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Vanessa Gomez

2 years ago

Thrive is affordable and dependable.

Bryce Showers

2 years ago

Went in recently for a exam and vaccines for my puppy. The vaccines were fine. The exam is supposedly head to tail but they never check her ears. Found out few day later she had earmites (looked up why she keep scratching her ears and whining). At this point I don't even think they gave her an exam due to her being gone only a few minutes, long enough for shots. They gave me the option to wait in the lobby or be in the exam room with her I chose to be with her. They took me into a doctor's room were I sat alone While they supposedly gave her shots and an exam in another room. I won't be going here ever again and I recommend yall don't either. Sure it's cheaper then other places but your paying for nothing. I'm convinced this is a scam or they're just lazy.


2 years ago

This Thrive facility is the worse. I made an appointment specifically with Dr. Smithee. When I arrived , they switched with a new Vet without informing me. When I objected, the vet tech would not listen and made excuses. The vet tech tried to overcharge me by 100's of dollars but I caught the mistake. When the blood work arrived, I received a call from the Vet tech. The Doctor would not speak to me. When I asked to speak to the Doctor because I had questions, she would not let me. Made me feel my pet and I were not valued. I pay to see the Dr. of my choice and to be able to speak to that Doctor. Will never return to this one.

Kathy russell

2 years ago

Everyone is friendly helpful patient and answered all my questions with professional knowledge and kindness. Thank you so much for caring for all the animals

Tara Nichols

2 years ago

Thrive took really good care of our dog. They were quick and efficient and explained everything well to us. Will definitely be back!

Michael S

2 years ago

I have a membership for my dog with Thrive. I’ve been to 4 different locations and had a great experience across the board.

Mike Gurjack-Frost

2 years ago

Very loving toward your animal.

Mary De Leon

2 years ago

Having a Sr. Pet is a special experience! My cat is definitely family! I received great care for Pookie! If you're looking for pet care try THRIVE Affordable Vets!

Michelle Rodriguez

2 years ago

They adore our two dogs almost as much as we do.


2 years ago

Very informative and affordable. Definitely will take my dog there again.

Syl TessaLee Flores - Vickers

2 years ago

I took my little Pekingese in for UTI and kept going back and not feeling add though they Care I did spend almost $300 and they said to go oltorg. Went back very next day to VCA and my baby has BLADDER STONES!!!!!

Scott Vandigriff

2 years ago

Very corporate. Could not get an established patient who was having an acute event for over a week at any location.

Brooke Crawford

2 years ago

This place is affordable but do not use. I had an issue a while back while trying to get my dogs teeth cleaned. He was there for over 9 hours before we even got the call that he was just going under or if we wanted to reschedule. They had just said he was on the table before asking if I wanted to reschedule. I went back for annual exam, mostly for heartworm test in order to get medicine, and they did not do the test. My prescription has been declined. The appointment was over 2 weeks ago and I was never notified of this. That is part of the annual exam! They do not have their stuff together and do not communicate well with their staff members or clients.

Christopher George

2 years ago

Affordable pet care. They are a little overboard with not even allowing you in with your pet and having you wait in the car. It's asking for a whole lot of trust, especially with a brand new patient.

Esteban Olvera

2 years ago

This happened last year but I was reminded when I recently received my dogs medical records and there were notes under assessments that were false from the situation. I had an appointment to get my dog vaccinated. When I arrived I called and was told to wait and someone will pick him up. I watched as people were taking dogs and no one came to pick my dog up from my car. I call and explained. The admin who answered was rude and then lied saying how she just saw me drive in and because I was late they labeled my dog a no show. I told her I was one of the first people in the lot and she told me to wait so she could speak to the Vet. She called back and asked me to wait and they will see my dog. I waited 30 minutes then left because I only took an hour off from work to do this. They called me 1 hour and 30 minutes after my last call with the admin asking me why I'm not at the parking lot. Honestly I have never been so frustrated with a vet as much as this one. If you want to continue using thrive I suggest using any other location. The Oltorf location is amazing and I would of continued using it if I didn't move.

Ima Eridink

2 years ago

I booked an appointment online for my pet with an ongoing degenerative problem. I received an email confirming our appointment. After a 45 minute trip to the office, I called as instructed on the front of the office building. I was informed that my appointment had mysteriously been cancelled and that they were booked and would not see my pet. I indicated that I had received confirmation of the appointment and had not received any notice of cancellation in spite of them having my phone number and my email address. Sorry, we don't know how that happened I was told. We're booked up and we won't see you. Very disrespectful, unprofessional, and completely unresponsive to the medical needs of my pet.

Sidney Lovelace

2 years ago

I would give this location 0 stars if I could. Not only did I wait over an hour for an appointment that I was 20 minutes early for, but I never received results for a very important test I was waiting on for my dog. It has been over a month of me trying to reach out to the clinic to get results. Though the staff is very nice, Thrive relies on a call center in order for patients to get in touch with them. I have reached out repeatedly looking for test results for my dog, and have received nothing but a text message stating that they don’t have results, that my dog was never tested, and that I may have gone to another clinic. After I received this text message, I called AGAIN asking for them to call me and have received nothing back. It’s very unsettling to me that I can’t get in touch with my vet, and that instead of calling me they think that a text will suffice? And for them to put my dog through said test yet claim he was never tested? So frustrating. Never bringing my fur baby here again.

