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Nicole Levy

a year ago

I hope you don't need in-home euthanasia, but if you do--Compassionate Pet Vet is so worth it. We've worked with Dr. Kimberly more than once, and she makes the hardest times as easy as she possibly can. She and her team (Glynis and Jillian) are great--empathetic, quick with communication, and accommodating, and go out of their way to ease the passing of your beloved companion. She handles your pet with love, and transports them with care.

Nikki Yarbrough

a year ago

We had to put our 13 year old man dog, Simon, to sleep due to brain lesions. We knew we wanted him to pass at home, surrounded by his family and in a comfortable environment, after a weekend of eating all the human food and getting all the pets and hugs. I was still concerned that he would be nervous and afraid, but Dr Kimberly was so loving and gentle. I met her outside with my other dog, Lulu, who is very slow to accept people, and Lulu took to her immediately. She thoroughly explained to us what was going to happen, and even brought him treats and teared up with us as we cried. She radiates comfort and love and is exactly who you want by your side when this sort of thing has to happen. I will 1000% recommend her services to any pet parent, and would be happy to see her again in any future situations such as these. Dr Kimberly, my family thanks you so much for your kindness. ❤

Sherry McIntyre

a year ago

I could not have asked for a more compassionate, kind, and gentle experience.

Chuck Sosa

2 years ago

My wife and I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Kimberley in our home twice over the past few years, and compassionate pet vet will be the group we call every time. With something like euthanasia it may seem strange to use the word ‘pleasure’ but that is really what it is. Losing a pet is hard, I’m crying now as I write this review. However, Dr. Kimberley is so genuinely concerned and understanding… from the way she called on arrival to avoid ringing the doorbell, to the thoughtful words she had about our sweet old man, the way she sat with us as he passed and then gracefully left our home. I legitimately cannot envision a process that was more thoughtful and genuine than the one we experienced. I have recommended compassionate vet to many of my friends and will continue to do so strongly. Thank you, Dr. Kimberley! You are amazing and caring and compassionate and my wife and I appreciate you and your service.

Megan Lawlor

2 years ago

My husband and I appreciated the compassion the vet had for our dog Sadie as well as us. She was gentle, gave us privacy when needed, said all of the right things, and really took good care of our sweet dog. She was thoughtful in her choice of words as well as how she handled our dog. We greatly appreciate her soft touch and without a doubt this was what was best for our sweet girl.

Sandy Don Sternadel

2 years ago

I will add to this post when I find words that can accurately describe the experience I had. Wonderful barely scratches the surface.

Ty Filsinger

2 years ago

Compassionate Pet Vet was incredibly professional, sympathetic and kind with us. We were very glad that we chose to keep our dog at home, and also that we chose to go with them. They took as much pain out of the process as possible in such a difficult situation and we really appreciated that.

Teresa Khan

2 years ago

6 months ago we had to say goodbye to our beautiful baby, Abby. We are so grateful that Dr. Kimberley was able to make it to our home on short notice. With her help, we were able to let her crossover with no pain while surrounded by people who love her forever at home in her bed. Dr. Kimberley lived up to the compassionate name - with kindness, understanding and care she helped our Abby girl pass through to the other side after 14 incredible years on earth.

Bridgid Thorburn

2 years ago

Dr. Kimberly is absolutely wonderful. From the moment she stepped in our home there was a calm and stable presence. She was right there with us when it was needed but also gave us the space to grieve together. The pain of losing a pet is something only time can lessen but being able to say goodbye in our home with the help and kindness of Dr. Kimberly made a tremendous difference in the process. I am sure this line of work is in no way easy but I am so very grateful for people like Dr. Kimberly who can provide such warmth and support when the time comes. Thank you to you and your team.

Mippy Thunder

2 years ago

As long as I can help it I will never go to another vet for these services again. This team is responsive, understanding, patient. They really earned their name.

nan hershey

2 years ago

Professional and caring for me and especially for my sweet dog who I had to say good-bye to. Would recommend their services to everyone. Very loving services

Kyle Wayland

2 years ago

Dr. Laurie was fantastic. Worst day of our lives, but done in the absolute best way possible.

Don D

2 years ago

Dr Maggie was able to help me out with my large pup’s passing. I appreciate that a service like this exists in Austin and found it when I discovered my other vet was on vacation this whole month. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I also appreciate the explanation of everything else I noticed in my pup.

