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Amy Heath

2 years ago

Highly recommend! Dana was amazing at not only training my dog in obedience She also was extremely helpful in providing me with techniques and instructions on how to control my dog. She also took the time to train in different parks so I am confident in real life situations that may occur when I am out in public with my dog. I now have the experience along with the knowledge on how to handle these occurances.

Audrey Bartolomeo

2 years ago

Dana helped me transition my dogs to a raw diet. Her knowledge and professionalism gave me the confidence I needed to make the change. Knowing she is a resource for guidance and information has been a lifesaver!!

Christina Strub

2 years ago

Dana helped me develop a plan for my recently diagnosed elder dog with kidney failure. She responds quickly when I have questions and I highly recommend her services!

Crystal Gale

2 years ago

Dana Brigman is not only vastly knowledgeable about canine health, food, training, behaviors, and essential oils, but she really does CARE about your own personal dog as if t were her own. I love her videos and there is so much for FREE on her channels. She is also worth every penny you spend to have her train and teach you and your dog. I am so thankful that 5 years ago I chose her from the multitude of ones out there. She has been a blessing beyond belief!!!

Jan Bush

2 years ago

Dana is so knowledgeable and she wants the best for your pets. I encourage anyone who is thinking about feeding raw, needing training for your pup or anything related to your dogs health to contact her!! Yes

Mariah Enloe

2 years ago

Dana is amazing! Our pup was suffering from toxic overload. She guided us with information on how to treat him with homeopathic remedies, oils and quality nutrition. We did a liver cleanse then put him on Volhard dog food. After that she came to our house and helped us work with Louie. She gave us the necessary tools to train him to be a well mannered pup. He’s doing remarkably! Dana is a great resource!

Stefanie West

2 years ago

Dana is amazing! She has helped us with training and improving the health of all our dogs! She is always ready & willing to consult, support or just answer quick questions. I'm so glad we found her and her knowledge!

Tony Camino

2 years ago

Carrie Camino say's, I have learned so much from Dana. Her way of communicating & sharing has helped me understand the importance of taking care of my fur baby in a totally new way of thinking is very beneficial for the well being of all involved with my animal.

Candice S.

3 years ago

Great experience with Dana. She is an excellent trainer and worked one on one with me and my dog to achieve our training goals. Also gave me great advice on nutrition and holistic care for my dogs. I highly recommend her!


3 years ago

We LOVED working with Dana! She has such a way with dogs, and we learned so much when she came to help us train our new puppy. As others have said, so much of what she does is about training people - teaching us to help our puppers know what's expected, what's acceptable. and what's not. Her methods just work, and now that our pup has moved to the city we are so grateful for the solid foundation she helped us form.

Ashley Potts

3 years ago

I’ve engaged with Dana in many aspects, she was a trainer for a rescue group I was volunteering with. My foster dog went through her board and train program. Not only was it helpful for the dog but it was a great learning experience for me! I’ve put many of her training tools in place over the years! She also follows up and provides refreshers if needed, which is an important part of dog training. I also use Volhard dog food and she’s been a great resource for my personal dog who has allergies and lots of other ailments that in the beginning were hard to manage but with her expertise and knowledge we’ve been able to work through many of the issues my dog has had. I’ve also transitioned to a clean home environment with the use of essential oils and Young Living Products. I’ve learned the raindrop technique for dogs from her and I’ve just recently done a Zyto scan through her and I’m eager to start putting the plan in place. Overall Dana is a wealth of knowledge, she explains things in ways to help you understand, she follows up and follows through. Your pets, and you, will greatly benefit from working with her!

Gina McDonald

3 years ago

I have a 16 1/2 year old Jack Russell who has always been an anxious girl. She is scared of loud noises such as motorcycles going by the house, thunderstorms, and fireworks! She also panics when I leave her at home for work. After watching one of Dana’s videos on different essential oils for health and wellness of dogs, I tried using a little of the oil on Josie’s collar when I was leaving and it has helped. Dana is wonderful about responding to my questions and concerns!

Kay M

3 years ago

We have a 3 1/2 yr old Great Dane that we got when living in upstate New York. Moving back south, he had no clue what a thunderstorm was-And how severe they sound. He has been terrified. It even spread to him being afraid of lawn equipment noises. Thanks to Dana, she gave me some techniques to use as well as suggesting oils that would help. He is improving greatly and his anxiety doesn’t last as long now. It’s a process for him, but she has been wonderful talking me through things and reassuring me of how to proceed. I highly recommend her for training, as well as behavioral concerns, and especially the integration of oils into your dog and family lifestyle!

Kim Grant

3 years ago

Dana is amazing with dogs and is an awesome resource for a whole plethora of things pertaining to your pets health and wellness! She has helped our doggie out with numerous issues and has remained in contact with us for years.....always …

Melynda Cunningham

3 years ago

Rosie is our foster dog we got this summer. She had been kept pretty isolated from everyone except her previous owner. She was 40 pounds overweight and anxious. She even had urine leakage while sleeping. After a scary incident meeting another dog on a walk, I realized both Rosie and I would benefit from some behavior modification. I contacted several trainers. Dana was easily the most professional and responsive. Because of Rosie’s aggression towards other dogs, classes with other dogs was not an option. Dana came to our home and worked with us. She also suggested some diet changes and nutritional supplements. Rosie has lost 25 pounds. She no longer unconsciously urinates. Her coat is sleek and she is getting a waistline. She knows basic commands and goes for long walks every day. She greets everyone we meet. The best part: she is still anxious about other dogs, but improving. She can walk along with other dogs. We go out in public, and although she gets excited, fighting is not her first reaction any longer. None of this would have been possible without Dana’s help. Rosie is a much more content, healthy, and stable dog

Toby Weber

3 years ago

Here are just a few things we noticed IMMEDIATELY after switching to Volhard. NO more itching! Our pups would bite at their feet, have watery eyes and itch quit a bit. This STOPPED within a week of using this food. NO more middle of the night yard visits. Our pups poop is normal now. ALL THE TIME! no more bouts of diarrhea, no gas, and less to pick up. And NO MORE SCOOTING! Our dogs just don’t “scoot” anymore!!! NO more leftovers! Our pups LOVE this food. They eat it up!!! It may be a bit more expensive than kibble. But is it really? When you count ALL the vet visits and medications to stop of the other things happening. It ends up being far less expensive than paying for all the other things caused by your store bought kibble. We are BELIEVERS in this food!!!

