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Dana DeMarco

2 years ago

Adopted a puppy from Palmetto Paws last year. Puppy has become a great dog. They are very thorough in their application process and do their best to make sure the dogs go to great furever homes.

Michael Allen

2 years ago

I adopted 2 dogs from Kim and I wasn't much of a dog person. Nala was an older dog (5)and made me a better person. I went back a year later to get her a buddy and Kim insisted calvin was the best dog ever. He was and still is. Since Nala passed I'm considering another dog from palmetto paws. I want to thank Kim for not letting me walk out without them. Thank you

Tiffany Davis

2 years ago

Will only let you meet an animal if you are 100% sure you’re going to adopt it.

Caitlin Gomez

2 years ago

Really disappointed in Pawmetto Paw’s response to potential adopters. I understand and completely sympathize with all rescues, knowing that they receive a lot of inquiries for adoption, especially puppies. My mom applied for adoption, with a specific puppy in mind- we completely understand submitting an application is in no way a guarantee of adoption. However, the response she received from the rescue, “Approved adopter meeting tomorrow- thanks”. That’s it. She responded inquiring about the pups litter mates and was then told she listed two veterinarians on her application and the rescue can not contact two different veterinarian offices, she would need to provide all documentation. Again, perfectly understandable- we’ve done so in the past for previous adoptions. However, the rescue came off completely lacking any kind of customer service skills, honestly just rude & uninterested. You don’t have to cater to interested parties, but it doesn’t hurt to be kind and professional when working with the public.

Jessica Davis

2 years ago

While Kim, the owner of Palmetto Paws, may be trying to do the right thing. She is going about it ALL wrong. She is extremely rude, and condescending. She treats her fosters like s***, likes to guilt trip people, is a control freak, and all around a b****. I also find it interesting that she “rescues” primarily puppies and charges $500. Seems to me like she may be turning a pretty profit. If you want to help foster or adopt, that’s great! Just don’t do it from Palmetto Paws, you’ll regret it.

Ami Bourgeois

4 years ago

My fiancé adopted an awesome dog from Palmetto Paws a few years ago. However we now need to surrender him because of protection aggression issue. We emailed asking for help and got none. This is why people do not want to adopt because you are just after money and not willing to help.

Theodore Lu

5 years ago

We recently adopted a great puppy form Palmetto Paws and could not be happier or more impressed with the process. They clearly have the dogs' well being in mind and are very careful about who they place the dogs with. We completed an in-depth application and they even called our vet to check on us. We really appreciate the thought and care they put into the process. On adoption day we got to spend some time with our new puppy and Palmetto Paws gave us tons of information and tips as well as all the health history we needed. We also got a take-home bag with everything we needed to get started. They really went above-and-beyoned for our new puppy. This is how pet adoption should be!

Katie Rowe

8 years ago

I stopped by this morning with my new puppy. The sales associate was very friendly and helpful. She was working by herself so she had to stop to answer the phone or help another customer. She would always apologize. Then the owner came in. She was rude and kept calling the sales associate back to help her wash her dog or clean up the washing station. Then she would yell at the sales associate for not having the wash station that had just been used clean yet. It made me feel bad since she was helping me instead of cleaning out the wash station. When the associate finally came back to help me, the owner caller her back again to tell her that she should try and sell me on an upcoming class. I told the owner I was already enrolled in a class elsewhere. The owner then proceeded to tell me that my trainer, who she doesn't know, was horrible and that I was wasting my money. She then implied that I was an idiot with no understanding of my dog's breed. I have plenty of prior experience with my dog's breed and I am about to start classes with an expert in training herding dogs. After that I just wanting to leave. I paid for the two items in my hand a left. I wish I hadn't bought anything. I will not be back. I do not want to support someone so unprofessional and unpleasant. I can't believe they can stay in business treating their customers that way.

Khadijah Cummings

8 years ago

A couple of days ago was my first time going into the store. The owner was so helpful. She educated me on which food was best for my puppy and on some ways to fix his behavior problems. I arrived 20 minutes before closing and stayed a hour after. This place is the best. Much better than petsmart and petco.

Misherald “Missy” Brown

10 years ago

I was extremely happy to find this store after reaching out to multiple stores before receiving our service dog which for me was the first pet I would own. The owner took the time to educate me as well as establish information that later became viable as well as specially ordering what dog food was needed for my dog.

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Palmetto Paws, South Carolina, Mount Pleasant

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