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Celeste Sherk

2 years ago

My canine friend was deathly ill. I gave her some hope with tests and treatment. But, when I knew my girl and knew she was not going to make it. I was urged to continue care, per their (the ER) doctor’s opinion as many dogs can live a longer life, with what they thought was Addison’s disease. I told the ER that I didn’t want her to suffer any longer and that I felt further treatment was futile. They continued to state I needed to take her back to ACPC west. So, I took her back there and was instructed to go home and wait for test results. I was home 1/2 hour and they called saying it WAS NOT Addison’s disease and urged further treatment. She was in renal failure and “gone” already. I could see it in her eyes. When I declined further treatment and wanted to end her suffering. They said to come back at 11 as the doctor had a surgery to do. It was 830! I was not going to let her suffer another 2 &1/2 hours. I said I’ll be there in 10 minutes and we will do this NOW! She was finally free of her suffering by 9. I feel they were totally indifferent to my feelings and how I knew my girl. I’m going to change vets. I don’t want any other of my pets allowed to suffer longer than they need to.

Amanda Kuechenmeister

2 years ago

Been taking my dogs here for over 10 years. I have one dog that always has health issues. They are the most kind and helpful. I attempted one other location once and the services aren't compatible. I won't go anywhere else.

Kelly Donovan

2 years ago

Our sweet 16 week old Rottie had parvo. They did a fantastic job of communication twice a day which is very comforting. We highly recommend All City. They care so much about our animals.

Cortney Neuschwanger

2 years ago

The front desk was welcoming and friendly. We saw Dr. Teachout and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. He and his assistant were great at making our nervous pup feel comfortable. The price was fair and I appreciated how they took their time and we never felt rushed

Taylor Walters

2 years ago

I have 2 puppies that are in desperate need of vet help. Meaning it's an emergency. They refused to see them bc I can not afford to pay the bill right away. So now I have 2 puppies suffering until I can get them to a different vet. They made it all about the money and not about helping animals in need. I don't even know how they are still in business.

Linsey Johnson

2 years ago

on January 4th we rushed our dog who had been attacked by another dog and they got him in almost instantly. the front desk ladies and vets were amazing. My dog is now home and looks amazing for what had happened.

Callissa Schaffer

2 years ago

I have only positive things to say about this clinic. The vets and techs are great at communicating exactly what is going on with your pet and do a great job of developing a care plan. When I was younger, both of my family dogs had multiple night stays at this vet, where they received amazing care. I now have my own puppy, and I chose to come here to have her spayed even though it meant driving an hour to the clinic for the appointments. I think so highly of this vet, and am so grateful for all of the quality care they give.

Tammy Waddell

2 years ago

I am very grateful that both times I needed emergency services the staff was very polite and friendly. I was given great services with phone calls. During exams staff was very helpful with explaining what was going on, what my dog needed, risks, pricing.

Vickie pross

2 years ago

The doctor was so kind and informative. We are happy to have this place for emergencies.

Sue Jacobs

2 years ago

I am so grateful for access to quality care at even the off hour times. Through the years and with many different furiends, we’ve been grateful for the care and services at All-City. Kudos!

Lynnette Smith

2 years ago

I got a dog that was in her death bed, on a Friday and took her in on Sunday, the person that I got her from wasnt feeding her, so they had to do a blood transfusion..They knew what they were doing and saved her life, for that I'm very greatful..

Lilia Radicheva

2 years ago

We received great care for our pet Jackie. Friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable team. We received great care for our other pet, Mia. She head trauma on her left front leg. We got the full possible attention and care for her as well, thank you

Kasey Jacobson

2 years ago

I think Caring should be added to that list. The two Vets I have dealt with are very caring. That goes a long way with me. I like to think that the person caring for my little girl really cares about her.

Jade Hofer

2 years ago

I had to rush our lab to the ER after a horrifying experience. I can’t say enough about Dr. Teachout, Dr. Katherine, and all additional staff-they saved our girl’s life. I will be forever grateful to them. Thank you.

Green Bay 385

2 years ago

I had one of my Vizslas get a laceration from a barb wire fence while hunting. The clinic did a great job taking care of her and getting her fixed up. They were also very conscience that I was hunting in SD and was from out of state staying 2 hours away from the clinic. I am also happy to report she is completely healed without any complications. BIG THANK YOU TO ALL AT ALL CITY.

Gene Tverberg

2 years ago

Our one year old lab was struck by a vehicle while hunting. They provided great care and were very helpful in his pre and post recovery.

Elsa Martinez

2 years ago

They love all pets so much and treat them like they are their own family. So gentle, so caring, and so loving. My pup always has a great experience with all the staff.


