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Jane Walsh

2 years ago

We started with Dr. McPherson when she bought the practice. Unfortunately it was right when our 18 year old cat was dying. Dr. McPerson was kind, compassionate and above all patient with our situation and goodbyes. She is straight forward, realistic, and practical. Her focus and energy towards maintaining our various pets health has been outstanding over the years.

Veronica Toledo

2 years ago

Two weeks ago my boyfriend made an appointment for a spay surgery for 2 of my cats, an Ashley answered us and said that there was availability on September 3 and 10 so we chose September 10 (today) and she gave us 2 options At 10am and 3pm, I asked for an appointment confirmation email (never received) and it would arrive at 10am. We showed up today and Ashley even came to the door and immediately when she saw my boyfriend she knew it was the surgery appointment for 10, we waited a while and then a woman came out to get my babies asking what we needed so again my boyfriend said about the surgery and she was nice and said surgeries were done before but we told her about the date ashley did us so she took my cats anyway and when the mcpherson woman came out and looked after us there all It was complicated, we told her about our appointment for surgery and it was as if we had poured holy water on the demon himself. She started yelling at my boyfriend that there was no way Ashley would ever say it! very angry with no reason that you only had surgeries in the morning that only gave vaccinations for my cats, my boyfriend is a very peaceful person and he told her if Ashley could come out and clear this up, she said sarcastically "if you call her you can talk to her" when we were there! my boyfriend asked if she could tell him to go out the door and McPherson said no. and closed the door in my boyfriend's face, it was not our fault for the misunderstanding and his position was very negative when we were confused and we wanted to talk to Ashley to clarify this since with McPherson you could not complete a sentence since she was I was very negative, this ogre was not professional to say the least, so I decided to get out of the car with the windows closed (that's right, her screams were heard from inside) I asked my cats politely, because I did not want her to use her courage with my cats. I will not go back there and I also do not recommend this extremely rude person.

Jay McIntyre

2 years ago

Dr McPherson and her Team are great! Highly recommend them.

Kelly Houske

2 years ago

Dr McPherson has treated Sassy and Eddie. She’s really nice

Joyce Lavery

2 years ago

Highly intelligent, compassionate, and wise.

Matt Davis

3 years ago

Easy to get an appointment. Curb service. Simple explanations for what's going on. Reasonable prices.

Dell A

3 years ago

Dr. Mcpherson is the best!

Joel Kinstle

3 years ago

Great very! Came to car side to take my dog, flexible appointments, and very friendly. Very informative for my new puppy without being overwhelming or judgemental. Definitely the vet for me.

Haley Davis

3 years ago

Inexpensive yet great service. The office visit is only like $35, but they care a lot about the animals that come in and are sweet and knowledgeable. :) This is my new go-to.


3 years ago

I wish I could give zero stars! I made a phone call to ask for estimate cost for my dogs tooth to be pulled and the lady on the phone was the most hateful person I've ever talked to over the phone!


3 years ago

I recommend finding another place for your fur baby. Mrs.Mcpherson was very unprofessional all the way down to the irritation in her tone, because of all my questions, regarding their process on my cat. The guy at the front desk set a appointment on Wednesday at 11:30, only for me to find out they close at 12. I’m use to dropping my cat off, and they call whenever she’s ready. This morning was my cat new appointment, and I was calling to just cancel the whole appointment, when I heard McPherson big mouth screaming, at her front desk help, I’ve already talked to her. She then turns around an screams at him to stop using the word, UMMM. If I can hear your comments, an I’m on the phone, that’s beyond UNPROFESSIONAL. This is not my usual veterinary doctor, and I’ve learned why. I was just trying to find somewhere new, so I wouldn’t have to keep driving a hour 30min, but to ensure that my baby is safe, an well took care of, I will. I think Mrs.Mcpherson needs to learn how to talk to people, unless that was her son or husband, even then that’s not how you should treat people, no boss should talk to their employee where a client can hear the negativity. Then she calls me back to be even more passive aggressive, so clearly she has forgot why she have a business, if it wasn’t for us bringing in our animals, you wouldn’t have a business, so learning how to respect others, is something that I know she’s old enough to understand.DON’T GO HERE‼️‼️‼️

Yvonne Scheibe

3 years ago

Simple and easy. Dr McPherson shows personal attention to all her patients.

Kelly Paul

3 years ago

Exceptional veterinarian with exceptional skills. Always informative. This vet is very knowledgeable.

Ken Vreeland

3 years ago

The vet made us feel like we were being overly concerned about our little puppy and diddnt do much to reassure us. She never mentioned to us about heart worm medicine. She Told us that ticks are not an issue in Tennessee and nothing to worry about. Would not recommend this vet whatsoever

Miss G

3 years ago

My dog really needed medical attention for a serious flea problem that we’ve struggled with for over 4 months. Her normal vet was booked out 2 weeks so I called McPherson and they got me in within 2 days. They’re curbside so the vet came out and greeted us and took my nervous dog in. She was out in a matter of seconds! They’re basic exam is only $30 and they got me 3 months of chewable flea meds. They got me exactly what we needed, quickly and without charging an arm and a leg. I will definitely be back!

Ron Andreano

3 years ago

I will never take another one of my animals to this center again. Dr McPherson is rude and very condescending to people she acts like she's better than most. One reason why I stopped going to her

Tami Smith

3 years ago

Dr McPhearson couldn’t love my fur babies any more than I could hope for in a vet. Special care. Loving care. Always available. Compassionate toward 4 legged friends and humans alike.