Lillian Wright

2 years ago

Cannot accurately describe how kind, compassionate, understanding, and patient Dr. Kimberly was. We filled out their form on their website Sunday and heard back in a few hours. Unexpected but totally welcome, and we were able to aquire an appointment for the next day. Day of, Dr. Kimberly arrived promptly and was so incredibly personable and kind. She spoke at length, with no rush, about our pets health issues to reassure my family we were making the right choice and was so considerate in her examination of our dog throughout. I wouldn't have even known she was checking for anything if she hadn't told us. During the procedure was and is still very difficult but again Dr. Kimberly was accommodating and compassionate, informed us every step of the way as she took the steps to help our family member pass without pain, grieved with us, and I cannot say how much her care and understanding meant to our family. This will always be a difficult decision to make for members of your family who are suffering. But if your veterinarian does not or will not do house visits I would urge you to at least consider contacting this place. The amount of stress it saves your friend and peace it will give you to allow them to pass in the comfort of home surrounded by their loved ones is insurmountable.

Brooke Mahoney-Livesay

2 years ago

The team at Compassionate Pet Vet are amazing. Glynis and Dr. Kimberly are among the most kind, gentle and caring people I've ever met. What they do for our valued fur babies and their beloved families is deserving of sainthood. From the moment the Dr. Kimberly entered our home to the departure of our dear Jazz (with Fond Memories - crematorium), our family was treated with respect, understanding, and patience. Though we never look forward to saying goodbye, I will never do it again without Compassionate Pet Vet by our sides. Hugs.

Victoria West

2 years ago

Daisy was in great gentle hands.She was at peace the whole time.Compassionate Pet made the whole process of getting her over the Rainbow bridge a little bit easier.I highly recommend

Alyssandra Good

2 years ago

100000% recommend. Cant thank them enough for making such a heavy & hard decision so loving. We reached out to them the day of and had a response within minutes not to mention an appointment made for the same day (thankfully). Communication was clear and expectations were beyond met. I’m so grateful they were able to squeeze us in so that our cat could pass in the peaceful comfort of our home instead of a stressful visit to the vet and in a strange environment. And can’t say enough good things about Dr. Maggie. Compassionate and gentle would be understatements. We are forever grateful ❤️

Scott H. Patterson

3 years ago

A week ago I said goodbye to my beloved dog Sasha. I knew I wanted her passing to happen at home, in comfort and not at a vet's office where her fear and anxiety would make an agonizing time even more difficult. Dr. Maggie was truly …

Donna Tolleson

3 years ago

Thank you Dr. Maggie for getting to our home so quickly when our old dog Duey's healthy failed. We have always been able to rely on Compassionate Vet Care to gently help our little ones cross over Rainvow Bridge without having to leave the comfort of their home. ???? David and Donna.Tolleson.

DNIK Publishing

3 years ago

Dr. Maggie made losing our fur baby a little easier with her kind and caring demeanor. She walked us through every step and told us what to expect. I would definitely recommend her.

Christina Shireman

3 years ago

I felt heard, reassured, and taken care of from the very first conversation on the phone with Glynis to the interaction I had with Dr. Maggie. Glynis called me within the hour to set up my appointment and Dr. Maggie was at my house 15 minutes after that. She spoke with my boyfriend and I about our sweet 14yr old dog. She assessed him and reassured us that we were making the right choice. She spoke with us about his condition and she explained every single thing she was doing. She gave us time to say goodbye and she treated his body with such respect after he passed. I can not say enough about this company. They live up to their name. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

Christina Mata

3 years ago

Great place, can't reccomend enough. They were so caring and helpful and respectful, I just can't put into words how helpful they were in my deep deep distress. Dr. Kimberly was the one who helped me and my baby girl and she was so gentle and compassionate. I simply can't reccomend these people enough. God bless them and the difficult work they do. They help so many people and their beloved pets with their compassion. So grateful. Thank you guys so much.

Cheryl Cantu-Mireles

3 years ago

Saying goodbye to our beloved Chula was one of the most difficult moments in our life. She was with us eleven wonderful years and her father, fifteen years before. Dr. Maggie was so kind, caring, and professional - a true angel who helped …

Carli Salome

3 years ago

The team of this vet company is worth every penny, from phone communication to the house visit and most of all, the compassion they show you and your pets. They truly are earth angles✨

Breanna D

3 years ago

BEST possible company for the worst scenario. I am so so glad I got recommended to compassionate pet vet. The woman who did the procedure was incredibly kind and made my sometimes unfriendly pup feel instantly comfortable around her. She explained everything step by step and was very comforting to me as well. Everything was taken care of so I didn’t have to plan much. I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario

Brandon Griffing

3 years ago

Dr. Maggie and Compassionate Pet Vet are a Godsend! From effective and compassionate scheduling and communicating with Glynis to Dr. Maggie's visit -- they are angels that truly helped us say goodbye to our beloved dog with dignity and a sense of peace.

