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T Calhoun

a year ago

Very caring and they love cats!

Olivia Mogush

a year ago

They are so friendly and always let you know what is going on every step of the way.

Yarn Dragon

a year ago

Looking for a new vet and immediately cancelled the appointment because of rude and extremely judgemental remarks. I called as a new client for my sick dog and when gathering information about my dog the lady asked if she was spayed. I said no and her response was "that's aweful!" In the most snarky judgemental tone. She's a 10 year old breeding rescue dog and I didn't want to put her through the surgery because of her age and health. But you didn't ask that before judging me so instead of me telling you over the phone now I'm telling you in a review. Good to know this is how you treat your brand new clientele.


a year ago

They ignored specific instructions on what shots to give my cat and just did what they wanted. Also gave poor quality flea meds that didn't work and charged me for a unnecessary rabies shot. Very Unprofessional and I highly recommend that you don't bring your animal here.

matt fischer

a year ago

We love this place, although Kitteh is not too pleased with their services.

Christie Benton

a year ago

They completely messed up appt time and day with no apology saying accidents happen & do what you have to do. They seemed defensive instead of ensuring me that they wanted to go ahead and get me scheduled properly.

Mary McCannon

2 years ago

Our experience with Dr. Sarah was shockingly horrible. We have a 14 year old cat who is absolutely miserable. Over the last year, she has had a steep decline physically & behaviorally. She is unable to use the litter box or make it up the stairs. She was once my sweetest lap cat and now stays in hiding 23 hours of the day. After six months of agonizing over this hard decision, we decided it was time to put her down. She was no longer happy. She had received regular veterinary care in our previous state but with the pandemic had not seen a vet in over a year. We called Middlebrook Animal Clinic based off a recommendation from our preferred clinic that was at capacity, explained in detail the situation over the phone and told them our decision. They made the appointment for us with no hesitation. We arranged babysitting, researched medication to help calm her nerves on the drive, and cuddled with her all day. We went through the heartache of explaining the situation to our two year. She has been spoiled rotten, indoors & well loved her entire life. Making this decision was also an act of love, to prevent further suffering. A decision only us had the right to make. Our appointment was at 5:15. We arrived on time and called to let them know. Over the phone they told us their current protocol with COVID precautions. They mentioned for the first time that they would have to do an evaluation (while we wait in the car) to deem our decision necessary. After waiting in the parking lot for 30 minutes, the vet tech finally arrived and asked us several questions. We explained the situation. She did not ask for vet history. She took Penny inside to be checked out & let us know we would get a phone call to come inside. Three minutes later, a woman walked out carrying Penny. She did not introduce herself, ask us any questions, or even let us know what she had discovered in these three minutes. She told us that if we were not willing to work up Penny (and pay $$$) for behavioral issues that she would recommend taking her to a shelter to give her a chance at life. There was zero explanation, no inquiry or desire for us to further explain why we had made our decision, no sympathy. She didn't ask us if we had tried any other treatment options (yes, we have). She didn't ask us if another vet had run her bloodwork in the last couple of years (yes, they have). She was condescending and self righteous. She was judgmental and hateful. I was in shock & reacted as such. We were being told to take our elderly cat who we love dearly, who lost her ability to use the literbox and has a poor quality of life to a shelter. I called the two main shelters in the area to see what their response would have been. They said they either would not take her or that she would likely be euthanized. Without her people there to love her. UPDATE: I reached out to several community groups on Facebook and explained what had happened. Thankfully multiple vets replied to my post & I was able to speak to a few of them. All were disappointed in Dr. Sarah’s response. Appalled she would suggest to take our sweet girl to a shelter where euthanasia would be inevitable. One vet at UT medical hospital, spoke to me in detail. He listened. Asked questions. He agreed with us. Another vet With dozens of recommendations on Facebook, made room to see me & my sweet girl on short notice. She spent 15 minutes talking to me in detail, asking all sorts of questions that Dr. Sarah did not. The evaluation of Penny showed much more than I was even aware. She was dehydrated, frail, tender w/ visible signs of failing health. After discussing options, we both agreed the best thing to do was to say goodbye before she endured any more suffering. The vet sat right beside me with Penny in my arms & we said goodbye together. She was sad too. But upheld the oath she had taken as a vet to perform this service when it is necessary & kind. What I learned from all of this is there are many incredible veterinarians in & around Knoxville. Please, for your pets sake & yours, choose one of them.


2 years ago

Fast and personal service. Definitely recommend. You can tell that they care about your pets.

Tony Thomas

2 years ago

Great people. Take awesome care of my dog. Love these folks

Jason Morris

2 years ago

Dr Sarah is great. Takes time to explain everything.

Kristen Walker

2 years ago

Taking our new puppy to a vet in COVID times (couldn't come in with him) was nerve-wrecking but Middlebrook Animal Clinic put us at ease! Dr. Sarah Szluha was so detailed in her phone call with us!

Samantha Reece

2 years ago

I have never been happier with a vet, and I’ve been to several due to moving for work in the past. Every single person I spoke to cared deeply about the animals and were so pleasant in general. I also LOVE how they managed to make our first visit personal and safe due to everything going on in the world right now. I’m super thankful I found my new vet on the first try!

