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Ethan Baker

2 years ago

Good timings and all take care of out babygirl

Raymond Worley

2 years ago

We got our new boy today Elliott. He was hanging out just waiting for us. The staff was Super friendly I would trust them with our dog anytime. Thanks for taking good care of him.

George Tagg

2 years ago

Absolutely THE best place for doggy day care and overnight stays! Highly, highly recommend! The rates are very competitive and the staff go above and beyond to make sure all the pups are loved and have fun. …

Kayla Murray

2 years ago

I considered not posting a review because I don't want to negatively impact a locally-owned and female-owned business. But I do think it's important to relay my experience so that others who may have dogs with similar behaviors are aware. I have a cattle dog mix who is very reactive to other dogs, and he is also quite anxious initially in new environments. I spoke with 2 different staff members at length about him and his behaviors before scheduling reservations. The second person I spoke with recommended I bring him in for a 3-hour evaluation prior to his first reservation. He was, as expected, very anxious about being in a new place and meeting new people (he loves people... just gets super excited to say hi). Car rides are quite stressful for him as well, so he was amped up from that. I handed the leash over after reiterating his behaviors and quirks, and left. Less than ten minutes later, I received a phone call that I needed to pick him up because he was obsessively pawing at the door in his room, barking, panting, etc. In other words, he was the dog I had described. It takes him time to settle. It's helpful if he has something to distract him, like a bully stick or frozen kong. My understanding is that he was not offered any enrichment, and there was no barrier (like a baby gate) between him and the door to eliminate the option of pawing at the door. I was told the facility was not a good fit for him because he could hear and smell the other dogs. Yes, I am aware of his reactivity, but I also know that he will eventually settle if given time & proper enrichment. I know this because he showed his ability to settle at his prior boarding facility, which is now closed. I was incredibly disappointed that he was not allowed an opportunity at DAR. I had such high hopes after my talks with the staff and their assurances that they could safely & effectively manage my dog, as they stated they had done so in the past with similar dogs. I wouldn't be writing this review but for the website's statement that all dogs are accepted, including anxious and behavior dogs. I volunteered at the city shelter for more than 5 years, working almost exclusively with the behavior dogs, and my dog's behaviors are definitely on the "easier" range of difficult behaviors. His behaviors are very predictable and very manageable, as long as you have the knowledge and resources. And yes, this is a 4-star review because everyone I dealt with was kind, communication was prompt & professional, and the facility, from what I could observe, was quite nice. But if you truly have an anxious dog or a behavior dog, it is quite likely that this will not be a facility equipped to manage your pup. And sadly, there does not appear to be any such boarding facilities in the Austin area at this time.

Lauren Dolan

2 years ago

Dogs Around Austin is amazing. My dog has been going there at least once per week for the last year to get him out of the house and socialize and they take such good care of him! I have also boarded my dog there and feel super comfortable doing so. I love that they don't use kennels or crates and even indoors, the dogs are free to hang out and roam around. My dog has gotten anxious a few times and they do a great job of separating him and trying to utilize enrichment to make him feel comfortable, all while communicating with me so I know what's going on. All the staff is amazing. They truly care about the dogs and take such great care of them! I highly recommend to anyone looking for daycare or boarding services in Austin!

Alex Burks

2 years ago

We started sending our Golden Retriever to daycare at Dogs Around Austin about a year ago, and we’ll never go anywhere else. Our girl is a little shy and can be anxious, but she LOVES DAA (she nearly pulls my arm off at drop off because she can’t get to the door quick enough). We’ve noticed a drastic change in her confidence since she started going to daycare. After working from home for a year and a half, I’m back in the office now and DAA has been a lifesaver! I also can’t say enough about the DAA staff—they are all amazing. Everyone has taken the time to know us and our dog! Emily is professional, attentive, and it is clear she genuinely cares about the doggos. Austin always has a great attitude when he greets us at drop off, I typically have some concern/ comment I want to tell them about (the dog and I are both anxious) and Austin always listens. I’ve never had a bad experience with anyone. We also recently boarded our dog (first time we boarded her anywhere) at DAA for a week and we had a great experience. They offer various accommodations based on the dog’s preference, are staffed overnight, send daily photos/ updates, and are always extremely responsive. All this to say, DAA is the BEST.

Alexa Day

2 years ago

This is an amazing place for your fur babies to be at! My dog Athena loved it here she had an amazing time being here!

