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Dillan Young

2 years ago

Our pups love this border! We always use them for daycare or bordering when going out of town. Friendly staff, clean facility, and very organized. Hoping they get an online scheduler soon!

Ashley Ravenel

2 years ago

My dogs (3 of them) were recently boarded for the week, my billed totaled over $1000 (included baths). My dogs have been home for 24 hours with diarrhea and vomiting from them feeding them “house” food. I provided my dogs with the Farmer’s Dog food, dry food and green beans with very specific feeding instructions. 1 1/2 packages of The Farmers Dog was returned spoiled, over 1/2 a bag of dry food was returned (should have been feed the entire bag) and no green beans were fed. Now my house smells of vomit and diarrhea and one dog is possibly dehydrated. Besides the food issue my smallest dog also came home with a limp. Response: I packed exactly what they would eat, I measured it out and included measuring cups and tablespoons. I have boarded my dogs before (1st time a pooch palace) and have never had this problem. It’s totally unacceptable and will most like require a visit to the vet and all of my house rugs to be thrown out.

Kade Pittman

2 years ago

Good place for your dog!

Linda Kaufmann

2 years ago

Oh my! What can I say about the best doggie daycare in the Charleston area? This is not a "your dog standing around in room with other dogs" place. Which I have watched my dog-baby do in 3 other places. (While a human stands staring into space) Pooch Palace has a staff that is fully interactive with the dogs. They throw balls, blow bubbles and converse with their charges. They have large outdoor and indoor spaces for running, romping and other important canine activities. And there's the all important pools that, from the Instagram pics, it seems many dogs spend the entire day enjoying. Pooch Palace also offers grooming and has a training business. Absolutely the best.


3 years ago

My dog loves to go here. When we pull up his tail won't stop wagging.

Kelsey Lucas

3 years ago

I trust this place with my dog.. which means a lot! I use this dog daycare for random days when I won’t be home much and for extended stays when I’m on vacation. My dog gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot, so I know he gets treated like a king! They recently started an Instagram account (Mt P location) so you may even see a picture of your pup playing and having a blast!!! Highly recommend!! Reasonably priced!!

chad Jenkins

3 years ago

Great staff. Our dog cant wait to go back

Andrew Rocha

4 years ago

They care for your dogs physical and mental health. Play all day!

Burton Andrea

4 years ago

I absolutely love Pooch Palace, but today I got to discover the new groomer was excellent. After giving them fairly Vague instructions. Something along of the lines of, shave my dog, but not too short, but not to long. She came back gorgeous with a perfect length, looks super gorgeous and they even left her tail (which has some white in it, hence the name Storm) still all intact, knowing, without being explained, that is where her name came from! Highly recommended just like Pooch Palace

glenn rocker

4 years ago

Great service and staff and would highly recommend

Madison King

4 years ago

The staff is always wonderful and my dog Cooper loves their daycare. I’ve been taking Cooper here for almost a year now. The prices are unbeatable. I would not take him anywhere else in the mount pleasant area

Stephanie Underwood

4 years ago

Best doggy daycare around!! My Delilah loves it!!

Mimi Jones

5 years ago

My lab Sugar has been going to Pooch Palace since early October. I have been so pleased with the care she has received and feel good about leaving her at such a big, clean, and fun facility. The staff are awesome and so friendly. For her one-year birthday they gave her gift bag of treats wrapped up so adorably! We love the Pooch Palace.

Madison Marie

5 years ago

Roscoe has been going to Pooch Palace for years, it is his home away from home. When we moved to Charleston we tried three different boarding facilities in the area and everytime we would take Roscoe he would have his tail between his tail and was shaking with fear. But when we found Pooch Palace his whole demeanor around boarding changed. When we take him to Pooch Palace he can't get out of the car fast enough. They truly love him there, and everyone greets him with enthusiasm. They take care of him and love on him as if he was there own. Love this place! Highly Recommend!


