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Sam Pena

a year ago

Vets and staff go out of their way to accommodate pets and owners!

Bobbi Parker

a year ago

The staff was friendly and informative. We felt like our pet was in good hands.

Ashley Byrns

a year ago

My cat Dara was suddenly throwing up, and I called six places trying to find one that had an appointment available. Animal Medical Center did next day, and as a new patient they took care of my cat and treated her well. I am so glad to have found a reliable and good vet for my cat. The vet answered all my questions and was very patient with Dara. As a new resident to Austin, I am so glad I found them!

Bianca Perez

a year ago

Super professional, knowledgeable, and helpful!! 10/10 Doctor took the time to speak to me about my pets medical history, ask questions to better understand the situation, and explained what was going on in a easy to understand manner. Will definitely come back.

Eliana Skaugstad

2 years ago

Scheduling was fast and easy. Front desk staff is friendly and so are the nurses and veterinarians. I’m new to town so I’m glad I found this vet clinic.

Elyse F

2 years ago

Everyone was nice. I got an appointment for the day after I called. When I got to the appointment, there was no wait and we were in and out within 45 minutes with an evaluation & treatment plan.

Tara Prien

2 years ago

The vets at this facility really show compassion and professionalism. For several years, my pups bounced from different vet clinics in Austin that were constantly upselling and overcharging while rushing you in and out, and this is by far the best we have found (and stuck with once we did). I feel the pricing is affordable/fair and the vets all take time to explain to you their diagnosis and treatment recommendations while not making you feel like a terrible pet parent if you don't or can't do everything at once. They also do price-matching on Rx's which is very helpful.

Lizette Gross

2 years ago

For the past 13 years, Dr. Farmer has been taking excellent care of my four pets (two dogs 13yo and 10 months old and my two cats 8yo and 2yo). He is a knowledgeable, compassionate, honest and affordable veterinarian. My pets love him and I always feel confident that they will receive the best care in Dr. Farmer’s clinic. The rest of his team are also fabulous! I will 100% recommend Animal Medical Center

Karen Gillespie

2 years ago

Love this vet! Very clean, professional and caring staff, wonderful doctors!

Ebuseleme Gülen

2 years ago

Nice People but they asked me 460$ for a spay. Crazy!

Melinda Hernandez

2 years ago

I decided to call after reading some reviews. I called woth tears in my eyes and knots in my throat after hours and hours of making the terrible decision to put my Baby of 14 yrs to sleep to end her pain and suffering. My Daisy is literally days away from taking her last breath so I wanted to ease her pain and let her go peacefully. I was told they would get back to me about getting us in today. I received a call back and was told that next available appt would be Monday. My baby isn't going to make it til Monday. I really thought that they would have made time to take us in today but instead they said next available on Monday. No empathy no sympathy, nothing. So much for the love and care in helping our pet.

Heather Cook

2 years ago

I had been trying in vain to get my dog into an appointment with her "regular" chain vet. I managed to get an appointment, they cancelled on me. I was told I could schedule a month out or come wait for a walk-in appointment and maybe spend the whole day in their office and not be seen. I was frustrated to the point of tears watching my little dog in pain. I went to AMC's website, requested an appointment as soon as I could manage. They called me and confirmed the next day. She went and was extremely well cared for and managed to charm her way into many selfies. The only way I could be happier is if she hadn't needed to go in at all. I almost don't want to write this, so I could keep her new vet to ourselves, but good vet care should be for all.

Lynae Kuhl

2 years ago

Well, I had to use this place because I unexpectedly adopted a dog & had to get her shots. They over charged in my opinion, said they trimmed her nails for $27 said she was difficult, no dogs like it and several didn't get done. They gave me an estimate for a dental, almost $1,000 & wanted $45 per extraction. I took her to another Vet got extra blood work, 8 teeth removed & 6 months heartworm shot for $455. So yes, very over priced.