Bess Renn

2 years ago

Honestly it breaks my heart to have to write this review given that I do want to support small businesses & I understand that people make mistakes - but my dog's life was put at risk so I need to share with others. We dropped our dog off ~7pm on a Wednesday night in preparation for leaving the next morning on a flight out of Austin. We let them know that our dog is a little anxious and that we would need in town in case of emergency or questions for the night. At 9:30pm we receive a text letting us know that our dog is a little anxious and that she will be receiving some benadryl/CBD to help ease her anxiety. I told them that was fine and to reach out any time they needed to. Cut to the next morning - we land for our layover around 9AM and receive a voicemail that our dog has ingested cleaning chemicals that were left out by their team and that she is going to her vet to be seen. We were told she was in good spirits and it seemed like she would be fine. After an hour or so, we talk to our vet who let us know that everything was not fine. She had ulcers in her mouth, tongue, throat and stomach in addition to having chemical burns by her eyes, nose, paws and stomach. The vet said that she should in no way go back to the boarding facility so our friend came to pick her up for the night. When we arrived, our dog was unrecognizable. She can't eat by herself and has to be fed with a syringe and is on 6 different medications she has to take 3 times a day. Her burns are healing incredibly slowly too. We also find out that the incident happened at 10PM the night we were in town and they did not contact us or take her to the vet until nearly 9AM the next day. They are comping our vet bills (hence the 1 star) but are refusing to cover any other costs from our lost trip and flight changes. We have lost nearly $3,000 in non refundable tickets, hotels, and flight change fees. Absolutely do not board your dogs here. EDIT: The owner's response is not entirely accurate. They are blaming our dog's stress & anxiety for the incident occurring and said they did not realize the severity of a chemical that clearly lists severe burns, irreversible eye damage and that poison control should be contacted immediately. We let them know that there should be compensation for an entire trip & change flight fees and that we were in the process of calculating the costs. We also were never told the incident happened at 10PM and nearly 10+ hours went by before action was taken. We had to find this out from our vet forms. In terms of timeline, the only information we were given was 'she was in the kitchen last night and knocked over a bucket of cleaning products'. While I appreciate being notified of her anxiety, you should have alerted me immediately to her ingesting chemicals.

Cole Redding

2 years ago

Dogs Around Austin is amazing and the staff truly cares about your pets. When I boarded my pups while on vacation they were very responsive! They let me know how my dogs were doing and even sent photo updates. I appreciate the love they show my dogs always. We have been using them for several months for both grooming & boarding. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Cory Phillips

2 years ago

Dogs Around Austin has been Pip's home-away-from-home since he was two month's old. I can't recommend DAA strongly enough. The entire crew is professional, friendly, and clearly love your pups (the feeling is mutual!) They're perfect for daycare, boarding, Instagram updates throughout the day, an adorable Report Card of your pup's antics, and a happy, veerrrrry sleepy dog at the end of the day.

Dylan Stephens

2 years ago

I used Dogs Around Austin many times to board my dogs and I always know they are in good hands. I especially like that they have overnight staff. Also - they have some of the best prices on high quality pet food and treats, and recently expanded their retail space.

Henry Cho

2 years ago

Just recently boarded my dog here over the weekend and I absolutely love this place !!! The staff is amazing and show my pup so much love. My dog loved it !! I will definitely be bringing her back.

Numa Dhamani

2 years ago

Dogs Around Austin is the BEST daycare and boarding facility in Austin! We can’t imagine going anywhere else now. They’re so wonderful with my dog, Zuko, and show him so much love. He’s always so excited to go see them at his favorite place!

Rachel Stone

2 years ago

I just wanted to post that they no longer offer daycare, only boarding. 5 stars because I don’t want to ruin their streak for just an informational post. …

Sarah Rose

2 years ago

Dogs Around Austin is one of the best boarding and daycare facilities in Austin. Emily, the owner, is passionate and caring and will always go above and beyond in order to provide the best care and experience for your dog.

Karen C

2 years ago

We found dogs around Austin after i had a death in the family a few months ago and needed a place that could watch my anxious, reactive, pitty mix on short notice. I gave them a shot based off the other reviews here. They are great, …

Jet Ryan

3 years ago

This facility and the people who run it are absolutely top of the line! They offer so many convenient options in caring for your pup, and I wouldn't want to take mine anywhere else. Also very clean and tidy! If you're from out of town, make sure to check out their photo packages. So cute!