Robert Leiva

2 years ago

I couldn't be happier with the service and care my Halo receives here. By far one of the best Veterinary's, I have ever encountered. Knowledgeable , Professional, Courteous, and really cares about your fur-baby and their health. Great Job like always. We both LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Naomi Furnald

2 years ago

Couldn't be happier with their help with how much they helped me with my boxer.

Kayla Gourley

2 years ago

There is ALOT of miscommunication with the front desk staff. The vet is good with my cat put the staff has caused me a lot of headache. This place is pretty expensive too.

Caryn Carney Toney

2 years ago

Took care of my new Shorkie rescue but I also appreciated the caution they used in view of the pandemic!

Adria Cochran

3 years ago

You will not find a more caring and knowledgeable staff!

Anne Copeland

3 years ago

Best vet and staff. So knowledgeable and kind.

Cyn Tervention

3 years ago

Dr. Sarah is absolutely the best - she's got such a rapport with both pets and pet parents, and her staff members are all amazing, including helping pet parents learn to give medication of all types. An extremely supportive vet's office willing to provide the best care across the board.

David Jackson

3 years ago

Wonderful gave us some good advice for Boss surgery and recommendation who would be best

Jametta Alston

3 years ago

It has been helpful interfacing with my vet in RI.

Jonathan Grisham-Burchfield

3 years ago

Sarah and Elizabeth are the best!!!! They take care of all our pets with such love and compassion!!!

Jonathan Swink

3 years ago

The best Veterinarian in West Knoxville! It really is one of a kind in just how personal and in depth the care is. I have brought all my dogs here over the last decade and whether it is minor or major Vet. Sara gives her undivided attention on your animal. There will be times were 4 vets will all be working with your animal. You never feel rushed and there have been times in need where she will see my dog after all her appointments just to get them in. I could probably write a novel in just how much I appreciate this place. They go way above and beyond any Veterinarian's office I have ever been to. And to top it off they are very reasonable priced. In the past I always felt you would have a massive bill going to the Vet but I am always surprised when I have a 10 item punch list of test, shots, and medicine and yet doesn't break the bank. Just one more perk of this place. Recommend taking your animal here 100%!

ray bolton

3 years ago

I was very happy when I left. Definitely knew i could trust these women. Great with my pupper and reasonably priced. Clean and professional.

Matt Kothe

4 years ago

I'd give 10 stars if I could. When I came to Dr. Szluha (who I'll call Sarah), my Samoyed had been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition called sebaceous adenitis (SA) about 9 months prior. This is a very, very frustrating condition to treat, and it robbed my big, beautiful, fluffy white dog of his coat. I came to see Sarah on a lark after reading that she had successfully treated another dog with SA, but I did not get my hopes up. I figured I would at least give it a shot to see if she might have some advice I hadn't heard yet. Sarah wrote out a detailed plan at our first visit, and over the new few months she made a few adjustments based on how Gibson (my dog) was doing. She's particularly fascinated by skin conditions, and I could tell Sarah had a vested interest in my dog's progress. That means a lot. Progress was initially pretty slow, but a funny thing happened a few months ago - Gibson's coat EXPLODED, and hair started growing in droves almost overnight. I couldn't believe my eyes. It has been almost a year since I first took Gibson to see Sarah, and my dog looks like a normal, completely healthy Samoyed again. I genuinely never thought I'd see the light at the end of the tunnel with his condition, and with Sarah's help, my little dude is doing better than I ever could've imagined. Sarah is a wonderful veterinarian, and I guarantee your pet will receive the same care and attention she has given Gibson. It's not possible for me to recommend her highly enough!

Amber Gross

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I rescued our Sheppard mix, Sandy, from the shelter a few months ago. Right off the bat, Doctor Sarah gave me the best recommendation for food, toys, and over all care for our new family member. Recently, Sandy needed surgery to correct her eyelids. Doctor Sarah took her time to explain what she would do surgically, along with the entire sedation process, and expectations on how Sandy will be in the recovery period. Doctor Sarah did an awesome job with the surgery! Sandy is back to her happy self without any irritation in her eyes. Thank you Doctor Sarah and the staff at Middlebrook Animal Clinic!


4 years ago

Dr. Sarah Szluha is extremely knowledgeable & is an amazing diagnostician. She is Very attuned to your pet’s symptoms & will think “outside the box” when deciding the best line of care/treatment for an animal. She is extremely attentive to the needs of the animals in her care. She’s also very personable & takes time to explain things to pet owners. Our dogs love her & so do we!

Carla Duggan

4 years ago

I love Middlebrook Animal Clinic!

Charita Braker

4 years ago

Love Dr. Sarah and the staff. They are very attentive.

Heather Kockler

4 years ago

I am so grateful for the Middlebrook Animal Clinic and their compassionate, competent team. I moved to Knoxville less than a week ago, and my cat suddenly became extremely ill. I took him to a different clinic, and after waiting an hour and a half, I was told that they could not see me. This was on a Saturday where vets are only open until noon. My landlord recommended Middlebrook, and I called them immediately. They were completely booked but fit me in at the end of the day. Dr. Szluha was so kind and absolutely wonderful with my cat. She spent a good amount of time with him and didn’t rush because it was the end of the day. The entire team was so wonderful and I am thrilled to have found a vet that is awesome and only 5 minutes from my home. Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism!!!

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