5 years ago

My dog always comes home tired

Matt Roth

5 years ago

My dog comes home tired everyday

Rachael Hurley

5 years ago

My dog, Red, really loved going to Pooch Palace and always came back tired and happy. I travel a lot with Red but Charleston is my home and I brought Red here at least weekly when I was in town. In my travels I haven't really found another facility that provides what Pooch Palace does, which is why what happened to Red and the way Pooch Palace and, in particular, it's owner, Jeff Sutton, handled the following situation is incredibly disappointing. Right before Thanksgiving I got a call around 3:30pm from Katie at Pooch Palace to let me know they were taking Red to the emergency vet because his leg was sliced open by something at their facility. She was incredibly apologetic and said they didn't know how it happened. She stated there wasn't a fight and they were going to go through all the video footage to find out what injured my dog. She also told me that I wouldn't have to worry about anything and that Pooch Palace would cover the cost of Red's medical treatment. I met Red and one of the employees from Pooch Palace at the vet. Again, she was incredibly apologetic and I asked her about Pooch Palace covering payment and she told me that they were going to cover it and her manager told her to call the office before she left so she could give the vet the Pooch Palace credit card information. This information was never provided to the vet. Red was at the vet for the next 8 hours before I could take him home. Fast forward a month and the week before Christmas I received a call from Jeff Sutton, the owner of Pooch Palace, and he told me he will not cover the $950 bill and that his employees never told me Pooch Palace would cover the bill. He said maybe they said Pooch Palace would work with me to cover the cost. That is not what they said. He said Pooch Palace would cover $200 because that's what's in their contract. I'm not going to dispute the contract. But, I was given verbal confirmation and agreement by two different representatives from Pooch Palace that Pooch Palace would cover all the cost and I wouldn't have to worry about anything. Additionally, my dog didn't fall ill and wasn't in a fight with another dog. Something at their facility sliced my dog's leg open. They did tell me that they still don't know how it happened or what caused it and that several of their security cameras were broken. I can't imagine if my dog were smaller or if he had been sliced open on his stomach. The cut was so clean that the vet said it looked like Red was sliced with a razor blade. It is now the end of February and Jeff still hasn't paid the bill. The vet office (who have been fantastic through this whole ordeal) and I have both contacted Pooch Palace multiple times to inquire about payment and Jeff will not take or return any of our calls. I waited to write this review because I was hoping Pooch Palace would honor their word and pay the bill. But the vet's office is ready to send the bill to collections. $950 is a small expense for a successful business, especially one that just won "Best of Mt. Pleasant" and touts "safety first" on the front page of their website. I even suggested Jeff submit the claim to his liability insurance, which he refuses to do. Even after Red was injured by something at Pooch Palace, and before I received that call from the owner, I was ready to bring Red back there and board him over Christmas. I had even put down a deposit to hold a spot for him over the holiday but their inability to keep their word and do the right thing, means they lost, what would have been, a life long customer. I will never recommend Pooch Palace to anyone.

Rebecca Wollenberg

5 years ago

Highly recommend the Pooch Palace. Our dog LOVES going there, the staff is awesome and Jeff is an incredible trainer. So appreciative of the clean facility and professionalism of all the staff members.

Taylor Adams

5 years ago

So thankful for the wonderful staff (esp. Priscilla) for all the love and care they gave to my fur baby!

Roland Casto

6 years ago

We atke our newfalander there at least 4 times a month. She has pleanty of exercise comes home exhausted. Priced right for either 1/2 day or full day. Staff is very well trained and watches very closely of their well being

Emily Alvarez

6 years ago

The BEST dog facility in Charleston. I have a dog who struggled with anxiety and didn't do well with other dogs in crowded city dog facilities (we tried over seven different trainers in D.C. and NYC). Jeff worked with my dog for weeks and now she's a normal dog who gets to run and play with other dogs! She is SO much happier and loves the Pooch Palace! Highly recommend for training, day care, and boarding!!!

Sean Cavanagh

6 years ago

Love this place, we take our dog at least once s week to socialize and mingle with other dogs and people and to totally wear her out.

Kimmy Kay Reed

7 years ago

Cooper has been coming there for 5 years now. He loves it and I never have to worry when I go out of town. He is always excited when we pull up and is always happy when I pick him up and then goes home to sleep for days when he gets home. I couldn't choose a more perfect place for him to go.