2 years ago

Thanks to All city pet care for calling me on thanksgiving at 11:10am to let me know I can pick up my puppies ashes. The puppy that they did not do enough for. Then when we get there she's in a box. Not the urn like I had told them on the night we lost her. So then Sunday comes around and we called Ally city because we haven't heard anything. The guy on the phone was helpful and called us back letting us know that they had her in and urn and we could go get her. (Calls on thanksgiving but then doesn't call to tell us we can go and get her again) I head over there on Monday to get her. The lady heads to the back and I can see throuh the window in the door that she just stops and has a casual conversation with another worker that had just arrived. Not only are they unprofessional but very unorganized. We will NEVER be back.

Chris Viereck

2 years ago

They were quick and the vet tech and vet were both wonderful as well as the reception staff. Highly recommend All City. Especially if your pet has an emergency. They will get them in and treated fast.

Kenneth Hunsucker

2 years ago

I have been coming here for years and have never had a negative experience. The quality of care and their knowledge of handling pets is incredable and comforting. Thank you

Vance Siers

2 years ago

MONEY BEFORE LIFE. They refuse to see any pets unless paid first even in emergencies. Refusal to take payment plans. No real alternative.

Sharon Collins

2 years ago

Our dog was sick and they took him immediately and saved his life! We are so thankful.

Kristin Schuh

2 years ago

Took great care of my cat, terrific staff and doctor!!! Will always go back ..thank you for helping in my emergency situation!

Kate Bunjer

2 years ago

Very kind and knowledgeable. They have provided excellent care to my animals during several emergent situations. I feel very comfortable knowing I can call and get updates on my pet’s during their stay or call after if any questions arise. If I lived closer I would see them for all my routine pet care!

Edie Rodgers

2 years ago

Great front desk folks, vets and vet techs. My only complaint is the extreme length of time it takes to see someone.

Aaron Brown

2 years ago

We brought in our 3 month old puppy on Saturday after she was throwing up Friday night into Saturday morning. They looked her over and gave her an anti-nausea shot and sent us on our way. Puppy stopped throwing up but wasn't eating so we had to give her bone broth with a syringe just so she would have something in her. We decided to bring her back again on Sunday because she still wasn't eating. They looked at her again, did an x-ray to see if there was a blockage, didn't find anything, gave her some fluids under her skin and we were off again. The regular x-ray will only show rocks or metal. They then should have done barium x-ray to check for an intestional blockage. Puppy still wasn't eating after getting home. Monday we called again because puppy still wasn't eating. They told us to call our regular vet or bring her in again. We called our regular vet because our bills from All City were adding up quickly but shortly after our puppy got very weak and we ended up racing to All City. Sadly puppy passed before we could make it there. They tried to revive her once we arrived but it was too late. They told us she had fresh blood in her lungs. They suspected a liver shunt or toxicity. After speaking with another vet about what happened. It really feels as though our puppy's issues weren't taken seriously enough. We were there every day for 3 days and we still lost her. I feel as though the staff there should have been more invested in finding the cause of the issues. I feel that we were partially telling them what to do to see what was wrong. When you have such a small dog there really isn't a lot of room for error. We're still wondering if we had taken her somewhere else if she would have made it. I won't speak poorly of the staff as they were nice and helpful. I just feel that more could have been done for our poor girl. The prices are high as well but that is the price of 24hr care I suppose.

Alexa Nelson

2 years ago

I brought my cat in twice yesterday. He had to have stitches and a cast on his paw. First time we got him he didn’t keep it on for long since it didn’t fit. Brought him back that night. And they gave us a cone to help. Well the cone doesn’t even fit. Neither does the cast again. Don’t get why you are charging $110 for horrible service

Doug DeGraaff

2 years ago

Great treatment of pet and owner of

Breck Olsbo

2 years ago

My initial visit with them wasn't the greatest. I'm from out of town but brought my kitten with me and he was very sick so I brought him in. We were there for over 4 hours and didn't get any solid answers for $350. However, the vet called me back 2 days later and let me know that my kitten had a good chance of having FIP. He died late that night. I brought him back in and they took good care of him and were very compassionate about it, even gave me paw and nose prints to remember him by.

karen bethke

2 years ago

We are absolutely overjoyed with everyone at All City!! We have never experienced such a wonderful group of loving, compassionate, honest, professional, explanatory, dedicated, pet people! Our Scout was in the very best of care! We received a phone CALL (not just a text) every morning, afternoon and evening on Scouts progress! They are a wonderful group of people! I would definitely recommend their services to everyone! Not just a 5 star rating...they are WAY OVER THE TOP IN EVERY CATEGORY!!!

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