Karen Olivares

2 years ago

I took my dog for her yearly shots on 3/3 and shortly after her vaccines she was having an allergic reaction. I called in twice with no help I was only referred to another clinic and one of the times I called was told no one could help because they were all at lunch. My dog could have died as she’s a pug and already has breathing issues. I had to make a trip to an emergency vet to save her. I understand they are not an emergency clinic but why do they even send messages to contact them if I have any concerns or if my pet had any reactions to call them if they just turn you away.

Marsha Hardesty

2 years ago

Took my dog here over a year ago and they recommended pulling a tooth that didn’t need to be removed at all(got another vets opinion) and judged me for using natural flea and tick replacements. Despite all that I gave them another chance for her vaccines. I made an appointment on their website. Day of I was running 5-10 minutes behind (work went long) so I called them to give them the heads up that I was still on the way. Well they wanted to make me reschedule me to another day. So much for : “the most important thing is that your pet gets the care they need. If you’re on a really tight schedule, we do suggest calling ahead... Even so, we’ll try to find a way to work you in so that your pet can be seen” 10/10 do NOT recommend. There are plenty of other great vets in the Austin area that are reasonably priced.

Veronica Espinosa Robledo

2 years ago

The employees are always amazingly nice to my dog and myself

Veronica Tate

2 years ago

Customer service number is not at actual location. People answering dont have a clue what is going on and you cant speak to anyone at the actual location very frustrating

Gisela R

2 years ago

I understand some appointments tend to run a bit over, but when you schedule a doctor visit weeks in advance and are told to wait an additional 30-40min 1 minute prior to seeing the doctor that's highly unacceptable. Most of us work during day so to now have to wait not 15min, but 30-40min is very poor time management at the front office. The solution would have been to notify us earlier.

Nick Davis

2 years ago

I ordered pet medications through Walmart PetRx and for 9 days (still ongoing) days, ThriveVet refused to approve a simple heartworm medication prescription. I called the line every single day and of course get stuck in the call bank. When I asked to be transferred to the location, I was told nobody was available every time. It's COVID so of course, I cannot go in to the office to get this matter quickly resolved. For being a vet and the sole purpose being to ensure pet health, it is very ironic that they refuse and cannot seem to approve a simple medication.

Sean Ayala

2 years ago

Great Veterinarian care at an affordable price.

Stephanie Cantrell

2 years ago

We ran into a little traffic and missed our "cut off" by 5 minutes and they refused to see us and made us reschedule. We had already moved our schedule around to make this appointment. I brought my previous dogs here for years and will no longer use this place in the future. Disappointing.

Veronica De Leon

2 years ago

We love the way they treat our Penelope and us. Great care for our dog and awesome customer service!

Whitney Callari

2 years ago

I originally had an appointment scheduled for both of my dogs for earlier this month, but the appointment was cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances.” They had an available appointment 2 weeks later, but they neglected to tell me that I would not be able to get the yearly heartworm preventative because it would be over a year since they had it. I only found out at the second appointment, at which point they said they will have to test them for heartworm (extra $ of course) and I could only give them oral heartguard for at least 6 months before they could get the injection (even more $). It also took them 40 minutes from when I called (called a dozen times before someone picked up) to bring my dogs in. They said they were short staffed, which they have told me at literally every appointment. I understand there are procedures for Covid, but communication and responsiveness need to be improved if you aren’t allowing patients inside and your voicemail is full.

Amber Powell

3 years ago

I’ve had good experiences with the staff at this location. They are friendly and helpful but, I’m giving this 3-stars now because the most recent interaction with them was anything but helpful. Back story: Two days after I brought my kitten home I made a well visit. I’m a new kitten owner, I asked tons of questions and didn’t know what to expect. They were helpful but there were some immediate concerns I had so we did extra tests to rule out illness or infections (Bloody stools and very thin). I kept calling with updates and to see what else we could test for. They said, give it time and unfortunately, the poor little guy didn’t make it. I still wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. It wasn’t their fault I brought them such a sick kitten to begin with. When I called them to explain what had happened with the last kitten, there was no help to get my kitten seen sooner than their “available” appointment in 8 days. I also asked if I could transfer my membership to the new kitten or did I need to cancel one and start a new. The guy didn’t know and sent me an email to do it myself. Poor customer service on his part. ***I learned later, that they do use a call-center so if this happens to you, please ask for them to transfer your call to the location you are calling for. I assure you that the team they have at the Manchaca location would’ve been more helpful.

Rebecca Spears

3 years ago

Great place if you want to wait for THREE MONTHS

B. W.

3 years ago

Super kind and helpful... everything you want a vet to be.

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