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Jim Vanduesen

2 years ago

Took in a cash donation for the Betty White birthday program

Roger Wilson

2 years ago

This business shows a really care about the animals!

Rhonda Gibbons-Mahoney

2 years ago

Full of love, kindness and hope

Terry Prior

2 years ago

Just adopted two kittens. Easily made an appointment and staff was very pleasant and efficient.


2 years ago

Picked up a great little kitten. had him for a day and noticed a flea. Upon further inspection he was infested. They told me to give him a bath in Dawn Dish Detergent. After doing some research I found it was unsafe because it will dry out their skin. Dawn is for oil soaked animals and dishes not kittens with fleas. Without trying hard I picked off at least 8 adult Fleas. I can't tell you how furious I am! They told me he was treated before he left. A lie of course. I saved all the fleas I killed and want compensation for taking him to a groomer $40 for flea bath. Which leaves me with the task of defleaing my house since the kitten has been everywhere exploring. I don't think that's a lot to ask since they claim for $125 he was "All Ready To Go". I called a veterinarian and the advice was take him to a professional groomer. I have had this Kitten 2 days. If you adopt from this place you must inspect for fleas before you leave. It's wonderful that they recue but sad how they let this happen. Tomorrow morning first thing is the groomer. My kitty is suffering, next we will see what they do. I will follow up on this tomorrow. 12/3/21

Gretchen Hyatt

2 years ago

I was looking for a solid black catmate for my kitten, Cupcake. I found Kind Keeper using Google search engine for black cats for adoption. I applied to adopt Mya and received a phone call hours later. I was able to go see my cat in person with my children and bond with her before finishing the adoption process. What I love is that she came to me with her shots up to date and spaded. Everything the person told me about Mya was accurate and it helped me get her lovingly acclimated into her new forever home. I highly recommend Kind Keeper if you are looking to adopt a dog or cat. How we started vs How’s it going now…. Piks tell the story.

Dianne Proctor

2 years ago

Such a wonderful group of people doing great things for these precious fur babies. Their fund raiser was great and we made a nice donation.

cool h luke

2 years ago

Rude staff, hope they are better with animals than people...

Cynthia W

2 years ago

They got us in quickly and the staff is super friendly. We'll definitely be back!

Maria Barfield

2 years ago

I've been here a few times, I'm a volunteer transporter. Every time the staff members are so very nice and helpful. My first transport were 2 who decided to have a big smelly accident in their crate 10 minutes before I arrived. The staff suited up and still were just as nice as could be. Next trip, I was happy no one was dirty.

Richard Judson

2 years ago

Very nice place where the pets are well cared fot.

Virginia Binder

2 years ago

Kind Keeper and all their workers and volunteers are very passionate about their pets. They work very hard to offer food and shelter for the forgotten and unwanted. Two thumbs up for a job well done

izzie stevens

2 years ago

20% animal rescue 80% puppy/kitten mill. I started following them on facebook a while ago as a I had recently moved to the area and am usually always involved in my nearby animal shelters. I liked all of their cute pictures for a while but then began to notice something strange, they ALWAYS had litters of brand new puppies and kittens. I understand that cats can have 3 litters a year but with dogs it’s much more difficult. Also, if a shelter has a litter of puppies they usually go quickly and there isn’t another litter for a while. Not with kind keeper. They are always willing to charge you $375 for a puppy. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt though and decided to check out their facility. Little kittens were sat in small cages right next to energetic screaming puppies. There was a room with a wall full of cages of small puppies, at least 20 puppies. Many of their animals were sick which can happen sometimes but was more common here then i’ve ever seen (i’ve worked/volunteered at 6 different shelters and rescues). Also, if you read through other reviews you’ll see more than one person who adopted an animal from them that died days later (also not very common). Lastly, I saw them at a festival where it was at least 85 degrees out and they had poor little cats and dogs just sitting in cages. I think they took the dogs out and they probably didn’t mind as much but were probably a bit scared. The ones I feel really bad for were the cats who were being poked by children and were probably way overstimulated (there were thousands of people at the festival). I believe they do help animals that are surrendered to them but other than that they are just looking for the cheapest way to raise an animal to then sell it for $300 plus. My review unfortunately doesn’t have the power to shut them down but just know this, if you’re gonna buy an animal from them don’t post about you “rescued” them from a “shelter”. Put that you encouraged the cycle of puppy mills which raises animals in subpar conditions only for profit and is one of the reasons there will always be homeless dogs and cats.

clem stalcup

2 years ago

We dropped off a donation.


