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2 years ago

Nice folks and good service

Erica “Esam4295” R

2 years ago

The best possible care for our family fur baby. We've had A wellness plan for 6 years and counting. No regrets!

Curtis Fuller

2 years ago

Love Banfield! They are expensive but the best.

Adam Villarreal

2 years ago

I called to provide feedback about helping customers verify their pets perspiration. My pet got the incorrect prescription food, and is now having $700 worth of care because of this. The way I was spoken to left me with the impression that they really didn't care. They shifted the responsibility of verification on to me and on to the cashier with PetSmart. First of all, they're the staff that transcribs the prescription from the vet in order to generate a bar code for checkout. Mind you this is just feedback so this doesn't happened to someone else. It takes no time to lookup and compare an item to a prescription. Or to simply say "be sure to double check that this is the correct one at checkout." Thats not just good quality control that's authentic care. I got a spoken to like I was the one at fault, and they had no responsibility or accountability to the pets of the customers, nevermind the fact that they're an animal hospital.

Quincy Smith

2 years ago

My dog loves it here

Nancy Lynae Dawson-Schulle

2 years ago

I don't take My Fur Babies any where!

Ellen Hutchison

2 years ago

They initially had trouble several times keeping my dog's vaccine records straight even though I tried to update them. They keep finding ways to not cover routine things he needs.

Colleen Johnson

2 years ago

Tracey at the front desk was excellent.

Aubrey Skinner

2 years ago

Absolutely love this location. The ladies are always helpful and answer questions. They are so loving and nice to my pup every time we come in. If I call with questions or concerns they are always there to help and walk me through things. I’m so glad I came here for my dog.

Rene Bock

2 years ago

I took my cat here trusting things are clean and safe. Only in door cat, not around other animals. She got fleas, scratching her neck raw . She has never had fleas but 1 trip to this vet and she does. So sad for her to go through not to mention the deep cleaning of our house and laundry to try to get rid of all eggs, larvae and adult fleas. Awful experience Stephanie was condescending and kept repeating the same things as if I don't understand. I do understand I will not be going back there. She says she's the boss top of the ladder no one else to take your concerns seriously. Very sad

Johnny K

2 years ago

I can’t say many nice things about Banfield as a company (that’s another story, and I don’t want their poor corporate “values” to reflect on the hardworking staff at the location), but I can say that the staff here is so great and accommodating. I have to give special recognition to Isaac, who went above and beyond for my dog and I. If I were going to stay with Banfield (unfortunately, there’s no way that’s happening) then it would be solely because of Isaac. Whoever’s reading this, make sure to give Isaac a raise and the recognition that they deserve!

Rachel Davila

3 years ago

My visit was good, bought supplies and completed my shoppping

Ana Wright

3 years ago

THIS PLACE. Dr. Cranston, Stephanie, Chloe, Alex and Angel....I‘d like to call you all ANGELS. Last Saturday, i rushed my 13 year old lab to Banfield. They initially tried to place him on a stretcher but when they noticed he was purple, they picked up my 85 lb and rushed him in. Dr. Cranston continuously kept us posted on his development and everyone showed compassion and empathy toward my dying lab and us , the family. Although we lost Duke that day, I can‘t tell you enough about how they took care of him, allowed us to grieve and say goodbye. I‘ve had several of my paw family pass but have never experienced the level of love and care they made us feel. I am in the process of moving my 3 other pets to this facility. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.


3 years ago

I ran into petsmart looking for a small syringe to feed the runt of my dogs litter, one small male that was 2 days old wasn't growing like the others, so I decided I would have to feed this one myself to keep him alive. I WAS TREATED LIKE A DRUG ADDICT LOOKING FOR A NEEDLE, THE BANFIELD STAFF WERE HUDDLED TOGETHER IN LAUGHING AND TALKING AND I TOLD THEM MY PUPPY WAS DYING AND I NEEDED A SMALL SYRINGE TO FEED HIM AND THEY RUDELY SAID THEY CANT HELP EVEN THOUGH THEY EASILY COULD...I went home and fed the puppy similac off my finger but died that day because no one would help me At banfield animal hospital. I should have brought the dead puppy back to them, those low wage employees would have cared then. STAY AWAY FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

André Fuentes

3 years ago

We're headed home after Brodie getting his routine exam.

