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Christine Conte

a year ago

My family loves VCA! My parents have been using Tanglewood for almost 30 years. The staff have taken great care of our animals over the years. We recently had to put down one of our pets and Dr.Travis and staff took great care of her during the process. Thank you guys!

Albert B Lin

2 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE! Terrible customer service on the phone. Also, strange operating practice by not being able to get a quote on a certain medication. They want you to see the vet before they'll give you any quote. So essentially they want you to spend $70 for the consult, and if you can't afford the medication....oh well. Yeah...shady operating procedures. After reading one of the reviews below regarding putting a perfectly good dog down, I must say that I agree. They have very little concern about their longtime customers and seem to be in it for the money. Terribly saddened by this because I had sent two of my dogs to them for quite a while. Dr. Nguyen was an awful doctor. Had to tell her to look more closely at skin issue before she was like "oh yeah." If I have to tell you to look more closely before you notice anything is wrong, then I question your thoroughness. Claims that excessive tearing is just "normal" for a French Bulldog. Claims this is part of their "natural conformation." Lol Never heard that one before. I'll be getting out of this place ASAP once I have all my dogs necessary needs met. This place is not looking out for the best interest of their clients. I originally picked this place because it is closest to my house. Dr. Chapman was a doozy on the final visit I'll ever make to this place. She decided to bring up this specific review in a consultation about another dog and state that it was inappropriate for me to go on a public forum to "publicly bash" her doctor. LOL. She must not understand how the customer's voice, how word of mouth, and how proper customer service should work. She was not just rude but a plain nasty human being. Her final hoorah was when she stated "you will not find a better vet than me" and slammed the door. LMFAO. Trust me it isn't that hard. I implore those of you who read this to do the same. There are much better vets not just in the city, but in the area. If she was such a great vet, she wouldn't be working for the walmart of veternary offices. Like I said above, the only reason I go here is because its closest to my residence and honestly, the used to be the cheapest. They've since raised prices which just shows is struggling. Not a surprise. I am a dog person. I go to dog shows every week. I participate in agility and obedience. Most of my friends, I've met through dog events, seminars, sports, etc. I OFA test all my dogs for all recommended tests for my particular breed because I breed for the bettering of the breed. I have whelped litters before and I've placed multiple championships and grand championships on my dogs. Honestly, I should have known when several of the vets that support responsible and reputable breeders, as well as friends, told me not to go here. I took a chance, and I now have learned my lesson. They are a money grabbing (ironic) practice with very little knowledge about breeders, REAL conformation, or anything outside of vaccines, spays/neuters, diarrhea, and ear infections. Just goes to show, a good vet is worth the drive. Reading about others people horror stories reaffirms this place is trash.

Samantha Charles

2 years ago

The best vet I’ve been to probably ever. And that’s coming from someone who sadly had to say goodbye to their best friend. I brought my sweet boy, Montana, in because he wasn’t seeming like himself and they got him in same day despite not previously being a patient there. Dr. Nguyen was so thorough in her examination of him that she found something I’d previously been unaware of. Montana needed bloodwork and then needed an ultrasound which they were able to get him in for two days later. From the ultrasound we learned that we were losing our sweet boy and there was nothing more that could be done. Dr. Chapman stayed on the phone with me as I sobbed and took time to compose myself and never rushed me off the phone. The next day I received a call from Dr. Nguyen where she took the time to express her condolences for our family. The compassion both of these doctors showed was above and beyond and I could not be more grateful that they were the ones who took care of Montana in his last two vet visits. We said goodbye to Montana the following weekend at home (with a home vet that was recommended to us by Dr. Chapmen) and today, a few days after saying goodbye to Montana, I was able to get my other dog, Remo, in with Dr. Nguyen to talk about the depression he’s been exhibiting since his brother passed. Again, total compassion from everyone in the office. Also, an extra special shout-out to the techs and the front desk. Literally everyone goes above and beyond there in any way they can. I will only be taking my pets there from here on out.

Alison Kirsch

2 years ago

Vet care is great. Been coming here for 8 years...but...The office staff are a mess. On hold for 20 minutes at a time. Someone will come back on and not know what is going on. On hold again. Picking up meds is awful too- on infinite hold, then they come on "and don't know what's going on or why" then hold again....Super frustrated with the office staff and the lack of phone etiquette and knowledge.