Tessie Austin

3 years ago

The only place we trust to care for our fur babies. Cindy and Dr. McPherson are the best.

Vanessa Voigt

3 years ago

They are always so friendly and helpful. She helped my basset Mindy tons and when it was time to let her go, it was so peaceful. Doc McPherson is awesome and the whole staff cares for the pets like they are their own.

Carol Smith

4 years ago

Dr. McPherson is the best!!! She truly seems to love her patients and is priced reasonably.

Carolyn Box

4 years ago

Dr McPherson and staff very friendly

Esmeralda Rodriguez

4 years ago

Called at 4:00 to see if they'd take my dog who hurt his leg and was in a lot of pain and they said, "we're fixing to close".. when heir hours are until 5pm

Janet Heyward

4 years ago

My dog was in respiratory distress and I was turned away at the emergency vet because they were " too busy", though there was no one else there. I was able to get my baby in with Dr. McPherson and couldn't be happier! She got on the floor with him and talked to him, treated him, and me, with kindness and compassion and really calmed this anxious dog mom immediately. You can tell she has a real love for animals and that's why she does what she does. She diagnosed the real problem quickly and we left a short time later with the appropriate meditation. He's already a different dog less than 24 hours later. We have found our new vet, and I am beyond appreciative! Thank you seems so inadequate, but THANK YOU! My boy is going to be ok, and now so am I. I highly recommend this clinic, Dr. McPherson and her staff are amazing! And the prices are unbeatable. I would've paid whatever I had to for my baby to feel better, but I didn't even have to worry about selling my organs on the black market to pay for the care. Wonderful place and wonderful people. I'll be forever grateful!

Willy's Performance Cycle Center

5 years ago

Great veterinary clinic! Our dog loves the staff here at the clinic!

Pat Brown

5 years ago

Excellent care. She loves our furr babies


5 years ago

A caring and compassionate vet. She puts her animal patients first!

M Sass

5 years ago

Long review: sorry but a lot has happened in the past month. This is hard to write as we put our absolute trust into Dr Mcpherson! I want to …

Lexi McIntosh

5 years ago

I absolutely love her, and her staff! Super sweet people! She actually gets on the floor and interacts with my fur baby and he loves her! He’s always been afraid of new places but as soon as I open that door he walks right in with his tail wagging high! ????

kimberly pitts

5 years ago

When my pet dog that I loved more than life was in her last stage of life, Dr McPerson showed so much compassion to me and went above and beyond to make sure my fur baby was as comfortable as possible In her last days. She was patient with me and my fears and emotions during that time. She now takes great care of my current dog. I would also say that she gives excellent service at a more than fair fee.

Kim Napper

5 years ago

I don’t typically like to post any reviews negative or positive; however I feel a need to because I personally took into account all the positive reviews to find a vet. I, like most pet owners, am not an expert on animals despite our love for our furry kids, so I relied on the professional opinion of the vet. I do agree that McPherson came down on my dog’s level and sat with her which did seem very promising. She spayed my dog and that seemed to work out seamlessly. For boarding, they would ask if she was up to date on all her vaccines but didn’t ask for any records. We took our dog there because over the weekend she seemed to have hurt both her hind legs. After dropping her off for examination and boarding at the beginning of the week, we received a call that her tendons were NOT ruptured but it might be a growth plate or what not so they still wanted to refer her to a specialist. There wasn’t a sense of urgency so we did take her to the specialist on that Friday. There they told us both legs had a ruptured tendon and since it had almost been a week the tendons has retracted making surgery less likely to succeed. If surgery was successful then it would take 6-14 months of rehab depending on option 1 or 2 but she would have to either be on a tight leash or crated for that entire recovery period. My husband left a message with Dr. McPherson’s Office to talk about our new findings, but we never received a call back. Keeping our Doberman puppy from being active is impossible, so we had essentially assumed what would be most reasonable also taking into to consideration that they told us she is not in pain. When I went to board her again overnight, I had called in the morning to check for availability and I thought she had said yes after 4:00 pm. Upon arriving at 4:45 pm, Dr. McPherson did accommodate my dog’s boarding but only after her condescending comments of “I spoke to the person and told them AT 4:00 pm; we close at 4:30 pm; are you going to do anything with your dog’s legs!?” First of all, I’m not going to argue whether she said at or after 4, you don’t talk to people none the less clients that way. The website says they close at 5:00 pm so I suggest that be changed to reflect correctly. I didn’t go into how I felt like we would have had more options for our dog had we known earlier (by 5 days) that her tendons were indeed ruptured. Time is essential in these types of cases for an increased chance of recovery. What I did explain was how my husband told me that the specialist shared that the recovery would take 6-8 months to which Dr. McPherson and her infinite wisdom curtly exclaimed “weeks, not months!" I didn’t argue since I wasn’t present at the specialist’s appointment and I thought there may have been a communication break down. Either way, I don’t appreciate being talked down to and treated as if I do not care about my dog. I didn’t care to encounter her again so my husband picked our dog up the following day and calmly recapped my story from the day before to the lady in the front (forgive me as I don’t remember her name). The lady was very nice and understanding and confirmed everything that he had thought the surgeon had explained. Needless to say, we won’t be returning clients. I just want to share my experience because our pets rely on us the owners to take care of them. We try our best by taking them to specialists and listening to their professional opinion and advice. When that advice is so far off from the truth, then we might end up doing more harm than good to our pets. I apologize as my intention is not to hurt a business but to save a pet.

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