Trent Rockafellow

3 years ago

We took our Lab in to Banfield with all the symptoms of Kennel Cough and specified to the vet tech that we think it is Kennel Cough. A few costly hours later after blood tests, fluids and other tests we were told our dog was having "gastro-intestinal problems" and all she needed was an easy diet and probiotics (more money). After we were told not to worry about her being contagious, we let her play with my parents dog and now it has the same symptoms and was just diagnosed with Kennel cough. I'm worried for the next dog that comes in with something serious and this vet doesn't care enough to correct diagnosis and something happens to it.

Angie Zizzo

3 years ago

Loving this location! I felt cared about and that my pets were welcome. The staff was friendly, communicative and professional.

Dennis Schamanek

3 years ago

The treatment worked remember people love their pets and want only the best treatment for them anything less then perfect is unacceptable sorry but you failed and they just keep hitting you for dollar after dollar I won't go back

Jenny Rocha

3 years ago

Just got a new puppy, they were super friendly and helpful. On our t Return visit, they were honestly happy to see my baby doing so much better.

Joshua Taylor

3 years ago

Always helpful and great customer service and care from the staff! There's a reason this place is my veterinarian of choice!

Josie L

3 years ago

Great service and friendly coming here.they have different things you need about your dogs needs like toys to food and much can even adopt a cats there!!????love coming here....

daisy martinez

3 years ago

I have been with banfield for a couple of years and i pay more than $400 yearly and with each year the price keeps going up and they only see my cat once a year and recently i called and asked about whats the price for a check up which is what they do once a year for my cat and the price was $47 so tell me why im paying over $400 so i asked about maybe not wanting to continue with the plan and the lady said you have till March 4th to decide so i said ok so today i call and they already renewed it and it went up from 33.95 to 54.95 and the lady had such a adittude problem i asked to speak to a manager and she said the manager isnt here you know they have a life too so i said well then let me speak to who ever is in charge when the manager isnt available and she said it was her so then i was like i do not need to speak to her and her rude self her name is Cindy or Sydney i will definatly not be doing any more business with you all

Martha Aviles

3 years ago

These amazing humans helped my pup today and were so exceptionally sweet to her. They didn't have to be this kind and I was so touched. Treated her like one of their own. This was my first experience with Banfield, but it won't be my last. Thank you Serena, Stephanie (I think) and the vet today!

Robyn Foley

3 years ago

So everyone was really nice, professional, and made sure to answer every question we had. We couldn't go into the appointment due to COVID restrictions, but nothing bad seemed to happen. Got briefed on the health plans and got very good in depth reports from the vet. So the only bad thing, and reason this is a 4 instead of 5 star review is because our original appointment just disappeared off their schedule. I even had a confirmation email saying I had the right time and place. They were able to book us for the next day at the same time, and even called after I got home to see if I wanted to come in that night for a spot that opened last minute. Very courteous all around, but it was still really annoying to get there only to be told they didn't have me on the books.

Roy Cloud

3 years ago

Hey if you want to get quoted A low price and then get the service done and be charged more this is the place to go. They either need to train their receptionist better or honor the prices they give you!!!!!

Ryan Wick

3 years ago

Great and friendly staff that treat and care for your pets as if it were their own.

Stephanie Cazel

3 years ago

This vet is great if you’d like more appointment options and locations, but unless you do in-person appointments they really don’t tell you what’s going on with your pet.

Tiffany Holmex

3 years ago

Great quick service.. Great place

Vera Worthy

3 years ago

My dog chocolate love them so much she put them in her new book called chocolate an the world loves this amazing animal who was raised with them for five years... chocolate an I love you band field hospital ???? for life✍????????

Lyric Aviles

3 years ago

Get your pets excellent service. But they are sometimey with their appointment check in...if you sign up for txt reminders then it says arrive 15 minutes early to check in your pet. When you do that someof them say come back in 5 minutes so it would be 10 minutes early but then there are some that let you know when the pet's appointment is at and tell you to come back at that time. I say if you want us to check in at the exact time...dont send us reminders to arrive 15 minutes early.

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