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Travis Holmes

2 years ago

Excellent service! Got all the mats out of my cats fur and made him look like a million bucks!

Matthew Dionne

2 years ago

I have been going here for a few years and have been happy with them. You just have to tell them exactly what you want. Look at your pup when they come out before you leave and if you are not happy they will fix it right away without any complaints. Better than any other place I have been to.

David Silva

2 years ago

If your looking for a good groomer for your pet.... DO NOT GO HERE !! I picked up my golden retriever and he looked like they gave the clippers to a blind person and said do the best you can. His back looked like divots on a golf course, his feathers were as uneven and lacked any detail what so ever. I could continue but what's the use, keep your $80 Amy and I hope you choke on it. Do yourself a favor people and stay away from this place !!!


3 years ago

the owner is extremely rough and yells at the dogs and her employees!

Andrew Robinson

3 years ago

Amy did a great job with our chow

Mark Santos

4 years ago

We have been bringing our dog here for years. There is no other groomer that we would take her to for grooming.

Denise Hoffman

4 years ago

My dog looks amazing when she leaves there.

John Ruggiero

4 years ago

They do a great job! My dogs love the staff here

Joyce Gauvin

4 years ago

Very good and professional with clientele

Thomas Cabral

4 years ago

She treated my dog so kind and nice. Did a great job and was very friendly

Richard Kuhn

4 years ago

Amy's takes great care of our pup!

K Anne

4 years ago

9:30am appointment, finished at 4pm. My dog was in a small cage for 6.5 hrs, assuming no/minimal pee breaks or water (he is a senior) because he peed as soon as I opened the door to leave, and clawed to get inside the house when we got home to drink 3 bowls of water (he’s never drank that much at once). The staff seems incompetent; when I dropped my dog off at 9:20am I asked about how long it would be, the woman seemed rushed, said “I don’t know, we’ll call”. Red flag, they should have a time frame. I stopped in after 3:30pm because I hadn’t received a phone call. The owner asked if her phone was broken because I guess people kept coming in instead of calling (why does it matter if you come in or call to check the status of your dog? Rude). At this point he was only washed. I had to ask again about how long, she said about an hour. So I left to run an errand, then received a call 15 min later that he was done (I would’ve just waited inside). He is 16lbs and had long hair which I asked to be trimmed short but not buzzed all the way down. You can tell it was rushed in that 15 min because it’s buzzed to 1/4” and I had to trim the uneven spots afterwards. This appointment was given as a gift and I learned afterwards that they did not ask for paperwork/shot info (are you kidding me?). Completely unprofessional and unacceptable.

Megan Wilcox

4 years ago

I brought my mini schnauzer Bailey to amy's and I loved it. Bailey looked amazing and she was so happy . Petco did a terrible job on Bailey but Amy fixed her up. I am bringing Bailey back as soon as possible.

Phyllis Manchester

4 years ago

Amy is wonderful with animals!

Shannon Stuart

4 years ago

We have been to Amy’s about 4 times now since moving to Barrington in the Spring. The first time our dog was there for 6 hours and crated for 4 of them. I was not happy about this, but I was also used to our old groomer who let the dogs roam free and loved on them like they were her own. I thought I would give them another chance since her cut looked good. I took our dog in today for a groom and scheduled it for a day that they could take her right away so she wouldn’t have to be crated. After 4 hours, I called and they said they left me two voicemails, called me a bunch and even tried the number on her collar but that was out of service. When I came in, Amy and the staff insinuated that I didn’t answer my phone and have a wrong contact number on the collar. She even made the comment in a snarky tone: you asked me to have her done right away and I did, and she’s been waiting on you to come get her. I had the employee try both numbers while I was there. Come to find out, the employee NEVER dialed 1 and the area code when trying to call so the calls weren’t going through. Amy made fun of her saying that millennials don’t know how to use a land line. I would never criticize an employee in front of a customer. Neither Amy nor the employee apologized for their mistake and they were the ones who tried to make me feel dumb and neglectful for having a wrong number on her collar and for leaving our dog there so long. Turns out, I wasn’t the one in the wrong. I have never had this type of experience or treatment at a groomer. Will never return and do not recommend this groomer.