Carolyn Hunter

2 years ago

I had the misfortune of encountering Rachel R. She was extremely rude. I called later that day and cancelled my appointment. I refuse to spend my time or money at a place with poor customer service. I typically take my dog to a different VCA location and I decided to give Tanglewood a go because it's closer to home. Rachel somehow couldn't retrieve my pet's information from another VCA location. Leaving me to do the work for her. I simply called the location I used prior, and they confirmed all my pet's info. The associate even told me to give Rachel her name and she would personally help Rachel get the records. All Rachel had to do was call. When I told Rachel this, she had the nastiest attitude. As if I was inconveniencing her. Rachel clearly did not want to do her job. I practically did it for her. If she did not want to do her job, she should not have gone to work. After speaking with Rachel today I will never go nor will I recommend this place to anyone. You do not get to treat people that way and expect them to trust you with their pets and pay for a service.

Bonnie Flores

2 years ago

Our dog cut her neck pretty bad on some fencing, we rushed her to the Tanglewood Animal Hospital and they took her in right away. Everyone at this office was so sweet, they took great care of our dog, even clipped her nails while she was sedated (no charge). I highly recommend this place, 5 stars!!!

Janny Sersen

2 years ago

Love VCA. The vets are honest and don’t try to make an extra buck out of you. I recently had a newborn and my dog was being aggressive towards the baby. I called the office distraught and Dr Chapman picked up the phone and was kind enough to spend several minutes on the phone with me, helped calm me down, and told me exactly what to do over the phone. I appreciate her so much! With her tips, each day our pup was more accepting of the baby and now, I’m relieved to say that he loves her! Thank you so much Dr Chapman! You’re kindness is truly appreciated and I am forever grateful for you!

Lori Ray

2 years ago

We have used VCA Tanglewood on Manchaca in Austin for the last 25 years and each one of our pugs are treated like royalty when they arrive for services or boarding. They really care about each little buddy that comes through their doors. JJ is amazing and so attentive to Odette when she comes to visit them. She is a real asset to their business. Rachel and Beatrice are always friendly when we've spoken with them on the phone to schedule appointments, boarding or ordering dog food products. VCA Tanglewood Animal Hospital Veterinarian’s, tech's and office personnel are very professional and caring with each encounter including end of life care. We will continue to use them for each of our pets as time goes.

Maria Haynes

2 years ago

I call to setup a sleep appointment for my gour legged little one. it took every thing i had to make the call. took my information set appointment. I celebrate his life with my 3yr and 5yr. Took him for our final goodbye. one hour later I got a phone call telling me that Vet will not do it, she felt it was not necessary. my dachshund was in pain , i know this because his body will shake when walking. He was constantly crying, but what do i know. The vet sure did know to say more test are needed. after one test after another and no answers. stay away from this place.

Tabitha Padilla

2 years ago

They got my pup in early so he didn't go the weekend in pain. It was easy, affordable, and they're super friendly and caring.

Cecelia Duckworth

2 years ago

We had an emergency today. This place was reliable and so so fast! As someone who is staying barely alive in their pandemic .... they were very very very affordable I will be recommending this place over and over again.

Jamie-Lee Codraro

3 years ago

Tanglewood VCA is the only vet I will ever recommend. They put love for animals and compassion over the almighty dollar, and the doctors and staff are so empathetic and caring. They were honest and realistic about our options, putting mercy for my old girl over money to be made off of surgeries that she likely wouldn’t have survived. The entire staff cried with my family as we made the hard choice to have our old girl put to sleep, and they were so careful and delicate with our fur baby and us as we proceeded. They even helped me regain my pet parenting confidence after a previous vet had belittled me to the point of tears. I can’t thank them enough for the love and kindness that they showed my sweet girl and my entire family on that day.

Ashlynn Patrizi

3 years ago

I have been bringing my dog Louie here since he was 8 weeks old, he has a lot of health issues and VCA Tanglewood always go above and beyond to accommodate his needs. During Covid-19 their operations felt very safe. Their precautionary …


3 years ago

I wouldn't recommend going here i was going to a very difficult situation and depression at the time i had just adopted a Rottweiler, i took him to get his follow up after being neutered. As soon as this vet woman walked in she didnt like …

Christine Anderson

3 years ago

We have been taking our pets to Tanglewood Animal hospital for a couple of years now and they are amazing! Everyone is so kind and professional. I am so thankful for Briana Travis who helped us save our kittens life. We rescued a 6 week old …

Courtney Taylor

3 years ago

This location is overwhelmed with the amount of patients they service and things fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, those things were my family, and with devastating results. All I can say is that they failed us.