Melody DeLisa

7 years ago

We are so happy we found Pooch Palace. They have a large facility indoors and outdoors for the dogs to run around and play all day and even have a large pool for the dogs! The staff are very nice and the owner Jeff is great. He posts videos of the dogs frequently and listens and cares about any concerns his customers have.

jeff sutton

7 years ago

I love my Pooch Palace. I wish I were a dog so I could go play there every day. We just moved into a 15,000 square foot building that the dogs can come and go from all day long, or they can run outside to play in the largest play yard of any dog daycare in the history of the universe. The play yard is over 30,000 square feet. We spent over $20,000 on the dog pool alone, and our daily videos show that the pool is the biggest attraction. Why, in steamy Charleston SC, anyone would bring their dog to a dog facility with no pool when there is an awesome facility with a 30' X 15' pool right down the street, is beyond me. Even dogs that don't like swimming wade around in the shallow end to cool off and love it. Does my three dogs or paws in paradise have a pool? Nope. Do they even throw a ball around for the dogs? Nope. Do they race around a remote control truck and drone with video cameras attached and show daily videos of the dogs having the most fun a dog can have? Nope. I'm pretty sure both places actually charge MORE for way less fun and don't have any professional dog trainers or vet technicians on staff in case of an emergency. One of the two places has had a few dogs DIE in horrible dog fights (you can google it), and the other recently had a dog escape, disappear, and luckily turned up in the lowes parking lot 4 days later! Incompetence I say!!! Chance your dog's happiness and safety for more money, or come to us, the place with no deadly dog fights and no dogs disappearing into the night! The Pooch Palace!!! Fun, safe, good times at a reasonable price!

Alli Chapman

7 years ago

We have given pooch palace a lot of business but after our dogs last boarding experience we will never go back.

Darla Joling

8 years ago

Let me just say Jeff saved our dog... She was a mess... very protective of the kids, she wore the pants in the family, would growl at me when I tried to take her off the kids beds. Would NEVER come when I called her. Our other dog could barely get any food cause she horded. When someone came to the door she freaked out and she even bit someone. All that said.... Jeff took her on and she is now a completely different dog. She now comes every time I call her... she doesn't get on the beds, she stays in palace until I release her, she is a joy and she is no longer the Alapa dog. Everyone who knew her before is so impressed. And yes its did cost $$ but just like our other children we have to invest in them. I would and do often highly recommend Alpha Dog and Pooch Palace.

Mary Stoughton

8 years ago

My dog loves other dogs, but can sometimes be a bit shy at first. He's grown to love the Pooch Palace. Whenever I pick him up, he's usually still wet from swimming in the pool. Best of all, he's very sleepy from playing all day and is content to come home and take a nap. The service there is friendly and the facilities are very nice. It's also very reasonably priced when you buy a package. I'd recommend.

Kelsey Burnette

9 years ago

I took my dog Bigwig, a mini australian shepherd, to the Pooch Palace today for the first time. I work very long hours and my husband (who usually works from home) was out of town this week. This was a GREAT experience for Bigwig! He hasn't been well socialized in the past so he was fearful at first but the staff said he warmed up eventually and jumped right in with the other dogs. It was so comforting knowing he had a great place to play, full of stimulation, activities, and companionship, rather than having him locked up and alone the entire day. When I picked him up, he wasn't even happy to see me... he didn't want to leave! I know he enjoyed himself AND made giant strides towards coming out of his shell. We'll definitely be taking him back here.

Christine Cioe

10 years ago

I would recommend Pooch Palace to anybody. My puppy has become much happier since she has been going there. I live alone and work five days a week, and I find it difficult to spend time with my puppy to give her the appropriate amount of attention and care that a normal dog requires from their owner. I live in West Ashley and looked at several doggy dare cares and Pooch Palace is by far the best I have seen! Well worth the drive with the thousands of square feet for my dog to run and play outside in the back because the day cares in West Ashley only indoors. When the weather isn’t pleasant, they’re doggy doors for the dogs to get easy access to a room that is heated and has couches and toys. During the summer time, they have pools and water misters so that the dogs don’t get overheated. They perform background checks on the dogs before they begin day care to be sure that they are all safe and shots are up to date. They also provide grooming services and they provide overnight boarding which my puppy Lexi has done numerous times. Every time I’ve picked Lexi up, she falls asleep from playing all day. When I put her bed and toys by the door in the morning, she jumps up and down because she gets really excited. Pooch Palace is the best decision I could have made for Lexi.

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