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Christian Kolb

2 years ago

Camp Bow Wow love your dog. Be prepared to have a dog enjoy his/her time there. This helps a lot as your dog, is excited to go here. You get into the car to take it to Canp Bow Wow with its dog bed and some food, it knows where it is going and gets excited. The people at CBW treat your pets so well and we always give our dog a spa day just before we come home so she has a nice haircut, petacure and shampoo. She comes home happy and looks and smells great.

David Childree

2 years ago

Employees are true dog people. My dog LOVES going to CBW! She can’t wait to get in the door when we take her.

Shaina Fedorak

2 years ago

Very unhappy with the lack of communication from this business. We boarded our dogs in April for a week during our wedding. Mind you, we received no type of phone calls during their stay telling us of any kind of behavior issues. We picked the dogs up at the end of the week and once again were not told of any behavior issues during the stay. Fast forward 5 months later (October), I went to board the dogs again and received an email & one of my dogs got denied due to “a rough stay the last time.” The email stated that she would need an evaluation daycare day. We decided not to board and had a family member care for them. Now today, I went to set up my dogs “evaluation daycare day,” at the Concord location due to it being closer to my job, and was told that they had to call the Matthews location first because they had never heard of that and they would call me back. I got a phone call back and was told that my dog was dismissed from the Matthews location and that she would have to go to training before coming for an evaluation daycare day. None of this was told to me months ago. Or in the email that was sent to me. Even better, never told when the dogs were picked up from their last stay. Needless to say, we have spent thousands on boarding our 3 dogs at this business and will not be doing so in the future.

Alison Chase

2 years ago

Still a great place to take your dog for a half day or several. Friendly people; clean camp; Respectful and flexible to Owner and Camper's needs.

terri martin

2 years ago

Great staff and friendly dogs

Bridgette Bennett

2 years ago

Love CBW Matthews and so does our doodle Ruby. When we ask her is she wants to do to doggie daycare she goes nuts. She can’t wait to get there. The staff knows her by name and loves on her. When our previous dog passed away unexpectedly at 5 yo, CBW was so so kind. The entire staff signed a card for us and gave our other dog, Ruby, extra love since she was depressed after losing her sister and BFF.

Ralphie Cifaretto

2 years ago

We like it. Better than other doggie day cares in Charlotte. Especially nice they have live cameras where you can check on your little fur ball all day!

Jenny Eastman

2 years ago

My pups always enjoy spending time at Camp Bow Wow. Connie always treats them well and does a fantastic job with their bath & grooming - so they come home smelling and looking great!

Albert Livchin

2 years ago

I like that my dogs have a stress free environment where they can roam freely throughout the day and then have safe place to be at night. It provides me piece of mind.

Andrea Grams Dickerson

2 years ago

My pup loves to go here. He gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot, he runs into the building :) The employees at Camp Bow Wow Matthews are AMAZING and I love the fact that they know our pup and treat him like a special camper every time he comes in. I am sure they do this for everyone which is why I choose to continue to take my dog to this location despite having moved further away from it a few months ago.

Brett Denton

2 years ago


Colleen Johnson

2 years ago

My dog LOVES coming to Camp. The staff is so friendly and treats mine like their own. I highly recommend Camp Bow Wow Matthews!

Julie Harriman

2 years ago

Our dogs went to a competitor at first loved it then not so excited to go. we switched to Bow Wow.. they love it and exhausted coming home every day..cannot recommend it more highly

Jessica Papier

2 years ago

I am blown away with the level of care and service we received! We boarded our five month old puppy for the first time. She did fine during her interview day, but had some fear when we took her for boarding. The manager reached out to me that evening to let me know what was happening and how they planned to resolve it. They took the time to bring her out in the yard first thing in the morning and then brought in the dogs after her, to make her more comfortable. She ended up relaxing more and having a good experience. I was really impressed with how the staff went the extra mile to make sure our puppy had a good time. We plan on bringing her back more often for daycare. I'm very thankful to know the staff is truly caring and looking out for the pups! Thank you, Matthews staff!

Kenneth K-Jae Jackson Jr

2 years ago

Groomer does a wonderful job with the dog and the staff members are very welcoming .

Andreya Samuel

3 years ago

I used to work at dog daycares so I spoiled my dog by being with him a lot. I was nervous taking him to a new place but after a tour I saw that it would be a good fit. I've taken him several times for daycare and just had him board for the first time. My nervousness was especially with boarding because he can be picky with his food but was happy to learn he ate great. I enjoy the webcams too that I can watch what my dog is up to as well. One thing I appreciate that most daycares don't do is giving the dogs breaks throughout the day, at least when they're boarding. My dog is older so that's nice he will get chances to relax several times a day. But yeah great place, great staff.

