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Jessica Strange

2 years ago

Dr. Deller is hands down the best vet I have ever visited. She performed multiple surgeries on my cat and was with us right to the very end when my cat needed to be put down. She was very responsive when I had questions and called me back …

Trevor Nunn

2 years ago

I think the people mean well but on several occasions I’ve been told they didn’t know what was wrong with my cat or dog and then hit me with a $100+ bill on my way out the door.

Sara Robinson

2 years ago

I had an emergency with my dog on Saturday night and while it was a scary and terrible experience for us both, I am so glad I took her here! This was my first time here but the staff immediately took care of us. Dr. Mark was an amazing doctor who took the time to explain everything to me and promptly treated her which I believe saved her life. She had to spend the night at the hospital as well and I received an update in the morning and I was also allowed to visit. They monitored her the rest of the day which shows she received great care and they made sure she really was okay before sending her home. I was also surprised at how reasonable the prices were for everything. With being an emergency visit, I was expecting thousands of dollars but it was affordable given the situation. Thank you again Dr. Mark and all the staff who took such good care of my baby!!! Do not hesitate to come here if you have an emergency.

Ashley Doss

2 years ago

Refered here by our regular vet for an ultrasound due to a mass near my dogs colon. We were told that she needed to be spayed and it will help the infection and correct what was going on. Bring her home she was still struggling so we took her back a couple weeks later and they put her on more antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. She got better for a short time then went down hill again. Took her back and they did the same thing antibiotics and anti inflammatory. We needed up going to a specialist where we ended up having to put her to sleep. The mass kept growing, she became animic and they couldn't give us 100% that another surgery would even help and she wouldn't have much of a life. Really not sure what happened or if they even looked at the mass by her colon.

charles bruce

2 years ago

Our baby had a bloody nose early this am. We called our neighborhood vet that we have used for a while and they could not fit her in. We went to Long and were treated with the utmost compassion and care. The owners are wonderful and so was DR Deller. Long Animal Hospital ,unlike most vets , are compassionate and allow you to be in with your babies while they receive treatment as long as you are wearing a mask. The pandemic has been so cruel to everyone and has affected the dogs and cats and their owners that have separation anxiety. The dear people at Long Animal Hospital recognize this and are kind enough to show compassion and the humanity we need in this all too often cruel world we are experiencing. If you need compassion for your baby and a healing experience, choose Long Animal Hospital. The vets there and the staff are working hard because they are motivated by their desire to help animals not by greed. Thank you Long Animal Hospital for choosing to be compassionate, that is worth more than you will ever know when ,as a pet owner ,you are so stressed because your baby is not well. Also if you have a desire to work with other people who love animals and have recently graduated from vet school or are a DVM looking to change jobs and work with compassionate people, I would recommend you work there , because the owners are wonderful people.

joseph r

2 years ago

I called because my pet rat requires Euthanasia but they said it was their policy not to allow the owner to be present when exotic pets are euthanized. This leads me to believe they do not humanely euthanize pets so if you go here, know that your pet may be thrown in the trash, euthanized in a horrible way, or even given away for experimentation. Since you are not allowed to be present, you have no idea what is going to happen. Your pet deserves better than this.

Laura Benoy

2 years ago

We admitted our cat with some pretty extensive respiratory issues late on a Tuesday. She has a history of asthma. We did have a referral from the nearest UrgentVet (we went there first since it was closest), but Long was very quick to take care of our kitty. They monitored her through the night on oxygen & called us with an update the next morning. I was thankful for their care. Very informative & understanding.

Lauren Pogorelec

2 years ago

We went to Long for the first time due to an emergency situation with our dog .. during the pandemic.. and they were amazing. They were quick and diligent regarding the situation and made us feel very at ease, especially since we couldn’t be with our girl since we had to sit in the car. We were hooked ever since. Friendly staff and very knowledgeable!

Lora Smith

2 years ago

Very disappointed in this place. Based on the reviews, I anticipated having a good experience. I took in a stray cat to get examined for a microchip, and they were able to do that. But when I asked if I could schedule an appointment sometime that week or later, I was completely dismissed. Luckily, a patron heard the rude exchange and suggested other facilities to take the cat for care. I understand that there is a shortage of staff at many places, but kindness and compassion was lacking. Not to mention, the facility waiting area was extremely dirty. There was dog urine on the floor.