2 years ago

1st visit next Chica dental will know more then


2 years ago

My review is out of respect for both the Dr. Farmers and their style in veterinary care. I will ignore their staffs mistakes or just akward situations or even uncomfortable moments or surprise charges new staff members add to my usual annual plan. I love this office and I will highly recommend it to any one I know. I wish they would change their current policy about waiting in the car when the office is dead, I never had an issue wearing a mask. Im sure every dog owner would like to go with their baby and comfort them when they most need it, not wait in the hot sun anxiously for more than an hour. Im sure the process can be a lot more comfortable and less traumatic for both the owner and the pet. Dr. Farmer has never had an issue with Kody, he is a great Vet and a great dog handler (Two different things) just wish the rest of his staff would aproach it that way, and not recommend some drug for his next visit to make him less anxious, which he wouldn't have been in the first place if I was there with him. I have been coming here for years and have had my issues but this last time around took the cake. Dr. Ariel Castillo did mention she was the only Vet that day. I could tell she was new at the office because she didn't realize that she wasnt in some fancy vet hospital in a nice upscale down town area, she is in a neighborhood family style nice comfy vet office with great owners who take great care of the people who take their pets there. They have always been very competitive and fair with their rates and never guide you into an expensive Vet visit. They are honest, fair, and really care about the love the person has for their pet by bringing it to them in the first place, I mean who wants to spend 245 dollars when all they want are the required shots to get groomed, ill pay for the physical, the fecal exam, the shots, hell ill even get the heartworm preventative even though my dog is healthy as can be and stays inside with me. I never needed all the extra stuff that was added on, my ???? is as healthy as an ???? , I know that because I have been bringing him to Dr. Farmer for years so its pretty funny how a new Vet comes in and tries to play me for some fancy Vet from some fancy college ???? charging me for fancy Tests. My dog has never left that place so traumatized ????. I dont know what happened in that room but he was not himself. I think they gave him one on those pills they sent me home with for my next visit. Im not drugging my dog sorry unless its an emergency and to calm him down is not one, any good dog handler can do that on their own. Im sure muzles too if ur scared to get bit by a little tiny Dachshund wich is normally super friendly and timid. So next time im taking my invoice and im telling the new people exactly what my pet needs because, they lack the training to know what and how Dr. Farmer takes care ❤ of his people and their pets. Please please change yalls process to how it was back then, my pet needs me and I need him during that whole process ill wear as many masks as it takes, since that is yalls policy. Im also sure your waiting area has enough room for people to sit far enough away from each other. Since in just ur front desk area u fit like 4 people working with masks, who are all confused about why your there. Like you didn't call to place the appointment a week a head and told them exactly what you wanted. They also didn't give me my dog until I finally paid, he should have seen me as soon as they said he was ready and I went inside, it was so wierd this last time around. It felt nothing like the way the FARMERS for years have worked so hard to establish, they are the reason why this place is so popular and busy. Just leaving this review so they can hold their staff accountable and change maybe somethings for the greater good of all the pet owners that go there regularly. So with love and respect I change my 1 star to 5 like they deserve.

Tammy Svjagintsev

2 years ago

Quit asking... I've already given you 5 stars

William W

2 years ago

Not very thorough in explaining proper use of prescriptions. I brought my cat in because she had an infection on her paw. They prescribed antibiotics (amoxicillin) and Mal-A-Ket wipes to clean the area twice a day. They did not tell me that the amoxicillin needed to be kept in the refrigerator, something I found out after the liquid got really goopy and changed colors. So now my cat started antibiotics without properly finishing the whole routine, which can cause problems. Also, they did not mention to ensure my cat doesn't lick her paws after cleaning them with the Mal-A-Ket wipes (and the packaging doesn't say so either!). Perhaps I am too trusting but I assumed it to be safe since the vet knew it would be used on her paw, a spot she can easily lick, and didn't bother to say anything. My cat started having a reaction from licking her paw afterwards and was having trouble breathing. This could have easily been avoided by providing proper instructions.

Yolanda Sloss

2 years ago

Awesome staff and clean facility. Took my dog for heartworm test and flea meds. I would recommend. My doggy and I are happy!!!!

Devon H

2 years ago

They take great care of my three dogs. Can be slightly difficult to get last-minute appointments, but that’s probably just because they do such a good job that everybody wants to bring their pet here! If I am having an emergency or need a same-day appointment or an appointment within the next day or two, I’ll usually go somewhere else, but these guys are still my preferred choice for vet services!

