLOs for my 7 y.o. husky (18 months apart) from here, and I've had no regrets. The physical therapy helped tremendously both times (I opted for 6 sessions). I can't thank this clinic enough for being there for my doggo in his time of need.

Artem Pitel

3 years ago

Really nice place, great specialists, fast and super not expensive services.

Rebecca arrellano

3 years ago

They were great making my dog feel comfortable. They explain what wrong with my baby and answer any questions i had

A Smith

3 years ago

First visit for consultation, staff very friendly and informative.

Rick Robles

3 years ago

The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and have a genuine care for their furry patients. They are affordable and provide great post surgery therapy.


3 years ago

Great place and great cost they really seem to care.

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