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Joseph Kelly

a year ago

Great people who really care about dogs and helping owners have a successful relationship.

Jessica Samples

2 years ago

I was introduced to two magical training artists known as Allegra and Haley at a puppy introductory class. I was nervous about going even though I had been working with my puppy, but I was so glad that I went! My boxer, Mack had a blast and so did I. It was a small group of (up to date) vaccinated puppies who were close in age and size. We worked on things like basic commands, walking on leash, and introductory play with others. Allegra and Haley have this synthesis that creates a soft, but disciplined demeanor that compliments one another, sprinkled with magical nuggets of individual wisdom and experience. I felt comfortable and started to relax and gain some confidence back. I like that Allegra is tough, but fair. She gives direction well, explains the reasoning behind her corrections, and reminds me to pause and breathe. I like that Haley is warm and assertive, and she took the extra time to help me problem solve after one session. I haven't had the opportunity to spend as much time working with Haley, but as I said before.. Allegra and Haley compliment each other's training and teaching styles so well! They are able to explain ideas from different perspectives, all while personalizing the experience to meet you and your pet's needs. They have created a community of dogs and dog people to ask questions, share ideas, and continued learning. They even have amazing "how to" articles on their website! Mack and I thank you The Naked Dog for the professional, fun, and personalized support. Definitely recommend!

amy copeland

2 years ago

5/5 stars all the way! Allegra and Haley provided the most interactive training and e-course that actually made sense. They dive into the psychology of why your dog is doing what they are doing and it provides a clear understanding of how to train. The courses went over everything in detail and they had extra articles to explain anything you are needing to help train. They were responsive, professional, and trustworthy. Worth the money hands down!

Carissa Stephens

2 years ago

Allegra and Haley helped us integrate Evergreen, a sweet two year old miniature wire haired dachshund, into our home. From potty training to problem barking and having good manners, she is so much improved. Thanks!

Jaylin Gamboa

2 years ago

Allegra is extremely unprofessional and I do not recommend anyone work with her.

C Fritzler

2 years ago

Since we reside 1700 miles away, the e-course has been a fantastic option. Beyond the typical training, The Naked Dog has given us both the foundation of “why” as well as the concrete “how-to” skills to teach our puppy to be a mannerly, trustworthy dog. The step-by-step progression, video coaching feedback, and comprehensive answers to our questions have resulted in our confidence to train our dog to succeed in any situation. We highly recommend The Naked Dog!

Lau A

2 years ago

Not only am I more confident and inspired in the relationship I’m cultivating with my pup but also with my relationship to life. It has been a powerful journey to create more awareness around the subtle communication that is unfolding …

Linda Trial

2 years ago

When I adopted Sadie, my 7-month old, large, mixed breed, she had never been socialized and froze/balked throughout walks anytime another person, dog or car approached. It could take 20 minutes to go 20 yards. I didn't know what to do. Allegra taught me that Sadie would follow me if she believed I was a calm and confident leader. I started practicing Allegra's tips on how to reset the relationship with Sadie, not petting her when she approached, making her move when she's in the way, not talking to her constantly, etc. I found it hard to withhold affection, but I owed it to myself and Sadie to try my best. Fast forward three months, and with Allegra's visits and The Naked Dog Team's emailed suggestions, videos and "how to" articles, Sadie is a different dog. She loves walks now! She is calm, polite and alert. She has even become a steady jogging companion. Allegra and The Naked Dog team gave me great support throughout Sadie's evolution, letting me know how I could handle situations better and giving me insight into how Sadie might view different situations. Throughout it all, they gave me confidence that Sadie could become an awesome canine companion if I could become the leader she needed. Sadie's evolution is happening at a faster clip than mine, but this old dog has some more Naked Dog tricks coming. We hope to start the off-leash series soon!

Noah Masterson

2 years ago

The Naked Dog changed my relationship with my dog in so many positive ways. Their process requires commitment — dogs are rewarded with attention, not food — but it pays off if you stick with it. I had a large, very independent-minded, overgrown puppy who I thought was mostly untrainable. He was a sweetheart but completely lacked self-control; he would jump on strangers and other dogs, unable to contain his love. After a couple months, I still have a dog who loves everybody and everything, but he no longer pulls constantly on the leash and he knows how to down-regulate when he gets excited. He no longer put his head under the dog food as it rains down; instead he sits patiently until I tell him it's okay to eat. I feel much more in control of this well-meaning but clumsy beast, and the relational skills the Naked Dog teaches will last a lifetime.

Nicholas Lacienski

2 years ago

The team is very thorough and knowledgeable in dog training. You will learn many training tactics to bring out the best in your dog! Like all training it does take a lot of work on your end, so be prepared to put in the time.

Annie Henson

3 years ago

Haley and Allegra will train you and your pup. They take a super empathic and human approach to training. Pepper and I are so glad we choose them!