Amit F

3 years ago

Amanda is absolutely amazing! My story, hardly the fairytail. I was away for business, and had left my baby girl with people from, which unfortunately felt so sketchy that I couldn't handle it, focus or think. A friend of mine told me about Amanda/Dogs Around Austin, and suggested I get in touch. Amanda rescued my baby girl from the sketchy people (I'm told she arrived on the back of a dragon, but I didn't witness the dragon, or the fire breathing). She took my baby girl in, and the absolutely cutest things began to happen - pictures attached. In short - I killed it on the business front, not having to worry about my little girl getting mistreated. I got constant updates about Zoe, and when I came back I got the happiest little puppy girl in the world back. Plus I met Carlton the pig, who Zoe slept with on the first day (yeah that picture is the first day). And Amanda and company. If ever I have human children, I'd probably have Amanda watch them too. I'm not volunteering her for daycare, or suggesting you leave human babies with her, it's just I might.

Analicia Perez

3 years ago

Luna loves this place so much. We try to get her in once or twice on a weekly basis so she can have her own social life :). I love seeing their stories on IG to see what my dog is up to. Very friendly staff. Thanks for everything.

Chris Galis

3 years ago

A shame I can only give 5 stars. I’ve boarded at several places here in Austin in the past and Dogs Around Austin is by far the most dog and pet-owner friendly place we have experienced. We have 3 smaller pups, one former foster that we’ve …

Claire Dollen

3 years ago

Our sweet boy, Pinto Beans, was on the mend from heart worm treatment when we recently went out of town. This meant that he was on 'bed rest' and needed to keep extremely low activity for the extent of our trip. The amazing team at Dogs Around Austin kept a close eye on him and made sure he got LOTS of love and attention, while still keeping his heart rate low. Pinto came home happy and healthy and we couldn't be more grateful!

Ethan Kennedy

3 years ago

Great! Our girls love it here. I love looking at the pictures of them having fun on their instagram.

Gabina Dehoyoz

3 years ago

My dog loves these ladies and thoroughly enjoys going to their daycare! They took her 1 year photos last November and had the hardest time choosing between them all. They are always so loving and patience with her! Hands down the most professional and caring individuals!!!

Hanh Hoang

3 years ago

They are amazing! The staff are wonderful with my dogs. The photo updates and report cards are the best! My dogs are tired when they get home and always super excited to be there. Can’t say enough good things about DAA!!!

Jennifer Donaldson

3 years ago

There is no one else I would choose to leave my dogs with! Amanda and Emily treat my babies as their own, and have years of experience with all types/ages of dogs! My English Bulldogs have had specific needs, and the care and attention they receive here is second to none. Thank you for caring for my babies like I do!

Laura Cardenas

3 years ago

I rescued my dog shortly after the sheltering-in-place mandate and quickly noticed how anxious/ threatened she felt around bigger dogs. I knew I needed to find an outlet for her to socialize with people and other dogs, along with finding a place to board her if it ever came to that. I have been a long-time follower of their Instagram channel and thought I would give them a try when I saw a post mentioned low-volume, minimum-kennel boarding and daycare services. Emily was super responsive and had me sold when she made time to chat with me about my dog's behavior and their services. I made her first appointment for daycare and anxiously awaited a phone call to explain how they needed to isolate her for being too aggressive or not being a fit. To my surprise, I received no phone call and they welcomed her to come back. I immediately booked another daycare appointment and could not believe how much improvement she's made in just 2 days of daycare! She's now approaching other dogs on our walks without any growling. I am relieved to have found a place where my dog can get exercise while working on her social skills. I highly recommend this business and will be a customer as long as I'm in Austin!

Laura Kerr

3 years ago

My dog is very important to me and I feel relaxed leaving her in the care of the professionals at Dogs Around Austin. They can cater to the needs of your pet, work around your schedule, and genuinely love your pets as if they are their own. I can’t recommend this business enough! 10/10 will be a lifelong customer.

Leslie Phillips

3 years ago

Merle ADORES these ladies and we both LOVE that they are a one stop shop with photography, boarding, daycare, training, and retail! The picking up and dropping him off makes it way easier on me to sneak in and out of town too! Best place with the kindest hearts in town!

Meg Taylor

3 years ago

Scout loved his overnight stay here! Very friendly staff and nice facility. Will definitely be bringing him back to stay.

Stacy Slayden

3 years ago

These women LOVE dogs. They're not just owners who like animals and fell into a business, they genuinely care for the treatment and well being of all living animals, especially dogs! Even my shy, anxious Shih Tzu sprints to the front door …

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