Tanya Floyd

3 years ago

Dr Kimberly is absolutely amazing. Compassionate Pet Vet came highly recommended via VCA Ben White Animal Hospital and Emergency Animal Hospital South...who have both also been so good to our dog Lola. After 16 wonderful years, we were heartbroken to find out we would have to say goodbye to our beloved family member. We wanted Lola comfortable at home with us in her bed at the end, and Dr Kimberly was the silver lining to our dark cloud. She put us at ease with a genuine heartfelt compassion and tenderness that is hard to explain. Thank you so much for helping us through a very sad time.

Suzanne Anderson

3 years ago

This was one of the most loving and compassionate passing of a loved pet that we have experienced. Dr. Kimberly was greeted by our other 3 dogs when she arrived and was so understanding of their needs as well as that of our old girl. Dr. Kimberly handled the entire time with us with compassion and our dog was surrounded by love. Highly recommend this team.

Susan Willett

3 years ago

10 years ago we had to put our 14 year old GR Mix to sleep. She had cancer and lived without pain for nearly a year after her dx. We took her to our vet to be euthanized. It ended up being a horrific experience as I held her during the injection and it was obviously painful to her and the fear that came into her eyes, I have never forgotten. I felt like I had betrayed her trust in her final moment. ???? Our recent experience with our sweet Harley and Dr. Kimberly was a complete 360. From the moment I sent in an inquiry, I felt the love and compassionate care that would follow. Harley was only 9-1/2 but over the course of 3 weeks he developed a horrific tumor that grew from baseball size to grapefruit size. We watched him change just as quickly-always trying to be our Velcro Dog but finding it difficult to sit, and periodically acting sad and uncomfortable. The tumor began to weep and bleed and it ended up that we needed to use Compassionate Vet Services sooner than we had hoped. Glynis was excellent in communicating, making sure we and their team were in the loop at every juncture. Not realizing how quickly he would deteriorate we were assured by Glynis that they supported our decision as to the timing. We (selfishly)worried that we may be cutting his life short too quickly. We never felt judged. Regardless of the time of my emails either Glynis or one of the doctors responded timely. When the day came -I thought my heart would break but we realized that Harley was no longer able to enjoy being himself. I had read all the materials provided on their website about the process so I was prepared. We gave Harley the best early morning possible. Dr. Kimberly arrived promptly at 10 AM. My husband went outside and signed the paperwork and took care of the bill for all the services we had chosen. When they came back in Harley was laying at my feet but when he saw Dr. Kimberly he got up and went over to greet her. He laid down and to my shock and awe she laid right down beside him on the floor, petting him and talking to him in a calm reassuring voice. She reviewed the process with us and I expressed that I did not want him to feel anything that would cause him pain or anxiety. I knew from their explanation that she would sedate him before proceeding with the euthanizing. My husband and I moved to sit down on the floor next to him and when we were ready Dr. Kimberly administered the sedation. It was a very quick injection into the shoulder area which he did not even seem to feel. She told us it would take about five minutes for him to get into a restful state and that she would leave the room and give us time to love on him. It took about six minutes but then Harley started snoring. At that point I was very confident that he was completely comfortable and Dr. Kimberly told us the type of meds she had used to make sure that he would not be in any pain and that he probably felt better than he had in the past few weeks. The next step would be the IV insertion and then the administration of the drug that would help him cross over the rainbow bridge. We were allowed to stay by Harley and pet on him and talk to him through his last breath. Dr. Kimberly was very gentle and caring, and although I had cried pretty much from the time of her arrival and my husband had shed tears too, she never made us feel hurried or uncomfortable with our display of emotion. It’s been 2 weeks and a day. We are still devastated and missing him like crazy, as is our other fur baby. I’m sure in time I will be able to keep my emotions in check, and when I think about him and the joy he brought to us perhaps I will even find a smile. If we ever have to euthanize another pet we will come back to Compassionate Pet Vet for they truly are exactly that. Euthanasia at home, just like Hospice is definitely the most respectful way to let a family member leave this earth. Thank you all so much for everything!!

Zachary Kilborn

3 years ago

I’m sitting here still mourning the loss of my dog, but I was absolutely floored and overwhelmed by the compassion and professionalism of Dr. Maggie. It’s not an easy decision to end your pets suffering, but Dr. Maggie was exactly who you want walking alongside you and your pet during that difficult last few minutes. She had an excellent demeanor and let us know every step and what to expect and treated our pet as if it were her own. I’m sad that I had to meet Dr. Maggie, but I’m grateful for expertise and respect for us as a family during the process.

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