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Pakanok Klingfoi

a year ago

Full groom a mini Aussie! Love it!! We will be back for the next cut!

Nathaniel Falck

a year ago

Wonderful service. My little terrier mutt Lucy goes in looking like the Grouch and comes out looking like Miss Piggy.

Jonathan Tomko

a year ago

We got our cat’s claws capped here. They were quick, reasonably priced and friendly.

Alice Zhao

a year ago

If your pup has any anxiety going to the groomers - take them here, you will be happy you did! My goldendoodle gets very anxious during grooming and would often not be able to calm down for hours after she gets back home. I explained this to As the Fur Flies, and they recommended an early morning appointment. It was super fast (about 1.5 hr total), and when she got back, she slept like a bear! Plus the haircut was excellent (I think our groomer's name was JL?). Thanks so much!! We'll be back for sure!

Jeremy Flint

a year ago

They always do a great job grooming our dog and keeping her anxiety down! We chose this groomer and drive an hour each way because they're one of the few in the area with a Fear Free certification and they're worth the trip every time

Danielle Vasquez

2 years ago

Great staff and experience. My pup is real shy with new people and she seems to not mind being dropped off too much and always comes back home looking great and in high spirits. Nancy has always done an amazing job, and will give me tips how to better treat her coat!

Audrey Matthews

2 years ago

Amazing staff, they know what they're doing and are very kind and patient. I have a 60lb bernedoodle and she had lots of mattes, but they still made her look so cute and she is so happy

Adeline Susanto

2 years ago

I do my cat's nail trimming sessions with them. Hassle-free, quick, and very professional! We come here on a monthly basis! Happy customer :)

Josh Willems

2 years ago

I had an appointment booked here a few days after a mandatory meet and greet and when I showed up, they said the appt was not there. I felt talked down to when the lady explained how their appt system worked and since I was a first time customer and I had already been there and was told to be there at a certain time, I no longer trust them to care for my dog. Very unprofessional.

Kyle Klimbal

2 years ago

Great service and super fast.

Thomas Adriaansen

2 years ago

Zoey loves her summer cut!

Cale Potts

2 years ago

Everyone is super polite and treated my dog with such love and care!

Mallory Brandt

2 years ago

As The Fur Flies always has our little man looking dapper! It's not easy to work with doodle fur, but I always trust them to do what's best for him and to do a great job. And if you forget a leash, the slip leashes they have provided come in handy so you don't have to go all the way home!!

Rachel Davila

2 years ago

I love my babies hair cut

Jess Moss

2 years ago

We had a baby and my mom helped get the dog to the groomers and when we came home from the hospital our lhasa apso came running out of the house looking like a million bucks. It was such a relief to have a clean, groomed, and manageable hair cut during this time in our lives! And without having to give a lot of direction. Scheduling was easy over the phone. Thank you As the Fur Flies!

Isaac Martinez

2 years ago

Great little shop, they offer table training classes. ????????

Chloe Hanson

2 years ago

We have been taking our dog Comet to this groomer for almost 2 years now. Comet is an 80lb airedale terrier who was rescued from an abusive and negligent home. Although much better now than when we first adopted him, he is dog reactive and sensitive to strangers touching him in some areas. This makes finding a suitable groomer very difficult because to be most comfortable, he needs few to none dogs around and groomers who are willing to go slow and let him warm up. We found that at As the Fur Flies. They work hard to schedule his appointments when no other dog are around and always communicate with me about if there will be any dogs there and what to expect. Also, they work on table training with Comet where they do specific training activities while he is being groomed to help improve his comfort levels with certain handling. He is so comfortable with the staff there and always acts so excited when we arrive. I should note, that they do a great job with his cut, but we do not go for the traditional "airedale cut". We are happy to have him washed, nails trimmed, and hair cut. Lastly, when we were looking for other groomers, some told us we would have to give him prescribed drugs prior or that he would have to wear his muzzle the whole appointment- both of which we were willing to do for safety purposes- but we are so happy that As the Fur Flies allows him to come as himself and give him opportunities to learn and change. We always bring his muzzle and extra treats for them to use at their comfort level, but he has become so much more tolerant of handling since we started getting groomed here. We are greatly appreciative of their intention and patience.

Isaac Cantu

2 years ago

I was so disappointed when my brother, Silver and I took our dog to get her nails trimmed. My dog was anxious, but has had nails trimmed before at Emancipet with no problem, just wanted to find a location closer to home. They told me that they couldn't finish the job and that they managed to get 3 paws out of 4. When we got home, the 3 paws that were supposedly done, had some nails that weren't trimmed. The one paw that was not trimmed happened to be a front paw. We were still charged for it, at regular price. We will not return here, and would rather stick with Emancipet, where job will get done professionally.