Delphine Ferreira

5 years ago

She does a great job at a great price.

Bobbie Lazar

5 years ago

Amy is great. All her

Emerson Rothwell

5 years ago

Great place, the prices are reasonable and they're great with my dog. We have a husky that loves to dig (and shed) and when I pick him up he's clean and fluffy!

Jerri Streeter

5 years ago

Wonderful people..dogs love them too

Gerry Bates - The 1Fifty Project

5 years ago

So I was on my way to one of those self service wash places and I know what? I don’t want to do this today. My boy needs his nails cut too. About that time I drove past Amy’s place. I remembered that my first trip to them was quite pleasant so I pulled over and made a call. At first it was like we are so full right now. If you had called earlier we could maybe have fit you in. I told the girl no worries. I will just go bathe him myself and remember to call earlier next time. She asked me to hold on a second and stepped away. Less than a minute later she came back and said bring him in. He just needs a bath and nail trim so we will get him in. Woah! Very impressed with the accommodating service. I’m sitting here writing this as he is getting his pamper on. Twice now Amy and her staff have been more than happy to go the extra distance to make sure the customer is looked after. I can’t speak highly enough of the effort! Thanks Amy and crew! From Wriggley and I...forever grateful for the level of commitment you show!

Bayside Chiropractic

6 years ago

Amy is great w our 11 year old doodle.

Bryant Montalvo

6 years ago

Amy's place is great! My 45 lb goldendoodle came out looking fantastic. We will absolutely be returning in the future for grooming!!! Staff was super helpful, friendly, and caring. Louis says, "Thank you, Amy!"

Denise Jerue

6 years ago

A beautiful job done on my Curly Portuguese Water Dog! She is a very nervous dog and I was very pleased with her LION CUT clip. Clearly very Experienced and Professional!

Katie Arruda

6 years ago

I found Amy's pup in the tub over a year ago and haven't gone anywhere else since. I tried 3 other groomers before Amy's and my dog Rudy (schweenie) would tremble when I'd hand him over. When I bring him to Amys he trusts them and happily goes right to them. They do the best job trimming around his face and ears even though he can be difficult. Very fairly priced services.

Terri Roberts

6 years ago

Amy is wonderful with my Casey! She does a fantastic job taking care of all of his grooming needs.

Aza Azai

6 years ago

Y'know, I went in with an open mind and everything. I was there to hand in my resume for review. The woman working there was very, very rude. Once I was noticed (it took about 7 minutes) she didn't even greet me. "Picking up or dropping off?" Was her greeting. Flustered, I began to introduce myself. The woman quickly told me that she was busy and "didn't have time for this". By this point I was quite fed up and thanking her for her time, walked out the door. On a side note, she was working with three different dogs, only two of which she was directly supervising. The third dog was in a grooming leash and wasn't being watched. This is how dogs get hung, as illustrated by the news recently. I was very unimpressed and I will not be bringing my own dogs there ever. Edit: owner just messaged me on facebook. Incredibly rude! "Well tell us how you really feel!! We never miss a customer and never will unless you don't come in! Glad to see you took the time out of your intellectual life to write this false review... 30+ years and I have yet to have a review like this thank you again!"

Jolie S

8 years ago

Amy is great! So glad they've moved to the new location, the parking is so much easier. I bring my dogs, Kali and Nellie, every couple months for trim, bath, etc. Amy is great with the dogs; she's very patient and gentle, and they come back clean and fabulous :)

Lisa Davis

8 years ago

We love Amy's. She is very knowledgeable about using safe products on your dog and does a fantastic, thorough job. She and her staff clearly love the animals they work with.

Matthew Hozempa

8 years ago

First time going here... The staff was great. The place was clean, and the price was even better. Best of all my dog looked amazing ! Full wash cut is the way to go

Claudia S

9 years ago

We love Amy's - our doggies Louie and Eddie went to Amy's for their whole lives UNTIL I had to go to 2 other groomers. Yikes the poor puppies were shaved, hair hacked, skin sore and really scared. So no matter what it takes or how shaggy they get they will get their Puppy Cut at Amy's. They love her and get so excited to see her. Price is great. Everyone there is pleasant. Couldn't be better...

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