The Joy Of Putting With DL Moriarty

4 years ago

Dana definitely knows her stuff. I appreciate her taking nearly an hour to help me figure out what my dogs needed with their change to the Volhard Raw Diet. She helped with things I hadn’t even …

Amanda Hulbert

4 years ago

Dana has been an amazing resource and her help has been invaluable. Her training knowledge is enhanced by her consideration of other aspects that can impact dog behavior including nutrition. I attended her Difficult Dog Workshop and it completely changed the way I interacted with my foster dog and made me a more confident, equipped leader. She has taught me valuable dog training tools that have made a significant impact. I also worked with her to understand and optimize my dog's nutrition. The website is an amazing initial resource and your specific training needs will be met by working directly with Dana. I highly recommend The K9 Coach Carolinas!

Scott Lowe

4 years ago

I can not say enough about Dana and K9 Coach of Carolinas and what she has accomplished with our rescue pitbull mix, Jack. Being a rescue, we had no idea Jack’s history. We just knew that we could not come within 50 ft of another dog …

Sandra Lefenfeld

4 years ago

We have two dogs (ages 10 and 6) who lived together in peace and harmony for more than five years -- until the day they didn't! Instead of "re-homing" one of them, as advised by our vet and others, we looked for professional help and found Dana. Thank goodness! She has not only helped us with understanding and re-directing our dogs' behavior, but has given us the confidence and tools to take control of our "pack". This has not only helped with dog-dog interaction, but with dog-human interaction, eliminating the chaos around mealtimes and walks. We thought we were hiring a dog trainer - what we got was a people trainer. Dana's guidance has made an immeasurable positive difference in our household. I am so grateful and wholeheartedly recommend Dana Brigman and The K9 Coach Carolinas.

Rosann Coulon

4 years ago

I feel so blessed to have found Dana Brigman (The K9 Coach) who has offered training, health and wellness, and nutritional support for our Parson Russell Terrier puppy Mighty Joy. We had lost our last fur baby too early and I knew I wanted …

Richard Washburn

4 years ago

Enjoyed meeting you today and look forward to creating a partnership together. -A Waggin Good Time

Melissa Kral

4 years ago

I am so amazed on the calmness of my girl Kalie after spending time with Dana and her crew. Kalie came with many anxieties and she is a new girl. I could never thank Dana and her babies enough. More importantly on the training she gave me. It has changed Kalie and my life.

Melinda McMillan

4 years ago

K9 Coach is the place to go for expert advice- Dana has the knowledge and is willing to share all about nutrition, training, and how to have a well-oiled canine companion!!! We (SCHS) highly recommend The K9 Coach Carolinas!!!

johnnie butterfield

4 years ago

Dana is very knowledgeable and truly cares for every dog and humans relationship dynamics to become a comforting environment.

Jessica Heacock

4 years ago

I was a first-time dog owner when I got my puppy Romy. Dana helped me truly understand my dog’s psyche - I was completely clueless and thought I was correctly interpreting my dog’s mischievous behavior. However, it wasn’t until I rescued my second dog Bernice that I truly needed Dana’s guidance. Bernice was intended for breeding and had been kept crated and isolated. Bernice is still a work-in-progress but she’s already gained so much confidence and as a result lives a higher quality of life. Through diet, exercise, training and oils, we’ve gotten my beautiful, sweet Bernice to a sustainable routine and manageable lifestyle. I’d highly recommend Dana. She’s a great mentor, confidant, coach and trainer. 8 paws and two thumbs up from my household!

Jessica Covington

4 years ago

Dana Brigman has been a huge supporter of the HSRC and has shared her many talents as a certified dog trainer to help save dogs from the Richmond County Animal shelter. She has helped with several dogs especially “bully breeds” and …

Debbie Moten

4 years ago

Dana is a amazing dog trainer..Our little 10 pound guy Archie was a rescue with a big personality..Not knowing his history...Dana came in and reassured us that Archie can be trained..4 weeks later he is a different dog...He now has manners....Dana your the best...Highly Recommend Dana @ K-9 Coach Carolinas

Christina Rivera

4 years ago

My husband and I adopted our puppy on a whim, and as first time dog owners, we felt a bit frustrated about how to set boundaries for our new family member. We found Dana and immediately our fears were erased! Her confidence, patience, abilities, knowledge, and positive attitude towards us, our new puppy, and our young children was just what we needed. She works with you, takes as much time as you need, and really listens to your concerns. After 4 sessions with her, we now have a wealth of knowledge and feel much more confident with our pup. I would recommend her to all first time dog owners, and seasoned dog owners as well! Thank you Dana, we are so grateful!

Christina Melhorn

4 years ago

I can’t tell you how many times I have been complimented on what a well mannered, well rounded, happy, loving dog I have. I give Dana all the credit for this. I was a nervous first time dog owner, but Dana is an expert in her field. If you want your dog to be an included family member from car rides, to vacations, to off leash hiking, Dana can teach you how to make this a reality. She has a wealth of knowledge to share with you. I would and have recommended Dana to anyone looking to train their fur baby. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her, you will be thankful that you did!

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