2 years ago

Very friendly staff, many animals to choose from. It is a no kill shelter

Karen Knopff

2 years ago

Adopted 2 kittens back in March. One had exploding diarrhea for months. We took her to Kind Care and they treated her, we thought. Nothing changed. After multiple prescriptions, we contacted the shelter and they treated her. No results. After 3 months of continuous diarrhea, we returned her to Kind Keepers and adopted another kitty. The 2 got along great but same problem. Took them to OnPoint and they were diagnosed with FIP and ended up putting both of them down, returning the first one which probably had the same thing since they all had the same symptoms. Very disheartening. We spent hundreds of dollars on vet bills, adoption fees, supplies, specialty food and have no kitties. Beware of adopting kittens here. It’s a shame because their hearts are in the right place, but to have that many sick kittens is worrisome.

Kristen Raynor

2 years ago

Most understanding place I’ve ever been to super thankful for all they did.

Linda Byce

2 years ago

I dropped off puppy food to these Amazing People today. I'm going to make a point of donating puppy and kitty food to them each month. I want to challenge everyone to do the same. That or either going into be a Hands-On Volunteer since this place is run solely by volunteers.

Alison Longtin

2 years ago

Adopted a cat. Fell for her instantly. Looking forward to many years with her

Leah Brisson

2 years ago

This rescue center wants donations but won't allow someone to view their website. I don't think that anyone should have to long into FaceBook to view the website. This is a great way to loose an adoption.

Janet Amello

2 years ago

The place was immaculate and did not smell. The ladies were all very friendly. Besides taking puppy food each month, I will also give them my old bath towels. I also stress the fact that it is a no kill shelter. I encourage people to donate what they can please.

Ashley Livingston

2 years ago

My visit and adoption process very enjoyable... They are very kind and friendly... If you wanna adopt this is the place!!

leigh springs

2 years ago

I understand that shelters are currently overwhelmed, but I adopted a kitten who has a severe case of ringworm which is highly contagious. The money I’ve spent (over $500, which isn’t much compared to others I’ve spoken with) and the time I’ve invested making him well is insane. We called to alert them and of course they acted like it was the first alert but I’ve recently heard other cases. Any shelter should recognize infections and treat them. They do not. Instead they ask you to sign a release form saying you adopt “as is.” *edit* I’m adding photos. The first is the one they provided, the second is how he looked when he came home, the third is after I treated him. He definitely got ringworm at this facility.

kristina Hilyard

2 years ago

It was a far drive but worth it to me. We got our babies from them and I have been looking at the website for another.

renee price

2 years ago

I adopted a kitten may 2020. Great experience. Staff are wonderful!! I've recommended the shelter to friends!

Pam Donoghue

2 years ago

They are the best found one of my rescues a home!!

Merry Davis

2 years ago

They ALWAYS need donations- whether $, food, cleaning products, garbage bags, towels, prizes for benefit fundraisers, time, (dog walkers, clezning, office work, leashes, collars (all sizes), LAND

Deborah Lucas

2 years ago

The staff loves these dogs.. Kittens etc. What amazing work they do. The animals are beautiful. Please support in any way you can.

Maureen Ireland

2 years ago

Fell in love with 2 puppies. Staff was wonderful, efficient in spite of multitasking!! Got vet appt for me and love the choice.

Angie Dale

2 years ago

We traveled an hour to meet a pup today. All I can say about our experience is, very RUDE employees! Very unorganized! Did not want to answer any questions! They really messed up today, Sunny would have had the best family ever!!! Please do your research before making a decision!

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