Gabe Alvarez

2 years ago

They help me take care of my dog, and that's really important to me

Kim Coffey

2 years ago

1st time, my dog really loves the squeaky sad lion.


2 years ago

I was nervous about having to find a new vet after we moved across town but I have this office a try and I really like the staff and I love Dr. Loretta! The is a wife-husband run practice. He is a bit rough around the edges with his bedside manner but Dr. Loretta is fantastic. She's kind and gentle with my puppers, it's clear she genuinely likes and cares about animals and I trust her knowledge. I also like that she is straightforward, honest, gives you all the options, gives her recommendedations but doesn't steer you down a path of unnecessary or costly services or treatments, which I have found in many other veterinarian(s) offices. I'm so glad we were able to find a great veterinarian that I trust with my sweet puppy dogs!

Katherine Tombs

2 years ago

Friendly staff, good service. My cat hates coming here but she's in good health.

Andrea Balli

2 years ago

The staff is always super friendly, the office is always clean, and the vets are always knowledgeable. I am really glad I found these guys for all my pups.

Barbara Scott

2 years ago

I love the employees and Drs. at this practice. I have been using them from 19 years. They really care about your pets

Lauren Schultz

2 years ago

I can't express how much I love this vet! My cat had to have a tooth extracted, and everyone was so helpful with walking me through the process and taking care of him before, during, and after his surgery. Pricing was very reasonable as well. I've also taken him in for his yearly visits, and we've always had nothing but the best experiences here. Everyone is so awesome! Updated review: This used to be the best vet I’d ever been to, but after a few recent experiences, I felt I needed to update my review. I’m updating from 5 stars to 2. The doctors are all fantastic, and the vet techs I’ve worked with have been great, especially Michael. However, the disorganization from my past couple visits has been so extremely stressful, I’m planning on going to a new vet moving forward. Due to covid, you can’t go back with your pet, which I understand. This caused my cat to be more stressed than usual. When I went inside to pick him up, the front desk staff called him a mean cat and dropped him in his crate accidentally on the lobby floor. I understand dropping him was an accident, but there is no reason to ever call somebody’s pet “mean.” I addressed this issue with Dr. Farmer, and the staff member apologized. When I dropped him off for a tumor removal, I was informed they could not find him on the calendar. While I was there, she also informed another client that she could not find them on the calendar. She was still able to take him back for surgery, but I was asked multiple times what surgery he needed, which made me nervous. The doctors called me with updates throughout the day, which put my nerves at ease. However, when I went to pick him up, I waited for an hour an 10 minutes after they said he was ready to go. I think the person’s name was Nathan or Nate, but he started telling me how my cat’s neutering went. He was already neutered, and we were there for a dental cleaning and tumor removal. This completely freaked me out. He went to go talk with the doctor, and he was gone for 30 minutes. Valentina asked if I was okay and went to look for him. After he finally came back, he brought updated paperwork. He said no extractions were done, and we did not need to come back to have his sutures removed. The doctor told me he had 3 extractions done, which I had just paid for, and that he DID have to come back to have his sutures removed in two weeks. He disappeared again for another 20 minutes to check. Finally, he came back and said I was good to go, and I said I still needed my cat. The last thing a person needs when dealing with a pet’s surgery is additional stress. I was so worried something went wrong, and the conflicting information was frustrating and worrisome. This has to be improved - I’m not sure why a pet’s chart can’t be pulled up or why the discharge papers were incorrect to begin with. One mistake is understandable, but multiple mistakes shows a larger issue. I used to feel comforted coming here, but the disorganization is too stressful. I understand some of this may be due to covid, but this degree of miscommunication is unprofessional and unacceptable. Really disappointing because they used to be so great. Hopefully these issues can be fixed.

Malia Rivera

3 years ago

Dr. Farmer treats my pets as family. A quick stop to ask a question and he never ceases to amaze my husband and me with his care and compassion.

Cheryl Puckett

3 years ago

Love these guys and how well they care for our 5 furbabies!!!

Maria Lopez

3 years ago

I love them they all nice and friendly I would not trust any one else to take care of my pets just Animal Medical Center of Austin .

Marie Sedlak-Lupone

3 years ago

Thorough, courteous, on line and telephone appointment s

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