Pikachu Isthebest

2 years ago

Worst Vet experience ever, they've got serious communication issues everytime I called I had to give them my entire pets history from when I arrived either they aren't inputting critical information into their systems or they're just incompetent, after surgery they didn't even give me information on the aftercare just handed me some pills instructions and sent me on my way out, if you need a hospital in the charlotte region there's 2 more and I'd recommend them over this place any day

Richard Adams

2 years ago

My dog was not a patient at Long Animal hospital and I didn't have the records with me upon arrival. He had a severe allergic reaction and was not doing well. They immediately stopped what they were doing, took him back, no questions asked. They let me find the records and send them in while he was in the back. Customer service and prioritization of the issues in front of them is 5 star. In a service environment that's key to me.

Polina Vlaskina

2 years ago

Took our cat Ceasar to the ER there last month due to bleeding after a urinary blockage. Nice and friendly stuff, very professional, wait wasn’t too bad. Giving it 5 stars, especially after a negative experience at another emergency hospital. Highly recommend!

Leah Huff

2 years ago

I can't praise this hospital enough. My baby and I were treated with the utmost respect and care. I drove 3 hours to this emergency to get an electrocardiogram for my dog. When I finally arrived I was told one of the doctors who performs the procedure was not working that day and I would have to wait until the next day. When the receptionist saw the look on my face she immediately went into action. The vet tech took us in a room and he was absolutely remarkable. I explained to him my situation which he had already reviewed all the paperwork from the specialty hospital in my area and he immediately sprung into action. He met with the Dr. who was doing surgeries that day and they worked my Lucy in their schedule within 2 hours!!!! The Dr. was an absolute charm!! .....and talked common sense!! I left there knowing my dog did not have heart disease! He recommended a short term steroid for her collapsing trachea and we finally had a peaceful night after 7 days of coughing and attempting to manage all the other meds. If I lived in the Charlotte area that would be my vet for sure!! It was a very busy place but very well managed.

Kristen Cone

2 years ago

Wish I could give zero stars. Waiting over 2.5 hours to see a vet is the most insane thing ever on an extremely uncomfortable bench with lighting that gives you a headache. Zero Updates, unfriendly staff just laughing with eachother instead of helping. This is not the first time. It’s always 2+ hours here no matter if you have an appointment. Do not recommend if you value your time!

Julia Nolf

2 years ago

Updated #2- I am in the process of changing practices since my experience with Long has been poor in the past, however, while we have an upcoming appt with a new practice in a few weeks. I have an urgent need to be seen today- so we contacted Long - and we are REGULAR patients of this practice. Once again, very rude front desk staff. We walked in right at 7am and got in the list, 2 hours later after I asked where we were in line - I was told we are 4th in line and it would be 2 more hours. My cat is a regular patient and she needs to be seen urgently. I am sure they are understaffed here, but 4+ hours for a patient that is part of your client base already is out of control. Update - unfortunately, despite being patients of Long for the past three years, our experience has changed considerably from positive to negative. I have a cat (a regular patient of the practice NOT just an emergency patient) that I have tried to get seen for the past three days. I made an appt for Friday evening but he declined significantly today so I had to bring him in early. The practice is very chaotic because it is so large, they try to prioritize emergencies but despite our 2 hour wait so far and the assessment that he’s needs to be seen today … we are still in the waiting room. The front desk staff is stressed and they are short. I get it - truly I do- but this is an emergency. I regret making this our regular veterinary practice - if you are considering Long as your regular practice - unfortunately, I would explore more options. When I moved to Charlotte 2 years ago, I was skeptical of Long because of the size of the practice but it is right around the corner from my house so I thought I would try it. Boy, I was wrong, even though they are a big practice, the vets and the staff are thoughtful and caring. They listen to your concerns and aren't just quick to prescribe medicine or do tests/bloodwork unless they feel it warranted. Definitely the longest conversations about "course of action" that I have had for a 11 year old cat with dermatitis. During the pandemic, Long has been awesome. Even though curbside service is tricky and they are one of the only ER vets in metro Charlotte, they are committed to serving their patients. Really can't say enough about how much I appreciate this practice.


2 years ago

No long winded reason, not worth the energy writing why. Really nice, new, beautiful, state of the art hospital though.

Allyson Piatt

2 years ago

We moved during the pandemic and ended up at Long for a work-in when my dog had signs of a bladder infection. That first summer, wait times were super long though the staff was always friendly. I decided to try a vet closer to home and though they were fine for my dog's initial well visit, a few months later, when he was actively choking on a bone, they refused to see him during normal business hours and referred us to an emergency vet. We went back to Long and they treated my dog with such care and compassion and really sympathized with my concern for him. I"m confident the hiccups we experienced prior were pandemic/staffing/pendemic puppy boom related and I wouldn't trust anywhere else with my Charlie. Their level of service and knowing they're there 24/7 is such piece of mind.