Bree Howell

3 years ago

I moved to the area and tried a daycare. My puppy was so traumatized. I then went to camp bow wow. They have been amazing with him! They have him with other dog sizes that are appropriate. The staff is so sweet and always makes sure he is safe. They work with him to get him use to them so he isn’t as skiddish. Bonus is seeing him on camera. Highly recommend.

Victoria Vila

3 years ago

Friendly staff who listens to any concerns I might have and answers all my questions. Always helpful when it comes to making sure our dog's health records are up to date. They seem to know my dog and in fact, one of them even said hello to me when we were out in the community and it was clear she remembered my dog Max and that made me feel good, that employees pay attention to and care about the animals that stay there.

Andrea Reynolds

3 years ago

I love how nice the front desk staff were. The dog trainers were so gentle with my pittie. I was nervous about it because this was the first time she has been to day camp. My pup was comfortable and had a blast. The staff there answered all my questions and reassured me that my dog was in good hands. Would highly recommend.

Rebecca H

3 years ago

Our 2 dogs go to bow wow frequently for boarding and camp. The staff are always wonderful (Julie and Terena special shout-out). Thank you for taking such good care of our fur babies. The cameras are a good way to peek on them and know they are doing okay. We really appreciate camp bow wow! Highly recommend!

Valorie Abbott

3 years ago

Eliot has been getting boarded here for years and our new dog, Moxie is loving the daycare and also gets boarded. They come home happy and exhausted. The cameras are great, i love being able to see my dogs running around and playing!

Tom Fisher

3 years ago

Our dog is happy and sleepy (yay!) when he gets home... even if the other dogs sometimes get him a little stinky and we have to give him a little bath afterwards. But I guess that's what it's like with any kids that go out to play with their friends! ????. The young people who work at the counter are very courteous and you can tell they like the dogs a lot.

Tamara Davis-Jack (TamaraDavisJackMotivates)

3 years ago

Camp Bow Wow is always a wonderful experience for my pup. Everyone who works there always remembers specifically who my pup is and specific things that he may need. For the money, our pets are always well cared for and enjoy coming. One thing about pups is they will tell you if they like where they are and ours always is so excited to be there. I highly recommend Camp Bow Wow

Stacee Pfeifer

3 years ago

Wanted to like this place b/c of the stellar reviews, but didn’t have a great experience. I brought in my very timid and scared 9 month old puppy. I told them this was her first time around dogs and that we were not comfortable taking her to a dog park, because we had bad experiences in the past with our other dog. 18 minutes was how long the “interview” lasted. She was socialized with a dog BIGGER than her. She coward in a corner, scared to death and growled. They brought her back out, said she didn’t do well and to try socializing her at a dog park for a month or two before bringing her back to try again. I immediately headed over to Midwood Barkery for a trial and 3 days at this place she is interacting with other dogs!! They were so patient with her. They introduced her to dogs slowly and they were all small dogs so she felt less scared. They encouraged me to keep bringing her back and that they weren’t going to give up on her. They even suggested a treat to give her before she came back on day 2 to help calm her nerves. It helped! Disappointed in the lack of effort that went into making this a good experience for my puppy. I shouldn’t have to take my dog to a park to socialize her. This is the beauty of doggie day care. To me it was a lazy way out of not wanting to put in the work to figure out a way to make my dog comfortable. She deserved more than 18 min. Gave two stars b/c the girl working the front desk was super sweet.

simon stonge

3 years ago

Great place for my dog to stay.

Sheila Starnes

3 years ago

My grand dogs visit often. Watch them on video

Shawn Donofrio

3 years ago

Camp BowWow was a great experience for my Dog and I. The staff was very friendly and also very thorough with their explanations of the policies of the facility. My dog, Skye, loves playing with other dogs and this gave her a perfect opportunity for this. She will be coming back! I would highly recommend this facility.

Shaun Fisher

3 years ago

Great and professional staff. Seconda does an EXCELLENT job when grooming my dog, Louie. They love what they do and it shows.

Seana Marshall

3 years ago

So far I have only used the grooming services, and it was great! My dog's hair looks great! The staff was friendly and it was my first time so my fears were put at ease. Since I was early for my appointment, I was able to see how everyone (dogs) were greeted. The staff knew the dogs by name and not one dog shied away from going with the staff and that was big for me.

Bridgette L

3 years ago

We LOVE Camp Bow Wow and more importantly, our two dogs love CBW. We can tell the second the dogs walk in they are loved as well. Our goldendoodle gets groomed at CBW and we could not be happier. Thank you for loving our babies while we are at work.

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