Joshua Hawkins

2 years ago

Rebecca is an amazing groomer. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, even though my pup is a brat. 10/10 will always come here for Rebecca

Caitlin Helman

2 years ago

I took my poodle here for his first real groom. Rebecca made sure he had a positive first experience and gave him a great clip. He looked absolutely adorable! On the business side of things, they did a great job communicating with me about the appointment, made sure they knew exactly how I wanted my pup groomed, and gave me an update on his progress during his groom. I’ll definitely be going back!

Mark Olivo

3 years ago

Only people capable of handling our grumpy and aggressive pooch

Stephanie Trujillo

3 years ago

I had been having a hard time finding a place to groom my 3 year old chow chow who had never been groomed before. They were very responsive when I was scheduling and were very reassuring about the whole experience. It didn't cost an arm and a leg either. I will absolutely be bringing my dog back here!

Sarah Beth Cook

3 years ago

I was so grateful when my buddy referred me to Amber and As the Fur Flies for training with my puppy. Ruby is my first dog and I wanted to make sure I was being the best puppy parent possible. Amber was so informed and willing to answer any and all questions I had, as well as guide me through the training. She was more focused in teaching me how to teach my dog so I could effectively work with Ruby on my own as well. The experience was amazing overall and I would strongly recommend Amber, especially to first time puppy owners.

Robert B. Owens

3 years ago

clean and attentive groomer who doesn't try and push products and services thas r are not needed.


3 years ago

The bath and cut on my messy rescue dog was fair. She definitely came out better overall than when she went in. Two weeks later her cut looks more choppy than I realized at the time. I was surprised I got called back for a pickup sooner than I was expecting. Location is small. Not much parking space but adequate. Staff was friendly.

Fabe Fan

3 years ago

Went to this place based off the reviews..deeply regret it. Got a call from them after I dropped my dog of.."hi umm..somehow your dog got injured. Her paw nail tore off and we're not really sure how it happened. She was bleeding a bit but …


3 years ago

As the other few negative reviews state, I’m also very sad to say I won’t be coming back to support this establishment. The first time was great but the last time my dog came back and wasn’t his normal happy self. He also favored his paws after his last grooming and it made me question if something happened but they didn’t mention anything to me. It was finally confirmed when I got my dog groomed again and the groomer told me he is terrified of getting his nails trimmed. He is 9 y/o. I’ve had him since he was 3 months. He gets groomed every 4-6 weeks and has NEVER had a groomer say that he doesn’t like his nails/paws touched. They had me fill out a detailed questionnaire but none of the instructions were followed despite being very detailed with his grooming instructions. I asked for a shorter cut as we were just coming out of quarantine and had no idea when we would be able to come back. Overall I found this place to be overpriced for the quality of service/grooming or lack thereof. Lastly, when I went to pick him up NO ONE was in the front room and he was just left alone in a crate. I hate to think this way but someone could have easily walked in a taken my dog (!!!) without them noticing. I walked in and out — even said “hello” and no one noticed or came out to say goodbye. • • • UPDATE/response: I apologize to have to respond here since no one from ATFF reached out to me directly regarding this feedback. However, my dog does NOT have skin issues or as you claim “crusty skin” but yes he does have seasonal allergies. Regardless, that is also not the reason for the experience we had. While we are very sensitive to all businesses that are navigating through COVID, unfortunately, that is also not a reason for my dog to be left unattended or for me to immediately notice that something was not right upon picking him up. There simply was no communication from y’all. Typically other groomers give feedback/a report card after every groom to update the parent. As I previously mentioned, he is a very happy dog and actually enjoys the groomer which is why I immediately noticed his demeanor upon picking him up (photo attached of him upon pickup and photo of normal happy him at another groomer getting a bath). With that said, I will own the fact that I did not contact the business directly — I was too upset. To be quite frank, I had every intention of simply just not coming back. However, I hope that you will take this feedback and look into it further as I see there have been other recent negative reviews - clearly, something has changed since our first visit. I’m sorry if this is information you don’t want to hear.

David Rocha

3 years ago

They always do a great job grooming my dog,and so easy scheduling and filling out your pets grooming needs.

Emily Tracy

3 years ago

Really disappointed that I didn’t have a good experience here as it is in my neighborhood and I try to support locally owned. There are several bald spots on my dog’s body and yet somehow the majority of his body wasn’t even trimmed or …

Kara Parker

3 years ago

Fantastic job! My Aussie doodle was going through her one year coat change and we had to take it all off. She looks amazing though thanks to the team at Ask the Fur Flies! Even gave her the cutest set of boots. :)

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