Sara Van Malssen

3 years ago

Haley was a miracle worker with our GSD. He was extremely hyperactive and walked horribly on leash. By the end of the 3rd lesson, we was walking calmly on and off leash! Definitely recommend

Ben Hiza

3 years ago

Let me start by saying I struggle with patience, and that does not improve with lack of sleep. Our new puppy was very anxious and excited in his home, which meant not a good sleeper, and very little bladder control. It was more than I could …

Carley M

3 years ago

The Naked Dog has help me and my pup out so much! Roxi has had a lot of leash aggression and behavioral issues. I thought that I would never be able to take her out in public or ever stop dodging my neighbors. After a few sessions with Haley, Roxi has calmed down a bit. I’m able to control her much more than I could a year ago. Haley has also been so responsive via text, calls and even was available ICE when I went out of town. So happy to have found this business and would definitely recommend them to anyone

Caroline page

3 years ago

I had a really positive experience working with Haley from The Naked Dog! The training my dog and I received was a game changer because I had really struggled with having my dog obey my commands and it had become a point of stress. My dog …

Chelsey Borris

3 years ago

We recently completed the three part group training series with our dog. Our two year old lab mix, Jack, is a sweet boy, but he struggled in high distraction environments (hello parks and trails) and we just didn’t know where to start. He …

David Quin

3 years ago

Allegra and the Naked Dog has worked miracles with my little mini-pinscher rat terrier chihuahua mix-up. When I first found him wandering the street, emaciated and collar-less, Taco was the kind of dog who would chase the Easter bunny, …

Deborah Cole

3 years ago

This was an amazing two-fer. Sadie (my little diva pup) received perfect training and I did as well! Sadie, I fear, was a much easier student than me. I have worked with another trainer and I MUST say that the experience with Allegra and …

Elizabeth Durkin

3 years ago

I am so thankful for Allegra and all she has done for my 4 year old doxie-mix Hunter. He was attacked by a dog last year and developed fear-based aggression and leash reactivity making it almost impossible for me to walk him anywhere. …

Hannah Shadrick Hummel

3 years ago

We hired Haley for the 3-part private series for our 4 month old Great Pyrenees who we adopted during COVID-19. Haley was wonderful to work with. She was so patient in listening to our requests. She always honored our requests (like not …

henri guimiot

3 years ago

When we first adopted our dog, he wouldn't pay attention to the most basic of commands, and was an impulsive and self-centered guy. Taking him for walks was a stressful experience due to his lack of responsiveness. It was a struggle. After working with Haley and using the Naked Dog system, we learned how to really communicate with him. After our three initial training sessions, we agreed that he could use more training. Haley was kind enough to meet with us for a fourth session, as she recognized his specific needs, which cemented everything for him. Haley was always very responsive by phone, we look forward to continue working with her and The Naked Dog in their off leash class. Highly recommend.

Isabelle Palumbo

3 years ago

I rescued my 3 year old goldendoodle Tucker who had some definite leash issues and loved to run and play in the water back in February 2020. My best friend took Haley's off-leash class in March and I saw her dog transform to being able to …

Jenn McNeill

3 years ago

After doing the online series and working alone with my very nervous dog, I saw a lot of improvements. She is so much better on the leash. After just one 30-minute session with Allegra at a busy dog park, I felt confident that I would be …

Jennifer Mayer

3 years ago

Haley and Allegra at the Naked Dog have completely changed our lives! For the first time since we adopted our pit-mix, we can enjoy stress free walks, sleep through the night without him barking, and truly enjoy a peaceful co-existence with …

Jennifer Mitchell

3 years ago

I loved this e-course! It is so thoughtfully put together, and explained in a way that it’ll instantly shift your way of thinking about your interactions with your dog. Allegra focuses more on the energy between you and your dog then any …

Maggy Gaskins

3 years ago

We did the 2 week board and train with Haley and it was amazing! We couldn't leave our dog home without her howling and she lacked basic manners on and off leash and in the home. After training, she is a well-mannered dog and can walk on and off leash while being very responsive to commands, gives us space, and can be left at home without barking and howling. Haley was super easy to work with and sent us updates and photos during our dog's stay. We are so glad we sent our dog to The Naked Dog Austin!

Marc Dempsey

3 years ago

Working with Haley and Allegra at the Naked dog has been great! Little did I know that most of the training would involve me, not the dog! They really help you understand your relationship with your pup from the perspective of the dog, and …

nathan chase

3 years ago

We looked around Austin for the best Puppy board-and-train offering out there and happily decided on The Naked Dog. We are extremely happy with how the whole process went, the lessons learned, and how much Remi grew up while going through …

Santos Alberto Ajayi Mata

3 years ago

Allegra from The Naked Dog COMPLETELY reformed by pup. My wife reached out to Allegra when our pup nearly got us kicked out of our office building (pre-covid days of course) Luna was barking uncontrollably at strangers, lunging at dogs, & WAILING whenever we left her alone at home. So she was suffering from severe separation anxiety & I was really worried about her. In ONE session. Allegra came in and Luna behaved like a a different dog. Luna was following commands, walking on leash, not lunging at dogs, and super respectful. Turns out it wasn't her who needed reforming it was me. It took me some time to get it, but over 2 weeks we were able to go back in the office and she wouldn't lunge, or bark at dogs anymore. It's been about a year and half now, and Luna a model citizen. She comes when called, sits on command, stops barking when asked, and as long as I take her on her regular runs, her separation anxiety is gone! Plus people always comment on her good behavior. Thanks Allegra!

Amanda Valdez

3 years ago

Allegra and Haley were so wonderful! We did the group training for our puppy Rufio. It made such a difference and I feel like it really help us correct bad puppy behaviors, but we also learned how to communicate better with our pup. Highly recommend!

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