Angela Bell

2 years ago

Staff is nice and accommodating, Vets know their stuff, and have had very little issues over the years (maybe about 3 bad experiences that were resolved satisfactory over the course of 13 years). In addition, the groomers are awesome. I fully trust them with my animals and that is something I can't say about many other places.

Nickie Hager

2 years ago

Long Animal Hospital is not a good place to take your pet, they are rude,prejudice and unprofessional. If I could rate the Hospital a -1 I would.


2 years ago

No way to schedule appointments online

Lenny Azzarello

2 years ago

The doctors and staff at Long Animal Hospital have provided excellent care over the years for our dog. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. I highly recommend this team if you are looking for a veterinary clinic / hospital to care for your pet.

Joy Harris

2 years ago

Not only do they take really great care of my little guy for emergent and routine visits, but I recently had to board him for a couple of weeks because I was recovering from surgery, and they have been incredible! Even though I moved further away, I still make the drive because I love this team so much!

April Anderson

2 years ago

Incredibly disappointed with this hospital. The receptionist refused to even allow me to speak to a vet because I did not have the feral cat I am trying to help in tow. Seems like people who care about animals would try to help as best they could but this was clearly not the case.

Isabella Anzivino

2 years ago

The emergency staff needs new people. The staff that was there when I was there was absolutely disgusting and all had attitudes with me and my fiancée. I brought in a feral cat on the 17th of October 2021 and they took one good look at him and said euthanasia is what would be best. Okay that wasn't the problem. It was the vet techs attitude that had a problem with. She didn't care one bit. No home had sympathy for this cat. I had to fight with them just to be able to hold this cat so he can go out in dignity. I will never use them again.

Events by Shauna

2 years ago

I’ve loved Long Animal Hospital for so many years. They literally saved my puppy’s life when she was just 6 weeks old. NOW - something has changed. They do not care about the animals or their customers. It’s really sad to say that I’ll never return to Long after what I experienced today.


2 years ago

Puppy shaved. I waited a week to write this post. My Yorkipoo gets matted hair pretty easily, he loves running in wet grass and he wiggles away from me when I brush him. Petco and pet smart won’t accept him because of his matted fur. So I decided I need to start at ground zero. So, I took him to LAH. They shaved him completely! Didn’t speak to anyone about an assessment beforehand. I called back the next day because his behavior turned aggressive and distant. I noticed that his skin was “hot” maybe inflamed. No bumps or cuts. The vet recommended Benadryl if bumps appear (but no bumps). I thought he was depressed because he doesn’t like his normal activities. And is only excited about going outside. He won’t eat won’t play indoors. I had to do more research online. And I think his skin is irritated, so I’m cooling him all the time. I just wish someone would have informed me this type of thing would happen.

rebecca freedman

2 years ago

I cannot say enough great things about the doctors and all of the staff here. They are friendly, helpful and caring. I truly feel like they have my pets best interest in mind with treatment. Their prices are very reasonable also.

Deven Shavon

2 years ago

I've been taking my dog here for 5 years since he was a puppy, but lately the level of service has been horrible. You can't get anyone on the phone and get different answers to the same questions. I needed to get sedated grooming for my dog and tried to call over multiple days to understand the service, then spoke with someone by phone and in person upon dropping him off who gave me an explanation that turned out to be incorrect. I then had to call back 5 times to speak with the groomer. Then we got disconnected and she didn't try to call me back so now I've been on hold forever and don't have a set explanation about the grooming of my dog.

Amanda Rodriguez

2 years ago

Would give 0 stars if I could. I hate to write this review because I had very high hopes about this location. I booked two nights of boarding including an exam and vaccine for my pup. When I arrived on Saturday as planned around 8pm to drop her off for boarding, I was told about an extra $60 late drop off fee that I was NEVER told about when I had questions about the facility. I am now scrambling to find a sitter or facility I trust to watch my pup because I have a work flight to catch that I can’t miss. Such a shame because I enjoy having a good relationship with the businesses I support.

Alexandra Taft

2 years ago

Being the owner of an 80 lb dog-aggressive and highly anxious (friendly but people shy) dog creates a lot of anxiety for me whenever I have to take her anywhere. We just moved to Charlotte and my first experience with Long animal hospital was incredible. They had a room ready for us and helped clear the lobby so no other dogs were in eyesight of Sascha. Dr. Foreman and Taylor were so incredibly patient with her, coaching me on how to help so she felt comfortable - and were even able to run age appropriate tests other vets have failed due to her anxiety! They answered all my questions and showed incredible compassion and thoroughness. By the end of the visit Sascha seemed very comfortable in the examination room which has NEVER happened before. I cannot say enough good things! Thank you!

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