Destiny Cano

3 years ago

Really great staff! Everyone was so kind and the doctor was wonderful. I adopted a puppy last week from the Humane Society. They didn’t charge us anything because he was from there and it was within the first two weeks of adoption. They …

Sadie Pack

3 years ago

VCA standard of care is excellent, don’t expect cheap prices, do expect quality care. You can trust them with the four legged member of your family.

Jen L

3 years ago

A few minutes early for my appointment, 15 min on hold, 20+ min after my appointment time they come to get my foster dog. Maskless people with their dogs wandering around the entry way, techs coming up to have me roll down my window to ask …

Jenifer Nehrkorn

3 years ago

All about a profit. $220 is the price they charge for a $58 supplement! A recommended liver supplement to pair with an anti-inflammatory. I can order on Chewy and Amazon, same exact dosage and # of pills cost $58 vs. their $220, …

Krista Engler

3 years ago

Everyone here is wonderful. Very friendly and helpful. The staff and docs are great. I always have a pleasant experience and my dogs are treated very well. They have Saturday hours which is perfect with my work schedule!

Laura Throneberry

3 years ago

Dr. Danielle Chapman is one of the best vets in Austin, I’m so glad she recently moved VCA Tanglewood. She has taken the time to build a relationship with my pup and provides a high level of care and expertise. Plus, the staff at VCA Tanglewood are the epitome of welcoming and caring! I highly recommend this clinic for anyone looking.

Lee Chapman

3 years ago

Great first visit. Staff was friendly, Doctor was helpful and informative. And I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost of the visit. I found my new vet! Even with the curbside visit, I could tell the staff really cares about my pets well-being

Lisa Grimes Amerault

3 years ago

We had to put our sweet 15 year old dog down. Our anxiety and emotions were heightened by the thought of the process. The service of the staff and the heartfelt support made this tragic event into a peaceful goodbye. If anyone has to do this, please go here. No words can express how much I appreciate their professionalism and nurturing demeanor.

Muffy Mascio

3 years ago

I can not say enough amazing things about VCA Tanglewood! The entire team is fantastic, responsive, and dependable. Dr Matthyssen is a saint in my book. She has supported me and my pets by navigating their health needs and I trust her implicitly. Everyone that I speak to within this practice is always kind and helpful. I am very particular in choosing vet care for my pets and this practice exceeds my expectations every time. If you are looking for excellent pet care look no further then VCA Tanglewood.

Oscar Guardiola

3 years ago

Staff is very understanding and really care about our beautiful pet's

Roberto Hinojosa

3 years ago

This clinic was a much better place to take your vet when it was locally owned. Now it is owned by VCA (aka Mars aka the candy company) and the corporate influence shows. When my animal was sick I made the mistake of taking my pet here and rather then show that they care they took advantage of the situation to shill an overpriced "care" plan that I stupidly signed up. Their Careclub plan is overpriced and not a good value for what it offers. You and I are much better off saving the money that is shelled out for the plan and saving it for preventive care and when emergencies arise. If I could go back in time and slap some sense into myself and tell myself that this clinic doesn't care about me or my pet I would.

nathaniel a

4 years ago

Have brought my cat here since I got him, on a recommendation from a friend for Dr. Travis, and I'm glad I did. Today Dr. Travis and her assistant, Erin, helped my cat with vaccinations (it was half price when I went, but I don't know how …

Samantha Stewart

4 years ago

We started coming to this vet about 6 months ago after going to see them for an emergency visit. They ALWAYS make time for my pups especially if they need to get in fast for something. They are always kind, quick and informative about my animals. When it's time to pay, they do it in the room which saves so much time! We are so glad that we switched vets to VCA Tanglewood and plan to continue using them forever. Thank you so much for being wonderful!

Stephanie Clark

4 years ago

My dog had a twig lodged in his throat. He was choking, foaming at the mouth, and eyes were closing. No other hospitals would take him immediately and VCA Tanglewood accepted him right away. The nurse took him into the office quickly. The …

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